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S: Easton's Baptism Book

BC: Out Takes


1: Made with Love.... | For your special day, | Love., mama | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | your testimony

2: A | is for | Accountable | . . . . . | Now that you are 8, Heavenly Father says that you are old enough to be responsible and accountable for your own choices. Isn't it great to be eight?

5: B | is for | Baptism | . . . . . | When you are baptized, your sins are washed away and you are left clean and pure! Your name is officially added to the membership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

6: C | is for | Choose | Right | the | . . . . . | As a baptized member of His Church, you promise to stand as a witness of God at all times, wherever you are throughout your life. your CTR Ring serves as a special reminder to always Choose the Right and do what Jesus would do.

9: D | is for | Daddy | . . . . . | you chose your Daddy Chad Thomas Williams to baptize you. He was so excited! You have always had such a special relationship... since the moment you were born into this life...

10: E | is for | Everlasting Covenants | . . . . . | There are several times in your life when you will have the opportunity to make sacred ever-lasting promises called covenants, with your Father in Heaven When you are baptized, you take the name of Jesus Christ upon you and promise to keep His commandments and always remember Him. Heavenly Father promises that if you do this, He will forgive your sins, pour out His Spirit upon you and allow you to live with Him forever.

13: F | is for | First Steps | . . . . . | According to the 4th Article of Faith, the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel are: Faith in Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism and The Gift of the Holy Ghost. These are like the first steps of a ladder that leads us back up to Heaven.

14: g | is for | Gate | . . . . . | The scriptures also compare Baptism to a gate that everyone must pass through to return to Heavenly Father's presence.

17: H | is for | Holy | Ghost | . . . . . | Even though it is not wrapped in fancy paper and tied with a bow, The Gift of the Holy Ghost is one of the most precious gifts you will ever receive. He will serve as your constant companion to lead, guide, and comfort you as long as you are worthy. If you will follow the promptings of the Spirit, you will believe He will lead you back to your Father in Heaven where you will receive the greatest gift of all...Eternal life.

18: I | is for | Immersion | . . . . . | Jesus' example teaches us that we should be baptized by immersion, going completely underneath the water so that every single part of us is washed clean. Even though he was already perfect and had no sins to wash away, Jesus chose to be baptized to fulfill Heavenly Father's law and show us the importance of complete obedience to all of the commandments.

21: J | is for | Jesus | Christ | . . . . . | Because he was the only perfect man to ever live upon the earth, Jesus Christ was worthy to pay the price for all of the sins of every single one of Heavenly Father's children. This infinite and eternal sacrifice is called the atonement and makes it possible for us to return to Heavenly Father and inherit all that He has.

22: K | is for | Knock | . . . . . | The Savior has told us that He is standing at the door waiting for us to open it and invite Him into our lives... All we have to do is knock and ask for his help anytime we need it!

24: To my dearest Easton, You are one of my greatest treasures! You are full of life, love, craziness and enthusiasm. I love watching your adventurous self and tender heart. Use your zest for life to do good. Be the example to others and walk with confidence. You are a Son of God who can and will do many great things. Stay close to your Heavenly Father and allow the Holy Ghost to guide you. You have so much good in you! The greatest thing I remember about my baptism day is when my Dad put his hands on my head and said "receive the Holy Ghost." I remember feeling like someone touched my leg. I looked up but no one was there. I instantly knew the Holy Ghost was there. I had this amazing feeling of love come over me. I know this church is true. I feel the power of prayer and I know Heavenly Father hears us! I know Jesus Christ lives! I know Heavenly Father is very proud of you! I am very proud of you ! I am glad I get to be your mother! Thanks for choosing me! I Love you my Stink Bug, Mama | To my precious son, Easton I am so proud of your decision to be baptized. I know that this will just be the beginning of a wonderful and fulfilling life for you. You have so much energy and enthusiasm. Your zest for adventure and knowledge will take you far in life. Remember to put in the work and be dedicated to righteous causes and great things will happen for you. You have a kind and loving nature. Stay close to the Lord and grow your natural compassion for others. I see a wonderful future for you filled with many friends and loved ones. You will be a difference maker. I challenge you to prepare for and serve a mission. Learn to expand your knowledge of the gospel and especially learn to listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. Develop a strong relationship with your Savior and stay true to it. You are gifted with many talents. Push yourself to grow them and share them with others. It will bring great joy to others and fulfillment to your life. Always remember that I love you more than you know and am so proud to have such a good and treasured son like you! Now go be amazing! Love Dad

25: L | is for | Legacy | of | Love | . . . . . | You have many people who love and care about you, who are also firm in their testimonies of the truthfulness of the Gospel. This loving legacy of truth will be a strength and a blessing to you if you listen to their words and learn from their wisdom.

26: Easton, I had the opportunity to be in Yakima when you were born. That was very special because you decided on the day that you were to be born. You have been a quiet, shy, and sensitive boy. But this past year you have lit your fire and have become outgoing and confident. Thank you for using the gift of music. Music will bring the spirit quicker and you'll feel more sensitive to it. You have taken on yourself to follow the prophet by reading th Book of Mormon, saying your prayers and going to primary and church. You are following Jesus' example of being baptized. You will also receive the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands by your father who holds the priesthood. The Holy Ghost will be your constant companion when you CTR. Remember what you've been taught by he prophets, teachers, and most importantly your parents. Easton, I know the gospel of Jesus Christ is true. This is His church. He was perfect in all things and as you try to become like Him, you'll know Him. I know Joseph Smith is a prophet and restored the gospel on the earth. President Thomas S. Monson is our prophet today. Continue to develop your talents and learn of your special gifts. Thank you for inviting me to your baptism. I love you and am very prod of you, Grandma Tea | Easton, I am very happy that you would like to follow Jesus and be baptized. Don't ever deny Christ. He is the light and the way. He is the only way to happiness-in this life or the next. Christ is real. He is our savior. He is the only savior we have. Try to live his teachings. Always desire to do better no matter how short our efforts fall. I love you very much, Papa | . . . .

27: Easton, I just want you to know how much I love you and how proud I am of you. You're an amazing and kind young man. I know Heavenly Father is also proud of you and your decision to be baptized. Always remember who you are and always follow the Prophet. Be strong and be brave. I love you, Grandma Williams | I love you bud and I'm very proud of you! Grandpa Williams | . . .

28: M | is for | Memories | . . . . . | Your baptism is such a special and memorable day... it happens only once in your lifetime! I hope you will have wonderful memories of the feelings you felt and of the people who came to show their love and support of your decision.

29: Easton ThomasWilliams | has made the decision to be Baptized & Confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Saturday, August 5, 2017 at 6:00 pm services will be held at The Yakima Stake Center Yakima, WA

31: N | is for | New Suit | . . . . . | You looked so beautiful and grown up in your new dress! It showed your respect for Heavenly Father and for the seriousness of your choice to be baptized.

32: O | is for | Obedience | . . . . . | The scriptures teach us to be steadfast and immovable in our obedience. Now that you are baptized, it is important for you to continue to build your testimony upon the rock of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Be perfectly honest and upright in all things and stay firm in the faith of Christ, even until the end of your life.

35: P | is for | Priesthood | . . . . . | The priesthood is the power of God, given to worthy men on earth, to act in His name. The priesthood power is passed down, one person at a time, all the way from Jesus Christ himself. Daddy's authority to baptize you comes through his office as an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood.

36: Q | is for | Questions | . . . . . | As you learn and grow, you will have many questions. I hope you will remember to search the scriptures and study other good books to find the answers, and that you will take time to ponder their meaning, and pray for a personal confirmation of the truth.

39: R | is for | Repentance | . . . . . | The miracle of repentance is that we can erase our wrongdoings and any mistakes we may make, if we will just ask Heavenly Father sincerely for forgiveness. Jesus loves us so much that He already paid the price for our sins. If we will repent and promise to change, we can remain as perfect as the day we were baptized.

40: S | is for | Sacrament | . . . . . | Each Sunday we have the opportunity to reflect upon the past week and recommit ourselves to do a little better. As we partake of the bread & water during the sacrament, we should reverently think of Jesus' selfless atoning sacrifice for us and promise again to remember Him.

42: This I know....

43: T | is for | Testimony | . . . . . | I know your testimony is growing of the Gospel. Heavenly Father has answered your prayers many times. It is important for you to write those experiences down and share them with others so you can continue to build your own testimony and help to strengthen others.

44: U | is for | Unspotted | . . . . . | Today you are 100% perfect! Completely clean and pure! I hope you will remember how good it feels to be without sin and that you will try your hardest to stay unspotted from the world and from the stains of transgression.

47: V | is for | Valiant | . . . . . | You are a part of God's royal Army... a soldier fighting for truth and righteousness! Put on the Armor of God, as taught in the scriptures and fight with valiance against evil for what you know is right and good.

48: W | is for | White | . . . . . | There are several days in your life that are so sacred that special white clothes are worn out of respect for the ordinances performed and the covenants made... your Blessing day as a baby, your Baptism, your Temple Endowment, and the day you are married and sealed for Time & All Eternity.

51: X | is for | eXample | . . . . . | Jesus taught us to let our example be like a light on a hill for all to see, or a candle casting light into a darkened room. I hope you will do your best to be a good example for others to follow and always try to be a good influence amongst your friends.

52: Y | is for | Youth | . . . . . | The prophet Alma taught that we should learn wisdom in our youth. Always remember that you are a Child of God and that Heavenly Father knows you and loves you very much! This knowledge will bring you joy and peace throughout your life.

55: Z | is for | Z z z z' s | . . . . . | Every night before you go to bed, take some time to think about your day and all the things you have done. When you say your prayers you should thank your Heavenly Father for all your blessings, ask him for what you need, and say sorry for anything you may have done wrong. If you do this, you can stay as perfect as you are today!

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