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S: Merry Christmas 2010

FC: All Because Two People Fell In Love... | Thank You Mom and Dad

1: "If anyone serves Me, he must follow Me. Where I am there My servant also will be. If anyone serves Me the Father will honor him." John 12:26 | This book is dedicated to Morris and Beatrice TeGrootenhuis as a Christmas gift. As long as we have known you, you have been willing to do whatever you can to serve others. You are an example to your children and grandchildren. Thank you for serving and setting that example here on Earth. Dennis and Kim

2: Being a part of this family means that... * you will have applesauce in the fall *you will always get a container of candy at Christmas *there will be a lot of laughing and goofing around at family get togethers *you will always have peeps at Easter *your freezer will be filled with fresh jellies and jams *you will always have the best mustard sauce with ham at Easter *Grandma and Grandpa will always be at your sports events and school events | Ryan and Grandpa at Andy's Wedding | Please Dom dance with Us | Jellies and Jams

3: * you will always have fresh produce from the garden *you will have front row seats for the Alto parade * grandpa will know the best way to construct anything you need * you will have baukenbee several times during the year *when you get married, you will be gifted with a quilt made with love by grandma *holidays will be celebrated with family *Thanksgiving would always be at the Alto School Most Importantly *you were raised with a faith in God that will get you through all hard times *you will always be loved unconditionally | Playing Games at Thanksgiving | Halloween Treats

4: Dear Dad and Mom, Thank you so much for being you. We love you so much. Your family keeps growing because of the love the two of you share. You have been an example and an inspiration. Your love for the Lord, your strong work ethic, and love for family is evident in everything you do and has been something that you have passed down to your children and grandchildren. Thank you for your investment in our lives, spiritually and physically. I remember both of you working hard when we were growing up. Dad even did side jobs and Mom worked at Kastein Poultry Farms so that we were able to attend CWCS. We traveled a lot to Baldwin and Michigan to visit family, and the three week vacation out west was awesome. I still remember tearing sheets to use to put ringlets in my hair, sprinkling all our clothes before we would iron them, placing the pant holders in Dad's pants for the creases, and the old wringer washer. :) Saturdays were spent cooking, cleaning, polishing shoes and then baths | and playing Shang-Hi or going to the drive-in at McDonalds. These are great memories that you created. Throughout the years, you have laughed and cried with us. You helped us celebrate weddings, anniversaries, the births of your grandchildren, and so many birthdays. Both of you attended ,and still attend, as many church and school functions for us and our children as you possibly can. Our kids always asked if Grandma and Grandpa were coming when they were involved in something, and you were always there. Thank you. Dave and I want to thank you for your prayers and support over the years. We love you both.

5: Dave and Darlene Bouwkamp | Ryan and Kristi's Wedding | Family Reunion- 2010

6: Grandma and Grandpa Thank you for so many wonderful memories! For bringing me with you to Baldwin when Grandpa worked there. For taking me to watch the Packer's practice and getting their autographs. For letting us have sleepovers in your camper for the Alto fair. Thank you also for being there for the most important times in my life! My wedding, coming to see Sydnie and Conner in the first days of their lives, coming to their dedications and then to Sydnie's baptism. Our lives have been made richer with you in them. We love you so much! Sara and Jason

7: Grandma and Grandpa, Conner: Knock-Knock Gr. and Gr.: Who's There? Conner: Grandma and Grandpa Gr. and Gr. : Grandma and Grandpa who? Conner: I love Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you for all the nice things that you guys have done with us like going to the pond to swim. You guys always spoil us! Love Conner | I love going to your house a lot. Grandma makes the best treats (especially around Christmas!) I remember going to your house and we would go swimming at the pond. That was so much fun! Your house is so nice and I liked picking berries. You always spoiled me and Conner so much and Grandpa made the best home-made gifts! Thank-you so much for everything! 10 x 10 of hugs and kisses! You're the best! Sydnie

8: Grandma and Grandpa, You're not just Grandma and Grandpa to me. You are the main link that's held our family through the good times and the hard times, teaching by example the life lessons of love, kindness, honesty and humbleness. I remember many road trips as a child, making cookies, helping in the garden and Sunday family dinners. Mostly I cherish how you make each grandchild feel special, like when Grandma gives me extra Coconut Joys at Christmas because she knows they are my favorite. Just a simple note of thank you doesn't seem enough for everything you've done. You've helped teach what being a family really is; for that I say thank you and I love you both. | Anna's Shower

9: Craig, Anna, and Craig Jr.

10: Ryan and Kristi | quilt grandma made as a wedding gift

11: To the greatest grandparents a guy could ask for. I have always appreciated everything that you have done for me, but some of the first things that come to mind are... -coming to my soccer games, no matter how far away they were or how terrible the weather was | -being at every school event -coming to all of my graduations , even if it meant traveling all the way to Georgia -always having an open house so that we could come over anytime, like when I was little and had a bad cold or when the Alto far was going on and we just wanted a place to stay -always having the best food in the world, every holiday is amazing -for all the support that you have given me while I was away, all the care packages, the newspapers, and the letters, to you they may have seemed like just little ways of showing your love, but to me it meant a lot And still, to this day, you stand behind my wife and I and give us more love and support. I am proud to call you my grandparents. I wouldn't trade you for the world.

12: Robert and Lisa | Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for being such supportive, loving and generous grandparents. I am amazed that you made it to almost all of our sporting and school events from kindergarten to college. I have no idea how you juggled all of our schedules! It means so much to me that you were there to support and encourage me through all of my events. Grandma, thank you for the hundreds of cookies and pies and the beautiful quilts that you made for my family. I'm very grateful for all the time, energy and love you put into them. Grandpa, thank you for all the trailer rides on the lawn mower and the time you spent flying kites with us in your backyard. Thank you for all the time, wisdom, and support you have given to me. You are awesome grandparents to me and great-grandparents to my children. We love you! | Ally and Isaac

14: Diane Terpstra | Mom and Dad There are so many things I would like to thank you for that I could write an epistle or two. However, I was instructed to keep it brief, so here it goes! Thank you for wonderful family vacations, trips to Grandpa and Grandma TG and the farm, and Grand Rapids. Danke for crazy times and wonderful memories (after dinner water fights, helping demolish/remodel the house, | firecrackers outside the bedroom windows, etc.) Merci for all the wonderful homemade food especially baukanbee! Gracias for teaching me how to laugh, cry and live life to the fullest. But most of all Danke for all the love you have given and shown me every day of my life. No matter what life threw at me, I knew you would be there with open arms and hearts! There is no word in any language that can fully express my gratitude and love for both of you! | Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

15: Brewer- White Sox Game, 2010 | Glen, Chris, and baby Rachael.

16: Chris and Ammie Terpstra

17: Jeremiah-Aug. 2010

18: Grandma and Grandpa, You have been a very special part of my life ever since I was a little girl. I remember several summers when I would pick berries with you Grandma-even though I probably ate more than I picked. And then there were times I tried to help mow the lawn with you Grandpa-when it actually just turned into a ride on the lawn mower, but it was still fun. I remember going to church with you and always asking for a dutch mint to keep from talking through the service. All the fun Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter dinners we had together too-the food and laughs were always pleantiful! Oh, and don't forget those Christmas goodies, YUM! You | both always came to support me in my school events too- music, theater, color guard, etc. You were always there for the big, and little, things. Your support and smiling faces made a world of difference! Now that I am married and about to have a family of my own, I reflect upon some of the life lessons that you have bestowed upon me: -friendship should never be taken for granted -grace is abundant -love has no ends, and -Jesus is Lord and Savior to all! Thank you for always being there and for teaching me how to love and live with the Lord in my heart! I will always be grateful to you both. You have been wonderful role models and true blessings in many lives. Love Always! Rachael (Terpstra) Maag- and Brian and baby too!

20: Dear Dad and Mom, How can I possibly put on paper what your love has meant to me for the last 51 years? All the times that you were there-How can I possibly even begin to list them all? You set the foundation within me "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Because of your faith that you walked and instilled in me, I will be eternally grateful for you being an instrument in my walk with the Lord. Never demanding, never insisting, but always gently guiding (with some rebuke). -You were there for all the school programs-all the parent/teacher conferences- the donating for this or giving for that. -You were there when I cracked up our car 1 week after I had my license, but I still insisted I was a good driver. You were there to pull my butt out of the ditch more than once! Again ,but I was still a good driver. -You were there when I decided to go to college and again when I decided to get married to John and drop out. -You were there when John and I decided on a whim to move to Wisconsin with No job, etc-yup things you do when you are young and foolish-but you were still there. -You were there when every one of the kids were born, and there to guide us when we didn't have a clue what we were getting into. -You were there over and over as we struggled financially. -You were there to help on the farm and when we lost the farm. You showed us love-not judgement, you showed us understanding and not anger. -You were my rock, my support, my anchor when John got sick. You listened and prayed thru much of my tears, my hurts, and you took the brunt of my anger when I didn't know who to be angry at. -You were there when John died-your strength and your love poured out to me in some of my darkest hours. -You were there when I bought my house and also sold it. But most importantly, you were there when I stepped into the baptism tank and totally surrendered all of me to my Lord and Savior!

21: - You were there on the mountaintops and in the valleys! For all these times that "you were there" I am forever eternally grateful! A thank-you does not seem like enough. I praise God for you each and everyday, for your love that never ended and never gave up on me. I praise Him for your words of wisdom and when you chose to be silent. I praise God for giving me the only two parents that were perfect for me! I love you so very much! Thank-you for choosing to give me life! I praise God that even when our life here on earth ends-I will have all eternity to spend with you in the presence of our Lord. So much love. Denise | Andy and Jenna's Wedding | 2010

22: Grandpa and Grandma, Thank you for the legacy of love you have so richly woven into the TeGrootenhuis' family. I am eternally grateful for the heavenly inheritance that has been sown into my life and will be sown into the lives of my children and children's children. I appreciate everything you have done, going the extra miles (even all the way to California) to support and bless my heart. Thank You. I pray that the next years would be rich with love, peace, and joy. Blessing and Love. Sandra and Kevin Ernst

23: Kevin and Sandra Ernst Married Feb. 2010

24: Grandma and Grandpa, Compassionate, faithful, diligent, honest, dedicated, loved. These are just a few words I could use to describe you. Your love for God and family is inspiring. Your hard work and dedication is moti- vational. You've taught me so many life lessons without even trying just by being you. I know the value of hard work by watching you reap the benefits of your committment weather it is in a perfectly weeded garden or the delicious canned pears or strawberry jam I beg for every year. I see your faithfulness in your daily committment to serve God and be a blessing to all those around you. I see that being being compassionate and honest are two of the most important character traits a person can possess. I know from you that when you love unconditionally, you are loved unconditionally in return. I see all the things your hands have done and created and I am awestruck. They've held children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They've given assurance and validation. They've given love and direction. They've spent hours and hours weeding, sewing, tooling, tinkering, and fixing. They've clapped and high fived at volleyball, basketball, football games, and yes even at cross country meets when there really isn't anything to clap at. They've applauded at band and choral concerts and numerous solo-ensemble trips. They've driven you across the *thank you for being you, you are loved

25: country or just around the park just so you could see your grandkids. You've created a legacy for all of your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to follow. A legacy of faithfulness to God, perserverance, dedication, and most importantly love. I hope that one day I can have such and impression in the lives of my grandchilren as you have done for us. | Brad, Becky, Kade, and Karsen

26: Thank you for your nearly superhuman effort in attending so many of my family's different functions whether it be sports, fairs, graduations, wedding, etc. I really appreciated your support over the years. One of my favorite childhood memories is still hanging around your house during the Alto Fair. I have been blessed with extremely loving and caring grandparents... | 2010 @ TeGrootenhuis Reunion | At Andy's Wedding | At Ryan's Wedding 6/10

27: ...who have always put their family before themselves. For that I want to say Thank You and here's to many more years. | Wally and Jackie | Sandra, Wally, and Kevin | WALLY AND JACKIE DEVRIES

28: Andy and Jenna DeVries

29: "There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved." author: not Andy | Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for everything you have done for us. We admire your committment to family and appreciate your time spent at our various activities over the years. We are truly blessed to have such supportive and caring grandparents. You have made such an impact on our lives | and are wonderful role models of life, love, and family. Thank you! Love Andy and Jenna DeVries

30: Why is everyone always hugging each other...

32: Dear Mom and Dad, Over the past 48 years you have displayed unconditional love for me. Even though there have been many times I didn't deserve it. Thank you for always "being there" for me, no matter where "there" was. Most importantly, you taught me about God at an early age. You displayed compassion and loyalty, not only to me but also to my family. I am proud to introduce you as my parents and will always cherish the times you have helped me out with no expectations in return. I know there are no words that can describe how much I love you and respect you. You have sacrificed much to raise a family the way God directed you to. For that I am forever grateful. I love you. God bless you. Your Son Dennis

33: Dear Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you for everything you have done for me. It was really nice of you to always come to my games. Also, I loved all of your surprise visits. Thank you for all the food you gave us.The pears and strawberries are delicious. Also, thanks for being so kind and caring. It meant a lot to me to see you at my concerts. It made me smile to see you in the crowd. Sincerely Nate TeGrootenhuis

34: Grandpa and Grandma, You are and have been there. You are always willing to serve. No matter what the cost you pay it out. I love when you come to my sport games to cheer me on. I appreciate you letting me be welcome to your house whenever. You are a great example of followers of God. You inspire me to work hard. You are so giving and unselfish. We enjoy grandma's jam, pears, and peaches. Grandpa, I enjoy when you let me help you with stuff that needs fixing. Thanks for helping me build the shelf. You are great grandparents. Love Dom | Summer of 2010- soccer Fall of 2010- Football | Grandpa helps Dom with his 4-H projects.

35: Grandpa and Grandma, I love you for many reasons... *you are always there at my sporting events *you make us yummy, delicious cookies at Christmas *you make us yummy, delicious jams, pears, peaches, and pies *you let us come to your house if we need someplace to stay *you are good examples of who Jesus is *you are loving and caring *because of you I have wonderful cousins, aunts, and a dad | Tessa Rae TeGrootenhuis | Liz V. and Tessa at Lifest

36: One of the values, of many, that I have learned from you, Dad and Mom, is something that I had not appreciated until my adult years. That is your overwhelming generosity which you continually display. As a child you were both quick to open our home and dinner table to anyone. Always saying, there is always pleanty of room, or plenty of food, or yes we can help. I just thought that is the way people lived and did not realize the work, cost, or inconvenience involved. You always made people feel welcome. That is something that Christ has taught us to be is loving and generous. So I just want to say thank you for exemplifying generosity in your life and being a godly example, | teaching me what it means to have the heart of Christ. Thank you for living a godly life and showing what it means to love God and love people. I am so blessed to have you as parents. I love you Dad and Mom! Darla | Darla Landaal

37: Morris and Bea, It is a privilege to be your son-in-law, and to be a part of this special family. I have learned much through out the years from each of you. You have taught me to accept everyone as they are, you love all people the same placing no barriers on color or belief. We watched your grandchildren bring special friends home for dinner over the years and literally in minutes you made them feel like they were a special part of your family. We watched how much respect your neighbors have for you and the impact you have made on their lives. Each of us have been blessed by the special example you have displayed. I want you to know we cherish this quality for the solid Christian foundation you have laid for Darla as she was growing up, your investment in her has paid off huge dividends in our children, my life and I believe many people she comes in contact with on a daily basis. I also want you to know I | have not forgotten everytime you two have dropped everything to help us, fix this, fix that, (usually something I broke!!!) build this, and paint that. I look at our home in Alto and I don't think there is a sqare inch without your help some place. In closing, I can truly say God has blessed me with the finest mother and father-in-law, parents to my wife, and simply the greatest grandparents to my children that anyone could ask for. Steve Landaal | Steve Landaal

38: Grandma and Grandpa, Thank you. You've exhibited what it means to love. You sacrifice hours upon hours creating, fixing, supporting, and guiding. You stay actively involved in each of your family members' lives; each sibling, child, grandchild, and great-grandchild can attest to how much you genuinely care and support us in each of our lives. Thank you for keeping an eye out for me over the past few months. It's great comfort to come over for a Sunday meal or to get a call inviting me to a game (or wondering how I could possibly have any clean clothes left!). :) I feel so cared for and loved. You are two very incredible people. Thank you for teaching us what it looks like to love. Danielle Landaal

40: Grandpa and Grandma, Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. I could ALWAYS count on you being at all of my games and other events. I would look out and you two were the first people I would see, right in the front and center. Also, thank you for everything that you have taught me over the years. I have learned so much from both of you. Grandpa, you were always willing to help me with any projects or mechanical problems. I don't think that I would be studying construction management right now without your influence on me. The Christian influence you have given me will last forever. Thank you again for always being there for all of us, and always having good food! :) Ben Landaal

41: THANK YOU | Lacie and Ben | lounging during the family reunion

42: Lacie | Steve and Darla | Morris - we are not quite sure what he is doing??? | We may not have it all together, but together we have it all.

43: Nate Ryan Domenic Tessa | Darlene and Dave | Kristi and Ryan | June 26th, 2010

46: All Because Two People Fell In Love... And Stayed Faithful To Each Other As A Living Example Of Jesus' Love For His People.

47: Ryan and Kristi's Wedding June 26, 2010 | Thank You

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