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Blank Canvas Theme Xmas 10'

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BC: Christmas 0'ten . <33 | Memories <3 | I love you ! <33

FC: 9.3.10 4EVER & EVER | Kenna Rae Mohs loves Gary Jay Fine Jr.

1: Merry Christmas Babe ! <3 i love you soo much , && more ((: . | & ever ..

3: Merry Christmas Rudolph <33 ha i loveee you !

4: about it, it all started out during Chico football season. When Alle was all like, “oh you guys can have Gary, the quarterback of the football team” Instantly I called out, “OH, he’s mineee!” ha (; . Even though I liked you a lot back in March [[& as you know, I honestly haven’t ever lost any feelings for you since then]] .. I have definitely gained more & more feelings. I am now loud, outgoing, the complete opposite of shy & I'm definitely myself around you. I know I can trust you with anything. When I am with you, I just spill everything out ha.. Honestly you are the one & only person I can trust with absolutely anything. & I'm almost positive you know more about me than anyone else ha. You know how to | awh, look at how we used to be ,, | & look at us now <3 . Ha, it all began when we started dating back in March when I was shy & really quiet, Well that time, we really didn’t last that long. Ha actually, thinking

5: make me laugh ; how to make me cry. You know how to get me all shy. You know how to make me smile ; how to make me frown. You know how to cheer me up when I am feeling down. I know I can go to you for anything and you will always find a way to help me out, or get me through it. You have done it before, & I know you will do it again ha. Gosh, I could type a book describing what I like about you, but I think it will be easier if I narrow it down.. haa. I like the way .. ; you know how to turn a boring crowd into an exciting party ; when I see your amazing smile or hear your laugh that I love so much it brightens my whole day up no matter what mood I’m in ; the way you react to things you think are weird or funny or cool ; the way you hold me in your arms ; how we can be ourselves around each other & no matter how dorky we act that day we just grow to love each other more & more ; when you kiss me I still get those ‘6th grade butterflies’ ha ; how you picked me to be the one when you could have about any girl out there ; the way you love music & sing quietly in my ear ; how it feels we have spent a century together when really it has only been a few months ; the way you love sports & how your athletic ; when your eyes change color & looking deeply into those gawgeeeeous eyes of yours ha ; the feeling I get when I am with you ; how we miss each other so much when we can’t hang out or even worse, when we can’t even talk ; .. ha I could go on & on & on & on ..... Hm, & babe you know how you say I’m amazing..

6: you are the amazing one. Everything about you is just straight up .. amazing ! hahah. That hot face & sexy body of yours (; ,That cute face, I love with those amazingly beautiful/cool eyes that I can’t stand to look away from. The smile I absolutely love .. just eh EVERYTHING about you (: ha. Babe, I honestly know we are going to last forever .. [&ever&ever&ever&ever..] & eveeer ! ha. I pinky promise, stamp it, <3heart, we are 4EVER&ALWAYS no matter what<33. I love you soooo much. Like I have said before & will keep saying; as long as I live, nothing will be able to change the way I feel about you & that there babe, is a straight up fact<3 ha. I LOVE YOU GARY JAY FINE Jr. !! mwaaaah ((: . | I | U

8: When I see your face There's not a thing that I would change Cause you're amazing Just the way you are And when you smile, The whole world stops and stares for awhile Cause babe you're amazing Just the way you are

9: Although, you are more than just amazing (: . | It's amazing how one day someone walks into your life and you can't remember how you ever lived with out them .

10: Shawty's love is like a pyramid, We stand together 'til the very end, There'll never be another love for sure, Gary and Kenna let we go. Stones, Heavy like the love you've shown, Solid as the ground we've known And I just wanna carry on. We took it from the bottom up, And even in a desert storm, Sturdy as a rock, we hold, Wishing every moment froze. Now I just wanna let you know, Earthquakes can't shake us, Cyclones can't break us, Hurricanes can't take away our love . Pyramid, we built this on a solid rock, It feels just like it's heaven's touch, Together at the top, Like a pyramid. And even when the wind is blowing, We'll never fall, just keep on going, Forever we will stay, Like a pyramid. Cold, never ever when you're close, We will never let it fold, A story that was never told, Something like a mystery. And every step we took we've grown, Look how fast the time has flown, A journey to a place unknown, We're going down in history. Like a pyramid, boy, l'mma show you, That I love you so much, that we gonna get through, Even when it storms, I will never go, I'mma be the one to keep you safe, hey. Four walls and love, packin' more than enough, Holding on to one another, be the cover when it's rough, Mother nature or disaster, Won't stop our happy ever after. Like a pyramid, like a pyramid, hey Like a pyramid, like a pyramid, yeah Like a pyramid, like a pyramid, hey <333333333 ((: exactly how i feel in this relationship

11: M 3 M 0 R I 3 S <3 | "sorry, i kinda have a big head" | hahahahahah ((: | Aw, our food fights <3 ha | I love being wrapped up in your armsss <33 | B | ! | + | C | H | Yah, i really didn't get what you were doing till the end . (; hahahah

14: Awh, I remember :: September 3, O'ten ; it was the third day of school, on a Friday. We met up at Regal movie theaters & you were with Travis who met up with that one girl he was getting annoyed with. haa, anywhooo.. I remember i was soo nervous but had a gut feeling that we are gonna last, he is the one. We were in the movies all cuddled up, (i was already, by far, a lot more comfortable around you than the first time ha.) i remember, i felt sooo happy & and after the first kiss you gave me during the movie it made me believe we were gonna last even longer. Then you started kissing my forehead & whispering in my ear. That's all i could talk about the whole night. hahah. It may sound ridiculous but it did feel special, for once i felt special (: . Then after the movie & before we said our goodbye's you asked me a question, a simple question, but a question that means a million things.. "will you go out with me?" & of course, after how much i had already fallen for you just after that one night, my answer was "yes ((:" ha. After that night we couldn't hang out the next two days because i had a soccer tournament but the following Monday we got to see each other again & after that day we spent like every minute possible with each other, as much as we could. <33 . The next Friday, a week later we went to another movie.. gosh that night was amazing! ha, how i was already so comfortable around you, & all those kisses, it made me feel amazing. ha, You were my first kiss, my first makeout ((: & my first true love <33 Days went by & we kept getting closer & closer. OH!! ha, our first food fight ((: You were at the park with your guy friends

15: playing basketball shirtless haa (: . i was at Shelby's house with a few other girls & we asked Abra to take us to Dairy Queen. You & Christian came along. Daaang, those ice creams were humongous! haa. Well ours werent really finished by the time we got home, so of course by the time you left we were all sticky & gross & wet, eeew (; ha. That night my mom was like to me, "you & gary are really comfortable around each other!" haa that made me believe even more! We have only been going out for 3 months, almost 4.. but yet it seems like literally forever ! ha. All my friends, & even my mom says, "yah i can't remember when you two weren't dating" ha.. but babe, it has only been 3 months, but think about it, we still have a whole life time ahead of us.. of you & me, me & you, gary fine & kenna mohs, kenna mohs & gary fine . i honestly do know we are gonna last , & that's just a fact my heart is telling me.. not what anyone else says, not what i think, not my common sense or whatever ha, but what my heart feels & boy trust me, my heart definitely knows the truth! ((: haa. F O R E V E R & E V E R <3 , babe, til the very end !

16: Boy you make me believe in things I've never seen And it's a trip to me how he got me feelin weak I just don't understand I was the type of girl That could care one less about a boy yet here I am I don't know what to say, think bout everyday I must admit that I hate whenever you're away I don't know what to do cuz when I think of you Somethin happens to me babe Oh pretty boy I really don't think that you know How strong or deep my love for you can go I never thought it could happen to me But baby boy I'm starting to believe Believe in love at first sight And boy I love that it's feelin so right Wanna give you all of me And I want u to give me all of you

17: You most definetely made me believe in love at first sight <3 | I love you babe

18: What a perfect match <3 Batman & Batgirl . Halloween 0'ten .

19: We have had so many good times together, but this is just a few out of many <3 . (:

20: We are given two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to listen, But why only one heart ? Because the other one was given to someone for us to find . | I honestly believe i have found that person, The person that has the second heart . I am 110% positive that these two hearts are going to be inseparable, That they will be together forever & ever ! <3 . With what we have gone through & what we are planning, i know not one of us will ever leave each other . Knowing that makes me feel extremely happy (: . I swear, if i ever lost you , i'm not joking , i would be like Bella from vampires suck (: . You are the one person that i care about in this world . You make me want to | get up every morning to see you . You show me happiness, knowing i have this amazing guy i can call mine . This guy who is sweet & makes me feel special . This guy who i can easily connect with & tell anything to .This guy is my life . I pinky promise, stamp it, <3 , you , Gary Fine , your heart will forever & always be with me . Even if you wanted to get rid of me , you wouldn't be able too (; . ha . You are the one & only guy for me that i love sooo much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

21: two hands to hold ,, | two legs to walk ,, | two eyes to see ,, | two ears to listen ,, | ,, But why only one heart ? .. | Because the other one was given to someone for us to find <33

22: Cuz when I’m kissing you my senses come alive Almost like the puzzle piece I've been trying to find Falls right into place you're all that it takes My doubts fade away when I'm kissing you. When I'm kissing you it all starts making sense And all the questions I've been asking in my head Like are you the one should I really trust How clear it becomes when I'm kissing you .. | A kiss is just a pleasant reminder that two heads are better than one. | Love begins with a smile, grows with a kiss, and ends with a teardrop. | Life, the gift of nature, Love, the gift of life, A Kiss, the gift of Love. | Yes, i should really trust your the one .. & i already know you are <33 . (:

24: This book is a big reason of why i wanted to take pictures everyday (: ha (although i still do want a lot of picture of us (: ha) . So many of our memories & good times are in this book (well, at least some of the many we've had ha) . This book has taken a lot of time to make, i want it to be perfect ha . I love you so much babe, Merry Christmas & happy almost birthday! ha wow, 15.. driving, yikes that's scary (; haha. i can't wait ((: . i love you sooo much, you are truly the best boyfriend ever <33 .


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