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BC: By: Tommy Kline Pd. 11 IRB Scrapbook Mrs. Johnston

FC: Things Not Seen By: Andrew Clements Scrapbook By: Bobby Phillips | By: Tommy Kline

1: Front Cover Key Page Mirror- I used the mirror on the title page because it has multiple meanings that connect with the book. First, the mirror is showing no reflection because Bobby is invisible. this is how the book begins, Bobby wakes up and looks in the mirror and sees nothing there. Raindrops Sticker- I added this sticker of rain drops because this is something Bobby could connect to as both mentally and physically. He is invisible just like rain, but throughout some of the book he is in a very gloomy mood because he can't do anything normal like go to school and play sports. He also goes through relationship problems with friends and family.

3: Page 2 Key Page Picture of orange juice- I added the picture of the orange juice because it was extremely important in proving to his parents he was invisible. They could hear his voice but they didn't believe he was truly invisible. He had to drink it in front of them and when he did they could only see a floating glass of orange juice. "So I pull out my chair, sit on it, grab my orange juice, glug it down, and thump the glass onto the place mat." (Clements 3). Spoon- The spoon was also used to demonstrate to his parents he had turned invisible. He stuck it on his nose and they could only see a floating spoon. Picture of three shadows- This last picture was used to show Bobby's parents he was actually there. There were 3 shadows but only 2 people. This crazy picture, again showed his parents he was there but they were unable to see him. Background Color- I used purple as the background color because it often symbolizes mystery just like this unusual situation Bobby found himself in.

4: Dear Attendance Office, Bobby will not be attending school for the next few days because he has been in an accident leaving him unable to attend school. At this point there is no medicine or cure to help him out so this could be a while. Please send any homework home with our neighbor Andrea Williams so Bobby can stay caught up. We are unable to receive a doctors note because the doctors have never seen anything like it. I will keep you posted with Bobby's condition. Thanks for understanding. Sincerely, Mrs. Phillips

5: Page 4 Key Page Absence Card- On top an absence card is attached. This was sent to Bobby's home after he missed a few days of school. This is significant because Bobby can't stay out of school forever but he can't go to school invisible. This shows the school is worried about Bobby's well being and they have noticed that he is missing school. Letter to Attendance Office- This letter from Bobby's mom shows how the family is in panic. They are unsure how to handle this situation therefore they are having trouble thinking of excuses. They are unable to get help as Bobby's mom states in the letter. This letter is significant because it gives the family some breathing room while they try to get Bobby back to normal without the school hounding them. Background- The background is a crumpled paper similar to a piece of paper Bobby's mom would have written the letter on.

6: Dear Journal, Ever since I have turned invisible my life has been great! I can walk around naked, I can sneak into certain places and I don't even have to go to school. I even met a new friend at the library. Her name is Alicia. She is blind but I like it better that way. Unlike all the girls in my school who judge me based on my appearance, Alicia judges me on my personality. We always meet at the library and I love spending time with her. The other day I told her about my situation and instead of laughing, she offered her support. Ever since becoming invisible my life has gotten a lot better. I have so much more freedom and I am actually in a real relationship. Which is something that would never happen if I was back to normal. Things with Alicia are going great and I am about to leave to see her now. I'll keep you posted journal. Talk to you soon! SIncerely, Bobby Phillips

7: Page 6 Key Page Journal Entry- I added this journal entry from Bobby to show how laid back he is about the whole situation. He is starting to use his gift for selfish reasons when he should be more concerned about becoming visible again. This journal entry is significant because Bobby is starting to meet new friends and have a better life then he had before he turned invisible. It also gives background information on Alicia and how Bobby views the situation. Heart- The heart is significant because this is the first time Bobby has ever had a relationship with anyone so the heart symbolizes his love for Alicia in the letter. Fireworks- I made the background fireworks because Bobby is obviously in a good mood after meeting Alicia and being able to do things he has never done before. He is also excited for the future and looks forward to doing more things with his gift.

8: Phone Conversation Bobby: Hello Dr. Lewis: Hi is this Bobby? Bobby: Yeah, who is this? Dr. Lewis: This is Dr. Lewis from the Chicago Community Hospital. I have some bad news about your parents. Bobby: Whats wrong? Are they okay? Dr. Lewis: They were in a car accident earlier tonight. They are injured but they will survive. They will most likely be here for at least a week. Bobby: Give them my best wishes. I better get going... Dr. lewis: Wait! Don't you want to come visit them? Bobby: I would but I'm just too busy. Dr. Lewis: We can get you a ride over here and back if thats the problem. Bobby: No its not that its just...umm.. Dr. Lewis: Bobby is there a problem? You can tell me. Bobby: No I just have homework. Tell them I say hello. (Click)

9: Page 8 Key page Phone Conversation- This phone conversation is significant because Bobby's parents are now in the hospital. This couldn't come at a worse time because this is when Bobby needs his parents most. This was a key part in the book because Bobby really had to grow up here and start to take care of himself. He now has more freedom to go wherever now without his parents . Its sad though because he can't even visit his own parents in the hospital due to his condition. Medical Sticker- I added the medical sticker because his parents were in the hospital and it would always remind Bobby of this tragic time in his life. Telephone- I added the telephone to show that this critical conversation happened over he phone.

10: Aleeshaone:hey..how are ur parents? Bobby7272:idk..good i hope... the doctor hasn't called in a few days. Aleeshaone: aww bobby..they'll be fine don't you worry! When are we gonna go to the library next? Bobby7272: hahah thanks it means a lot. And idk hows 230? Aleeshaone: thats perfect!!;) Bobby7272: Good! haha I've | missed you the past few days:( Aleeshaone: Aww I've missed you too! i have some news about your condition. Bobby7272: oh really? what kind of news? Aleeshaone: Well I've been doing some research and there have been multiple reports about people randomly turning invisible. Bobby7272: really? thats great..i guess. Did they get turned back yet? Aleeshaone: Idk it doesn't say. We should give them a call a little later though. It has their name and number on this website. Bobby7272: Perfect, we can see if its anythign they ate or any products they used. Aleeshaone: Omg yes!! well do some more research at the library later. Ill see you then bye<33 Bobby7272: ttyl

11: Page 10 Key Page Aim Conversation- I added the AIM conversation because it shows how important Alicia has become to Bobby. Ever since his parents were admitted to the hospital Alicia has been there for him always wanting to spend time and help him out with his problem. This conversation shows how mature Alicia is because she wants Bobby to go back to normal and be able to live a normal life. This conversation also shows how their relationship has grown and how they are now closer than ever. AIM logo- I added this to show it's an AIM conversation and to make it more realistic. Background- I made a plain background so its easy to see the text.

12: This past week in a small suburb outside Chicago, Officer Martha Pagett has been investigating a truancy case. 15 year old Bobby Phillips hasn't been in school for3 weeks now. His parents claimed to have sent him down to Florida to live with his Aunt. Pagett called the Aunt and she claimed to have never seen him. Bobby has 1 more week to show up in school before Pagett can arrest his parents. "I'm just doing my Job making sure everyone stays in school," Pagett says. "We can't let anyone slip by."

13: Page 12 Key Page News paper Article- I chose to put this news paper in Bobby's scrapbook because this shows how he has to get back to normal fast or his parents will be arrested. He is now running out of time so he has to do some research fast. This article is significant because Officer Pagett is now on the look out for Bobby and his disappearance is now public. He has to hope Alicia won't give him away or his parents won't give out the truth. Pictures- I added both pictures to make it more like a newspaper article with the title and a picture of the officer. Background- I made the background like an old news paper because it has to look old and torn up just the way Bobby found it.

15: Page 14 Key Page Electric Blanket- When Bobby spots his electric blanket in his closet, he realizes that the blanket was the last thing he used before he turned invisible. This then leads him to investigate Sears and other customers who bought the blanket. Electric Cord- When he checks out the electric cord he realizes it was wired wrong causing a dangerous chemical reaction to go through the blanket which ended up making him invisible. "Turns out 9,308 blankets were sold before it was discovered that some percentage of the controller units had been manufactured with faulty resistors." (Clements 181). Receipt- The receipt helps Bobby remember where and when he got the blanket. It was at Sears over winter break. Background: The background is snow because he bought the blanket in the first place to keep warm during the winter. Sears- After sneaking into Sears, he realizes hes not the only one who had trouble with this blanket. "As of today, 379 consumers have complained, and of those 163 have accepted a new blanket." (Clements 181). This is important because it shows hows many others had problems with the same blanket.

16: Phone Conversation Sheila: Hello Bobby: Hi is this Sheila? Sheila: Yes who's calling? Bobby: My name is Bobby Phillips. I was wondering if you had bought a heating blanket from sears in the past 2 months? Sheila: Listen I don't want to buy anything... Bobby: Wait! Sheila: yes? Bobby: I know your invisible. Sheila: How? Who is this? Bobby: My name is Bobby and I bought the same heating blanket from sears and we have figured out thats what is causing people to turn invisible. Sheila: Really? I never would have guessed? Has a cure been found? Bobby: Not yet but if you meet us at the Central Chicago Library we will figure out what to do. Sheila: Great I will be there in one hour. (Click).

17: Page 16 Key Page Phone Conversation- The phone conversation with Sheila was extremely important because this is where they figure out that the heating blanket is causing the invisibility. This is really important because now his parents won't be arrested and Bobby can go back to living his normal lifestyle. He is able to bring Sheila hope that she can live her normal life again too. Telephone Sticker- I added this sticker to show that it is a telephone conversation. Smiley Face- I added this excited smiley face sticker to show how excited Sheila, Bobby, and Alicia are that they found the culprit of the invisibility. Background- I made the background green because green symbolizes hope which all the characters have now. They hope they can somehow go back to their normal lives.

18: Dear Journal, Ever since I got my life back i haven't been happier. Alicia and I have been dating for 2 months now and we are in love. We sued Sears for making me invisible but I got more than just money, I gained self confidence so I am no longer living in the shadows. I am more outgoing and more social so I have more friends than I could imagine. I am back in school with a tough workload that I have to make up, but its all for the best. I will keep in touch. Sincerely, Bobby Phillips

19: Page 18 Key Page Picture of Bobby and Alicia- This picture really shows how in love Bobby and Alicia are. Their shadows were always there even when they weren't, which is showing how they will always be there for each other. "And I need to be there to see her face when I tell her."(Clements 251) This quote shows how much Bobby wants to be there for Alicia and express his true feelings of love for her. Decorations- The picture is decorated with hearts because they are in love, confetti because they are celebrating Bobby being normal again, and thumbtacks because this is a picture Bobby will always keep with him. Journal Entry- The journal entry shows how Bobby changed over the course of the book from being shy and hiding in the shadows, to being proud of who he is and being able to make new friends. Background- The background is red symbolizing not only love, but Bobby and Alicia's strength to pull through and save his parents and making Bobby normal again.

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