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S: Nicholas & Brandy

FC: Nicholas & Brandy

1: Once Upon A Time...

2: On December 3rd, 2008 one simple birthday wish posted on MySpace changed our lives forever. | That wish turned into hours of messaging back and forth, and eventually you asking me out on a date. | There was an issue though, your idea of a date was me coming to Asheboro where you were doing a motorcycle class. You had planned to rent a hotel room, and invited me to come hang out with you. Well, that's not a very good first date. It honestly sounded like some kind of murder plot . . . so I made up a lie, I said I had to put the Christmas tree that night and couldn't go.

3: I didn't put the tree up that weekend. The following week we talked more and met for lunch at MiCocina. I agreed to go with you to Badin Drive-In that Saturday. The Friday before, I came in from work and sat down on the couch in horror. The Christmas Tree that I said I was putting up wasn't up. I stayed up all night putting up the tree, went to work the next day exhausted, then got ready to go out with you. I was still so nervous, but an excited nervous. I still have our ticket from that night.

4: I had such a great time with you at the Drive-In. I decided that night that I wanted to spend more time with you. On Christmas Day you invited me to your house. I fixed you a tin of cookies and brought a bunch of my Christmas movies. After making it down your long driveway, we watched A Christmas Story & I made the decision to stay longer than I had planned so we could watch It's A Wonderful Life. We ended the night with our first kiss, the best Christmas present ever.

6: You hadn't mentioned anything about actually being a couple, and I was going to keep my mouth shut on the topic and leave it up to you. You asked if I would like to go to Jared Troublefield's house for a New Year's Eve party, and I agreed.

7: When you had me alone as we waited to ring in the New Year, you asked me if I wanted to make this official at midnight, and of course I did! So, on the very first minute of 2009 we were officially a couple.

9: Snow Day | I woke up to snow on the ground one morning in January. Both of our classes were canceled for the day, so we decided to enjoy a day in the snow. Sam joined in the fun, and we made a snowman with a shotgun shell nose.

10: Valentine's Day 2009 You got reservations at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and gave me a pair of diamond earrings, it made me feel like the iPod I got you wasn't enough. I was amazed at how much time and planning you put into this one night for us, of course the diamonds helped too. After that night, I was hooked.

12: Easter 2009 When you asked if I would go to church with your family on Easter Sunday and then eat dinner with all of your family, I was pretty nervous about meeting all those Helms people. My Paw-paw had already informed me that your Paw-paw was full of shit, and between Mam-maw and Paw-paw both, I had already learned the names of all your uncles.. Just to make sure things went smoothly though, and to make a good impression I made cookies. I think I earned your entire family's approval though.. After church and some good cookin' we spent the rest of the day shooting with Wyatt.

14: Carolina Beach 2009

15: I was so excited to go to the beach with you, Nana, and Wyatt. It had been so long since I had been to the beach, and I was looking forward to spending a whole week with you. We took a trip to Southport, took a riverboat cruise in Wilmington, and fell in love with Britt's Donuts. | Attempted Tans

16: Somehow, you talked me into jumping on the back of your Dad's motorcycle and taking off to the mountains the weekend we got back from the beach. I didn't even tell my parents where we were. We stayed at The Esmeralda in Lake Lure, NC and went to see the Blue Ridge Classic Horse Show I used to compete in. We took off riding one day, not a clue where we were going and ended up in Black Mountain where we ate BBQ and played putt-putt. Then we made it to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and ate at the Moose Cafe for dinner that night. We had such a great time, and I still can't believe how you talked me into that. | The Secret Trip

19: Mountain State Fair & Maggie Valley | I was invited to go with you family to Maggie Valley for a Motorcycle Rally. When we were looking for something for everyone to do, I suggested the Mountain State Fair. Everyone had a great time petting the animals and laughing at me as I put on a show for everyone when I was bungee jumping.

20: I was upset about not being able to have a cookout at Mam-maw's like I always had, but your family did one for me. We met Heather and Caleb and Ashley and Jeremy at Carrabba's for my birthday dinner. Wyatt joined too, and he was a "badass" for staying out past midnight. The night ended bad hough, because your truck got broke into while we were eating. Despite that, I enjoyed my birthday and I know Wyatt enjoyed hanging out with 20 year olds.

23: Over Fall Break we went with my family to Corolla, NC. We did lots of things like touring the Whalehead Club, climbing the Currituck Beach Lighthouse, going on a wild horse tour, and touring the wildlife museum On our way to eat at Frog Island we saw Digger's Dungeon, and went back later where we met Dennis Anderson. We also ate at Awful Arthur's, one of the top oyster restaurants in the nation. I ate an entire peck of oysters by myself. | Corolla, NC

24: I guess you could say I missed out as a child, because I never went to the pumpkin patch when I was little. Going to the pumpkin patch really brought out the kid in me. I screamed more than the little kids did when I went down the silo slides. Wyatt also found his perfect pumpkin that he took forever to pick out, and then hid in his closet.

25: Pumpkin Carving & Halloween

26: Happy 21st Birthday Stumpy! | Your family decided to have a 21st Birthday Party for you at your house. Your Dad made BBQ, and I made you a Stump Cake. I spent all day making your cake, and then had to hurry to get ready myself. I was running late and told y'all not to wait on me to eat, but everyone did (apparently your Pap was ready to eat and was sick of waiting).

28: Both our families had to do different things for Christmas this year. I wasn't able to go to Mam-maw's anymore, and you couldn't go to your Nanny's because she was in the nursing home. The compromise was tacos at Dale's. You helped me make Christmas cookies and Sydney didn't hesitate to taste test them all. We exchanged gifts on Christmas morning at your house in pajamas. Having you and all your people made the toughest Christmas a whole lot better.

29: Easter 2010 I spent my Easter Sunday with you and your family again. I wasn't nearly as nervous and I even got in on the "family color matching thing." We hunted for Easter Eggs, and Wyatt had a run in with a snake hiding in one of your Nana's blueberry bushes. After seeing yourself in these pictures you realized how scary you actually did look and you finally cut your hair and shaved your beard.

30: Nicholas, Wyatt, & Brandy Go To the zoo | Pfeiffer makes all of its students earn Cultural Credits in order to graduate, and if you go to the zoo you can get credit. It seemed like a good idea to bring Wyatt along, but then we realized that if he was out of school, so was everybody else and to make it even better, it was SO HOT! You came to pick me up at school and we went to eat BBQ before we headed onto the zoo. Despite the crowds, the heat, and those hills that I didn't remember from my last visit in the third grade, we had a great time together.

32: They're Shining On Cooperstown...

33: The Helms Family Trip to Cooperstown, New York.

34: All 7 of us, including Katherine, loaded into the Excursion with camper in tow and headed to Yankee Land for Wyatt's baseball tournament. Camping wasn't so bad, but the campground showers were nasty! Getting to buy some Amish cookies and cinnamon rolls helped make things better though. We also went to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and toured Brewery Ommegang. Don't forget Wyatt's cheer, "Wy, Wy, he's our guy! Without his mom he will cry!" | Cooperstown, New York

35: Remington Arms Co. | Nicholas discovered that the Remington Factory was close to the campground where we were staying, and that they did free tours. So of course we had to go. Surprisingly it was one of my favorite things that we did. The old factory was beautiful, and Nicholas was in heaven.

37: We went to Carolina Beach again as soon as we got back from New York. Nana didn't get to go this year because she was still in the hospital. We still had fun, but not as much as if Nana had been there. We had a few days with just me, you, and Wyatt before your Mom came down. We did the regular things: going to Southport, eating at Jack Mackrel's, and of course enjoying some Britt's Donuts!

38: Valentine's Day 2011 Nicholas never would buy me a dozen roses, so he took me to Krispy Kreme for a dozen doughnuts. I loved it so much, and plan on doing it for years to come.

39: In May we both graduated from college. You graduated from UNCC with a degree in Criminal Justice, and I graduated from Pfeiffer with a degree in English. It was such a huge accomplishment for both of us!

40: OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC 2011 | Joe Hartsell invited us to join his family (& their sweet doggies) at the beach for a few days in June. We went deep sea fishing on G's boat and went out for his brother's birthday to Myrtle Beach to go to Crocodile Rocks. We discovered a great seafood place in Calabash named Ella's. It was the most fun I've had on a vacation. | The Not Fun Part: The trip there. Wyatt shot the floor & getting lost on Back Swamp Road

42: On the 4th of July we went to the Oakboro Parade and then to the Unionville Parade. It was also Sam's birthday, so we went back to my house for Sam's birthday party where we had ice cream and Sam had a cupcake from the sweet shop. We ended the night by heading back to Oakboro to watch the fireworks.


44: Carolina Beach, NC 2011 We spent a week at Carolina Beach again with your Mom & Wyatt. Mary & Anna was there the majority of the week. Chuck & Teresa flew in later that week, & we got to use the pool at their hotel. We decided to rent a kayak and made a trip to Zeke's Island. The second day we took the kayak out, we flipped it and I completely freaked out. Wyatt caught crabs that we cooked for dinner one night, and they were very good.

45: Beaver Dam at the museum in Wilmington, NC. | The Fat Pelican, one of the most unique places I've ever been, with the most beer I've ever seen!

46: LAW SCHOOL Charlotte School of Law "Why Am I Here?" | First Day of Orientation | What Sam Thinks of Law School | Welcome Bad Eating Habits! | Note to Self: Law School is the Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress. P.S. I still have no idea how to do a CREAC.

47: Hunting Season 2011 | I decided that I was going to go hunting this year. You got me a crossbow for my birthday, & I bought new hunting clothes. You got a loan from the bank of Nana & got a duck boat from Virginia. Once it got cold and all I saw were squirrels, I retired from hunting.

52: Nicholas, It's been 3 years since you asked me to be your girlfriend and kissed me at midnight. In those 3 years we've been through so much, both good and bad. I've always wanted to tell you this, but never could quite find the words. I find it so hard to believe that by sheer coincidence alone that you made your way into my life. It turned out that before you picked me up for our first date, my Mam-maw and Paw-paw had figured everything out about you. They informed me who your parents were, your uncles, and your grandparents. Paw-paw then went on to inform me that your Paw-paw was "Full of shit" and when he heard at Huneycutt's one day that your momma was pregnant with you he knew right then that you'd never stand a chance with Joel Phillips and James Helms as your grandpas. It made me feel better knowing that they knew who you were. Only 6 months after we started dating, Mam-maw passed away and it tore my world apart. You went with me to the hospital to visit her every time I went, and even went back to get Ginger when Paw-paw said that he wanted Ginger to say good-bye. You stayed up so many nights with me just letting me cry. Once Paw-paw was put in the nursing home you came with me there as much as you could and brought Wyatt a lot because you knew he made him laugh. That next February he passed away, and we couldn't think of anyone better to be a pallbearer for him than you. I know you didn't get to know them long, but I'm glad you got to meet them and I knew you were very special to them. I could've never made it through all of that without you. Your family stepped right in to accept me as their own, and Nana was amazing. I know she can never replace Mam-maw, but she sure is a close second.

53: What I'm getting at is that I truly believe you were meant to come into my life when you did. I needed someone who could understand the relationship that I had with my grandparents, and someone who could give me a "second home" when things were so stressful at my house. I think we both needed each other to be each other''s cheerleader. I motivated you in school, you taught me to just slow down and have fun. Now, we;re in law school and I haven't completely went off the deep end (yet). Hopefully we'll be there 2 and 1/2 more years! You've truly became my best friend. over these past 3 years, and I've fell in love with you time and time again. I know we fight sometimes over the dumbest stuff, but I know if we didn't we wouldn't be normal. We've been put through some of the most stressful situations in the past 3 years, and with law school there's bound to be even more, but we can survive them together. I truly cannot wait to love you every single day and spend everyday letting you know it. Things get complicated, and I'm indecisive, but one thing I'm always sure of is that there's only one person in this world that I'll like forever and love for always, and that's you Nicholas. We have a beautiful future together, and I can't wait to start that future with you. I love you so much Nicholas, I truly do. Love, Brandy

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