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BC: the end!

FC: The Nervous System: by: Dannielle Spevacek Period 1 Science 8 10-20-10

1: I will be sharing how your nerves work, how your brain works, what happens if you damage your brain, spinal cord, or any of your nerves, and what will happen once any of those parts are damaged................. I will name the parts of your brain and your nerves and I will talk about what different areas you could paralyze, and how that works.

2: NEURON'S!!! :) the neurons in your body are what make you react to something. They tell your brain the "ouch" the object is hot, and then your brain tells your neurons to put it down, or remove your hand form the hot surface. Your nerves only travel one way through out your body. The nerves will- | never touch. They are very close but, they cant touch. if they do your body will get messed up because then what your brain is telling your neurons to do, it will get lost in all the touching neurons. Your neurons is what makes you have a reflex. They react very fast. Your eyes see it coming shoot that information to your brain, and your brain then makes your neuron's react to it. You have dendrites in your body also, and what those do is, they are tiny fibers that carry a message towards the cells in your body. -

3: but then the axon is a nerve fiber that carries messages AWAY from the cells. The Neurilemma makes it possible for a special neuron to regenerate some of the lost axons. In your body you have three different neurons. they are called sensory neurons, motor neurons, and association neurons. The motor neuron will carry a message to your brain, spinal cord, muscels, causing movement, or a gland, causing a secretion. | The sensory neuron will carry a message from the sense organs such as the skin, eyes, ears, nose, and tongue towards the brain and spinal cord, and the last one is the association neuron, that one is found within the brain and spinal cord. They serve to connect the sensory neurons to the motor neurons.

4: MEDULLA OBLONGATA!!!! :) The very lowest and very back part of your brain is where the medulla oblongata is located at. The spinal cord goes all the way up to the medulla oblongata and it actually is attached to it. The medulla oblongata has both white and gray matter. It has that so it can protect the medulla. If you damage any part of the medulla oblongata or basically any part of your brain you will be really messed up and will not live a normal life ever again, because the brain can not heal itself once your ruin something its permanent.

5: The white matter in your medulla is on the outside part. The white matter serves as a pathway for the nerve messages so they can reach the brain but the gray matters job is to be a switchboard. It allows sensory messages to come to the central nervous system and for outgoing motor messages on their way to some muscle or glands, certain cells in the gray matter control many vital functions necessary for life to continue, that includes breathing, heart beat, and digestion. Water boys line for medulla oblongata: "mama says alligator's are onnrrie because they have all them teeth but no tooth brush" "you mama says alligator's are onrie because they have all them teeth but no tooth alligator's are aggressive because of the medulla oblongata its the section of the brain that controls the anger." that is correct mama says the medulla oblongata mama says- (next page continued)

6: "The medulla oblongatq is where anger and jealousy come from....any body tell me where happiness come from? anyone? alright lets here what mama has to say on this subject. mama says happiness come from the magic ray of sun shine that rain down when you feeling blue. well folks mamas wrong again. no carnal sanders your wrong mamas right! mamas right! mamas right! something wrong with his medulla oblongata YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

8: SPINAL CORD!!!! :) The spinal cord is a long bundle of just nerve's and they are found in something called a vertebral column, attached to the spinal cord are 31 pairs of nerves carrying a message back and forth from the spinal cord. | Your spinal cord is very important! If you break it you will be paralyzed form the waist down or from the neck down. the scientific names are paraplegic and thats 2 and from the waste down, quadriplegic is 4 and thats from the neck down. You can see your spinal cord its just located in the middle of your back. It goes all the way up to your medulla oblongata. Your spine is what helps you stand or sit up. If you don't get enough calcium the when your older you will hunch over, because your spine can't handle all the weight so you-

9: naturally hunch over to try and make it easier.

10: CEREBELLUM!! :) The cerebellum is a important part in your brain. It is located in the very back part behind the cerebrum. | The cerebellum is cut into two hemispheres and has white and gray matter. the surface of the cerebellum is folded over. | What the cerebellums job is to control your balance and coordination. If the cerebellum is damaged in any part your muscle movements will be all messed up.

12: CEREBRUM!!!!!!!!!!! :) The cerebrum is the largest part in the human brain. A deep groove called the fissure divides the cerebrum up into two halves, which is called hemisphere. The tops layer is called the cortex. that is folded into ridges called convolutions which increases the surface area. If you fall off your bike and you weren't wearing a helmet. you fell and hit your right side of your head damaging your cerebrum. instead of your right side being paralyzed it would be your left side. When you are looking at something its not really your eyes seeing it but its more of your brain your cerebrum-

13: to be specific. The part of the brain that makes you able to see everything is the the very bottom part of your cerebrum. The lower part of that can actually let you talk, hear, taste and smell. and all that is just like the motor neurons.

14: If you smoke, drink, do drugs or anything that you shouldn't it will hurt your body. for example if you are a major alcoholic all that alcohol will damage your brain.

16: vocabulary words! neurons dendrites axon white matter gray matter neurilemma mussel glands informing associationheurons reflex involuntary protective mechanisms reflex arc central meninges cerebrum cerebellum spinal cord | hemisphere cortex mussel fissure sight cerebellum gray matter virtibal 31 medulla oblengata sinaps

17: sources..... abc sheets the human body video

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