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S: Instinct and Learned Behavior

FC: Instinct and Learned Behaviors Mrs. Robb's 4th Grade Class 2010-2011

1: Instinct and Learned Behaviors By Mrs. Robb's 4th Grade Class 2010-2011 McCandless Publishing Company, Hutchinson, KS

3: Mrs. Robb's 4th Grade class thanks you for reading our book!

4: Do you know why turtles have shells? When turtles get scared they push them self inside its shells. The land can push only in 5 inches . What are shells? There are a layer of fat and bone. When a predators tries to eat them they have to go quick or less they don’t get them . There shells if they gat them this how they gat they bite there fins . The learned behaviors are one is not a learned behavior is when she first she digs her hole then she lays her eggs then she covers them with dirt and second is that they know from there mother they know how to swim By , Jordyan Thomas

6: Octopus Did you know that Octopus do not have bones? This is an instinct. That is how they can make their bodies into shapes. An Octopus could have their arm bit off and it will grow back. When the octopus is afraid, they will change their color to blend into its surroundings. A learned behavior for an octopus would be that it begs for food. When it finds food, it grabs it with his suction cups. By Megan

8: ALL ABOUT TURTLES Did you know that turtles come in all different shapes and sizes. A turtles learned behavior is a turtle has to learn to find food and it has to learn who and who aren’t there predators . A instinct is a turtle knows when its born it has to go to the water. An instinct is a turtle knows how to mate. A turtle knows when a predators comes it needs to hide in its shell that’s an instinct . Turtles can came in 3 colors black brown and green. By Brianna Griffin

10: spiders About half of spiders spin webs. One of a learned behavior about spiders is they learn how to hunt. Spiders use their fangs and poison to kill their prey. Some spiders have venom. An instinct for a spider is that they bite. By: Destiny

12: Sharks A cookie cutter shark has a mouth of a cookie. A great white shark is the largest shark. A bull sharks’ eyes are small. A wobbegong shark is born to kill. A hammerhead shark has eyes and nostrils on each side. A cookie cutter pup has to learn to hunt. A cookie cutter pup knows how to swim, because it is an instinct. By Dylan Shelton

14: Turtles Did you know that an instant is something you have at birth and a learned behavior is something you learn from someone? Well turtles do a turtle goes into its shell when it’s in danger and knows how to eat at birth. But it learned to hunt, mate, fight and how to swim. But already knows how to breath at birth and how to go home to lay its eggs and to go to the water at birth. But it learned to hide from predators when it’s in the water. By: Eleanore Sophia Marlow

16: Komodo Dragaons Komodo Dragons can make a family call which is a learned behavior. Komodo dragaons can kill when it’s born a learned behavior. A fact of the Komodo Dragon lives for fifty years. Komodo Dragons are indangered. A Komodo Dragon can see when they’re born. By: Phoenix Wooten

18: Did you know that Komodo dragon is the biggest lizard! Did you know Komodo dragon is the second biggest Reptile! Komodo dragon by Ethan

20: Komodo Dragons Today we will learn about Komodo Dragons. A Komodo Dragon can mark family call. They make a weird sound. A Komodo Dragon can kill when it is born. A baby komodo Dragon dose not have a tail when it is born. Big Komodo Dragons protect there territory from smaller Komodo Dragons. I just learned about Big and little Komodo Dragons. This is a learned behavior and instinct. By, Cassidy Horniman

22: Octopus Did you know an octopus has no bones? They have no bones because they need to fit through small places. It’s an instinct that when an octopus looses an arm or leg it grows back. Another instinct is that they change colors. They change colors because if they don’t then they will get eaten! An octopus begs for food it’s a learned behavior. The octopus is related to the squid. By:Ezzrie Judd

24: ITS ALL ABOUT SHARKS Did you know that a shark does not have a single body in its body? Because its skeleton is made of a tough matter called cartilage. They use the cartilage to help guide them and swim through the water. Than a learn behavior I like when you are born you have to learn how to hunt. They have to learn how to hunt. But the already now how to breath. BY VANESSA

26: Sharks Many people fear being attacked by sharks. Sharks don’t mean to attack humans. Surfers are often mistaken for seals. This is learned behavior. Sharks moms and dads teach them to hunt seals. Sharks don’t find it that easy to float. Most other fish have a swim bladder. sharks don’t By Stormy Roloff

28: Snakes instinct/learned behavior I know what and instinct is! It is an inborn pattern of behavior a characteristic of a given species. Some of a snakes instincts are biteing ,hissing , slithoring ,eating. 1# of a snakes learned behaviors are hunting/killing By: Deja Tipton

30: King Cobras Today we will be learning about cobras. Cobras are snakes. Also did you know when baby cobras are born they are already able to spread their Tiny hoods. Also did you know cobras are one of the Poisonous hood snakes. Cobras are one of the highly active snakes. That is the end of the lessen. Good by. By Eddie Trammell

32: Spiders Do you know what learned behaviors a spider has? Spiders learn how to spin webs. A spiders’ instinct is that they know how to produce silk. A spiders’ learned behavior is that they learn how to hunt their prey. The spider hides from their predators. Wolf spiders also teach their young how to hunt their prey. By Carlos

34: I want to share some of my knowledge with you! Today we will learn about squids did you know that squids have no bones. Well let’s start squids are ferocious hunters squids will and do eat there own kind. Also if enemy comes to near squids are capable of switching there lights on and off. Also if in attack can squirt deadly poison from there tentacles. These are called instincts and learned behavior. Well a learned behavior is something your mom or dad will teach you. A instinct is something your born with do you get the difference now. By Novalie

36: Squids An instinct is what you are born with. When a squid is born, it knows how to sleep. A squid is shaped like a ghost when it is born. They learn how to walk. They swim backwards. They have gills When they are born. By Eric

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