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S: Virginia History

FC: Virginia History created by Alex

1: The three ships that came to Jamestown were called Discovery,Susan Constant and Godspeed in 1607 | 1607

2: The settlers came to Jamestown because they thought they had clean drinking water and defense from their enemies.

3: They also thought that Jamestown had gold and silver.

4: They had lots of hardships like not clean drinking water and starvation.Also disease and native Americans were all around.

6: John smith was a great leader for Jamestown.He tried to get the settlers food but they had to work for it.

7: Pocahontas was a helper to the settlers by trying to protect John smith and Pocahontas missed John smith when she was held captive at the English settlement.

8: The house of burg worked just like the government that we have today.Also they made rules and laws.

9: government in Jamestown was started in 1619.Also the king of england granted charters.

11: After the slave trade came the Africans.Five to seven years for their service.Also came in the year 1619.

12: The American Revolution

13: War fought between Great Britain and its two enemies,the French and the Indians of North America.

14: Coffee,indigo,and certain kinds of wine.Also newspaper,pamphlet,and other legal document,glass,lead,paints,paper and tea.Eventually repealed all the taxes except the one on tea. | Taxes

16: Shooting of five American colonists by British troops on March 5,1770. | Patriots are people who love their country. | The Sons of liberty are patriots who call themselves The Sons Of Liberty.

17: Angry and frustrated at the new tax on tea,American colonists [Sons Of Liberty] boarded three British ships and dumped 342 whole crates of British tea into Boston harbor on December 16,1773.

18: King George the third makes taxes to make the colonists pay for the war.Loyalist are people who loyal to their country.Minute men are people who are always ready to fight in war.The British are trying to capture some of the Colonists and LordCornWallis is in charge of the British army.

20: George Washington was commander in chief of the Continental army.James A. Lafayette was a American spy and he would earn his freedom after war.Patrick Henry gave a famous speech Give me liberty or give me death! Thomas Jefferson signed the Declaration of Independence.

21: Paul revere knew that the British were coming so he jumped on his horse and yelled the British are coming the British are coming! Jack Jouett was known as the Paul Revere of the south because he did the same thing except for he did it to the representatives.Ben Franklin convinced the French to join their side.

22: African and American Indians were divided in war.And forced to pick sides and who to fight for freedom.

23: Women provided support in the war.Like taking care of crops,making clothes for people in war, caring for the sick and had double the work.

24: The battles of Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the American Revolution.The battle of Great Bridge was the first battle fought in Virginia it was 7 miles south of Norfolk Virginia.The battle of Saratoga was the turning point of the American Revolution. s

25: Also in the battle of Saratoga the French joined the colonists for the battle for freedom.

26: The American Revolution has been going on for years,but finally the American Revolution is over thanks to the signing of the Treaty of Paris in 1783.

28: George Washington was commander in chief of Continental army.He is also known as the father of our country and the first president of the US he is also the leader of the Constitutional Convention.

29: James Madison was a great compromiser and note taker. He is also none as the Father Of The Constitution.

30: Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.He wanted freedom of religion and also wrote the Virginia Statue for Religious freedom. | George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of rights and influenced the bill of rights.

31: Executive branch,Legislative branch,and Judicial branch

32: The Executive branch is where the governor carries out laws. The legislative branch makes the laws and has law writers,General assembly,Senate,and House of delegates. The Judicial branch has lawyers,judge, and courts decide if laws have been broken.

33: Tobacco farming drained the minerals in the soil,causing many farmers to look to the west and deep south for new land to farm.Virginians migrated into western territories looking for large areas of land and new opportunities.As Virginians moved they took their traditions,ideas,and cultures with them.

34: Harriet Tubman was a freed slave who took 19 trips on the Underground railroad to save over 300 slaves.Her nickname was Moses and also called a abolitionist.

35: a abolitionist is a person who hates slavery and fights for the slaves freedom.

36: Nat Turner lead a revolt and killed 60 white plantation owners.Also he once was a slave.

37: John Brown was another slave but John Brown lead slaves to a armory shop to steal guns but he got caught and hung for stealing guns.

38: Civil War

39: The economy in the northern states was more industrialized while in the southern region,it was agricultural and relied on slave labor. | The northern states wanted any new state created from western territories to become a free state,while the southern states wanted any new state in the western territories to become a slave state.

40: Conflict grew between the eastern counties of Virginia that relied on enslaved people and western counties that were against slavery.The disagreement between the two regions of the state led to the formation of the new state of West Virginia in 1863.

41: Abraham Lincoln was firmly opposed to the spread of slavery to the other states.After Abe became president of the us in 1860,seven southern states seceded from the Union to form the Confederate states of America.

42: The General that led the Union army was Ulysses S. Grant.And Abe Lincoln was the president of the north.

43: Jefferson Davis was the president for the south | And Stonewall Jackson | One genral of the south was Robert E. Lee. | Also Jeb Stuart

44: Here are some of the important battles;Fort Sumter began the war,Battle of Bull Run was the first major battle of the civil war,The sea battle of the Monitor vs Merrimack was fought to a draw.Battle of Fredricksburg was on 1862.The seige of Petersburg was on 1864 to 1865.

45: The Confederacy finally surrendered at Appomattox Court House on April 9,1865.Robert E. Lee surrendered to general Grant.Also Jefferson Davis was captured while trying to escape a house in the west.

46: Reconstruction: Millions of freed slaves needed housing,clothing, food, and jobs.Virginia's economy was in ruins.Money had no value.Banks were closed.Railroads,bridges,plantations, and crops were destroyed. | Reconstruction

47: Congress created the Freedman's Bureau in 1865.This government agency provided food,schools, and medical care for freed African Americans and others in the south.A new system of farming called sharecropping developed because plantation owners lacked money to pay workers.The former slaves needed land and work.Sharecropping allowed freed men and farmers to rent land from a landowner by promising to pay the landowner with a share of the crops when harvested.

48: The freedoms and rights promised to African Americans were slowly taken away after Reconstruction, when laws were passed that made it almost impossible for them to vote and hold office.Jim Crow laws had an effect on African American life.African Americans found it very difficult to vote or hold office.Unfair poll taxes and voting tests were established to keep African Americans from voting.African Americans were forced to use separate drinking fountains.African Americans and white children attended separate public schools.They weren't allowed to sit together in public buses,trains,or restaurants.

49: Segregation: the separation of people,usually based on race or religion.Prejudices: negative opinions formed about people without proof.Discrimination: an unfair difference in the treatment of people.Jim crow laws: laws established segregation or separation of the races and reinforced prejudices held by many white people.

50: After the civil war,advances in industry,technology,and transportation were key factors to VA's growing economy. As more people traveled VA's cities grew with more people ,businesses,and factories.The need for more and better roads increased.Railroads were a key to the expansion of business,agriculture, and industry. They helped small towns grow into cities.Railroad centers attracted the building of factories where clothing,furniture, and other useful items were made. Other parts of VA grew as other industries developed. Coal deposits, discovered in Tazewell County after the civil war and in nearby counties, became a source of new jobs for residents of southwest Virginia. Tobacco farming and tobacco products recovered from the effects of the civil war and again became an important Virginia industry.

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