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S: Janice Churchill's investigation in Enver park!!!!!!

BC: In this book you will find Div.5's adventures in Enver Park . Like what types of cricket we found. different ,a baby salmon ,different types of plants and many more.

FC: Janice Churchill's investigation in Enver Park!!!!!!

1: Animals Slugs...2-3 Worms...4-5-6 Crickets...7-8 Salmon...9-10 Fungi What is fungi...11-12 Mushrooms and Fungi...13-14 Types of Fungi...15-16 Plants Red Alder...17-18 Piggyback Plant...19-20 Fern...21-22 Parts of a Tree: Bark...23-24 | Mosses...25-26 Vine Maple & Trees... 27-28-29 Pollution and Environment Pollution and Conservation...30 31 | Table Of Contents

2: Slugs | The slug was under the cardboard so I flipped the cardboard over and there was the slug. | Yucky Slug Fact Slug are hermaphroditic meaning they both have male and female reproductive systems. | Where Do You Find Slugs? Do you know where to find slugs? Slug have to live in places where there is not much sun because if they dry out they will die so they live in garden,parks,damps,shady places (such as woods) and they also live under things. If you want to find slugs eggs you should go to dark places such as caves. Slugs are in part of a group called Mollusks with other kinds of animals like snails and more kinds of animals so maybe if u see a slug they might be with someone in their group they would probably be with a snail. Slugs at night go and find food close to a damp if u want to see slugs u should bring a flashlight and go close to a damp and point ur flashlight at it and u will see some slugs and maybe a couple of snails.Now you know where to find slugs. Do You Know The Parts Of A Slug And How Slugs Use It? Do you know the parts of a slug and how slugs they use it? Some parts of a slugs are mucus it is under their body they use mucus to move. They also need their foot to move. Another thing they use to move is their skirt but with their skirt they can slide on the ground. They need their tentacles to know where their going. They also use there eye for better seeing.They have a eyestalk but it doesen't do anything. They have a mouth to eat. They also use their sensory tentacles to taste and poke around with. A keel is another part if u touch the keel it will feel slippery.Slugs use their pneumostone to breath.Now you know the parts of a slug and how slugs use it.

3: SLUGS LIFE CYCLE Today I am going to tell you one paragraph on the the slugs life cycle, one paragraph on the purpose of a slug . The first part on a slug's life cycle is that they lay small tiny eggs in deep and watery holes. Slugs lay at least 40 eggs so they would have to make very wide and very deep holes. After four weeks tiny baby slugs come out of their eggs.As the babies get fed they grow up really fast.After two or three years a slug is adult size and ready to leave their parents. | A PURPOSE OF A SLUG A purpose of a slug is that it has a large role in our world by eating decomposing matter such as leaves, fungus and decaying vegetable material. Some are predators and most also eat carrion including dead of their own kind.They also feed on fruits and vegetable prior to harvest by making holes in the crops that makes it more vulnerable to diseases. | Did you know that slugs have to be under shade because they can dry out and die.

4: The structure of mosses is that mosses do not have roots! Weird Right! If the don't have roots what do the have? Well, mosses have a threadlike structure called rhizoids. Rhizoids anchor the plant and absorb nutrients and water. Most plants that have short stems have rhizoids. The stems are covered by tiny leaves in a spiral pattern,the leaves absorb water and nutrients straight from their surface. The leaves also contain a green substance that plants use to make food. This substance is called chlorophyll. So that is the structure of moss. Why are Mosses Important ? Why are mosses important ? Mosses play an important part in small animals lives because small animals such as spiders and certain mites, live in mosses. Some birds use moss's fibers to build or line their nests. Mosses don't help animals they help they environment too. Some types of mosses including peat mosses hold large amounts of water. This helps prevent soil erosion and flooding. Mosses also store minerals and other nutrients. After mosses die, they decompose. Break Down and release nutrients. So other plants can grow. Types of Mosses There are so many types of moss but I am only naming a few. Some types of moss are Peat Moss, Spikemoss, Granite Moss, Haircap Moss ,Horsetail Moss , Clubmoss and alot more.. | Mosses on tree bark in the Enver Park | Did you know that New Guinea weevils grow mosses on their backs!!!! | Mosses on wet sand in the Enver Park | Did you know............ | Mosses | Structure of Mosses

5: Do you know how mosses live?Mosses grow in aquatic environments.They live more in old forests more than in young forests.Mosses need of water changes according to the water present in the enviornment .Mosses appear dull brown and dead in dry contitions they become green after it rains.Now you know some facts about how mosses live. | How do Mosses live? | Moss living on sand in Enver park | WHAT IS MOSS? Do you know what moss is?Moss is a small green plant that has no flowers.Moss is grown all over the world.Moss grows close together in large numbers. It is found in moist and shady places.Moss makes soft thick mats on rocks,on soil or at a bottom of a tree.Some mosses are found in dry enviornments. Moss have no true roots instead they have threadlike once.The short stems are covered with tiny leaves. Cells Moss grows through two forms.The first form is that there is a green plant.Many mosses grow a male makes egg cells.When the male part is ripe it bursts. Some sperm cell reach the egg cells.Then the second part grows.There is a long up right stalk with a pod like capsule at the end.Inside the capsule there are small plant cells called spores when the spores.When the spores are ripe the capsule burst.If a spores falls into a dam place it grows into the first form. How mosses help Mosses help other plants grow. Some mosses hold large amounts of water which helps prevent flooding and helps soil from washing away.When mosses die they enrich the soil. Now you know some facts about what is moss. | Moss on tree bark in Enver park | did you know... Did you know mosses measure less than 16 inchs [15 centimeters]

6: Why is fungi good and bad? Well, fungi is good in some ways and bad in some ways.It is good because it takes away all the dead animals and plants.We don't want dead animals and plants all over the ground. However, fungi is bad because it attacks things like trees,wood and other things.If you want to know why fungi is good and bad also what the purpose of fungi is keep on reading. | Fungi is good because it eats dead plants and animals. Also, decompose through winter and fungi are decomposer's. Mushrooms are good to eat and plants,animals and people are some things that eat mushrooms.Also, insects eat mushrooms and reindeer dig through the snow in winter to eat fungi [mushrooms]. Termites,ants and beetles grow fungi to eat. Also, fungi is good for the soil. Fungi are recyclers. Fungi are used for different things. Now you know why fungi is good. | Fungi often attack things we want left alone.Dry rot [fungi] can damage buildings and houses.Also breaks wood and fungi infects dead or dying trees.If we had no fungi we would have no new trees.Also if we had no minerals we would have no fungi.Fungi makes more of its self like animals.Some mushrooms can poison you and some can even kill you.Don't pick or eat mushrooms without a guide. The destroying angle is one very poisons mushroom.Mushrooms kill trees more than anything.Fungi damages living things.Mushrooms give diseases to humans and animals.Now you know why fungi is bad. | A baby mushroom still growing. | A mushroom breaking wood. | Whats The Purpose Of Fungi?Good and Bad | Good | Bad | Mushrooms and Fungi | Did you know? That when the dinosour's were dying all they had to eat was fungi. Also that mushrooms are fungi.The blue pixie is very valuble because it is blue.

7: . | Do you know what spores are? Spores are like seeds,but they grow on the underside of parent mushrooms. Millions and millions of them grow. They grow on moist land, grassy fields and they grow where soil is. Do you know where threads come from? Threads come out of spores. They grow longer and longer. Threads are white lines that look like webs. Branches also grow new threads. Threads take food,water and nutrients,they join together from spores. The food and water is taken by threads.Now you know some information about spores and threads. | A mushroom in its habitat | A close up picture of a mushroom | The Life Cycle of a Mushroom | Mycelium and Growing underground | Do you what mycelium is? Mycelium is tight cells that are underground,beneath the mushroom. Here are some other facts about the life cycle of mushrooms. Mature mushrooms drop the spores when it reaches adulthood. When the spore drops on the ground it germinates,then it meets compatible spores. Do you know where mushrooms grow? Mushrooms grow underground. They grow mostly in the late summer when it's warm,and even more mushrooms grow in the summer. Mushrooms grow as part webs. Now you know where mushrooms grow and when they grow.You also know the life cycle of a mushroom. | Button Mushrooms | Did you know there is a type mushroom called Button Mushroom. The Button Mushroom is called that because of it's shape. The stalks of a mushrooms push the soil.The cap of a mushroom is joined to the stalk. A mushroom opens like a umbrella. Now you know about mushrooms growing underground and about the Button Mushroom. | Spores and Thread

8: Do you know what a piggy back plant is? Well a piggy back plant is a genus species it has a odd way of reprouding. It reprouduces young plants on the leaves. The latin name for the piggy back plant is tolmiea. It is also known as the thousand mothers and youth on age. The piggy back plant gets it's name from how the plant grows on top of it so then it looks like it is getting a piggy back ride. The people who discovered the piggy back plant are Dr.William Fraser Tolmie and Dr.Archibald Menzies. Now you know the people who discovered this plant and some other names for this plant. You also know the latin name for the piggy back plant too. Do you know any parts of the Piggy Back Plant? Well if you don't you are going to find out next. A Piggy Back Plant has 5-7 cm lobes and it has glades. Did you know it has only 4 pedals its leaves are toothed they are heart and star shaped the leaves are shaped out they are evergreen leaves. It has capules. Do you know what capsules are capsules are hard shells that hold little seeds in them. They also have hairy stems that look like spikes! Those are all of the parts of the piggy back plant you know them and you leaned something new. Do you know where the Piggy Back Plant lives? Well it likes to live in the cold. It lives in the water such as stream banks. The contient and province it lives in is western north america and from northern california into alaska. It likes lives next to red alders in moist forests. It likes to live beside red alders because its shady and cold. Have you gone to an old logging road well if you have did you see the Piggy Back Plant there it lives there. It lives in farms. Did you know the Piggy Back Plant plant is a great garden plant?

9: Pictures of the Piggy Back Plant | Here is a close up of a Piggy Back Plant and a far away picture of a Piggy Back Plant | Did you know that a piggy back plant is 40-80 cm tall and in inches they are 6 inches tall? They grow to 18-24 inches long in June and the rest of the time they are 15 inches long. But this plant can be slender branched in June and sometimes it barley blooms indoors even though it is a indoor plant. Do you know how other plants stem is on top of the ground and roots go down into the ground. Well the piggy back plant is different the stem go's deep into the ground and then the roots come. Now you know exactly how big and long a piggy back plant is and some weird facts too.

10: Soil pollution What is Soil pollution? Soil pollution is when harmful substances get into the soil. Acid rain can get into the soil and cause plants to die. Acid rain is when the smoke from factories gets turned into clouds that produce acid rain. The animals can die by eating plants that have absorbed acid rain. If the soil pollution gets too big it can cause the soil to disappear and all the plants can die or even become extinct. If we don't pollute in the soil we can save our plants and animals. | Solid Waste What is solid waste?Solid waste is household garbage.Solid waste gets into landfills and gets bigger and bigger.In sanitary landfill solid waste are lined with layers of clay and sand and plastic. Solid waste can be solid liquid or gas. There are two basic methods of solid waste municipal and non municipal. Landfills are popular because et are relativity easy to operate and can handle a l lot of waste material.In a sanitary landfill/solid waste are spread out and compacted in a hole or canyon area or a a giant mound. In a modern sanitary landfill are lined with layers of clay, sand and plastic. That is what solid waste is. | WATER POLLUTION What is water pollution? Water pollution is when chemicals get in the water.Lots of dams across the rivers may stop the salmon from going back and forth.Acid rain is when smoke in factories get formed into clouds and rains.Acid rain can get to the water and salmon can die. Water pollution can also kill birds. There is lots of plastic on small islands that birds eat it thinking that they are food. That is what soil pollution is. | Pollution and Conservation | Fact box Did you know that pollution is almost half of the world | do you see that bug?

11: CONSERVATION Do you know what conservation is?Well Conservation is saving the environment. We can practice conservation in four different ways. The four different conservations that I'm going to talk about are soil conservation,water conservation,forest conservation wildlife conservation. Soil Conservation Do you know how to how to save plants? Well I now some information and here they are. Soil keeps plants growing and healthy. Soils erodes each year in the lake. Soil erosion can sometimes be a problem. Humans destroy lots of soil when there careless. Crops hurt plants and irrigation damage plants. dams that are made from soil. It can harm certain types of fish, habitats and farmland. To save the environment make less soil so the dams will be smaller. Water Conservation Have you been cleaning water most of the time?Do you know what water does for every organisms?Organisms are every living things in the world. Water is a important recreation and transportation. Don't catch a lot of fish in one area because if you do them that type of fish will become extinct. Dam destroy lots of wildlife when water floods. The things that we do with water are drinking fresh water, bathing, cooking and cleaning. If we don't save water every organisms will probly die. Forest Conservation You should care about trees all lot. To save forests do not clear cut, do not smoke because it kill plants,because if you do them you will kill so many trees. Trees can cause fire from smoke thunder and gas. Please save tree because we get fresh air from it. Wild Conservation Do you know how mean adults or some kids are?These are some of the weapons that kill the wild life bows, rifles and shotguns. To make most animals survive is to make less guns. If most animals are still dying be a vegetarian then because in 1600 many wildlife were extinct. To protect the wildlife give them food and water for them to survive. All kinds of conservation are important because it will make the life more better for all organisms. | this tree that is here is not doing well because it has graffiti on it. | Theirs a slurpy on the ground it is called littering it desturbs the wild life

12: Red Alder trees' | Red Alder leaf | Did You Know........ | Red Alder | The Red Alder leaves | The Red Alder tree | The Red Alder tree is the fastest growing tree! | Even the Red Alder leaves have different blooming periods and sizes.The leaves are 6 to 15 cm long with a pointed tip.The leaf edges are very soft.The most active growth period is in the early summer,and fall.The greatest blooming period of Red Alder is in the spring,and fall.But usally the Red Alder blooms in early summer.Sometimes it grows in the spring,and fall but not always. The Red Alder leaves also have different colours.For example Red Alder leaves are dull green.It is a rusty colour.There are also hair bellow the leaves.The margens of Red Alder leaves are wavy.Red Alder leaves are slightly rolled under. | The Red Alder trees have different kinds of bark sizes and colours.For example Red Alder trees often have tin bark.The bark is usally grey.The bark is rusty red when the tree is cut.The Red Alder trees often or usally have white patches.The Red Alder tree's inner part is usally eaten in spring by animals. The Red Alder tree is used for many things.Red Alder trees are used for dyes and tanning.It's wood is very very useful.The Red Alder tree is the largest tree.It is the most important hardwood timber tree.The Red Alder tree is very very important for us.

13: RED ALDER Why do you think leaves are important?They give oxygen for animals and people. They also give us shade in the forests,people's yards and parks. Did you know that Red Alder trees only grow in North America. FOOD How do you think leaves make food? Roots can suck up lots of water. The Red Alder Leaves provide food and shelter. The sunlight changes into chemical energy so plants could use as food. Chlorophyll uses sunlight to turn water and carbon dioxide gas into sugar and oxygen gas. The Chlorophyll on the leaves keeps them very healthy. COLOR Why do leaves change color? Yellow and orange are hidden in chlorophyll. Leaves are all different sizes and shapes. Leaves use energy from the sun,they are also filled with chemical. The Red Alder leaf is am oval shape. They have toothed edges. Life Cycle Do you know the life of a leaf? Leaves unfold and grow. Buds swell and grow. Leaves stay green until they fall off. When leaves fall they release nutrients. Leaves fall off in the fall and come back in the spring. Leaves have new colors as they come in. In winter the color stops. Leaves push in new leaf buds. They also make substance known as sugar sop. As leaves grow they have a cuticle it protects the leaf from insects. When new leaves come in the color is very bright. | This is the back of a Red Alder leaf. | This is a half eaten Red Alder leaf it is also faced down on its back.

14: worms breathe by taking in oxygen through wet surfaces of their bodies. When they breathe there blood moves. Also they have organs. Also there oxygen is a odorless and colorless gas.And oxygen is also water that helps worms survive.Also worms squiggly | WHAT DO WORMS DO? For worms it is hard for them to go to places cause when they move there certiem squeezes and then spreads thats how they move . They also eat food and find food and they survive by grabbing leafs and then make a shelter. Also they spend time in soil which is underground and also there homes are in grass deep in them so no human can find there homes. | tail | mouth | male worm | Worms | HOW WORMS BREATHE? | WORM in a cube

15: WHERE DO THEY LIVE? Did you know that worms hate the sun? Because if they get to much sun,their skin will dry out and die. Worms does like dark places such as cool damps and in the ground is a worm`s habitat.Worms hides in the ground for safety from getting eating from the wild.many species of worms live in different places like at the bottom of the flower and other places where worms live. | HOW WORMS MOVE? Did you know that worms uses Circular muscles to move? Worms uses circular muscles to move and when worms uses circular muscles it helps them to squeeze together or Contract to make the worms body longer or thinner. Worms may have bristles or fin that help them move but they do have many species to move. Bodies with no major muscles cannot move on their own,but they can move by force of other animals in their environment. | TAIL | Head | This worm is heated from sun because if the worm gets to much it will die. | This worm is about to curl up because the worm is afraid of the humans or predator | Did you know? That kid worms has 30 legs and adult worms has 50 legs | Did you know that worms hate the sun Because if they get to much sun,their skin will dry out and die.

16: WORMS What is a worm? It is a small creature in the speicies Lumbricidae terrertris.There are over 4 400 kinds of worms.And they have lived for 120 years.Worms love compost such as banana peels and old vegetables. They are not native to Canada.There are 4 main groups of worms.Flat worms,ribbon worms,round worms and segmented worms and that is what a worm is. I got the picture at the forest There are 5 main inside parts of a worm but I am only going to talk about the mouth,gizzard, digestive tract and the anus.The mouth is basically the part the food goes into. The gizzard gets the good stuff out of the food.The gizzard is a sac that is behind the crop.The gizzard helps to grind up food.The digestive tract takes the bad stuff to the anus.The anus gets rid of the bad stuff.Use worm poop as cat litter | and that is cool!!

18: Where Do They Grow Ferns grow where there's lots of moist and soil.Also where there's trees.They cannot servive in cold,and sometimes they grow inthe gardens . Usally everywhere around the world. But I have a feeling Canada has the most, because Canada has lot's of trees thats what I think. | This fern is in the dirt. | This fern is like a soard. | This fern is in the back of the school. | Ferns | Type of a fern is like this. it kind a looks like a souard | Parts Of Ferns Did you know that the leafy branch is usally called a fond.Also the small leaf lets make up a hole of fond called pinnae.The spots of patches that looks like they where stuk onto the surface of pinnae.There are so many parts of ferns that I don't know about. | What Are Ferns ? Ferns are reproducing plants,green leafy ancient family of plants. They pefer warm and shady regions with more than 10,000 species .Did you know that, gardens love them for their delicate beauty and their easy maintenace.Their range size one inch 2.5 centimeters.In New Zealand ferns are black,I've never seen it. I've never even seen one black fern before

19: Sword Fern Do you know what a sword fern is? There is so many kind of ferns. Like Bord Beech Fern, Wild Fern, Sword Fern, and the Japanese Climb Fern. I am going to talk about the Sword Fern. They are often sold in hanging baskets. They mostly live in moist shaded ground. It is the king of the North West fern.They can be used for ground cover.It is the best for organic soil. It makes it useful for all native plants. A native plant is that grows naturally. That is a sword fern.Now you know a bit about a Sword fern | Ferns live in soil | This is a type of a plant | Did You Know.... -There is types of Ferns -On the back of a Fern there is dots | Life Cycle of a Fern Do you know what a Ferns life cycle is? It will reproduce by spores on the underside It is possible for a sporophyte to grow from the gametophyte.Ferns grow into small shaped plants. Second it will become an adult. When they grow longer the plant will have a better chance of surival.When the Fern is large it will be mature. That is a Ferns life cycle.Now you know a bit about a Ferns life cycle.

20: . | What is Fungi well its not a plant so what is it Fungi doesn't have a chlorophyll. A chlorophyll is what a plant uses to capture the suns energy to make and nutrients. Mushrooms are not the only type of fungi another common fungi is Penicllium Fungi the bad thing about Penicllium is that it grows on humans! it can cause skin cancer and swine flu. | The Fungi kingdom is divided in two major groups Club Fungi and Zygomycetes. Zygomycetes include bread molds and Club fungi includes field mushrooms and | The next fact i am going to write about is are Fungi dangerous? They can be most a Fungi have a well deserved names for example the Destroying Angel it may look friendly but it is a very dangerous. Mushroom so never eat a mushroom off a field in less its in your local grocery store. Most types of fungi are decomposer's a decomposer is a living thing that eats died or living things. | Are Funji friendly? | What is Fungus? | What types of fungi are there? | The picture above is a photo of a bracket fungus in the natural area | The picture to the right is a different type of Bracket fungi

21: The Fungi (Fun-g-eye)Kingdom What kinds of fungi's are there? There are many types of fungi, I chose 7 of my favorite fungus's. 1st I will talk about the Club Fungi.The Club fungi is like all mushrooms it's stem is a long stick with a really dirty and hairy umbrella on top. The little hairs on the top of the club fungi look bit gross. Try and picture that in your head. The club fungi is one of the common fungi's. The Club fungi is like all mushrooms it's stem is a long stick with a really dirty and hairy umbrella on top. The little hairs on the top of the club fungi look bit gross. Try and picture that in your head. The club fungi is one of the common fungi's. | The bracket(bra-k-et) fungi is the one that we found in the natural area in the back of our school. The bracket fungus looks cool it is very hard to brake of of the tree log it is real strong and it even wouldn't beak when me and my friend tried to crush it that's how strong it is. It is black and white the top is black with brown lines in it the lines are in a wiggly pattern. The bottom is white. It is round at he top and its a little curve at the bottom. | The Bracket Fungi | The Club Fungi | White Part | Brown wavy Lines | Bracket fungi is found on a log that has fallen

22: Next I will talk about the zygomycetes (Z-eye-gom-e-seats). The zygomycetes looks pretty cool. This fungi is like a long blue stick with little purple green sacks on the end. The zygomycetes fungi is is the coolest and most different from all fungi's. If you like colorful things this is maybe gonna be your favorite fungi. This fungi may look cool but if you touch it you could die or get really sick. It has some poisons causing sicknesses. | Medical fungi, what's that? The Medical(med-ical) fungi is really cool it is found like a coin but it is bigger brown around the sides. Then it gets the white then the core is blueish grayish there are black lines inside. The medical fungi is a nice color. This fungi is a rare fungi in the lower mainland. It is mostly found up north or east. | What is a parasitic fungi. Parasitic fungi is long and pointy like the giant squid but smaller. It is like flat and thick goo. Its long and pointy like a rain drop. The parasitic fungi is the least common fungi in the world it is only found in wet and old places. | Penicllium fungi looks soft like cotton looking with blue inside. It is shaped like a sphere. The gross part is that it grows on humans. It is one of those soft and dangerous fungi's. It can give you skin cancer or the swine flu. | Last but not least I will talk about the coral fungus . The Coral fungi is red from the tips and is yellow crumbling log. It has good relationship with other fungi's. Scientists say its very hard to exam-in by eye. People clam that it is very pretty to look at. It is found in nice warm valley's . | Zygomacetes | Medical Fungi | Penicllium fungi | Coral Fungi | | Fun Facts Did you know that fungi is somehow related to mold. Mold is pretty ugly and some fungi's are kind of cool. | Penicllium fungi | Parasitic Fungi | Coral Fungi

23: Coral Fungi | Coral Fungi

24: The first spet to salmon life cycle live in the river for two years.In those two years they become alvein and then after they become fry the they then become smolt. the smolt become adults come back to the river in 5 years of being in the ocean. after the salmon come back to were they were born some don,t make it to the were they were born.then they die after a couple of weeks they die and the. Rout and some times birds or bears eat them. the salmon that make it back lay there 2500-7000 eggs and then die after 2-3 weeks.I hope you now more about a salmons life cycle. The first sept for a salmon to surival is they need to stay in a a rock area or under roots. When they are bigger. They have a hard time to get kill then second sept is stay away from oceans stay at lakes. Were there is a harder to be catch by people or sparks they are safer but they can still be eaten by a kingfisher. Sqawfish human eagle bear trout.thats they fish eaters I how you now a more about fishes eaters. | Salmon Life Cycle | Baby fry | theses photographs were taking at Enver park | Baby fry

25: what are parts of a fish? The parts of a fish is interesting like the adipose fin is part of a fish to help it swim faster,the dorsal fin What is a fish? Salmons are the strongest fishes to catch in seas or other body water. Also fish are animals with backbones that live in water. Fish come in great many shapes with colors and sizes. Fishes have no neck. Cold blooded fish cannot control there body temperature | Parts of a fish

26: . | . | Crickets are a jumping insect that jumps.Some crickets are black, brown, white,light green.All crickets are related to grasshopper. They have more then two wings.They are small insects.Some crickets color are like bushes. Theres 500 types of crickets. Some crickets look like grasshoppers. WHERE THEY LIVE? Crickets live in pastures and places with lots of grass. Some crickets live in houses,meadows,along roads,countrys,forest,some basements,under rocks,lawns,near rivers,logs,Europe,western Asia,near ponds and near rivers and they live almost every where. WHAT ARE THE PARTS OF CRICKETS? Crickets have two antennaes, two eyes, four wings,six legs,a head, a thorax, abdomen, ears on knee, and a mouth. Female have a special organ called oviposite. They have sensory hair on legs,long palm, tibia for touching things,hard skin,back legs for kicking enimies. They have a antennae from head to the abdomen, hind wings folded and hidden under leathery front wings,antennae for smelling or touching or detecting. Their wings held flat. | CRICKET | IMPORTANT FACTS | Some crickets are black and if you disturb it then it will use its back legs and kick you but its back legs have spikes on it. | cricket facts | in a cube. | Crickets

27: CRICKETS Do you KNOW lots about crickets? Say [yes] if you do or [no] if you DO NOT KNOW anything ABOUT CRICKETS. I will tell you the life cycle and there food chain. HOW ARE EGG PODS LAYED? Egg pods are buried half inch in soft damp,soil or plants.Female crickets lay eggs in the late summer OR early spring.The cricket is born in 14 days.Female crickets have a special organ called a oviposite so they can lay eggs on plants. WHAT DO ADULS DO BEFORE DEATH? What adults do before they die?Before adults die they eat food and then they go for a jump and then it snows and the adult die or live. will they half die and the one that live got one month to live. LOOK BACK! Will the crickets food cycle is easy look back and you could what see they eat and what eats them. Will the only thing that eat then are birds and chameleon.Bye for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | This female cricket is going to be my lunch! If it was not a photograph of a cricket | oviposite

29: The bark protects the tree against heat and cold and also makes it more difficult for animals to get living wood. Bark is the hard covering of a tree.It is the outer covering of most kinds of trees and shrubs like skin. It helps protects wood from hungry wildlife.It protects the stem and branches. The outer bark protects the plant. New layer of the inner and outer bark form every year and the bark slowly grows thicker. The bark of birch trees are durable and often peels away in thin curling sheet. The tissue's inner bark moves water and nutrients to store food for the plant. | This picture of a bark was taken in the back of my school. | What is a Bark and what does It Do | The Inner and Outer Bark | This is a bark | The | Bark

30: When vine maple is growing it has three parts,the first part is the leaves the second part is the bark and finally the third one is the roots. You will learn about roots, the vine maple needs roots to survive the roots are the most important part of a tree, plant or a shrub. The vine maple can grow bigger. Did you know that aboriginal people use the roots of vine maple to make medicine and tea for sore throat . | Roots | This diagram shows roots under a log | This visual was taken at Enver creek | This is a picture of vine maple roots

31: Vine maple roots The first thing the roots come out of the seed and it needs water to grow.Then the roots will help the shrub/tree/or plant grow. The roots weakness is you do not pull it out of the soil because it will die.Do you know what the main root looks like? It looks like a carrot. The roots job is to help the shrub grow.The roots drink water and keeps the shrub/tree/or plant green. The roots eat nutrtion from the soil.Did you know the roots help the shrub/tree/or plant to stand? The roots will grow everywhere or grow random.Do you thing all root are the same ? No they are not,and it grows deep in the ground.The roots drink water from rain if it is dry.And the roots grow more than 30ft.The next thing is roots get covered in moss then it will shed its skin and turn greenis and thin.The roots need moist soil.Then in the fall it turns pale green. But when it dies in the winter its roots will turn dull brown.If it survived through out the winter then the roots will be dense and hard.After the roots will go straight down in the spring.Then in the summer it will go straight down.The main root is big the other roots will be small and long then it will die by the bugs eating it and will eat the shrub/tree/plant.The roots can not live in hot or cold places because it is too cold or too hot. | Fact box Did you know that aboriginal people take out the tree of vine maple and cut the roots next they put it in a pot and cook it for tea for sore throat and sick people. They also cut the bark to have sweeten bark.Do you know where the vine maple can be found? It can be found at British Columbia or at Vancouver island.It likes to grow across a stream.

32: WHAT IS MOSS? Do you know what moss is?Moss is a small green plant that has no flowers.Moss is grown all over the world.Moss grows close together in large numbers. It is found in moist and shady places.Moss makes soft thick mats on rocks,on soil or at a bottom of a tree.Some mosses are found in dry enviornments. Moss has no true roots instead they have threadlike once.The short stems are covered with tiny leaves Moss grows through two forms.The first form is that there is a green plant.Many mosses grow a male makes egg cells.When the male part is ripe it bursts. Some sperm cell reach the egg cells.Then the second part grows.There is a long up right stalk with a pod like capsule at the end.Inside the capsule there are small plant cells called spores when the spores.When the spores are ripe the capsule burst.If a spores falls into a dam place it grows into the first form. Mosses help other plants grow. Some mosses hold large amounts of water which helps prevent flooding and helps soil from washing away.When mosses die they enrich the soil. | fact box:Did you know mosses measure less than 16 inchs {15 centimeters in height} | Moss on tree bark

33: Why are trees important?They are important because they provide oxygen for all kinds of life. Oxygen is important for all living things like people,plants,and animals.People use trees different ways.People use trees for houses,furniture,boats,tools,even works of art.Did you know that trees provide people with basic foods like fruits,nuts,they can also supply chocolate ,coffee,maple syrup,olives,and spices, such as cinnamon and cloves some of them produce substances used as medicines. So now I am going to talk about how can a tree grow.First most trees grow at least 15 to 20 feet even [4.6 to 6.1 meters tall- taller than other plants.The second thing I am going to talk about is a tree has one woody stem, the trunk.Third thing is a trees trunk grows at least 3 to 4 inches [8 to 10 centimeters] thick.So now you know how trees grows. | TREES | This picture is Vine Maple and trees | Trees and vine maple

34: A- Atmosphere-[at-muhs-feer]the gaseous envelope surrounding the earth; the air., Acer- A Latin word for a maple tree, abdomen B-Buds-A bud that produces a leafy shoot C-chlorophyllr[klawr-uh-fil, klohr-])a green substance that helps plants make food C-cuticle [KU-te-kul]-The cuticle is a waxy layer covering plants. C-carbon dioxide [KR-bon-de-ox-ide]-carbon dioxide is a oderless,colorlessgas that is formed during the decomposition[DE-com-po-shon] of organic C-chemical [KEM-e-cull]- A material produced by or usede in reaction involving changes in atoms D- Decomposer [ De-Com-Poser] a organism that eats living are dead things. -Diseases are illnesses that affect the mind or body. Decompose-To Break down E-enviornment[ En-Viro-Ment] G -glades another word for forest.M- Mollusks [ Moll-Usks ] slugs are in part of a group called Mollusks with other kinds of animals like snails and etc. -Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branches threadlike hyphae. | M- Mollusks [ Moll-Usks ] slugs are in part of a group called Mollusks with other kinds of animals like snails and etc. -Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus consisting of a mass of branches threadlike hyphae. N-nutrients[NUt-re-ents]-Elements such as nitrogen and iron that are needed for plant growth. nutatrion-a good thing people put in. O-Ovposite(ov-po-si-te) for female to lay eggs better, Oxygen-air Orginisms- are all living things in the environment. P- Pneumostome [ Pne-Umo-stome ] Slugs use their pneumostome to breath. perennial is a word to discribe the Red Alder tree R- Rhizoids[rahy-zoid]threadlike structure that anchor plants with small stems R- Red Alder- Large tree of pacific coast of north america having hard red wood much used for furniture S-substances- a species of matter of definite chemical composition. -A spores is a unit of reproduction somewhat like a seed,but with much less nutrients. T-Termites are a type of insect that lives in the ground and eats wood. W-Worms oxygen is an odless and colorless gass.Weakness- something that is not strong that does not like Z- Zygomycetes [ Zyg-Omy-Cete] A Fungi group with over 1,000 species | Glossary

35: chlorophyll,4 -carbon dioxide - chemical C- cuticle -Mollusks -nutrients -Pneumostome Perennila-12 -rhizoids,4 -substance Speices-12 Slender,8 survial Tolmia,8 threadlike,5 | Index | A | atmosphere,4 | B | buds | c | p | R | S | T

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