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S: Happy 60th Birthday! October 2010

BC: With Love, Gene and Mike Bouma Jess Bouma and Emily Mulligan Nate and Melissa Bouma Mike, Jennifer, Brody and Sophia Branagh Dan, Kaitlyn and Norah Wiener

FC: Happy 60th Birthday!

1: Happy 60th Birthday! We all love you very much and may God bless you with many years of health, happiness, and love. | October 31, 2010

3: Well Marney, here you are 60 years old! Thinking over our life together I am amazed at what a life you have had. While going through the daily demands, day after day, year after year I am sure you missed some highlights and forgot so many more. Here are some highlights.... To begin, you married an American Cowboy. Look at the picture here where he is offering you flowers. No Canadian would do that, would they. They don't have guns. You drove a little red Toyota that never had the oil changed or coolant inspected. Who does that? Girls and Canadians. You drove a Chevy Chevelle SS 427 that today would have been worth $500,000. And you wrecked it the first time you drove it! You have owned and driven a Toyota Corolla, Chevy Laguna, Toyota Avalon, three suburbans, Lexas GS 400 and a new Mercedes ML 350. Not a bad stable of autos. You have lived in 50 year old home in Lynden with half of the vinyl in the kitchen torn out, a beautiful country home, a mansion on the Old Guide and now your dream home on the Sea. You have a collection of jewelry that would make a celebrity blush if she wore it all at one time. Bling Bling. You bore six children and pretty much raised them by your self. Of course I helped too. You have put up and taken down nearly 40 years of holiday decorations for every holiday of the year. Except Jess put up the outside lights. You have attended hundreds of children's sport events, classes activities, teachers meetings and one professional football game. Seahawks 1980? Not to mention 4 H and dozens of cupcakes for Meridian football. You have been to hundreds of doctor visits and laid awake countless hours worrying over your children's health and girlfriends and boyfriends. You have bought jewelry for the boys girlfriends. I said no. You have spent thousands of hours in Church and Bible study for your benefit and your family's. You still are doing so. You got a perm at age 40 and them promptly washed it out. It looked pretty cool, I think. You have spent hundreds of hours first at aerobics and then at the pool getting in shape and looking good. You have washed and folded tens of thousands of loads of wash, mostly one machine at a time. You have baked hundreds of pies, thousands of cookies, thousands of gourmet meals, thousands of loaves of bread, 80 quarts of apple sauce in one summer, and filled up the freezer and cupboards each year with home canned goods, for decades. All so we could eat the best. You put up with freezing snow and weather on the Mountains for your husband and children, trying to learn how to ski. You still don't know how to ski well and don't care. And none of your kids ski anymore either. You have made hundreds of meals, washed hundreds of loads of clothes while cruising hundreds of miles on the sea, all the while watching each child like a hawk. See, they all made it All this and much more, but the best event in your outstanding life is when you became a Christian and dedicated your life to Christ. That not only changed you but changed the course of your life forever. God chose you and never let up until you were in the Kingdom. How great is that! The happiest thing about your 60th Birthday is you and I are still married, our children love the Lord, we are all still alive and relatively healthy. What more could a woman, wife and mother want? As your husband I am grateful for God's gift to me of a loving, faithful and Godly wife. What more could I want? You are the best! I love you now and forever. Gene

5: Mom, There are two things that stand out in my mind when I think of you. Dessert and wisdom! Thinking back to my years growing up, I can recall with all of my senses the incredible desserts you made! The first thing I would do when I came home from school each day was to check the kitchen for any sign of something sweet. I can hardly recall a time when there wasn't a homemade dessert waiting for us! I never realized how much I enjoyed coming home to that until later in life. Your unconditional giving was truly reflected in your preparation of all our home cooked meals and treats! Thank you for all that amazing food! The second thing that comes to mind is your wisdom. I have turned to you for wisdom so many thousands of times and every time you have had an answer. You helped me find my way through tough times and spent hundreds of hours counseling me. Your understanding of the Bible has helped me build my foundation on Christ. Wishing you a Happy 60th Birthday! Love you lots! Jess

7: Marney, When Jess first introduced me to the family, I could see that you were a very special woman. Your warm personality made me feel comfortable as I was getting to know everyone. I saw the respect your children had for you which was well deserved. I watched as you coordinated birthday parties, holiday gatherings, and Sunday brunches with ease. You always show each one of your children that they are special and important to you, while continuing to stay dedicated to your role as a wife. At first, I wondered “how am I ever going to live up to the standards this woman has set?!” As I got to know you more, I began to realize everything you do is a result of your unconditional love for your family. I admire you in so many ways. You are a strong and loving support to your family, a loyal friend and faithful servant of the Lord. You've always been so generous with your time, money, and love for me. I know I can speak for everyone in saying that we appreciate all you do. Happy 60th Birthday! All my love, Emily

9: Happy Birthday to the best mom ever!!!! Thank you for always being there for me, no matter how much trouble I can get myself into. You have always been such a great mom to me, and I love you so much. My favorite memory with you has to be our dance at my wedding. Every time I hear that song (When You Love Someone by Bryan Adams), it makes me think of our dance together. I was so proud that you were my mom, you looked so beautiful. Our family is the best and you are the reason for that. You didn't even get that mad when I tried to burn the house down. Now that I'm older, I love spending as much time as I can with you and dad, not just as parents, as friends. I love you so much, you are such a good mom. Love, Nathan

11: Happy birthday Marney! I am so happy to have you in my life and I have a hard time putting into words how much I love and respect you. You love unconditionally and can make people feel welcome and content with your presence. When I lived in Washington, not only did I get to know my future mother-in-law, but you were my best friend. I loved that we would watch movies together, and sit in chairs in the driveway for "vitamin D." You were the best co-pilot a girl could ask for in our little red bumblebee car, driving around Friday Harbor Island. :) I aspire to be more like you in so many ways. Your relationship with Gene helps me to interact with Nate with grace and compromise. Your ability to see the good in everyone gives me faith in people. I hope you have an amazing birthday and know how truly loved you are. Love you Mom! Xo, Melissa

13: Mom, I wanted to wish you a Happy 60th Birthday! Also, I wanted to tell you how awesome of a mom you have been in my life. I watch my sisters raise their kids and see how much time, effort and work is being put into raising them. Watching the work that it takes to raise children makes me appreciate everything you have done for me. And how tough of a job it was raising us. Your the greatest mom, and I can't thank you enough for everything. Love, Mike

15: My dearest mother, Without a doubt, the best memory I have with you is when you came to stay with me for two months when I was on bed rest with Brody. How could I forget that! Here I was, 32 weeks pregnant, scared out of my mind that I was going to have a baby too early and laying in bed every day with nothing to do and no one to talk to. I remember praying every morning that you would stay just one more day. I truly believe the only reason I made it through those two months in bed without losing my mind (or having Brody come into the world early), was because of you. You pushed me to sit out in the sun every day, even if it was just for a few minutes. You forced me to eat when I couldn't stand the sight of food. You cooked dinner every night for us, which couldn't have made Mike happier! And you encouraged me every day, that no matter what, God was in control and everything would be ok. And who could forget the morning my water broke! I laugh out loud every time I think of that moment – it was straight out of the movies. I was the frantic pregnant woman and you were the calm coach. It was so special to have you be a part of Brody’s birth. You deserve to be there, more than anyone else in my life. You have always been there whenever I needed you, day or night, for a moment or days on end (or even months!); no matter what I have asked, you have done for me without question. You gave me a childhood that most children in the world could only dream of. You have loved me unconditionally my whole life and only ever wanted what was best for me. You are the greatest example of what a mother looks like, and just by watching you all those years, have taught me how to raise my own kids. (I’m still learning to be organized.) You are the greatest example of what a wife looks like – you have submitted and given of yourself constantly to your husband (again, still something I need to learn!) And you are the greatest example of what a godly mother looks like – this is the reason why I am now part of BSF. I want to grow to show my children God’s love like you did. Thank you for everything you have done for me. Saying that will never be enough so I hope throughout the rest of our lives, that I will be able to show you how thankful I am by not only my words, but what I do for you. Now that I am an adult, I can finally start showing you the appreciation you deserve. It is payback time, mom! I love you with all my heart. Happy 60th Birthday! Love, Jennifer

17: Marney, My favorite memory was when you came and stayed with us for 2 months. I know that is Jenn's favorite memory too. But it was a special time for me too. Jenn and I were going through such a hard time when she was on bed rest, and you came to the rescue to help us. You were so helpful and positive and made those two months go by fast. We had a lot of fun having you live with us. I really enjoyed getting to spend one on one time together. Still to this day I laugh about one morning you and I went to church together. Jenn had to stay behind because she was on bed rest. And of course that day John decided to give a message about sex. Great!!! I am at church with my mother in-law and the message is on SEX! HaHa. It could have been a great sitcom episode. But seriously for those two months you spoiled us with great dinners, lots of help, encouragement and love. We will never forget what you did for us. When you came and stayed with us for two months you left behind your life in WA. That really showed sacrifice. I think that is such a strong characteristic of yours. I have been so impressed by the way you ALWAYS put other people first. It really shines out of you and that is something that brings glory to God. Since I came into the family you have been so loving to me. You made the transition into the family so easy. I am thankful to have a mother like you. Enjoy your birthday. You definitely deserve to be spoiled! Love, Mike

19: Dearest Mom, You and I always seem to have many good laughs together! Much hasn’t changed since I was little girl- always wanting to be with you. Still to this day, I enjoy spending time with you whether it be cooking in the kitchen, relaxing by the fire, shopping, or chit chatting for hours in the car. We have had many great laughs together. I can remember one specifically on our trip to visit Jenn. We unloaded the luggage from the car and then BANG! You ran them over! Luckily nothing got ruined and we safely made it to Jenn's and back home with no serious injuries!:) Another great memory I have of you was when you came to stay when Norah was born. You stocked us up on lots of food, cooked killer meals and dessert, and most importantly were by my side during Norah’s birth. It was so comforting to know that I had your support during the pain and anxiety. Now I can finally relate to all the pain you went through and believe me, you are a brave woman! That bravery has carried over into each area of your life. Your unconditional love for me over the years is what has gotten me through some of the toughest challenges. I definitely wasn’t the easiest child and made plenty of mistakes, but you continued to love and care for me through it all. Now, Norah will probably give me some serious payback! I am truly thankful to have you as my example. You have given me so much and never once blinked an eye at those price tags:) Your strong faith in Christ was clearly evident while growing up which has given me the desire to do the same for my children. Thank you for all your hard work to make my life easy, very fashionable, and most of all filled with love. You are my best friend and go-to girl for EVERYTHING! I love you so very much! Happy 60th Birthday! Your last little child, Kaitlyn

21: Happy 60th Marney! Since the first day I met you, I’ve felt so welcomed into the family. Your generosity and kindness make being around you a treat. One of my favorite times with you was during my first Christmas visit when we were cooking and baking together. I had so much fun talking with you and learning some great tips to use in the kitchen. Thank you for being so accepting of me. You have such a big heart and I appreciate how much you do for us. I hope you have an amazing birthday – you sure deserve it! Love, Dan

23: Dear Mimi, We all love you so much. Thank you for spoiling us rotten with beautiful clothes, fun toys, sleep overs, snuggles, kisses, hugs, and lots of love. We love when you come to visit us and are so lucky to have a beautiful grandma both inside and out. Lots of love to you! Kisses and Hugs, Brody, Sophia and Norah

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