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1: A journey through your finest tweets & daily words of wisdom

2: FIRST TWEETS | March '09 | I'm in the building | Yo-Donnie D is online!!!!!!!!!!! | Sometimes updates go through slow- depends on signal in the arena. i will do a video blog asap on to prove its me on twitter. -d | Yo- I know these fake a**holes use my name...but this is the real d-dub on Twitter. So get ya mind right!!! Holla.

3: Today is the tomorrow you were worried about yesterday.!Guess what? It ain't so bad is it? Life is real. FEAR NO MAN. d-dub | 'TODAY' IS BORN

4: Spring '09 | Today- when I think I'm at my limit... I will dig deeper. When I think that the well is dry... I will dig deeper still.. Fearing no man. Dub | Today-I laugh in the face of hate! I smile in the face of negativity! I confront the face of fear! For if my soul is pure- who can stop me? | Today-i will take pride in the fact that I gave my very best. If it is not enough for some, I accept that. Because-my best is all I have. | We cannot be stopped!!! Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! Individually you all FLY. Together we all SOAR! On and up!!

5: Today-compete with nobody except yourself. Push yourself to be your best. Not to meet somebody elses best. your best-your gift-is needed. | Today- when doubt creeps in...Choose hope. When fear creeps in...Choose faith. When skepticism creeps in...Choose trust. Find a way. | Today-do what you gotta do to do what you gotta do. Know that if you're struggling- it will pass. Know that people are thinking of you. | Today-Pause for moments to reflect-Past. Take time to wonder- Future. Consider both as you embrace the moment- NOW! Enjoy the journey. | This Twitter thing is AMAZING- its truly the link we have never had before! I hear you! I feel you! I share with you!

6: FULL SERVICE SELECTIONS | Today-that thing you want deep inside...the truth...Not that safe thing you keep settling for...Put it at the front of your to do list.. | Today- Someone will tell you that you can't do something. You decide if that is true or not. Its not about "CAN" you. It's about "WILL" you. | Today-Do what makes you happy-nothing else! | Today-Remember there is a limit to what you can do. However there is no limit to what you can dream to do... | Today is here. Were you dreading it? Looking forward to it? It wasn't promised. Gonna let it waste away or make it count?

7: Today-Look no further than this day. If you find yourself zoned out and fearing tomorrow-STOP! Stay in this day. Make this moment matter. | Today-I will give my all again!! I will live to the fullest -Giving you the FULLEST SERVICE! I can sleep when I'm dead!! | Today-I will take a nap- or two. I will eat some good food. I will reflect. I will be humble. I will take a loving look back... | Today- Take a moment, for yourself, to do whatever you want today! Even if its just a moment. A laugh, a breath, a TRIP! WHATEVER!

8: Today-no matter what anyone says, no matter what anyone does, I will continue to move forward towards my goals & dreams. I have one life. | Today- I will serve, not be served! I will give not take. I will put others needs before my wants. | Every moment counts! Every encounter counts! Every smile counts! Every breath counts!

9: Thank you all for making my year so special. Thank you all for sharing so much of you-with me. I'm so humbled. So grateful. | This game is too short...This life is too precious...know who you are and what you represent and be that! Do that! You are not alone! | AUGUST '09

10: SEPTEMBER'09 A Look Back | One year ago today...I was excited, yet nervous. Humble, yet defiant. Ready, but uncertain...THEN THERE YOU WERE and i fell in love again. | Today-Don't doubt the importance or the power of your love. Don't question whether the effort matters. It counts in ways you may never know.

11: Today is today-Not yesterday. Not tomorrow. Learn what you need to from yesterday, today, and then apply it to tomorrow. | One year ago, Your curiosity evolved into trust as our commitment to you & to giving you our best was met with your open hearts.! THE BLOCK | Today-let the light inside of you shine.! Let the child inside of you play. Let the soul inside of you soar.

12: Today- On this day, what more needs to be said? Why would I reach inside for the 'right' words when you all say such perfection? | The Back Rub is for you...You had a long week? You had a bad day?...// | OCTOBER '09 Humps, Singles, Backrubs & Zookeepers?! | Today...I fear not failure. The only failure that is possible-is failing to enjoy the journey and being preoccupied with the end results. | I suggest you wake up to RISE & GRIND and party to I GOT IT...Every time I blasted these songs in my car...I couldn't wait til I could share them with you all. | Today-I will not let my fear stop me. Too many other want to stop me already.

13: What does it sound like when you tell your mom, man, friend, boss...I JUST GOT HUMPED by DONNIE WAHLBERG?? Hmmm | Today-like everyday-I'm yours! do with me what you will. I am here to serve. Always others first-myself last. Have your way with me. | Tweeting IGOTIT's from the Zookeeper set. Hope you all know the words ;) | You are all my stars. I've seen you. Some nights its cloudy and I miss you. Some nights I'm looking on the ground-but you're always there. | Today-I choose LOVE. That is the choice I MAKE. To give love. To accept love. To spread love. To share love. To MAKE LOVE.

14: Today-I will think about your smiles. Your messages. All of the many times my eyes fill from the touching words I hear from you. | Today-I do as i always do-GIVE. Time, energy, love, effort, and all else that i can. I will stop when I have nothing left to give. | NOVEMBER'09 | I wish I could, and in some small way hope I already do, show you how much you all mean to me. I meet you and its like we're old friends... | Today-I'm THANKFUL for having you all in my life. You have touched my ways I never dreamed.

15: Today- I MOVE different than yesterday but yet the same as yesterday. Moving WITH different speed & purpose but always moving FORWARD | Today-feels like a Monday. No fun day. Rather chase the sun... | Today- Life is real. The highs & lows- We all feel them. Its not easy - Yet we've made it this far already. Know that you can handle it. | Today-I move with both the confidence of a king and the humility of a servant. I will try my best to be both & hope to end up in between. | Today- Whether you're struggling, grinding, hurting, or even soaring...Know that your journey matters and we're all here riding by your side. | Today I do, as many of you do best.

16: DECEMBER '09 | Today is here. Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is a hope or fear. Ask yourself-what can I do today, better than yesterday to be happy tomorrow. | Today-Look before you leap. Think before you step. Walk before you run. So when you hit the wall-you'll know to climb, crash or go another way! | Today..I am like your peanut butter of love...You can spread my love all over your jelly and we can be one giant PBJ LOVE-wich! | Lovers-I'm your snowman! You can shape me & rub me and I'll smile all the while. | DWAIR NOW BOARDING FOR TDOT AND BEANTOWN!!!! | TODAY...I SIMPLY WANT TO TWUG THE STUFFING OUT OF YOU ALL... | yourself. Not in a crazy way...Just in a simple way.

17: Today- I can assure you of one thing. Five gentlemen from Boston love, adore, appreciate & cherish you.... | Today...No matter how hard...No matter how tired...No matter how challenging life gets...Dig in...Don't quit...Don't stop grinding! | Today...Just keep doing your best...Just keep doing what you can with what you got! | The Blizzard of 78 all over again...could not stop this party! We ride this weekend! Lovers, Soldiers, Sisters, Familia & Friends! Yup. | Today...My lovers...I have but one word... RECOVER! | Today-I'm exhausted, but energized. Humbled, but proud. Satisfied, but inspired.

18: JANUARY&FEBRUARY '10 TV, SCREENINGS, NEW MEXICO &.... | " | COMING HOME to 2010 | 14 | If I hadn't lost you, I never might have known. If it hadn't cost me, I never might have grown.

19: Today is the first day of the New Year. However more important- It is the first moment of forever. From this moment on make each one count. | 2010 I am your oxygen...INHALE ME! Today..I'm gonna drive my son to school -with love. Tweet my soldiers-with love. Go to the office-with love. Live my life-with love. Today-Smile at the sun-Don't squint from its glare. Marvel at the snow-don't complain that it's there.! Cherish today for soon it's gone. Today-I will stand up and take my best shot... | Today- I know I'm not perfect. Nor do I want to be. I simply give the best I can-do the best I can-and trust that this is what matters. Today-Find something to laugh at. Don't take it all too seriously... Today-Spread love. Spray, squirt, shoot, splatter & smear it all over everybody. Raw,juicy, gooey, sticky, delicious & tasty LOVE! Today-Find the confidence to walk thru walls, determination to climb over, wisdom to go around & if you can't-the humility to seek a hand. | Today-We do what we do. We try.We don't ask why. We occasionally sigh & sometimes cry but we let nobody deny us -our will to fly high!

20: Today is here. Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Learn from yesterday to handle today and solve the riddle that is tomorrow. | Today...Be the best! If it ain't perfect...If it ain't better than someone else...SO WHAT!?? | Today- Remember life is about choices! One bad one doesn't mean we cant make more good ones! | Today...Enjoy each breath like it's your last! | Today...Let's just live right! No back stabbing! No gossip! No negativity! No pettiness! Be real! Be cool! Be a lover! Be the best! | THE START OF SOMETHING NEW... | MARCH '10-TDOT

21: APRIL '10-NYC | Today-See the big picture. See the forest through the trees. Remember what's truly important. | Today-We Rise (meaning wake up dragging ass) & we Grind (meaning work our asses off til we drop). We don't quit however! Never that sh*t! | Today-if you don't see me (you might), if you don't hear me (you could), if you don't feel me (you should) remember- i'm always here! Yup. | Today! Ya know that thing that you keep worrying about and trying to forget? You can handle it. You'll see. | "REAGAN'S LAW"

22: Today...Where do you want to be? In the same old place or some place new? There is no wrong answer and the choice is up to only you. | Today...GET UP! GET GOING! GET MOVING! GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY! | Today...Do something nice for someone. Don't tell them. Don't tell anybody. Just do it. Seeking nothing in return. See how it feels. | Today...There is no tomorrow! (I mean there is and it will be fun and all but it is not promised). So live today with all you got! | I'm here til I'm gone! When I'm gone...I only want to leave you all with the understanding that I gave you all I had! No less! Yup! | MAY '10

23: Today...I'm gonna work and work and work and work and work and work. And when I'm done working I'm gonna keep on going! | Today...I will not allow you all to leave my thoughts for more than a passing moment my soldiers! Your love is more than any man deserves! | Today...Its not about me its about we & there is no us without trust, so as long as you are true then you will get the same of me too! LOVE! | Today...When you feel low think high! When you fall down stand up! Remember that the rest of us are right here with you-Stumbling along too! | Today...Do what's right. | I can only say that this was one of the greatest weekends of my life!

24: Today. You are my fuel-but you need not burn yourself to make me go. Your love & spirit & passion are more than enough to make me fly. | Today...We are faced with day one of our destiny. Yesterday brought us here. Tomorrow awaits. But today is the day. Live it right. Yup. | Today...Trust that all is how it is meant to be & that all will be as it should. Acceptance, trust & love = POWER. | JUNE '10

25: Today- I am your delicious milk shake. Cool. Satisfying. Creamy. Thick. Vitamin D enriched. A tad naughty & yes-I give a few of you gas. | Today...Climb as high as you can. Reach as far as you want. Soar to places that you dare to only dream...This is your life. Your time. | Today-Reach a little higher. Work a little harder. Think a little bigger. Do not fear your true calling. Your true greatness. | Today-I am humble...Grateful for the chance to share your world. Honored by the grace you show me. Blessed to be loved by you. | Today...Push forward. Never stop working. Never stop grinding. With all that you have....KEEP PUSHING FORWARD. You will get there. | Today...Know that your love counts. That your kindness matters. That even the smallest deeds that you do-make a difference. So keep loving.

26: JULY | Today...Leave the drama alone. Only accept true love. aVoid negativity and energy drainErs. u owe them nothing. u owe YOURSELF real love. | Today...Walk forward. There will be bumps & detours. There will be people & obstacles blocking your path. Navigate them all- Walk forward. | Today is here. Remember you were worried about it yesterday...Tomorrow is here now & its not as bad as you thought. Stay in the present. | Today...You know the day. Its time to play. To fly away. And if it doesn't make you happy-find a way. Today you can...If you try. You will...if you want. You should...If you need. You won't ...If its wrong. You must..Live your life. Today...Any single moment can be the moment that you make a choice & commit. Why waste another moment? Why not start now Make a change? | Today-On your quest for the big things...Enjoy the simple things. A smell, smile, voice, touch, even a sound. one day they may all be gone.

27: '10 | Today-Be free. Take a moment & take in the deepest breath of your life...YOUR LIFE. Nobody else's. Let it all go and just BE FREE. | Today...The small stuff counts but don't let the small stuff weigh you down. Appreciate it. Cherish it. Give it. But don't stress it. | Today...GIVE-its selfless. LOVE-its effortless. TRUST-that's a choice. LIVE-and rejoice. SHARE-if you can. FEAR-no man. | Today-Nothing is impossible. If it is conceivable...It is achievable. Nothing is out of your reach...If you can see it-BE IT. YUP. | Today...Smile & LIVE YOUR LIFE TO DA FULLEST

28: AUGUST '10 | Today...Allow yourself to feel the joy of being your best! Do not wallow in the shame of settling for less! Get up, get going and shine! | Today! Somebody wants to see you fail. Others want to see you fly. Truth is- you are the one who matters! You can only be stopped by you! | Today! Bored? Make a move! Frustrated? Make a change! Unhappy? Make a choice! THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Make a choice to change & move forward! | Today-If you fail-learn from it. If you make mistakes-grow from it. If you're less than perfect -you'll fit right in with everyone else. | Today...the moment it seems things cannot get any harder, more difficult, more challenging...Is the moment they will get a bit easier. :) | Today, like most days, there'll be a moment when you're pushed & tested & close to your limit. In that moment-trust who you are & smile.

29: Today-Never quit! Nuff said! | Today! From the moment you wake up until the moment you sleep... Remember that you are special! That you are powerful! You are love! Yup | Today...Enjoy IT! Cherish IT! Savor IT! Respect IT! Love IT! For soon IT may be gone & you will regret IT! What is IT? That is up to you. | Today! If we're all just passengers & the destination is pre-determined...Then the joy is in the journey! SO REMEMBER TO ENJOY THE RIDE! | Today..Don't run away from the pain! Take on the bad stuff. Deal with it. Heal from it. then move on with all the good stuff life has! | Today...Move with purpose! If you're trying to get somewhere...Do it with all you got! Even if that somewhere is to take a long nap! | Today-if you try to control the things in life that you can't control, you will lose control of the one thing in life you can control-YOU! | Today...Celebrate every breath...Every second...every moment...LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Nothing is promised! So make a promise to enjoy it! | Today...LOVE LIFE!

30: SEPTEMBER '10 | Today...Take control of your freaking life! Nobody else is gonna fix it for you! No more waiting! No more wasting time! | Today...Remember who you are! Why you are here! And what you stand for! You are only stoppable if you allow it! So don't! Stay true! | Today...Let us not be held back by fear! Rather let us march forward with confidence! For there is no failure-there is only failure to try | Today...Resist the easy way out. Embrace the challenges you face & learn from them. Life will test you as always...So be sure to study | Today! How cAn it haPPen todaY...How can yoU Muster uP the will, to finD strength, Again todaY-to live it to the fullest? FIND A WAY!

31: Today...There will be a moment, there may be many in fact, when you'll think you can't. Know that YOU can! | Awesome night at The Paley Center...When great moments happen in life-I wish those I love could be there...Tonight I wished for you all. | Today-When your voice seems small...You feel invisible..And doubt sets in...Trust in UR power! Know that U count! Believe U R LOVED! | Today...We have no limits unless we set them. We have no boundaries unless we accept them. We have only our lives...So let us live them! | Today...if its a good day..Make it GREAT! If its a great day...Make it GREATER! And if its a bad day...Then it can only get BETTER!

32: OCTOBER - NOVEMBER `10 | Today...When there's no hope, there is no hope. The hopeless give up... The hopeful fight on. You breathe? You HOPE. Never... EVER... quit!!! | Today- There are a million words one can say. So many wise words that one could get dizzy. I suggest only two of them to you... HAVE FUN!!! | Today is already tonight for most. Heading towards tomorrow for some. A memory for others. So RIGHT NOW... Know no limits & take no shorts! | Today...Is here.!Yesterday is over & behind you. so leave it there. Take the lessons & leave the rest. Make today a new beginning. | Today...Give nothing less than your very best!

33: W.O.A.W. If today was meant to be a sh-tty day you woulda woke up in a toilet, not a bed.!Flush the sh-t away.!Don't flush the day away.! | TODAY... You have the power to make the choice to take a stand to change the course of the rest of your life. ITS YOUR LIFE! TAKE CONTROL! | Today... If we're down, life will pick us UP. If we wake UP & listen UP & sometimes shut UP & always look UP- we'll know when help shows UP! | Today...Remember what's truly important.!Material things.? Superficial stuff?..NO. THE MOMENTS MATTER.!Live your life & cherish every second. | Today...Do not let fear rule you. Take a long hard look in the mirror & believe in who is looking back. The rest of the world will too. | Today...When its too hard, too dark, too painful & too much-There is a choice.!Your choice.!Take a moment, take a breath & TURN IT AROUND!


35: in march 2009, you senT your first tweet. your words, whether inspiring, encouraging, simple, tHought provoking, imAginative, fun or just plain coNfusing have impacted many. through your words, you have shared your thinKing, your energY, your feelings, your memOries, your insights, your love, yoUrself. iF you ever find yourself wOndering if your woRds are poinTless or if sharing yOur thoughts & iDeAs in this waY has been a waste, always remember that when you discovered twitter, you allowed us all to really discover you. Today...YOU are unique. Special. A gift to be cherished. Yet in your singularity you are also part of an army. Never alone & always loved. YOU are MY star. Ive seen you. Some nights its cloudy and I miss you. Some nights I'm looking on the ground, but you're always there. | Love ya. Yup. Jenn Marijna

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