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FC: HAPPY BIRTHDAY dad | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65 | 65

1: Happy Birthday dad Hope you have as much enjoyment and pleasure in the book as I did in putting it together Love Heidi Special thanks to everyone who contributed for this book. Dec /10

2: Ivan Godwin and Mable Gavelvin were married August 6, 1945 and welcomed Kenneth Ivan born December 31, 1945. He was born in Esterházy, Saskatchewan. Ken was followed by Carol, Lionel, Deanna, Yvonne, Marlon & Melissa

3: Ivan & Mable on their wedding day

4: The boy who grew up to be Marcia's "old spice man"

5: Kenny & Marcia in their younger days Kenny 1963 Army Cadets

6: Kenny & Marcia were married March 7, 1964 @ Tantallon United Church | Ronnie Gunn & Carol Lowe (Godwin) were their attendants

7: Gordon Charles was born a few months later on October 14, 1964 Oh, he was such a good baby

8: Heidi Leigh was born August 25, 1966 Really those curlers are a form of "child abuse"

9: Ashley Blayne entered the world @ a whopping 10lbs 11 oz on October 24, 1973

12: Amanda-Leigh Elizabeth was welcomed July 9, 1984 | Carey McKenzie arrived July 19, 1989

13: Amanda & Carey most welcomed Nicholas Tyler on March 10, 1992 First cousins were thrilled with Tyler Ryan on February 8, 2000

16: Working for TAHK is all wrapped up like its supposed to be

20: The good old days when the Oilers won Amanda & Carey | Kenny with Lord Stanley 1984, Grey Cup 2005 Grey Cup '09 heartbreak

21: Grandma & Grandpa celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary August 2010


23: Simply whata say LOVE

24: "Kenny G" The Love & Light of Marcia's life Husband, father, grandpa, son, brother, uncle, nephew, cousin, friend, welder, hunter, sports fan, collector, history buff especially when it involves Canadian or military. True son of Saskatchewan bleeds green & white will cheer for anyone but Edmonton Loyal & supportive of family, relatives & friends always ready to help fix, build, lend, move at anytime. Has never heard a conspiracy theory he didn't like, especially if it involves government or authority Doesn't appear to age & like his love Marcia defies his age & still has the figure of his youth. Those who are family & friends have a rare gift in this man who we wall want to see celebrate 100 years of living Love Pat | Grandpa had asked grandma "why would a guy with silver hair buy a car like that?" referring to the "Charger" | DAD You have arrived at that point in your life where you can do as you please as long as Mom agrees Keep busy stay young Age only matters if you are cheese. You were, you are and you will always be a Great dad Love Gord

25: When I asked Matthew if he had anything to say to Kenny for his birthday, he replied ""happy birthday, don't spend it in jail" I said "no your other uncle Kenny" Love, Melissa & Matthew | When Kenny & Marcia were visiting us in Belgium one of the trips was to Switzerland. On day Romas, Kenny & I did a hike up a mountain through farmers' fields up & up till there was no where else to go. Back to the apartment we take a quick shot of Kenny lying on the couch with his oxford shoes in the air. He wore his Sunday best shoes probably gave him better support than whatever else he had. Love, Heather & Romas | Hi Kenny, Congrats You have reached the Golden Years! Welcome to the age of privileges, as in pension checks, RESPECT from all that know you' also the occasional niggles & body aches. But that doesn't mean you won't catch "the eye"" from every woman who sees you. We are delighted to be part of your family. Happy 65. Party hard - rest at your leisure! With love from Ike, Gloria & Greg | An Irish Birthday Wish Do not resent growing old for many are denied the privilege May you live a long life Full of gladness & health With a pocket full of gold As the least of your wealth May be the dreams you hold dearest Be those which come true May the kindness spread, keep returning to you All the best Kenny From Len, Sue & the boys | Happy Birthday from us Curtis, Kim & boys

26: Chloe and I wish Ken a "happy birthday". I have always loved the family dinners & the conspiracy stories that he would tell "conspiracy Ken" The chance to work with on numerous job, odd hunting trip, Kenny is awesome person can Chloe and I love him Todd & Chloe | In LOVING memory of carol | Happy 65th birthday! Keep on blasting Johnny Cash, Stompin Tom, Johnny Reid and all the rest Love your favorite / only granddaughter Amanda | I still remember driving up with the first time to go work with you, that welding truck is something else, you can hear it from a mile away. I'm amazed at how you always knew where everything was in the tool box. It was a huge mess to me. I'm glad I got experience working with you before your retirement. Enjoy your retirement you've earned it & happy birthday! Love Carey | Have a wonderful birthday Always proud to say that you are my brother. Have a great day Melissa & Todd | Birthday Wishes from Christie, Avery & Makenna

27: Happy Birthday to my dearest Kenny, A celebration of family, wishing you all the happiness and joy forever. Remember you aren't getting older just more distinguished. With all my love, Marcia | Memories of Kenny Hanging onto that half skinned weasel tied to the kitchen table leg wasn't much fun for me, but someone had to do i & Lionel wasn't up to it I've never been very stylish, but that rubber suit that I had to wear at your wedding didn't help much Answering your collect call from Montreal & hanging up after telling the operator "no Kenny's not her. He's at Expo in Montreal - Mother Goose was not pleased! So sad about the "Mayfield" bird, but is wasn't my fault. Sorry about laughing at your limping on Varadero beach but you reminded me of Gord Gord would like to add that he's still a little upset abut being left out of the fishing party that day, but he forgives you because it's your birthday Happy 65 Love Deanna & Gord | Grandpa, You are not old enough to retire quite yet you can give her for a couple more years. I'm sure Ashley would give you a raise (yeah right). You have been a great grandpa & always will be Happy Birthday & Great Retirement Love Nicholas.

28: Kenneth Ivan Godwin the oldest child of Ivan & Mable was born December 31, 1945 at St. Anthony's Hospital Esterházy, Saskatchewan. He was delivered by Dr W G McKenzie. (little did doc know but this was to be his granddaughter's husband, He weighted 8lbs 5oz my biggest baby. Mother's in waiting stayed in Esterházy near the due date as roads were not kept free of snow. Mrs. Robert Common was one of the ladies who took expectant moms into home. The doctor would pick you up and take you to the hospital. Dr's played many rolls in their practice. December 31 was a very cold morning and a fair depth of snow but the roads into town were kept open. At that time it was normal for mom's and newborns to stay in the hospital for 10 days. D. A Miller drove us in his car as far as Charlie Godwin's (Ivan's dad). Luck for us we didn't get stuck. We stayed with grandpa for two months until we had warmer weather. Our home was too cold for a new baby. Kenny was a happy baby. Thirteen months later he had a baby sister; Carol Ann. They were great playmates & never fought over anything - a lasting bond. When Kenny was 51/2 (May 1951) we noticed a limp in his right hip. We begin doctoring & diagnosis was "Legge Reiche" disease. (ball of the hip joint did not get the blood circulation the socket & had become honeycombed) The treatment was no weigh on the foot. He was quarter of inch short on foot. He wore built up shoe - a plaster body cast from the waist down to the right foot. All you could were his toes. He zipped around great with his crutches. The cast was changed every 6 - 8 weeks. In March he was in the Regina General for 2 weeks without a cast on to condition the skin for healing. He wore the cast till end of August 1952. Once he began school he never had problems. There were other children who had the same however their treatment was a sling. They could remove the sling & have use of both legs which was a no no Kenny and 15 local boys joined Army Cadets. They went to Vernon BC in 1961 for a 6 week camp. He enjoyed the camp & placed well in "marksmanship". By 1963 he was on the Bisley Team & off to England. He landed in Marseilles, France. Kenny wrote a letter & the comments were "I went for a walk in the near countryside I can't believe I'm so far from home in so short of time, the fields have the "Flanders Poppies" growing among the grain. Very colorful. Kenny is an outdoors man. He began hunting & trapping with his dad & grandpa. Kenny's encounter with flushing skunks out of straw stack was not pleasant. He exterminator a skunk's family - the smell As I wasn't raised in a family of hunters & trappers the motto "Be mellow & flexible" was a challenge to live by. Love Mom & Dad

29: A memory of hunting a dangerous hunting game with Ken Ken is my oldest brother of 4 years. Growing up in the valley which is made up of hunting, fishing and trapping part of who we are, as Ken's younger brother he taught me little of trapping & the opportunity to spend many enjoyable hours fishing with him. I learned about hunting species including moose, deer, most fur bearing critters. In 1996 Ken taught me how to hunt the most dangerous species for it's size in the valley and possibly on earth. This animal is most commonly know as the "jack rabbit" I found out you hunt them at night using some high speed equipment and other sophisticated gear. The lesson learned on my first jack rabbit hunt at night remain as vivid in my mind now as during the hunt. I think Ken remembers it well to. For those who have never hunted a vicious animal a word of caution be psychically fit and have a good mentor. During our hunt within a couple minutes of spotting our prey I saw my brother fly abourn over my head & bounce in the snow, smash two snow machines, breaking a high rifle and his arm. Ken and I than decided that without weapons, we should not continue to pursue this dangerous animal. Ken & I returned home reluctantly to tell our father that a rabbit got the best of us. Dad would be needing lots of repair to the snow machine as it mostly destroyed. Marcia gave Ken the look that said "you should have know better to hunt something so cunning or at least had more equipment. To my brother Ken I would like to say as much as that hunt was I think we are getting too old for hunting dangerous game. I will always remember this as possibly the most exciting we have been on together Lionel

30: Ken has been a kind and generous host to family & friends for years. Always a gentleman, quiet and not too talkative unless he was showing his collection of antiques with Don & I loved to see. Enjoy your well deserved retirement Ken and have a very happy 65th birthday. Don't spend your government pension all at once. HA Love Betty &Donald xoxox | The first time I met the "Great Godwin Hunter" I've been dating Ashley awhile when he offered to take me hunting with the "Great Godwin Hunters" We drove out to Marcia & Kenny's home where we picked Kenny (he was quiet while he sat shot gun) Later picked up Clint. The we headed out to fill a few deer tags. We traveled east out of Sherwood Park to hunt some areas that Kenny knew.. Ashley told me all these Great Stories about how great of hunters they were etc. . . I knew a thing or two about hunting from going out with my dad - we mostly hunted moose. So we had the whole day to hunt, the weather was good, snow on the ground, cold but not too bad you could push bush. On one of the bushes we pushed Kenny was standing point to shot whatever came out. While I was pushing I saw 3 deer run out into a little clearing but the "hunters" missed seeing them. So we packed up and went to another bush however didn't see anything & so on so at dusk 3rdy was fast approaching & still nothing (for these wonderful hunters who always bring back something but had nothing but full shells & sad egos). So we packed up & got back into the truck to drive back to Kenny's it was very dark on the drive home We turned onto Wye Road headed west we were following a big truck the truck slowed down as we slowly passed the truck there was a cow moose in the ditch, she was still moving her head quite wounded. Well this got the "hunters" quite excited! Well they decided well let's take that moose home it's still good meat. So they called the fish cops to make sure it was OK to take, cause our deer tags weren't exactly going to work . They said it was OK, they would come down and met us. We drove over to Clint's to pick up a trailer to load the cow moose. We met up with the fish cops & loaded up and headed for Clint's to hang the cow from a crane she weigh about 1000 lbs. The thing I learned from my first experience hunting with Kenny, Ashley & Clint you never go home empty handed - if you can' shoot one there is always road kill ,Love Beth

31: The Saskatchewan Roughriders have made 18 appearances with wins 1966 - Ottawa 1989 - Hamilton 2007 - Winnipeg | Happy Birthday Ken Alway remember that age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind it doesn't matter. Enjoy your retirement it's time for you to enjoy the finer things in life. Love Chris | Kenny from a young boy I always looked up to as a role model & mentor. As a kid I was always very excited when you & Marcia would come for visits or we would be going to see you & your family. Decades later, as adult I still have that same excitement - knowing that there was an upcoming visit. Your generosity & welcoming home has always left a big impression on me & I try to model my own home after you. Happy 65 & another 30 or 40 more! Love Marlon | Ken Godwin December 31, 1945 Here is to 65 years of a hard working caring man. Our father has been a great role model in how we should conduct ourselves in life. Dad has always been a honest & humble man that has all accomplishments in life that any man can dream of. He found himself a wonderful wife (mother) 3 great children, 4 grandchildren, a successful welding business and has traveled to see many different parts of the world. As he moves into the next chapter of his life we wish him all the best and want him to know we are proud to call you our father. Now it's your time to get out there and do what you want in life enjoy. Happy 65 & retirement Love Ashley

32: On a lovely summers day Ken & I went out to property to try out some fire power. The big excitement was a "Brenn Gun". Ken changed to a "Man of the Wild" after inhaling all that gunpowder. Ken's big trophy for the day was a very old outside toilet which he cut in half with the "Brenn Gun" There were big guns ablazing and heaps of ammunition used on that day but I must say Ken, I thought he really looked the part with the "Brenn Gun". We had a great day but upon arriving home found Janine & Wendy in an estranged relationship. The estrangement went into the night and next day so Janine went with Ashley to work with him in his mobile home for a few days to ease the situation (poor man) Ken was aware of the situation as Beesh & Ken visited him a few days later so he enquirer "how's Janine?" Beesh couldn't help himself & Ashley that's what I needed to ask you. Things are not good so can Janine stay with you till things are sorted out?" With that Ken's face just had a look or biggest shock, Ken or Marcia. We think it was Ashley's laughter that finally gave the game away. We could not stop laughing. I think it took a few moments for the shock to disappear. The impact Marcia & Ken have had in our lives. We have known them for over 12 years and we feel we have been more than friends all our lives. They are the kindest, most giving & sincere friends anyone could ask for. We always look forward to our visits to Canada to see our family which includes Marcia & Ken. They have always made us feel part of the family and it's a privilege to be invited into their loving home. We love them & miss them greatly & wish we could be part of Ken's 65 this year They are always in our hearts Love Janine & Beesh xxxxxxx

33: Dad Final thought . . . A special heartful thanks for being who you are and teaching me to be the same Love Heidi | Happy Happy Birthday To a brother whose kindness & support has always been appreciate. It seems like it was just yesterday that i was throwing a temper trantrum when you ran away & got married.. I thank you & Marcia for the best summer holidays a kid could have. PS Marcia I have forgiven you for stealing my big brother Kenny . Happy 65 birthday Love Yvonne | My Grandpa helped me shoot my first gopher & he let's me shoot his guns. Unlike grandpa's deer mine didn't have wasting disease- but of course that's another story. Love Tyler | The Rev, Delta Kelly conveys best wishes to you & says the government pays you to breathe, good health, happy trails & happy retirement

34: Nov /10

35: Thanks for ride | HAPPY BIRTHDAY | CHEERS | CHEERS | Created by Heidi Davies

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