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S: Poetry Portfolio

FC: Rayhaan Merani: A Life in the Making Rayhaan Merani, 6th PRD Glenn, 10/19/2010 | Gwinnett School of Math Science and Technology 2010-2011 Rayhaan Merani

1: Table of Contents | Intro- Page 1 Poetry Terms-Page 2 Where I'm From-Page 3 Self-Respect-Page 5 My Mother's Kitchen-Page 7 GSMST- Page 9

2: Intro My name is Rayhaan Merani, and I am a 9th Grader at GSMST. THis is my poetry portfolio created in the 9th Grade, in Mrs. Glenn's Class. This folder consists of poetry terms, and 4 poems i have written. Each are written in stanza form, and are illustrated with pictures. I hope you enjoy my portfolio.

3: Poetry Terms 1.Elegy- poem expressing grief for someone the dead. 2.Sonnet- poem consisting of 14 lines 3.Apostrophe-figure of speech in which someone absent or dead or something nonhuman is addressed as if it were alive and present and was able to reply. 4.Stanza- a part of the poem, usually 4 lines 5.Feminine/Masculine Rhyme- feminine: a rhyme matching two or more syllables, masculine: rhyme which matches only one syllable. 6.Internal Rhyme-rhyme within a verse 7.End Rhyme- a rhyme in the last syllables of verse 8.Meter- measure of a line of poetry 9.Prosody- rhythm, stress, and intonation of a word 10.Enjambment- is the continuation of a sentence form one line or couplet into the next. 11.Caesura- audible pause to break up a line 12.Alliteration- having words beginning with the same syllable 13.Diction-your choice of words 14.Onomatopoeia-the use of sounds instead of words: e.g. vroom, vroom 15.Figurative Language- describing vividly 16.Metaphor- compare and contrast without the use of like and as 17.Simile-compare and contrast with the use of like and as 18.Personification-giving an inanimate object human like objects 19.Hyperbole- something absurd e.g.(I could eat a horse) 20.Imagery-painting a picture in the readers’ mind. 21.Tone- the author's perspective voice. 22.Theme- the main idea of the poem 23.Refrain- the repetition of certain line in a poem 24.Irony- the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: 25.Symbol- a mark or sign inside a poem, or a work of literature 26.Speaker- the narrarative voice in the poem

4: My Mother's Kitchen Rayhaan Merani I walked into the kitchen, the one with green walls, It was right opposite to the great big halls, I looked up at the ceiling, so very tall, To see my aunt, taking a fatal fall. She fell big, she fell far, and she fell straight upon a metal bar Her head split, right upon the oven’s bar The blood spilled, everywhere, here and far I ran close to her, screaming for help, her blood covering me like tar, Just then my mother walked in, She screamed loudly, and was terrified of what happened to her kin She cried as if this were a wrongful sin, And her voice was like a soccer player’s, who hurt his shin My mother ran to the hospital, running as fast as she could, Fulfilling her duty as a sister, just as she should, I prayed my aunt would be good, Being sad under the hood I thought in my head, And all night in my bed, Just what would happen, If my aunt was proclaimed dead? The next day she was.

5: is she DEAD?

6: I AM ME, Rayhaan Merani I am Rayhaan Merani I am me, I am he, He is me, and I am Rayhaan and I am me. Don’t you see, this is all just a little analogy? Jet black hair, bullet brown eyes, and a strong pair of hands, I am an Indian. Dark glasses, sharp mind, and fast reflexes, I am smart, Listen to brown songs, play cricket, and eat that Indian food, I am an Indian, was, am, and will forever be. Android, Windows, and Mac CNET, T-Mo, and Comcast 2.2, 6.5, 4.1 I am a techie, aren't you just aghast? I am Rayhaan Merani, and I respect me. I am me, and no can change that, I will forever remain this way, For I am Rayhaan Merani

8: I Am From By Rayhaan Merani, S Glenn, 6th PRD I am books, and headphones. I am from the smell of rose, and polished wood, like a shining penny. I am from fruit, the tree, the dirt, each grain defining me as a whole. I am from the tradition of hard work, black hair, brown eyes, from Merani, and Khan. I am from the obsessed, and the intelligent. I am from the “work hard, or die”, and the “life is a race, if you don't run fast, you'll be a broken egg” I am from the religious, the true, the faithful, from the serving, the submitting, and the peaceful. I am from India, the land of the persevered. I am from chicken and naan. I am from the maker of the Droid, the cricketer, and the Harvard attending cousin. I am from the basement, where cherished and dusty memories lie, full of stories, and hope. I am from God, the creator. I submit to him, his will, and his say are the only commands which I follow. I am from a stadium, large and big, grass all around with one strip in brown. I am from music, each beat composes me, enlightens me, and makes me. I am from journalism, where powerful words can bring down the largest people, where each word is stronger than the stab of a knife, and each sentence better than a bullet. I am from debate, formal arguments which say right, which say wrong, which say moral, which cry right and wrong. I am from the wood, a rectangular bat, piercing the air sharply, the loud crack which sends the red dot to the stands. I am from God, the great and powerful, I follow him, and he is my Only Oar, on the River to Heaven.

10: GSMST by Rayhaan Merani G-S, G-S-M, G-S-M-S-T, GSMST is a sea, filled with doom drowning me surrounding me like a black wall, big large, giant and tall, just a five letter word, with power GSMST I am burning in the sea, slowly, all my grades falling fast, faster and becoming lowly, I work each day, just like they say, but they bay of blood and ashes grows day by day, i feel burned, bad, and hurt,, but what can I say, its GSMST The bruises and burns, oh how I mourn, to be released from this prison, of hard work, and skill, maybe I should take a pill, and end it all right here, it will hurt less, anything will hurt less, than GSMST.


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