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BC: the end

FC: Virginia history created by Rylee McDonal

1: Jamestown 1607 | The ships were called the Discovery, Susan Constant, and Godspeed

2: Reasons for coming to Jamestown | It could easily be defended , deep enough to dock ,believed it had good supply and gold and silver.

3: easily defended ,deep enough to dock,believed it had good supply and gold and silver | reasons for coming to jamestown

4: Thar was many hared ships in Jamestown . 1.people in Jamestown were very sick 2.lack of food and water.3.afraid of the unknown (example: Indians and sharks)

5: 1. ground was swampy houses when docked (so they had to build their own) 3. no materials for directions

6: John Smith was the leader of Jamestown. He almost got hung because they thought he went against the real leader of Jamestown. John Smith's famous saying was "you don't work you don't eat"

7: Pochohontas was an Indian and once the Jamestown settlers landed she fell in love with John Rolph. when her and John went to England she had to change her entire look to blend in. she is one of the most famous women Indians of all times.

8: The government in Jamestown was mostly the king and the leader of Jamestown. The king would have his trusty adviser in Jamestown for awhile and every time something or someone did something wrong the adviser would write it down and send it back to the king.

9: The government in New England was mostly the king and queen of new England. To start anything new or do anything out out of England you would have to talk to the king and queen before doing it. If you got their permission they'd give you a little bit of gold or money to help you start it if you gave them some of the money you made from it. Just like Christopher Columbus did to start exploring.

10: The American Revolution

11: War fought between great Britain and its two enemies,the French and Indians of North America

12: Sugar act Stamp act town shed act.The sugar act taxed on tea and other goods. | The stamp act taxed stamps pamphlets and paper good and the colinist were not happy at all

13: The town shed act was that the king had taxed glass,lead,paints,paper and tea. | Colonial reaction to these taxes was the same as the sugar and stamp act, Britain eventually repealed all the taxes except the one on tea

14: Shooting five American colonist by by British troop on March5,1770. | Angry and frustrated at the tax on tea ,American colonist calling them the son of liberty dressed up like natives dumped 342 crates in the Boston harbor

15: They were a group of colonist who were mad at the tax on tea | A patriots were people who loved and supported there cuntrey

16: Lord Cornwallis fought the patriots in Yorktown but in the end it was Cornwallis who surrender

18: The Tongue, The Pen, The Sword... Patrick Henry is known as the tongue. He used words to inspire the colonists. Thomas Jefferson is known as the pen. He used words to craft famous documents. George Washington is known as the sword. He was the military leader.

19: Ben Franklin convinced the French to fight with the Colonists. Paul Revere warned all the Minute Men that the British were coming. | Jack Jouett rode to Charlottesville to warn Governor Jefferson and the General Assembly that the British were marching their way. James Lafayette was an African American who was a spy for the Colonists. He gained his freedom after fighting in the war.

20: African and American Indians were divided in war.The British promised freedom to the African and were divide in war. | The American Indians were promised their land and fought the Americans and if they won they would get their land.

21: The woman played a huge role in the war .They capted farms going and helped the wound.They also made cloths for the solder and cooked food.

22: Lexington and concord was the first battle of the American revolution but it was in Boston and now one knew who shot first .

23: Great Brig was when henry warned all the colonist that the British were coming . | The battle of Saratoga was when the French came in and blocked the British and made them surender .

24: The battle of York town was the turning point of the war because the British surenderd and ended the war.

25: The Treaty of Paris ended the war.

26: George Washington lead the fight for freedom and was called the father of our contry and 1st president | James Madison was a great note taker and a great compromiser and called the father of the costitoion

27: Thomas Jefferson was the righter of the Declaration of Independence and the Statue of Religious Freedom | George Mason influenced the Bill of Rights and rote the Virginia Declaration of Rights.

28: Judicial branch Legislative branch Executive branch

29: The Executive branch carry out laws .The Legislative branch makes law.The Judicial branch decide if law have been broken

30: Tobacco farming drained minerals from the soil causing many farmers to look to the west and deep south for new farm land.Virginians migrated to western territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunties .

31: An Abolitionist is a person who has done something to help people get out of slavery. They are against slavery. | Harriett Tubman was a conductor on the Underground Railroad. She saved over 300 lives and made over 19 trips to the plantations in the South to help free slaves. Not one of those lives was lost during their travels.

32: Jon Brown had children who grew up and moved away. He led an attack on the US Aresnal & Armory to give to the slaves. | Nat Turner was against slavery. He killed 60 white men, women and children trying to protect the slaves. He was tried and hanged for his crimes.


35: The economy in the northern states where more industrialized using machines,while in the southern region,it was agricultural and relied on slave labor.

36: Conflict between the eastern and westren

38: Virginians faced problems during reconstruction like money had know value banks were closed Virginia economy was in ruins .

39: Congress created freedom bureau in 1856. This government agency provided food and medical care for freed blacks and others in the south .

40: Jim crow made it hared for blacks to vote in the south because the blacks had to pay and take a test but it was hard because they did not have money and could not right so they could not vote in the south.

41: segregation separation is the separation of people usually base on race.prejudices is when you think negative things about someone.discrimination is unfair difference in treatment of people .Jim crow laws is laws established segregation or separation of the races of reinforced prejudices held by many white people.

42: After the civil war advances in industry ,technology ,and transportation were key factors to Vagina growing economy . | As more people traveled Virgina economy grew with more people businesses and fac

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