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Bob's Birthday

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Bob's Birthday - Page Text Content

1: Bob, Happy 80th birthday! Here's to good health and many more memories to share.

2: The Early Years

4: Happy Birthday Bob! I have a lot to thank you for, starting with how you have singled me out for 5 years now at our regular Lunch 'n Learn sessions. I am now crystal clear that we are not a training company, I promise. Every time we get the company together and put our day-to-day responsibilities aside for a half-day, I walk away with something new that helps me in either my professional or personal life- and most times both. Your expertise in the world of selling has helped shaped me into a better communicator. for instance, before I attended Conceptual Selling®, my wife used to win most of the arguments at home. Now thanks to concepts like Golden Silence, she doesn't stand a chance! Thank you for everything you have taught me Bob! Brendan Hawkins

5: The most and foremost thing I remember about Bob was that he was a great teacher and coach. He taught me more about how to facilitate and coach than anyone did at MHI or ever. Some funny memories.... I remember when I first had to teach, it was with Coca-Cola and I was petrified! I had to keep getting up to go to the bathroom and he finally said, "You are going to get up and teach, just sit here!" Another time was when we were all at a MHI meeting somewhere, and there was a party of sorts. Katie and I and others started to drink Tequila- big mistake- we were all really snockered, eating room service that night at 2 AM. The next morning Bob drove us to the meeting...he had to roll the windows down because it smelled of so much alcohol in the car...and he was laughing at us and carrying on. That was probably the quietest meeting we have ever had. No one could move and Bob was having a lot of fun with us. Mostly I remember Bob's wise and compassionate words of advice and his loyalty to me, particularly during the last seven years when I have experienced a tremendous amount of grief and sadness- he was always on my team and my side, and I will never forget that as long as I live. So thank you Bob, for all that you did and continue to do. Linda

6: Viva Las Vegas! 2010 Global Sales Conference

7: 10 Commandments- Miller Heiman style We were in Orientation week for new SCs and Bob was on the agenda to do his normal piece immediately following me talking about the SVP role, business dev, etc. Bob talked about the foundations of the company, how he feels, what drives us all... At the end, the SC sitting next to me said "I feel like I just heard God talking about what he meant by the Ten Commandments." Rick Blakeman

8: In the "old days" all consultant certifications had to be done by our CEO at a private program we had sold as we had no public sessions. I finally sold a LAMP program and was ready to have my check-out done. Unfortunately, our CEO was not available for those dates. She said the only way I could get certified was if I could talk Bob Miller into coaching me. He was back with Miller Heiman as a consultant. Bob agreed to coach me - the good news. I had NEVER met Bob, knew his "name was on the building" and was very intimidated, to say the least. We met in Cincinnati. I had to carry a Strategic Selling book to the hotel lobby so he could recognize me. He explained that as a coach, he would be sitting in the back of the room and would take notes and give me coaching at the end of the day. I then let Bob know there was one more request that I had as it related to this client. I had not told the client that I was as "green as grass" and had to have a coach for my check-out. Instead, as they had been a client for a few years, I told them they were very important to Miller Heiman and I was fortunate to be able to have one of our founders in attendance! Therefore, I needed Bob to say something during the program. He was not comfortable doing any part of the program. However, he spoke for about 15 minutes at the beginning of the program about how and why LAMP was developed. It was a great kick-off for the client and they were greatly honored to have him there. Years later, they still talked about the time "Bob Miller" came to one of their programs. I cannot ever remember being so nervous in my working career - just thinking about Bob providing my coaching was such an honor on one hand. On the other, I didn't want to disappoint him. My nervousness quickly went away - Bob was reassuring, prescriptive about my delivery and an absolute bonus to my learning as a salesperson, facilitator, consultant and human being. I cannot imagine my life without Bob in it - thank heaven I don't have to! The best part of this "love affair" is that my husband totally approves! Happy Birthday Bob! With love and admiration, Sharon and Dick Williams | My love affair or should I say my "respect, admiration and gratitude" affair with Bob Miller began the first time I laid eyes on him!

9: This picture shows clearly that Bob, with almost-80 hair, is a wise man. He wears a hat with a big "S", of course this stands for Siegfried! No doubts!

10: 2010 Client Summit- Lake Tahoe Nevada. Torani's CFO, Scott Triou, is sharing his journey that lead his organization to Miller Heiman. He is sharing the business issues the organization was facing, the ways they were thinking of addressing them, why Miller Heiman, and finally the results! Everyone in the crowd was so engaged and listening so intently- it's not everday a CFO speaks at our events. Towards the end of the presentation, Bob Miller stands up and in his strong, baritone voice loudly states, "YOU PHONEY!" Scott was clearly shaken and the entire room went silent - everyone looking around with mouths wide open. After a bit of golden silence, Bob continues, "You are no CFO, you are a sales manager in drag!" The room broke out in laughter. Then Bob, as only Bob can do, summarized the key takeaway, applauded Scott and Torani for their work, and shared a learning experience for the group to put into practice. Very few will forget that session! Leigh Hooker | The photo to the left is from an email correspodence from Melanie, the CEO of Torani once she learned of the events that transpired. Another amazing client in the Miller Heiman portfolio! | YOU COULD HEAR A PIN DROP!

11: Bob- When I first met you around 1980, it was with eagerness and excitement about the new processes you would be providing us at Bank of California. Little did I know what htat would eventually lead to...and what an impact it made on my life, and my family's life. We had some fun, yet challenging, experiences at the Bank- including getting fired by you all because, as an organization, we weren't ready. Which of course prompted the key BIs to come back begging, even if theyy had to pay you again for the re-run. To this day, I often refer to some lasting "Bob-isms" and definitions...delivered in that loud, bellowing voice: Valid Buisness Reason- "Why should I spend any of my valuable time with you?" Basic Issue- "Emotional pollution" I am especially grateful for how you guided me to apply Conceptual Selling in my own life. It continues to guide me (and my family) in our many decisions and breaks down in a way to better understand them...even if the news is bad vs. good. You can bet that my kids can explain a Green Sheet to anyone interested- from practical use. That ability to internalize concepts has a life of its own and I thank you. Fast forward a bit, you left the company, I stopped being a banker with the Reno move...I moved to Bend, you to Sante fe and other nice spots. Then, three years ago we are back together again! Amazing and rewarding. You have not lost your touch...if anything, maybe even more outspoken. I hope I've still got the "juice" when I turn 80! Happy Birthday to you Bob from me and my family. And thanks again for the wonderful relationship and friendship. -Jerry Barnes (and Chris, Melissa, Michael) | You can bet that my kids can explain a Green Sheet to anyone interested - from practical use!

12: Tim Lonergan, Bob, Rolene Liebenberg, Michael Light & Rob Anderson Balmoral Beach - Sydney, Australia, 2009

13: May 25, 2005, Boston. Purpose: Introduce EI to Northeast Region. CIGNA brought 9 executives to this session - they still talk about it today. When I arrived early to set up the room, Bob was already there. Having never met the Oracle before, I introduced myself, explained that I had 9 senior leaders attending from CIGNA and that it was critical that they came away with a positive impression. When Bob asked me what business CIGNA was likely to place, I explained we were planning to rollout SS to 400 in 13 side-by-sides, with a separate 25+ senior leaders going through EI, all in July. You have to remember, this is before Bethany's new role (she was one of the 13 facilitators). Bob looked at me in the most incredulous manner, took a breath, then told me I was absolutely nuts! NEVER BEEN DONE! TOO RISKY! HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN HERE? Mr. Gruff subsequently forged a nice relationship with Matt Manders who was the most senior of the CIGNA executives. The rollout went exactly as planned and CIGNA was very satisfied with our execution. As I say, several of the CIGNA folks who attended still talk about Bob and his message that day. So do I, and I always will. Hugh Rainey | Bob looked at me in the most incredulous manner, took a breath and told me I was nuts...

14: In 2007, Bob and I did a speaking tour of Europe. We did events in London, Paris, Madrid and Lisbon. We did have a bit of time to relax between what was otherwise a very hectic travel schedule. Bob, as ever, was a knockout in each of these cities we visited supporting our DPs in building their businesses. Damon Jones

15: This shot (to the right) was taken in Lisbon outside the Lapa Palace hotel, which Bob and I described as the nicest hotel we have ever stayed in. That was thanks to our partner there, also in the photo, who had also arranged for a limo to pick us up from the airport. | World Explorers- European Edition

16: In the fall of 1996 I met Bob at the Holiday Inn (now the Crown Plaza) on Central Avenue just outside the Atlanta airport. We were working on a proposal for a client and Bob was staying there for the night. We were sitting in the lobby when a large crowd came out from one of the ballrooms. The first thing I noticed was a young lady who had the brightest shade of pink hair I have ever seen. She had at least five rings dangling from each ear and diamond studs in both sides of her nose. Just behind the her was a guy with a pointy spiked Mohawk dyed in alternating shades of blue and red, and big tattoos from his neck to his fingernails and all over his chest. I looked at Bob and his eyes were as big as could be, and his jaw was dropped as far as it could go. He looked at me with a vacant stare and was slowly shaking his head back and forth in wonder. Then he looked past me and back to the ballroom door and as I turned to see what he was looking at, two women came out holding hands and dressed in skimpy outfits that left nothing to the imagination with more tats, wild hair and jewelry galore. Bob watched them walk past us, slowly turned his head and his gaze followed them as they went down the hall. I started to laugh uncontrollably until my sides began to hurt. I had more fun watching Bob's reactions than watching the parade pass by. The show went on for about five more minutes until the ballroom was empty. We went into the lounge and sat down. Bob had not said a single word the whole time this was going on. In all the years that I have known him this is the only time I can ever remember Bob Miller being totally speechless. Finally, after what felt like a year of Golden Silence, he looked at me and said, "Can you believe that! I'm here to tell ya, if any of those kids were mine, I'd shoot 'em." Bill Hoffman | Pink Hair and Big Tattoos | The only time I can ever remember Bob Miller completely speechless.

18: Travels in South America...

19: Chile and Argentina

20: In the winter of 1997 Bob and I went to Morristown, NJ to meet a partner in a large global management consulting organization. Bob had met this person a number of years before at another company and this seemed like a lead you could die for. He wanted to have us facilitate a program for 25 global partners at a meeting in the UK in several months. He introduced us to his managing partner but we only spent about five minutes with him. Back in his own office he told us he was our Coach and everything was presold, we had budget, we had buy-in and everything was "locked and loaded". Little did we know! The meeing was in the English countryside at a conference center that was formerly a Convent. We got there a day early to adjust to the time change and get mentally prepared. The session began the next morning with our "Coach" introducing us and then Bob started facilitating. He was about 1 hour into the program when the wheels started to wobble. He was discussing SSO and one partner began to disagree with the concept. He said (with a heavy French accent), "We don't have sales objectives. We help our client solve problems. We don't sell! We are professional consultants, not salespeople." Others started to agree and we had a real mess on our hands. We had Germans, Italians and who know how many other nationalitites represented and we were being attacked on all sides. It was like we were fighting WWII all over again. We struggled without any support or guidance from our "Coach" and licked our wounds during the midmorning break...then it was my turn in the barrel. We made it through the rest of the day- thank God that Bob had agreed we would do a 1-day format. At dinner that evening we sat by ourselves and no one talked with us and our "Coach" was nowhere to be found. The following morning we got out of the convent early, made it to the airport and finally got back to the good 'ole US of A. There you have it...a Coach with a low Degree of Influence and very little credibility- that spells disaster! Bill Hoffman | THE COACH FROM HELL

21: Bob, you are a legend, whether you like it or not! It takes a lot of things to contribute to that but, for me, some things stand out - your creativity, innovation, approach to life and your passion. Thank you for sharing these. Your classic no BS style has always been fun and inspiring and you have retained it and adapted it wonderfully. As a new guy to Miller Heiman in the early 90's it was magnificent to have your insight on the content and delivery of SS, CS and the first version of LAMP. I had a privilege of watching you single handedly message LAMP and deliver it to almost 100 people at KLA and then again at Monsanto. I've seen with a lot of interest your talent for creating new business opportunities too- including EI and your journey to becoming a renowned guru of business and sales process. Bob, it has been a pleasure, a privilege, and an education to have had the opportunity to know you and to work with you. Warmest congratulations on your 80th birthday and very best wishes for the years ahead. Steve Miller

22: When I first joined Miller Heiman, the Heimans had already bought Bob out. Another gentleman with the same name was a consultant based in Washington state. Everywhere Bob Miller from Washington went, clients thought he was "The" Bob Miller. Bob from Washington would always explain that he was not the founder, he just happened to have the same name! A few years later, Bob Miller- the founder- re-joined Miller Heiman as a consultant. Miller Heiman was now blessed with two Bob Millers! By this time, Bob Miller from Washington had shortened his name from "Not The Bob Miller" to NT Bob Miller. Bob Miller the founder was very adamant that he was not going to be "The" Bob Miller. Bob Miller in Washington still referred to himself as NT. No one called Bob Miller, the founder, "The" anymore... However, we all believed and still believe Bob Miller, our founder, is "The" Man! Sharon Williams | NOT "THE" BOB MILLER

24: This story took place during my initial Strategic Selling Leader Training which Bob was co-facilitating. In those 'earlier' days, there was a lot more time and stringency in the certification, and coaching processes. While the format of the LTI has been somewhat modified over the years, Bob too has changed. Here was the setting in Reno back then... After a night of 'evening opportunities', I was prepared to facilitate my first Strategic Selling practice teaching module. While I had met Bob a time long earlier, I had not seen him in many years. Bob had long, beautiful hair pulled into a pony tail, and he was wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and flip flops. He walks into the room and sits down in the 'audience' chair for me to 'present', and in his booming voice says... 'let's get started'. Well, not much different than today, it is a pleasure to be in his presence or doing anything with Bob. I wanted to be the absolute best I could as I began my 'facilitation'. Being a keen judge of body language, I note that Bob has tilted his chair back so it's balanced on the back legs...head back...apparently enraptured by the sheer magic I am sharing with him. When BANG!...the chair comes down on all fours and Bob bangs the table and literally screams "stop!". After a short pause, I am aware that something must be amiss with my use of the overheads...or something I said...or whatever since I am still trying to catch my breath. Bob raises his head and says, "turn that damn thing off", gesturing at the overhead projector. In his most 'Dutch Uncle Bob' manner he then says, "do you really know what the hell you are talking about?" I replied, "I think so..." To which he then says, "I wrote all those words on those charts and could give a darn less to have you paraphrasing for me. If you 'really understand', forget the damn charts and talk to me about what you know!" He then said something I have never forgotten: I want to know "what's in your heart and not on the chart!" True then. True now. Thanks for that 'coaching' Bob. I hope we can share many more such moments! Mike Joyce | He then said something I have never forgotten...

25: Rich Goldman was remarking the other day about how many times he's seen me on Advanced Concepts and how he really liked the suit I was wearing. I told him the back story: my sport coat that day clashed with the green screen and I had to borrow Bob Miller's suit coat. Kind of like putting on a suit of armor when it comes to speaking about selling on camera! Rich Blakeman | Sales Suit of Armor



28: Thanks for all the memories!

29: Thanks for all the memories!

30: Thanks for all the memories!

31: Thanks for all the memories!

32: Thanks for all the memories!

33: Thanks for all the memories!

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