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S: Virginia History

FC: Virginia History Created By: Lindsey

1: In 1607 Captain John Smith and Christopher Newport came to Jamestown. they came on three ships called Godspeed,Susan Constant,and the Discovery.

2: The colonist came to Jamestown to find riches and food.They wanted to make there ships dock. They soon figured out that not all of that was true.

3: There were many hardships at Jamestown. The first one was a shortage of food. The second one was there was no clean drinking water.

4: Some other hardships included not finding gold or silver. People were very discouraged.

5: The fourth hardship was disease all around! This was the number one problem in Jamestown!

6: Some important people in Jamestown are Chief Powhatan, John Smith, John Rolfe, and Christopher Newport. | Chief Powhatan was very important because he was the father of Pocahontas. John Smith was important because he was in charge of the English colony when they went to Jamestown.

7: John Rolfe is also important because he invented tobacco and married Pocahontas.

8: In 1619, government began. In 1620 women landed.The king of england granted charters to tell people what to do.The house of burgesses is were representatives met.

9: Jamestown became diverse. | Jamestown became diverse because.The Indians and the colonist came together. | Jamestown became diverse

10: The American Revolution

11: At first there were a few taxes.Then the British eventually started to add taxes to almost everything with the Sugar Act, the Stamp Act, and the Townsend Act.

12: The king of England did not want to make his country pay taxes so he made the colonists pay all of it. | Some of the colonists wanted to and some did not like it. The people that liked it were called Loyalist. They follow the king and don't care if they have to pay way to much taxes.

13: The sugar act was very expensive. The king of England made all of the colonists pay extra for there sugar, same with all of the other taxes.

14: One example was the Boston Tea party. That's when the Sons of Liberty dumped British tea in the Boston Harbor. | There were a lot of problems in Boston.

15: Another problem was the Boston massacre.That was when The British shot five American colonists on the fifth of March.The Patriots wanted to stay loyal to their new country.

16: The loyalists stay loyal to there people. King George the III is the British king. He is taxing all paper goods and there is a three cent tax on sugar. Lord Cornwallis is the Red Coat leader. The patriots and the sons of liberty are against the red coats.

17: Minute men are people who are ready for anything or any battle.

18: Some important patriots were James A.Lafayette, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Jack Jouett, Paul Revere, and Ben Franklin. | James A. Lafayette was important because he served the Continental Army. George Washington is important because he was the leader of the continental army.

19: Patrick Henry was important because he made the "give me liberty or give me death" speech. Thomas Jefferson was important because he wrote The Declaration of independence. Jack Jouett was an AfricanAmerican spy who spied on the British. Paul Revere was a person who went on horseback to warn the continental army.

20: African Americans were divided in the war with the Americans because they wanted to get their freedom!

21: Some African Americans went on the British side and some went on the Continental army.

22: You might think that women did not do a lot of work. But while the men were fighting, the girls were doing all of the work at home! They farmed,they cared for the sick, and made clothing.

23: Some important battles were Battle of Lexington and Concord,Battle of Saratoga, and Battle of Great Bridge. | Battle of Lexington and Concord was important because it was the first battle and it showed that the American colonies would fight for their freedom. | The battle of Saratoga was important because It was the turning point of the American Revolution. The Battle of Great Bridge was important because it was the first decisive Battle fought in Virginia.

24: The Americans won the Battle of Yorktown because the British surrendered. Also because the French Joined the Continental Army.

25: When they singed the Treaty of Paris that is when the American Revolution ended in 1783.

26: James Madison was an great note taker.He is known as the father of the Constitution.He was also a great compromiser. | George Washington was a very strong leader. He was the Commander and Chief of the Continental Army.He is known as the "Father of our Country".

27: George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights. Which influenced the bill of rights! | Thomas Jefferson Wrote the Declaration of Independence.He also wrote theStatue of Religious freedom.

28: Judicial Branch. | Legislative Branch | Executive Branch

29: The Legislative Branch is were they right all of the laws!The Executive Branch is were they carry out the laws.The Judicial Branch is were they decide if laws have been broken.

30: Tobacco farming is very bad for the ground. | Tobacco sucks up all of the nutrients in the soil and it ruined the land for the farmers. Then the farmers have to move West for more land. | As Virginians moved they took there ides and cultures

31: The word abolitionist means that you fight against slavery. There were some very famous abolitionist named Nat Turner,Harriet Tubman, and John Brown.Harriet Tubman was very brave.She led over 300 people to freedom.She was very brave to go up and down the underground railroad.

32: There were two very important abolitionist in history.One of them is John Brown. John Brown was a very Brave man who was very mean .He got hung because he led a raid on the United States armory at Harpers Ferry,Virginia.The other brave abolitionist was named Nat Turner.He was also very mean.Nat Turner shot 60 people.Men,women,and children.

33: DIVIDED NATION! North and south were a divided nation because the north was more industrialized which means using machine

34: A lot of problems grew between the northern and southern soilders. As they began to fight more about slavery President Abe Lincoln established a new rule. He said,"If I buy these states they will be free states. | West Virginia seceeded from the union because they were sick of slavery and absoulutly hated it. Those people are called abolishonist.

35: A few years later Abe Lincoln was allected 16th president of the United States. | Abe Lincoln was firmly opposed to slavery spreding in other countries. | After Abe Lincoln became president seven other states seceeded from the Union to form the confederate states of america.

36: president Abe Lincoln was a great leader and president with Ulysses S. Grants help the union forces rose up against the Confederate troops. | General Ulysses S. Grant was a brave man who fought for the union and against the confederacy.

37: President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and J.E.B Stuart the confederate side. | Stonewall Jackson stood like a stone wall and that is where he got his nickname. | JEB Stuart stood tall with bravery as he was on the south side fighting! | Jefferson Davis was a president in the south. Robert E. Lee was also on the south he was a general.

38: Important Battles! Fort Sumter was not really a battle but a very important event. That is what officaily started the Civil War. | Battle of Bull Run Manassas took place July 1861. The sea battle of Moniter and Merimack was fought to a draw. Battle of Fredricksberg took place December of 1862. The seige of Petersberg took place 1864.

39: Jefferson Davis was captured at Apomatix court house. | Robert E. Lee surrendered to Ulysses S. Grant at Apomatix court house. | Apomatix court house was the official ending of the Civil war.

40: Millions of problems took place after the Civil war. This time is called Reconstruction. Reconstruction was very hard for the slaves, the southerners, and the Northerners. Farmers had to farm even more because they have a bigger population now that the slaves are now free. Also railroads and land were destroyed. | Confederacy bills were worthless now that the Union one the civil war!

41: Freedman's bureau and Sharecropping! Freedman's Bureau is a government agency that provided food,clothes, and shelter. Sharecropping is an organization that helps slaves and farmers. Sharecropping is when a farmer gives a freed slave half of the crop that the slaves grew and then the slaves could sell it to pay for goods.

42: Jim Crow laws had an effect on Africans Americans life. | Soon African Americans were not even allowed to vote or sit in the same class room!

43: After the Civil war Virginia grew. As more people traveled , the cities grew with more people and farmers! | When the farmers were there they planted tabacoo. A lot of land was in ruins because tabacco destroyed the soil.

44: Terms to know! | Segregation is when a black is seperated with a white just because they are different. Jim crow laws were established after the reconstruction.

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