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S: My Senior Year Class of 2011

BC: The End!!! I Love All and God Bless!!!

FC: Belinda Denise Jackson | Old Memories!!!

1: Chapter 1: "Who Am I..." I am Belinda Denise Jackson, and I am a senior at Thomasville High School. I have been living in Thomasville, Ala all my life which is seventeen years. My parents are Linda Jackson and D'wayne Kennedy. I have one brother named D'wayne and two deceased siblings Brandy and Quenterrio. I have one daughter named De'Andria La'Shonna Jackson who is currently two years old until December 13th. I have seven cats, two dogs, and a goldfish. I guess I can be considered as a weird person because I only want to come to school for the fun classes, but to not learn anything.Although I have to learn something at school I still love all of my teachers dearly. I even care about the teachers who put me through so many heartaches. Next year, I want to go to college and become a neonatologist which is something I want to do now because I used to want to be a paramedic, but I changed my mind. I am a child of a big family. I have ten aunties and two uncles and out of them there are three sets of twins. My uncle Anthony Madison plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am a person who hardly ever talks, and do not like to get up in front of the class. This is pretty much who I am, and I love being who I am!

2: Chapter 2: "Before I Was, There Were..." Before I was there have been many people who have been born, but the most important ones to me is my parents . They had parents of their own and their parents had parents. I would not be on earth today if it was not for my wonderful parents. My mom's name is Linda Jackson. Her parents are Estelle Jackson Madison and Willie Lee Jackson. Her mother lives in Thomasville,Al, and her father lives in Columbia, GA. She attended Pine Hill High School where she partly went to school at. My mother weighs about a hundred and ten pounds which she thinks she has the advantage to call me fat. She has been the same size since she was in high school. She has ten sisters and two brothers. My dad's name is D'wayne Kennedy. His patents are Juanita and J.C. Kennedy. He has two sisters and five brothers. They lived in Dixon Mills, Al until they were old enough to move out. My dad has been working with Scotch for eight years, and he is very thrifty with his money. I do not fault him for it because his whole family is like that.

3: Chapter 3:: "Suddenly I became me..." There are many stories that my mom tells me about how I was always different from the other kids. Stories that my mom tell me are cute and appealing to me. The main story that I hear over and over is how I would com home and try to act like a teacher. During my earliest years I was the only child, and my mom would buy me everything I wanted. Also when I was little I traveled all over the world to places like Panama City and Pensacola, Fl. I did not have many cousins to play with besides my cousin Ieisha who was always controlling. When I was about ten years old I had a lot of cousins to play with because there were babies being born bach to back. When I reached the nineth grade I finally realized who I was. I was someone who God had put on the earth for a reason. Also I started to have high self - esteem and have confidence in myself to be whatever I wanted to be. My mom was the person who really helped me to find my true identity because she would yell me encouraging words to make we want to continue with school.

4: Chapter 4: "School Bells (K - 2) " I started kindergarten in 1997. The first day I got there I was scared an crying when my momma left me, so the teacher picked me up and rocked me in her lap in the rocking chair. Today, teachers do not do that because kids are so bad. Mrs. Harkless the counselor at the high school now started out as my teacher, and then she left and Mrs. Sexton came. In Mrs.Sexton's class I met my best friend Melanie Campbell, and we always played together in the classroom playhouse, until nap time. In First Grade, my teacher was Mrs. Kimbrough. She was so nice I begin to love her like a mom. Every Friday in her class we would have show and tell. One day when I didn't have a ride to the PTO program she came and took me, and she even made me a skirt for the program. This also was the year I met my best friend Ashely Edwards. Just about every weekend I would go out to her house. When I was on the phone with Ashely one night her mom asked my mom could I go to the beach with them and she immediately said I can go. That next night I spent the whole night packing for the beach the next day. While at the beach we had a blast and felt like grown little ladies. Also, we got a chance to stop by the zoo and I almost fell in the alligator bin. When we got back to school we showed our pictures for show and tell. Mrs. Kimbrough would always take us on field trips. All the bay bay kids was in my class like James Jones, Shanice Pate, and Candice Hudson.

5: In Second Grade, Mrs. Meggingson was my teacher. She was very mean and kind of wise. She was short like an umph lumph. I was scared to cut up in her class because she terrified me. Also, this was the year I met my so called boyfriend named Jeneil. I got to have fun with him for sme time until he moved back to Pennsylvania. A little while after that I was heart broken but eventually I got over it. After this boyfriend I never wanted another one because of the stage he left me in right before he left. i tried to give him a ring out of the bubble gum machine be he did not take it. One day in class we were reading Purple People and my hair was braided with black and purple hair. So everyone in the class called me Purple People. I just laughed because I thought it was funny. Amber Coston would always tick the lady off and she would slam the door, and she would be mad at the whole class. I remember one day Billy Ruck asked to use the restroom and she said, "no," and so he did number two in the desk and it was all over his books. I know he was so embarassed. This was the worst elementary school year for me.

6: Chapter 5: "More School Bells (3 - 5)" My third grade teacher was Mrs. Figgers. She was very nice and didn't care about anything we did besides hurting one another. I considered her class as my free time of the day. This was the year I was friends with everybody. We was always playing in the class, so I do not even remember having homework. There were so many of us in there so it was always rowdy no matter what. Also, this was the year I lost my best friend Ashely Edwards. My fourth grade teacher was Mrs. Hyde. She was very mean. She stayed taking my pencils pouch full of gel pens because I would write all over myself. I'm kind of glad she did take them so I could learn something. The work started to get harder, and I had to pay more attention. This was the year you could not play around because we was getting ready for middle school. When I got to fourth grade you did not have to buy school supplies anymore because you could buy a supply box from the school for forty bucks. In the fifth grade I had a whole lot of teachers. This is the year we started to change classes every so many minutes. Everyone was excited about getting their own lockers. When we started changing classes we had to get used to it. Everyone was confused at first but afterwards everyone caught on. We had the opportunity to buy different kinds of drinks and snacks like tea, slushies, and snickers. i would buy chocolate everyday so by the time I got to class I would be hyper. Fifth grade kind of made me fell like I was in high school.

7: Chapter 6: "I Grew Up Here" My family and I have been living in Thmasville, Al every since my mother was born. Since I have been living here forever I kind of love it even though it is a little city. Three are only a couple of thousand people who live here, but it seems like a lot when everybody is at one place at a time. When it comes down to fun there are not many places to go besides the movies. The eating places are what really make up our city. There are a few big houses here but mainly everybody has an average size house. The people around here are very friendly, and they love to help one another out if they can. Thomasville has the best school system in Alabama. This is a quiet place that dies not have much violence. We have good class when we are playing sports even if we lose. If you are down the people inn Thomasville will surely pick you up even if it is only with a smile. I love staying in the great city Thomasville, Al. | Thomasville, Al | My Hometown!!! | Home of the Tigers!!! | We are #1!!! | State Champions of 2010!!!

8: Chapter 9: " I Wish I Could See ______ Again" I wish I could see Quenterrio La'Trell Jackson again. Many people do not know him because he died a couple months after he was born. When he was first born he suffered from many medical conditions such as Acid Reflux, BPD, heart problems, and underdeveloped lungs. It was sad to see him suffering but knowing there was nothing I could do. Many days I would sit back and cry and wonder why such a young child had to go through this. I would often make plans of what we were going to do in the future, but he did not get a chance to do those things. Quenterrro would always think I was his mother because he became so attached to me. On June 16, 2006 God called him home. He slipped right out of my eye sight in the fold of my arms. I tried everything I could to bring him back, but he was gone! When he left earth he molded me to be a new and better person. Also, it made me realize you don't have to be old to die. Quenterrio was my brother for 7 1/2 months old until he passed and now I look at him as an angel. He will always be in my heart even though he has gone on. Rest in peace my dear brother. Love always, Your big sister, mom, and family!!!

9: Chapter 10: "Middle School" In sixth grade, I had an arrangement of teachers. Mrs. thibodeaux is the most rememberable one. She would let us do pretty much anything we wanted to do. Everyday we would have some kind of game to do or would have us some kind of game to do or she would tell us a story about her son Easton. In this grade I mainly did my work and I was very quiet. I really don't remember to much about this grade.. In seventh grade, I grew my maturity. I wanted to be treated like a teenager. One of my teachers was Mrs. Craddock who was very out going. She was always highly spirited and you never could bring her down. She was crazy about herself some Belinda. She always wanted me to do the earings that had to be done. She would allow me to do things that none of the other students got to do. The way Mrs. Craddock teach people would think she was an college professor. In eighth grade, I was very active and alert. I dad only two friends that I really trusted. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Huggins because we always got to play computer games. I was very hard headed I would play the games when she said not to. My eighth grade year was also my worst year ever. Coach Elliot would have us doing prison excercises. We would have to swat up against the wall, play soccer, and frisby in the sun. We would have to do a test to test our abilities. like how fast we run, how many pushups we can do, and how many situps we can do. During this year I thought I ran the school.

10: Chapter 11: " let's Go to the Movies" In my childhood years, I liked to watch stupid stuff like Barney, Charlie Brown,, and Scooby Doo. During this time I thought it was cool to watch these movies. Everyday when I got to school I would tell everybody what I watched last night. My favorite movie was Barney during this time. In my early teen years, I would watch t.v. episodes such as: That's So Raven, and Lizzie McGuire. Everyday I got out of school I would watch Raven for hours. When raven went off I would watch Lizzie McGuire until basically I went to sleep. I felt like these shows meant the world to me. Also, they taught me some teenager things. Now, I watch stuff that do with healthcare. i mainly watch NICU, Trauma Life in the E.R., Dr.G: mEDICAL eXAMINER, Mystery Diagnosis, Mystery ER, and Untold Stories of the E.R. I mainly watch these to prepare me for everyday life. It also have a lot to do with my career. I figure if I watch it now I will be ready by the time I started college. Most of the stuff they show are very helpful to know.

11: Chapter 12: " Most people would be surprised to know..." Most people would be surprised to know that I love to cook and I am afraid of the dark. In my house i am the cook. I usually cook everyday after school unless I am feeling bad. Ilike to cook big hearty meals. The funny thing is that nobody taught me how to cook I just learned from experimenting. Most time I would get it right after several times. My momma would just sit back and say,"Do your thing." Hard as time is now I am glad I know how to cook for myself, and what I do not know how to cook it will be alright. Next, I am afraid of the dark. I discovered this fearwhen I was young, and I still have not grown out of it yet. What's funny is that my baby is not even scared of the dark. When I have to go to the bathroom I ask my mom to walk with me. When I get ready to go to bed I have to cover my face up because I always think a monster going to get me. When it's dark outside I have to have someone with me because a light will not do because I hear noise. | I Love To Cook!!! | Darkness!!!

12: Chapter 13; " Let's Take a Vacation" My family would like to go on a trip to New York. New York is one of the biggest cities in the United States. New York is always alive and busy. There are plenty of celebrities that stay there.. While there we would go by the World Trade Center site to pay our respect. Some of our relatives stay there. I would like to go during the Thanksgiving parade so that we can see all of the big floats. Also, I would like to go to some of the beaches because they have taht pretty white sand. I would just run out there on the sand and fall straight into the sand. I would make sure non of my family go by the water because neither of us can swin. I would stay in a hotel high up so that I can see the whole city. When I get ready to come home I would make sure i collect a lot of souveniors.

13: Chapter 14: " High School: The Early Years " My ninth grade year was a miserable year because this the year i found out I was pregnant. The year started out good. I could not asked for better teachers. Most of the time I felt ill at school. Basically this was my kick back year. Also, the year that everything was a breeze. My sophomore year was an excellent year. I came back to school from my freshmen year all fired up. This year I was ready to get down to business. All of my teachers were nice. Mrs. Crabtree and Mrs. Lambert my most rememberable ones because I they had a game for us everyday. When I got to school I felt different because i had just had a child. Also, this year went by pretty easy. My junior year was a heartache year. Mainly because of Mrs. Maroney's class. It was not her it was just the work we had to do. I m technically not a English person even though I do speak English. Even though I hated the class I do think her now because it has prepared me for Mrs. Scruggs' class. Mrs. Pitts was my favorite teacher because she taught Algebra 2 which is my favorite subject. Also, this year made me realize that I was soon going to be out of school in another year.

14: Chapter 15: "__________ is My True Passion " Softball is my true passion. I have played softball for seven years. I wish I could have played for the school, but I never made the team. Since I did not make the team I had to play with city league. In city league you do not get as much attention as you would on the high school team. Every year I would have to re- sign up because you just pay your money and you automatically on the team. Most of the people I started out with they was on my team every year. We often had a good time even when we lost we still celebrated. My position was mainly outfield, but I can play in any position that was assigned to me. After my third year I played I was the best outfielder there was. Every year my coach would request that I be on his team because I would tell him that I was not going to play again if I was not on his team.

15: Chapter 16: " At Last, I'm A Senior " My senior year has been great so far. The only problem is that it cost too much, but trust me I am glad to be a senior. Since I am a senior I know I will soon be out of there. I can think back to when I used to be a freshmen and it seems if it has only been a year ago. Also, I remember when we used to be picked on and called "fresh meat" but now we are the rulers and leaders of the school. This year has not been all that fun because I have to be down to business. We do not have as much time to play around as we used to. One of my heartache has been Mrs. Scruggs" class because she give us so much work and that stupid research paper. Even though I like her but not the class. I tend not to get mad at her because I know she is only preparing me for college. One of my most embarassing moments was when I walked out of the cafeteria with my lunch tray and was headed up to my 3rd block class (Mr. Dyess ) with it, so I had to turn around and take it all the way back to the cafeteria garbage.

16: Chater7: " Hide and Seek " When I was a child I liked to play a whole lot of games. My most favorite game was hide and seek. Hide and seek is where you pick somebody to count and you go hide and try to get back to the base before that person get you. This is considered to be the most common childhood game. My friends Beon and Shakela would come over and we would play it in the house with my brother. If we got too loud my momma would throw us out the door. We would start playing as soon as we got out of school until the street lights came on. They would get mad at me sometimes and I would stop playing with them. Then, I would go to my grandma's house and play it with my other friends. Breon would call me and beg me to come and play with them again because they said it was boring without me. I would finally give in and go right back to play with them. This game often was made up of boys and girls. It seemed like everywhere I went other kids were playing Hide and Go See.

17: Chapter 8: "My First Boyfriend " My first boyfriend that I liked was in the seventh grade at Camden Middle School. i was the type that thought boys had cooties, but when I first saw him I didn't care if he had cooties are not I was still going to like him. His name was Recko Totts and he was very mature to me. He was about my height and size and a little darker than me. I told my cousin about him, but she told me that he was a bad kid and that I needed to find somebody else. When she told me this I was mad at her for a little while because I did see him in that way. The only time I could see him was when I went to my cousin's house because he was friends with her boys. Since, we stayed so far apart we did not get to spend as much time together like most boyfriends or girlfriends. When I did get to see him my face would feel like it was glowing up, and I would run and hug him. While we would be outside playing I would sneak and give him a kiss. Later, I found out he was indeed a bad kid, so I broke up with him. I still think he is the best boyfriend I ever had.

18: Closing: " Final Thoughts " I guess it's time to close my book now. This year has flew by. I can remember when I was just in the 9th grade, but now I'm a senior. All of my school years have been year great except when I hit the 12th grade then life turned into a living nightmare. When I graduate I plan to go to Alabama Southern Community College to finish up my basics for nursings.Then after I am done I hope to become a neonatalogist.

19: My Kin Folks!!!

20: My Baby!!! De' Andria La' Shonna Jackson December 13, 2007 7 lbs. 1 oz. 21 ins. long Grove Hill Memorial Hospital

22: More of Miss Belinda!!! April 25, 1993

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