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FC: By Tori Laudel

1: SUMMARY OF DESPICABLE ME | Despicable Me follows the heroic journey of Gru, an aspiring super villain, and his battle for superiority, self satisfaction, and in the end, love. The Great Pyramid of Giza was promptly stolen by Vector, another super villain whom Gru finds dishonorable. To top his archenemies’ crime, Gru decides to commit an even bigger heist, and capture the moon. Throughout his journey he faced many obstacles. To capture the moon Gru and his minions capture the shrink ray, only to get it stolen again by Vector. At this point Gru is completely irate at the fact that Vector not only embarrassed him, but obtained the main source of his master plot. During the time of Vector’s victory, Gru witnessed three little girls selling cookies, Margo, Edith, and Agnes. He sees them try to sell some to Vector, and decides to adopt them from Miss Hattie to be decoys in his plot. The girls deliver cookies to Vector that are robots made by Nefario, Gru’s assistant, and Gru was able to steal the shrink ray once again. After being denied funding by Mr. Perkins, the president of the Bank of Evil, to build his rocket , Gru must focus and build his own. Nefario, begins to see the girls as a distraction to Gru, and he contacts Miss Hattie, who arrives to take the girls back to the orphanage. Both Gru and the girls are heartbroken. Gru realizes he cannot make it to the recital either, because it is on the same day he intended to steal the moon. The big day came, and Gru stole the moon. When he made it to the girls’ recital it had already ended, but he found a paper from Vector claiming he had stolen the girls and wants to trade them for the moon. Gru gave Vector the moon, yet he betrayed his word and took off with the girls also. Gru heroically saved the girls, after realizing the shrink rays effects wear off, and that the moon would return to its original size soon. Vector was left stranded on the moon, while Gru and the girls lived happily ever after.

2: HERO | In Despicable Me, Gru sacrifices his life to save his daughters. He was motivated by love, a universal drive. He had certain flaws, such as being afraid of love, which characterized him. In the end he was willing to sacrifice himself which makes him the hero of this story.

3: SHADOW | The shadow of this story is Vector. He is Gru's competition and is always trying to outsmart him. He causes Gru most of the trouble he confronts throughout the movie.

4: MENTOR | Dr. Nefario is Gru's mentor. He helps Gru build his rocket, and all the tools needed to defeat Vector.

5: Miss Hattie is the shapeshifter because she brings doubt and suspense. She could be on either side, but it turned out she was an antagonist when she took the girls away from Gru. | SHAPESHIFTER

6: THRESHOLD GUARDIANS | The Threshold Guardians in Despicable Me include a giant shark roaming in a tank around Vectors house, and the laboratory workers who guard the shrink ray.


8: CALL tO ADVENTURE | Gru realizes his call for adventure when he founds out the Pyramid of Giza was stolen. He decides he is going to capture the moon.

9: The minions are Gru's early and later helpers. They are obedient an loyal, without them he would not have made it through his journey.

10: CROSSING THE THRESHOLD | Gru enters Vectors house, in attempt to steal the shrink ray. The actual threshold is represented by a tall brick wall surrounding Vectors headquarters. | At this point he fully accepts his call to adventure and is going for the gold! | The shadow realm is Vectors house. This is where Gru must overcome a few tests.

11: SHADOW REALM | Vectors layer is the shadow realm. It is different than Gru's house because it is more high tech. Gru is unfamiliar with it, which makes it suspenseful.

12: TEsts, Guardians | Gru was presented with many different tasks. He struggled to get money for his rocketship, thus having to build his own. He had to capture the shrink ray from the laboratory, only to defeat a hungry shark to get it back again from Vector. On top of that Gru had to dodge many, MANY missiles to avoid being demolished. Not to mention his unexpected overcoming of his fear of roller coasters, which was challenged by the three little girls he adopted. He had to juggle taking care of the girls, but than had to say goodbye to them temporarily in order to stay focused on his main goal at the time, heisting the moon. His challenges were given by various people, including Edith, Agnus, Margo, Miss Hattie, Mr. Perkins, and Vector.

13: And obstacles

14: SUPREME TASK | Gru must give up his captured moon, than chase after Vector and battle him in the sky to win back his beloved daughters. After facing nearly being splattered a vegetable Gru is saved by Nefario and they succeed to save the girls. Gru wins...

15: REWARD & RETURN | .....and recieves happiness as a reward. The minions, Nefariom Gru, and the girls all returned home safely in Gru's ship. Gru finds the love he has been without his entire life, and lives happily every after with Agnus, Edith and Margo. Gru learns that he is a caring person, and that there is more to the world than being a super villain.

16: CONNECTIONS | 1. Gru disguised robots as cookies to enter into Vectors layer and capture the shrink ray. This relates to the Trojan War wooden horse idea and how the army hid in a horse to enter into Troy. 2. Just like how Orpheus took Eurydice for granted, Gru took the 3 girls for grante.d. Eurydice was gone from Orhpeus' hands before he could do anything about it, which is what happened to Gru when the girls were taken back to the orphanage. 3. Just like Hercules, Gru was given his tasks for a reason and it changed him for the better. Gru's ending was not harsh like Hercules, but they bothed changed along the way of their journey.

17: CONCLUSION | Gru's journey included every aspect of the heroic cycle in its own way.. He went from dreaming of building rocket ships and capturing the moon to being a father! In the end, like most heroic stories (well, the good ones) he lived happily ever after.

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