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Book 1 60th Wedding Anniversary

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Book 1 60th Wedding Anniversary - Page Text Content

S: In Honor of Clark & Louise Shupp's 60th Wedding anniversary

FC: For Clark & Louise For A Lifetime Of Wonderful Memories | We Love You Mom & Dad

3: Clark Shupp was born in Aquashacola, Pennsylvania on December 24, 1926 to Russell and Rosa Shupp. He had one sister, Molly Shupp Kresge. They lived their young life in Gilbert, Pennsylvania in a two story white house on a couple of acres with no indoor plumbing, but rich in family and love. Like many young men of his time, Clark left school before finishing his high school senior year to join the US Maritime Service. Clark felt the war would end before he was able to serve and thus pressured his parents into giving him written permission to join as he was only 17 years old.

4: Younger days for Louise and her sister, Thelma Faye. Britt Dozier named his two daughters after two young girls he grew up with that were sisters. Kelma Louise Dozier was born on July 17, 1927 in Perry, Tx. to Britt Dozier and Bessie Mae Davis.

5: Louise arrives in Hawaii for her wedding and Clark greets her with leis, a hug, a kiss and a grateful smile that she said, "YES".

6: When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family. ~Joyce Brothers | Louise Shupp in her many stages of just being BEAUTIFUL. Louise attended the University of Texas for three years and dropped out due to lack of money. She has always been as smart as she was beautiful and education was at the top of her priority for her children as they grew up.

7: Our Beautiful Momma, Louise Shupp

8: Our Handsome Daddy, Clark Shupp | Clark Shupp enlisted at the age of 17, on 11/9/44 and served with the US Maritime Service. Clark was released from service on 3/31/45 at USMSGS, NY. He served active duty as a Fireman, 2nd class Merchant Seaman. Clark was then transferred from the Merchant Seaman to what is now known as the US Coast Guard. His US Maritime Service # is 4414-34830. He was with the US Coast Guard from 05/20/45 until 07/06/45 and was on the ship, Cartago. Clark remembers serving in the Pacific where one of their responsibilities was to rescue downed pilots.

9: Military Days For Clark | After WWII ended, Clark came home and finished up his last year of high school. While still in high school, Clark studied Aircraft Mechanic Vocational training. Clark reenlisted after high school and joined the then Army Air Force in June of 1946 and was discharged in April of 1949, | Clark was transferred to the new branch of the military, the US Air Force, where he served until 11/10/52 as a staff sergeant. Clark then joined the Air Force reserves until May of 1955. Clark received the "Army of Occupational Medal, Japan" and a WWII Victory Medal, although he does not remember seeing any medals.

10: While serving in the Army Air Force, Clark worked as a Marine engineer and was stationed in Kobe, Japan. Clark saw the widespread destruction of the war from both serving in the Pacific and in stops in Europe. After leaving Japan, Clark was assigned to a small base near Meacham Field in Ft. Worth, Tx. This is where he met Louise Dozier. After leaving Texas, Clark was stationed in Hawaii. It was during this assignment that he sent Louise the now infamous letter asking for her hand in marriage along with a one way ticket to Hawaii. Louise accepted and boarded the pre-paid flight leaving for Hawaii much to her parent's dismay at the time.

12: Stories passed down from Bessie, Britt, Louise and Thelma Dozier Albert Britt Dozier was born in Regan, Tx. on Aug. 2, 1899. Britt was born premature and came into the world weighing only 2 lbs., after his family left their home for higher ground due to the Brazos River flooding. It was always thought that the stress caused his mother to go into premature labor. The doctor who tended to him put him aside and said he would never live. But the doctor did not know the fortitude of Britt's own great grandparents who nursed him to health and put him in a shoe box which they lined with cotton and put on the oven door of a wood burning cook stove with fire enough to just keep baby Britt warm. They fed him with a medical dropper and fed him sweeten coffee with milk and after a while they added soda crackers and Britt soon got "fat as a little pig." | Britt had three brothers, Pete, Ted, John and a sister named Susie. Britt's own mother passed away in Thornton, Tx., on 12-04-09. Susie, a much loved sister, passed away at the age of 16 on 01-08-17. The loss was felt for many years later and stories of how much Britt missed her were passed on down to his own grandchildren. The name Britt came later after adding it to get on with Humble after being turned down due to some type of disability. Britt was named after the doctor who helped deliver him.

13: Albert Britt Dozier DB: Aug. 2, 1899 Passed away: Feb. 22, 1970 Britt loved to go fox hunting with his dogs. He worked in the oil fields of Kilgore and started out in West Texas with Humble Oil Company. He retired with Humble Oil Company. Britt went one day to school and he never went back. While Britt never went to school, he taught himself how to read and write and was so proud of his own children and their education and the value placed on education by all his grandchildren. After retiring from the oil fields, Britt ran a grocery store until his final retirement. Britt was a farmer, road builder, oilfield worker, National Guard, a good man and a Christian who was devoted to the Baptist Church he attended with Bessie. Britt's love for his family, friends and the Lord showed through all the time. No grandfather was ever loved more by his grandchildren. His child like attitude made all holidays a joy; for in this great strong man, with down to earth wisdom, was a little boy who never grew up. At Christmas Santa Claus always came, even his last ones. That last Christmas was one of the few days in his last six months here that he knew what was happening. Britt was already experiencing the onslaught of Alzheimer's, but maybe because he knew that Christmas of 1969 would be his last on earth, he totally let himself enjoy that day. He could hardly wait to put on a new shirt his oldest grandchild, Bob and his wife, Laura, had given him. When he past away two months later he was buried in that shirt with a tie his grandson, Terry, had given him. | Ted John Britt

14: Britt met and married Bessie Mae Davis, who was from Kossee, Tx., on 12-29-23. They moved to Perry, Tx. and on 09-5-25 their first child was born, Thelma Faye Dozier. Britt helped farm his brother, John's farm. Kelma Louise Shupp was born on 07-17-27 also in Perry, TX. Bessie gave birth to George Ward and Albert Britt Jr. as well. Bessie was a home maker who took her Baptist religion very seriously. Every weekend that family was around, they could all expect to attend Church on a Sunday morning where Britt was also a Deacon in the small church in Kilgore, Tx. Bessie was a wonderful cook and when grandchildren or her children were around they could always expect that big Sunday dinner after Church. Bessie loved each of her children and grandchildren and always laughed that Britt was her child too as he would play hide and seek and have candy always within reach of his pockets when any of the young grandchildren came to visit. Thelma wrote: Mother loved her family more than anything except the Lord. She was a most devoted Christian. Her last words were, "Love is the greatest of all, Prayer is trust and faith and Love one another." Bessie died on December 7, 1989 in El Paso, Tx. after going with her daughter and son in law, Louise and Clark, to go on a trip to Albuquerque, NM to see Tracey and her family and then on to El Paso to see Tina and her family. She passed away with Louise and Tina holding her hand as she left this world, knowing she would be greeted by her beloved Britt.

15: Thelma's Words: "Britt was a man tall and stately with a love of life. One of his greatest joys until his last few years of his life were his dogs. He loved to tell tales of his dogs and he wold keep his family occupied most all night or day telling story after story of those beloved dogs of his. In the summer, when the moon was full you would go and sit around the campfire with a cup of coffee or maybe you would go off to follow the dogs, Britt could tell each of the dogs by his bark and whether it was chasing a fox, squirrel, coon or rabbit. Blowing the horn to bring in the dogs was also a thrill. In those days, where you were hunting, the people who owned the land really didn't care if you happened to get one of their small melons from a patch as long as you didn't tromp their vines - to bust the small melons and eat it right there in the field - those were the fun days! Never could melons be that good again. It might also be added that Daddy nor his friends ever killed a fox nor did they condone anybody else doing this - if they found a dead one the would become so angry!. In Later years, as cars and fences became more abundant, people became afraid and many of his dogs were killed or caught in fences. His sport then changed to fishing, with almost as much enthusiasm. There was the big one that got away and he never caught over two - his limit - but his love of the sport and his friends were always there. Perhaps his greatest asset was his assurance that no matter what, there was not a thing that could not be conquered if you went about it the right way; which was to trust the Lord first, then your fellowman. He didn't need a contract..just a handshake. He was the only person I knew who could go to the local bank and borrow any amount with no collateral. whether it was for himself or a young black person, whose wife needed surgery or a relative or a friend, it made no difference. If he saw you needed the money, he would see you got it. A lot of time, realizing he would end up having to pay the money back himself. His favorite saying about Kilgore was something like this, "The merchants were the biggest crooks around until a person was really down and out and then they were all heart."

16: Eight of the Meixsell silblings | Russell Clemence Shupp was born on March 9, 1904 and passed away in 1989 in Salyorsbury, Pa. His family owned a large farm in or around Gilbert. Rosa Meixsel was born on May 1, 1905 in Tatamy, PA. to the late George and Emma Elizabeth Getz Meixsell. She was a member of the Salem United Chruch of Christ in Gilbert, Pa. where she served in a number of ministries throughout her life. Rosa Shupp passed away on November 23, 1998 in Terrell, Tx. while living her son and daughter-in-law Clark and Louise Shupp, her last couple of years of life.

17: Rosa Meixsell Shupp was one of nine children and Russell Shupp was one of five siblings. All lived in or around Gilbert, Pa. for much of those young years so holidays and weekends were spent with aunts, uncles and cousins. Rosa spent 28 years as a school teacher and later as a principal at a small elementary school in the Pleasant Valley School Distict. She retired in 1970. Russell worked at the New Jersey Zinc company for 42 years. before he retired in 1970.

19: Tina enjoys time in Florida with Mom and Dad

20: Terrance Dozier Shupp Born May 31, 1954 in Valpariso, Florida

21: Terry has always liked dressing up and being at the front of a crowd

22: Tracey Lyn Shupp Born November 3, 1955

23: Clark David Shupp Jr. Born December 30. 1957

27: Tina, Terry and Tracey were all born in Valpariso, Florida where their father, Clark Shupp was stationed while serving in the US Air Force at Eaglin Air Force Base. After Clark's discharge from the Air Force, he and Louise moved to Pasadena, Tx. They originally moved in with Louise's brother, GW, until they secured a home for themselves. Clark worked at Goodyear and was also attending University of Houston where he obtained his degree in Utility Refrigeration. Mom remained at home raising five children under the age of six and Dad worked full time at night shifts while attending school full time. They lived in Pasadena for the next few years and by 1961 they had moved to Beaumont, Tx. where Dad began working as a supervisor with Goodrich in Orange, Tx. By 1964 they had moved to Pinewood, a country club suburb outside of Beaumont and the Shupp children all spent most of their childhood spending time at the pool with friends or in the case of Terry and David, on the golf course where they gained their lifelong love of the game.

29: Tina's Memories | 1. Granny (Bessie) cooking all day on Sundays and the table loaded down with all of our favorites; chicken, roast, dumplings and always at least 2-3 homemade pies. 2. Easter bonnets. 3. Mom with the black beehive hair, always with a cigarette in hr mouth. 4. Trips every other year to Pa. to visit the Shupp family and crowding into a car for the long trip to Pa, hollering most the way, "How much longer?" | 5. Singing "Off We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder" - the Air Force song over and over in the car. 6. Attending church on then coming home and the whole family sitting down to eat roast, potatoes and carrots. 7. Vietnam 8. Going movies almost every Sat. at noon for 25 cent and WALKING to the movies. | 9. Beatles and the Ed Sullivan Show. 10. Going to the drive-in to watch John Wayne and Elvis Presley movies. 11. Family fighting over who would get the best part of the chicken on the table 12. No stores open on Sundays. 13. Bell bottom pants with flowers all over them. 14. Growing up on cooked baloney sandwiches. 15. My first car I bought in 1975 for $5200. It was a brand new Buick Century. 16. JFK assassination on November 22, 1963. I was in about the 5th grade when they announced it on the loud speaker and I remember running all the way home to tell mom. She already knew. I watched it with her on TV and I remember her standing and ironing the clothes and crying. 17. In High School I remember white people walking on one side of the hall and blacks on the other side. 18. While in Colorado on vacation they televised the first landing on the moon.Everybody had their TV's tuned to it. 19. The Cuban Crisis and Bay of Pigs. At school we practiced going out to the halls and huddling with our hands over our heads in case we were bombed.

31: Terry's Memories | 1. Playing "Capture the Flag." 2. Playing sandlot football with all the guys in the neighborhood. 3. Golf, golf, and more golf. 4. Alligator hunting and fishing on th bayou.. 5. Tina frying the fish we would catch on the bayou. 7. Squirrel hunting with Dan rRiford and Danny Day. 8. Millions of mosquitos and huge roaches. 9. Lots of spaghetti dinners,"swimming hole" on one of the tributaries outside of Sour Lake. 10. The Rebel Inn restaurant - a hang out 11. Going to Church on most Sundays and Reverend Burckleback coming over and giving us guitar lessons. 12. Summer Church camps. 13. Getting caught many times hunting for golf balls in the bayou at night with Dan Raiford and Eddie Rife. 14. Riding bikes or Moped to the Pinewood Grocery store to buy a slurpy. 15. Building tree houses and forts in the woods. 16. Swimming and games at the Club. 17. Spending the night or having somebody sleep over every single weekend. 18. JFK shooting and Mom crying. 19. Getting thrown off the school bus and having to walk home. 20. Taking turns at night doing the dishes. Mom always said I cleaned the best. 21. Working in a motel at the front desk while attending college. 22. Going camping with family in the pop up trailer in Colorado. 23. Going to boat races with Dad. 24. Waking up on Christmas and fining the bike I wanted. 25. Leaving a hole in my bedroom door after fighting with Dan R. and turning the door around so Dad wouldn't see the damage. 26. Playing with GI Joe figures.

33: Tracey's Memories | 1. Sneaking out on a weekend night with Vanette Kerr and Sherry Brown to go ride golf carts with our guy friends around the golf course. 2. Having many sleepovers with my girlfriends at either my house or Sherry's. 3. The hot pink mustang that Candy Preston drove us around n when she moved in with us. We Shupp kids were suddenly cool. 4. Having Vanette come over to do my chores so we could go out to meet up with friends at the Pinewood Club. 5. Having Terry ask me to his college Miltary ball (I was not to tell anybody I was his sister) and then he bailed on me when he didn't pick up his uniform from the cleaners on time. I was all dressed up so he took me to dinner. 6. Mom reading the entire book (in different nights) of the Prince and the Pauper. 7. Listening to the comedy version of the Kennedy's in the White House on a record Dad or Mom purchased. 8. Fights between Terry and Dan or Eddie Rife at the Pinewood park with a crowd watching and then they would spend the night with each other after wiping away any blood on their body. 9. The constant flooding in Pinewood and us taking a boat from our section to the clubhouse just to catch the bus for school. 10. Grandpa Dozier playing Hide and Seek with us at their house. 11. Driving down to the beach during the summer, putting baby oil all over our boy and getting fabulous tans. 12. Hanging out at the little country store Bessie and Britt owned and how when somebody couldn't pay they just let them put their items on a running tab until they could pay. 13. Mom making us take our bikes to the store to buy her a pack of camels and bribbing us with being able to buy a candy bar and soda if we went for her. 14. Spending two weeks every summer with the Caves and going on their vacations with them. 15. My first job as a social worker making $9000 a year. 16. 50 cents a gallon for gas. 17. JFK shooting and telling mom. She cried all night. 18. Watching the Wizard of Oz in black and white because we didn't have a color TV. 19. Always thinking we had the MOST BEAUIFUL MOTHER in the world.

35: David's Memories | 1. Grandma's no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. 2. Roach on Terry's nose in our bedroom as he slept one night. 3. Buying the little Yamaha 50 scooter with Dad. 4. Always having friends at our home and Kerry always cleaning our home. 5. Getting up Christmas morning and coming out and seeing open presents. 6. Christmas at Aunt Faye's and Uncle Wayne's. 7. Family Reunions at Canyon Lake. 8. Backing down Pikes Peak with a trailer because our car could not make it up the mountain. 9. Baseball at the field in China. 10. Golfing, swimming, golf ball hunting, camping in the back yard. 11. Wild boars in the back yard. 12. Tippy. 13. Going to the Pocono 500 with Pappy. 14. Kitty sitting and string up a tree all night waiting for the squirrel. 15. Family trips to Kilgore in the mustang. I got the door seat. 16. Sometimes sneaking on the golf course when Dad canceled our membership. 17. While living in the white house in Beaumont I remember the big train set we got for Christmas one year. Dad had put it together in the attack and had it running Christmas morning. 18. Blackie, our black dog that was put down because he bit the postman or milkman. 19. My friend and I giving the neighbors car a Mud Wash and having to clean it after getting caught. 20. Paying 25 cents and walking to the movie theater. 21. Fighting forest fires in the big thicket so they would not get to our houses. 22. Playing on the roofs of all of the houses on our street since nobody lived in them when we first moved in. 23. The fort we built with the cable system for sliding down from the top of the fort. One dork (not Terry) fell and broke both his arms. 24. The trips to Pocono lake and staying in Mammy and Pappy's mobile home. Swimming and learning to ski there.

37: Dana's Memories | 1. Kick the can. 2. Getting to pick out carpet for our bedrooms and picking purple shag for mine. 3. Playing hide and seek and hiding in the hall closet underneath all the clean clothes we took of the dryer and would throw in there rather than fold them. 4. Driving to school in the old blue station wagon (aka Shuppmobile) with no heater so we would use blankets instead. 5. Terry and David fighting on the bean bag chair and it busting open and those little foam balls getting everywhere. 6. Kerry and Lynda coming over to clean house so we could have parties at the house. 7. Dad leaving for work at 5:00am and slipping into my room some mornings to ask if he could borrow a few $$ of my tip money for his lunch that day. 8. Running/riding our bikes behind the mosquito truck as it sprayed chemicals. 9. Lemon up shampoo and "Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific" shampoo. 10.. Being home alone, before I was school age, waiting on Dad to get off of his night shift from work. 11. Sliding down the spillway into the bayou. 12. Playing on/around the big pipeline that ran across the bayou (not really knowing it was a gas pipeline!) 13. Cartwheels and rolling down the greens of the golf course at night. 14. All of the trails we made from street # 1 and # 2. | 15. Hunting and picking blackberries and Granny making blackberry cobbler. 16. Popping tar bubbles on the road while walking to the little store or the country club with my toes. 17. Crawdad hunting in the ditches. 18. Easter egg hunting with all the cousins. 19. Lining up in the hall Christmas morning. 20. My lifelong friends.

38: Russell & Rosa | Britt & Bessie | Mammy & Granny | Bessie & Britt with Tina

39: Louise and Jr. with Tina & Terry | Fun Florida days for Louise & Clark

40: Thelma's Words From the time I can remember our house was always full of relatives, either coming or going. Daddy always saw that they got jobs - if at all possible - money, etc. as they passed his way. He never turned away a person no matter what. I remember when I was little, during the boom days of Kilgore, he pumped a lease and during those days they burned off excess gas. On very cold winter nights he would let hobos, really men traveling around trying to find work, spend the night under those torches or in his little house, where he did his books, etc. The next morning he would bring them to the house for breakfast before they went on their way. In those days, we lived on a lease and raised a garden, had chickens, cows and hogs along with the dogs. The company gave us vacations during the summer and those too were fun days. We never knew about hotels, motel, etc. we would just pack the car and go. If night over took us before we got to our destination, we would just camp by the side of the road, cooking on a campfire and sleeping on the ground or in the car. I remember living in a log cabin with a stone fireplace and it had a dirt floor that we swept with a broom made of weeds. this was in Oklahoma, just out of Ravia. The Washita River was near. I grew up going back and forth in a covered wagon between Ardmore, Ok. to Kosse, Tx, near Waco. I remember cropping cotton with Papa Jeff's (father to Bessie) sister, Aunt Mammie and Lotta dressed like old hobos. | Bessie & Britt with GW, Thelma, Louise, Bob, Tina and Terry

41: Bessie and Britt with Louise, Clark and their beloved Caves Family. | THE DOZIER CLAN

42: Celebrating Britt's and Bessie's 50th wedding anniversary | Uncle Jr. & Aunt Pat

43: Gary Dozier | Jennifer & Dennis English | Carolyn and Mike | Bob & Laura | Albert Dozier

45: Clark and his beloved sister, Molly Kresge | Rosa and Russell with grandchildren, Judy, Dale, and Dennis Kresge | Rosa with her sisters, brothers and their spouses.

46: Dal | Clark with his parents and sister at Rosa and Russel's 50th Wedding anniversary | Wilbur and Molly Kresge with grandsons, Lynn and Kerry Smith | Dale Kresge, nephew of Clark | Winter visit to the Shupp's in Pennsylvania | Memories of Vacations in Pa. **David and Terry riding Pappy's riding lawn mower to help mow the large and long backyard that ran up to a creek the Shupp kids all loved to play in. **Having big family gatherings and picnics at Mammy's house with all the relatives of Dad. **Going to the lake, swimming to the island, and using the paddle boat, jumping off to swim back to shore leaving Tina alone to paddle by herself. **Aunts and Uncles coming over nightly to play cards. **Going to school with Mammy one day and wearing snow boots for the first time.

47: THE DOZIER CLAN in Beaumont, Tx. | Bessie with her children

48: Terry & Tina | Tina, Terry & Tracey | Cousin Bob with Tina & Terry | Terry holds his new brother, David

49: S H U P P K I D S

50: Vacations in Pennsylvania and Holidays with the Dozies and Caves

51: Clark & Louise in Florida with Tina & Terry | Clark & Louise in Pasadena, Tx. with Tina, Terry, Tracey & David | Church Day in Beaumont, Tx. (Pinewood) with David, Dana & our dog, Blackie

52: Shupp Kids Growing Up With Cousins | Easter at Bessie & Britt's home | Thanksgiving at the Caves Home

53: Shupp Kids Growing Up With Cousins | Christmas and Easter at the Shupp Home | Good times in Pennsylvania

54: Terry, David & Bob Caves hanging out at Galveston, Tx. | Spring Break in Florida | Lake house Days in Livingston, Tx.

55: Terry, Tracey, Dana, LuAnne, Angie (Lu's sister) and friends in Cozumel, Mexico

60: With Tina being the eldest of the Shupp children, she was always given a little more responsibility. When she was just six years old, Mom recalls how she would make Tina walk Terry & Tracey to their respective Sunday School classes as she felt Tina was clearly old enough to do so when looking at her in comparison to the four younger siblings under her. Tina was reluctant to go to college, but Mom told her that she set the tone for what the rest of he kids did and the expectation was that she would go to at least one year of college. Tina attended and finished at Stephen F. Austin Univ. with a degree in Social Work. She has worked most of her adult life as a social worker as a strong advocate for both children and vulnerable adults. Tina is a great lover of family and dotes on one and all. Tina has also become the historian of the family and has begun to spend many days and nights gaining skills in scrapbooking, photography and creating photo books and DVD's. | TINA

61: Tina met Elliot Craig Roth while attending college. he was a fraternity brother of Terry's who had taken a couple of years away from college after being called to serve in the military. Tina and Craig married in 1977. Craig obtained his degree in Business but after marrying Tina, he decided to go back to school for a mechanical engineering degree. They lived in Beaumont, TX. where he attended Lamar Univ. Tina and Craig had three sons, Nathan, Jonathan, & Michael. After graduating from Lamar, Tina, Craig and Nathan moved to Borger, TX. where Craig obtained his first engineering job. A couple of years later, with Nathan and now Jon in tow, they moved to Saudi Arabia for five years where Craig worked for Aramco. Michael was born there. They traveled the world and made some great friends and memories. Upon their return, they moved to El Paso, TX. It is there that the boys grew up with their father and mother both doting on them and involved in all of their sports and daily activities. Craig loved riding his motorcycle exploring the countryside. Craig passed away on March 30, 2007. He has been missed greatly by his wife, his sons, and his entire family.

62: Terry grew up playing the game of golf and aside from Betty and his children and grandchildren, one could say it is one of the GREAT LOVES of his life. Terry grew up with a keen sense of humor that continues to this day, always looking for the next joke to play on his friends, his nephews and mostly his younger brother, David. He loves to compete with his nephews and as the boys all grew, his wagers with them were always part of their relationships. Terry has loved and been proud of not just his children, but all of his nephews and nieces and has always been there to offer jobs and money when needed. Terry has become an avid gardener and his home exemplifies what dream gardens are made of. Terry graduated from Stephen F. Austin and after graduation he went into the US Army where he served almost four years as a Lt. with the military police. Terry eventually bought and expanded a Dallas area Fencing Company. | The family has often said Terry has nine lives as on many vacations he has narrowly escaped grave danger. Terry has had a bucket list of things he expects to accomplish in his life and with Betty and his family by his side he is well on his way to accomplishing them one by one. | TERRY

63: Terry met Betty Eldridge while stationed at Ft. Hood, Tx. It didn't take long for this striking young woman to catch his attention. Betty had a three year old child, Amy, at the time. Terry and Betty have two other children, Rachel and Tori and three grandchildren, Bailey, Rylee, and Bradie. They dote on all of the children and have always been there for each of them, supporting them in all of their activities, even buying a stable and Arabian horses so that Rachel could have them to showcase and | ride. The wedding between Terry and Betty almost did not take place due to Terry deciding to go on a ski trip with a Univ. of Texas ski club that David was going on as well. He left Betty behind, and came back early with a broken leg. He had to charm her all over again just to get her to again agree to marry him. Terry barely got the cast off before the big wedding took place. Many events take place at the home of Terry & Betty due to how beautiful their home and outdoor living area is. They graciously hosts the family and their friends and delight in sharing what they do have with others. Besides attending their grandchildren's sporting events, Betty continues to remain active as a fierce tennis player.

64: Tracey is the planner and self appointed counselor of the family. Many of the family vacations were planned by her and most the pictures found of family events are because she always had a camera snapping away, many times to the dismay of the recipients of the pictures. Whenever friends or family members have had a problem, they knew that Tracey would always be there for them and hop on the next plane home if needed. While Tracey has lived away from her siblings and parents most of her adult life, she has always made it a point to be part of their lives and to make sure that her children had a close relationship with the entire family. Family and friends has and always will be what is most important to her. Laughter and humor have always been important to Tracey and she has always loved to make people laugh. Tracey graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a degree in Secondary Education, but went on to become a social worker, also advocating for the rights and well being of children. She obtained a MA in Human Resource Management and a MSW from Virginia Commonwealth Univ. | TRACEY

65: Tracey met David Alan Cox while working in Killeen, Tx. as a social worker with Child Protective Services. She originally moved to Killeen because of another man, but that relationship broke up after meeting Dave and finding he was the real love of her life. Dave attended West Point and became a pilot for the military flying helicopters, mostly Hueys and Cobras. After getting married, Dave and Tracey moved first to Enterprise, Alabama where Dave had his advanced course for Captains and he also became proficient in night vision goggles and became an instructor pilot. They have three daughters, Kristin, Katie, and Kelly. They then moved to Singapore where Dave was an instructor pilot with the Singaporean Air Force and Tracey worked as a Community Liaison Worker with the US Embassy. They then moved to Albuquerque, NM where Dave obtained his MS in Astro Physics. A subsequent move was made to Washington DC area and they have mostly remained in the Virginia suburbs of DC where the children grew up. Dave and Tracey remained active in all parts of their children's lives and sports as they watched them grow into beautiful young women. Dave's love of flying continues a and he now flies for pleasure with a p private pilot license. His passions also include boating and skiing.

66: DAVID | David has always been the cuddly one in the family. Without fail, he would lay in bed calling out at night for a good night kiss from his mother before going to sleep. His love and devotion to his wife and his children is noticeable to all who meet and know him. David grew up on the golf course just as his older brother, Terry did. His love of the game still provides a great | beloved David was okay. In addition to his obsession with golf and his children, David has always had a knack with his hands, being able to build, construct and update his home with a precision and aptitude that would leave any layman jealous. David also has a keen sense of humor and has always liked reciprocating practical jokes against his brother, Terry. | he does not have to follow his children around the State of Texas as they participated in both league, high school and college sports. while growing up. David attended the University of Texas, much to his mother's delight who attended three years there herself. He graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering. While in college he took a semester off to work on an oil rig off the Galveston, Tx. coast. A big storm came through at one point with media saying a rig had been damaged and Mom was frantic as she awaited word that her | hobby for him, especially now that

67: David married LuAnne Johnson right out of college. He fell in love with her at first site after a set up date by his sister,Tracey and her good friend, Angie, who happened to be the sister to LuAnne. He says he actually remembers seeing her as a cheerleader while attending a high school basketball game against Lu's school. The affection he always had for his mother now included the love of his life. He is rarely seen with her for more than a few hours before he is hugging and kissing on his beautiful wife. LuAnne graduated from Lamar Univ. with a | degree in art. She went back to school after having children and obtained her teaching certificate where she has been teaching since about 1993. Her gift of drawing is pronounced in the hangings on her wall, but she has spent little time with this talent the family so cherishes since having children. LuAnne is also the big cook in the family and it was always known that when you went to their home, a great homemade meal awaited you. | David and Lu have three wonderful children, Ashley, Matthew & Megan.

68: DANA | Dana is the baby of the Shupp Clan. She is the organizer and decorator of the group. If she could start over on a different career, it would be in decorating. Dana has always been great at taking party themes and making the party special with the ideas she has. Dana graduated from Texas Tech with a degree in Home Economics. At the time she did not know what else to major in and ended up with something she never used. Dana began working early on for oil and gas companies and eventually worked herself up to an Engineering Tech position in the oils and gas industry. She is a very independent and proud woman who has always put her children first. Dana's loyal and devotion to her friends have meant that she continues to keep life long friends close in heart and stays in touch with many of those she grew up with. That same devotion has been passed down to her children and all of her nieces and nephews, with her doting on them all.

69: Dana met Robert Lee Plecker while still in college. He had graduated and had come back to his beloved Texas Tech school for a fraternity party. Right after Dana gradated from Tech, she and Bob got married and began their married life in Midland, Tx. where Bob was beginning a new career as a Landman with the oil and gas industry. Bob graduated with a degree in Business and began working originally as a salesman with Xerox. Soon after Dana and Bob married, their apartment burnt down. Dana was in the shower and Bob was in the family area when a ball of fire went roaring through their french door causing a tall plant to catch on fire. Bob barely had time to get Dana, their diplomas, and the TV out before the entire apt. was engulfed in fire. Dana's wedding ring was never found in the debris. Dana and Bob moved to Dallas, Tx. and had two beautiful children, Kendall and Bobby. However, the marriage ended in divorce and Bob eventually moved back to Midland to be with his mother. Bob continued to work off and on in the Oil and Gas industry. Every Fall Kendall and Bobby would fly to Lubbock to meet him for his beloved Texas Tech football games. Both children eventually went to the school their parents attended. Bob passed away with Kendall at his side on January 6, 2011. Both Bobby and Kendall spent almost the last two weeks of his life staying with him at the hospital. He continues to be missed by his children and his family.

72: Wedding of Tina to Elliot Craig Roth

74: Terry weds Betty Ruth Eldridge

76: David Weds Luanne Johnston June 19, 1982

80: Dana Weds Robert Lee Plecker

82: Tracey Weds David Alan Cox May 19, 1984

86: Clark and Louise with their beloved Moms, Bessie and Rosa

87: Tina finds love again with her new husband, David Thomas. They wed in Oct. of 2009. | Dana marries Steve Nance in January of 2007

88: Homes that were filled with love and laughter. | Prince

89: THE KISS | Love Endures Through Time

90: Clark, Louise, Tina, Terry, Tracey, David & Dana

91: Betty Shupp | LuAnne Shupp | David Cox | Steve Nance | Bob Plecker | Craig Roth | David Thomas

92: Pat, Carolyn, Albert & Rusty | Wayne and Clark | Louise and Thelma | Thelma and Wayne | Albert Jr. and Pat | Beverly, GW, Louise and Clark | Juantia and Patsy | F A M I L Y

93: Just the beginning | Grandkids are yet to come

94: LO

95: VE

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