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BC: The heroic cycle and Archetypes Of "The Matrix" Magazine

FC: The Heroic cycle and Archetypes in the "Matrix" | by Ricky Scoville

1: Table of contents | pg.2-6 Archetypes Hero Mentor Threshold guardian Shape shifter Shadow Pg. 7-19 Heroic cycle call to adventure Helpers Crossing the Threshold Shadow realm tests Supreme Task reward return pg. 20 text to text connections pg. 21 Summary pg. 22 conclusion pg. 23 work citied

2: Neo works at a computer software company when he is confronted by Trinity and she takes him to Morpheus. Morpheus trains Neo after Neo accepts his call to adventure. He goes through a series of test when he is confronted with the ultimate problem. When Morpheus gets trapped in the machine by the agents Neo and Trinity go back in. Neo fights the agents and then they get Morpheus. Trinity and Morpheus get out and Neo gets stuck in the machine. Then Neo has to fight for his life to get out of the machine. Then Neo gets shot but then comes back to life and realizes he is the one and he kills one of the agents and gets out of the machine in a nick of time. | Hero: Neo | 2

3: Mentor: Morpheus | Morpheus is one of the good guys and is one of the major characters. Morpheus is one of the major mentors that helps Neo through the tasks. He trains Neo for the battle in the Matrix and brings him through a series of tests. When he gets brought to the Oracle to tell him what his future holds the agents goes after them and captures Morpheus. They tried to get the code out of Morpheus when they got him but then Trinity and Neo came to the rescue. | 3

4: Threshold guardian: Agents | The threshold guardians were the agents that didn't want Neo to go into the Matrix. In the beginning they put a bug into him to track Morpheus so they can find the machine. But Trinity took it out and brought Neo to Morpheus and then after Neo went through a series of tests he had to face the agents as he went into the machine because of Cypher. After they got out Neo and Trinity went back into the machine to go save Morpheus. He fought the agents and got Morpheus back. | 4

5: Cypher is the character that seems like a good guy but ends up stabbing them in the back and telling the agents he would help them if he was able to go back and live a normal life and forget all about the Matrix. So he tells the agents where they were going to be. After they got back to the building from seeing the Oracle the agents were after them and Cypher coughed and gave them away where they were hiding. Cypher got out first and shot the main computer Tank with some electrical gun.Then he started to kill some characters and then Cypher got shot by the computer guy Tank. | Shape shifter: Cypher | 5

6: Shadow: The Machine | The machine in this case is the shadow because of the darkness it holds. If you die in the machine you would die in real life. The machine held the agents that could kill Neo and all the dangers too him. Neo had to be trained to stay alive and fight the machine until he won or got out. | 6

7: The Heroic cycle | 7

8: Call to Adventure | Neo has a choice to make with Morpheus he either can take the blue pill to go and live a normal life or he can take the red pill and enter the unknown world. Neo choices the red pill... | 8

9: Helpers: Trinity | She is one of the early helpers and she helps Neo get out the bug that the agents put in him. She also helps him with varies tasks that Neo goes through when Morpheus was captured to go get Morpheus. | 9

10: Helper: Morpheus | He is one of the main helpers that helps Neo through his tasks. He train Neo to fight and brings him through a series of tests. He brings him into the Matrix and has him go to the Oracle. He risked his own life to save Neo. | 10

11: Helper: Apoc and switch | Apoc and switch are minor characters that helped Neo and they are the two that were in the car picking up Neo to help him get the bug out and bring him to Morpheus. They also went into the machine with him and they die because cypher the shape shifter pulled there plug. | 11

12: Helper: Tank and Dozer | Tank and and Dozer are the two that stays behind. Tank helps Neo and everyone else by bringing them into the Matrix and getting them out. Dozer just stays back and watches the equipment. | 12

13: Helper: Mouse | Mouse is one of the really minor characters he is the one that died early on trying to cut the cables and helping Neo and everyone else and he ends up getting shot. | 13

14: Crossing the threshold | This is when Neo accepts the call to adventure and takes the red pill and he goes into the Matrix but then he didn't really want to at first then he accepts it. This proves that this is the crossing the threshold because it is when he decides to enter the unknown world. It was a pill and the machine that physically represented it. | 14

15: Shadow Realm | This was when Neo entered the Matrix and Morpheus showed him what can happen to him. He learns if he is not careful enough he could get killed. He learns that he only goes in with his mind not his real body. This is different from his own world by his body is in his own world. The thing that makes it shadowy is the agents and he can die. | 15

16: Tests | This is when Morpheus brings Neo through test such as he has to fight Morpheus using Kung FU and Neo has a hard time at first because he is not as fast as Morpheus and finally he breaks through and beats Morpheus. Morpheus also brings Neo through a test to not trust anyone and or how to stop a bullet. | 16

17: supreme task | The supreme task is when Trinity and Neo go back into the machine to go and save Morpheus. When they got Morpheus they ran back to a phone and only Trinity and Morpheus got out. Neo had to fight the agent and dies by getting shot at but then Trinity tells him she loves him and he gets back up and stops all the bullets that was shot at him and he killed one of the agents and the other two ran away and Neo wins. | 17

18: Reward | The rewards that Neo wins are he gets all of his power because he realizes he is the one. This benefits the people he saves. He also gets Trinity and this only benefits him. | 18

19: Neo just killed the the agent in a nick of time just as Morpheus is about to turn off the power because of the santinels. Neo just ran to the phone and picked it up and made it back just before the power got cut off. He made it back even though it wasn't easy. | Return | 19

20: Text to text connections | -One connection is cypher turned on his people just as zeus did by switching sides in the Trojan war. -The guy that was a test dummy by getting off the boat first in the Trojan war just as Mouse was the test dummy by falling for a trap and was killed because of it. -When Neo killed an agent that no one could kill and in Mythology just when no one could kill the minotaur theseus did. | 20

21: summary | The basic plot of the movie "The Matrix" is Neo is picked up by Trinity, Apoc, and Switch and brought to Morpheus. Morpheus gives Neo a blue pill and a red pill. Morpheus tells Neo if he takes the blue pill he will wake up and not remember a thing and live a normal life and if he takes the red pill he will go in wonderland. Neo then choses the red pill and takes it. Then after that they download some things and information into his brain. Then he is brought through multiple tests to see if he is the one. Soon after that he was brought to see the Oracle and she tells him his future. On there way back they are confronted by agents because of Cypher. Neo and everyone else hide in the wall but Cypher coughed and gave them away and Morpheus sacrifices himself because of Neo. When they all try to return Cypher almost kills tank and Cypher kills a couple of people but then tank comes to the rescue. Once back Neo and Trinity decide to go back in and save Morpheus. On there way back Neo fights for his life because he gets stuck behind. But then he realizes he is the one after dying and coming back to life. Then he kills the agent and returns home. Neo works for a software company in New York and does illegal software selling on the side. He is a brilliant guy and nows a lot about computers. Cypher is one of the main character and he is supposedly a good guy but stabs Morpheus in the back by going to the agents and telling them everything so he can go and live a normal lfe. Trinity is also one of the main characters and she falls in love with Neo. Trinity also helps Neo with varies tasks. Morpheus is the main helper and trains Neo for his supreme task. He is the guy that believes he is the one. The agents are another main character and they try to stop Neo and they try to get things out of Morpheus. The last main character is Tank and he brings all the characters back from the Matrix. | 21

22: conclusion | In conclusion all of the Archetypes and and the items in the heroic cycle has been explained and well thought out for the movie "The Matrix". | 22

23: worked cited page | -The Matrix By Warner brothers -www.Google.com- images -Mythology by Edith Hamilton | 23

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