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Boy Oh Boy!

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S: Boy Oh Boy!

FC: Dawson Richard Balle September 18, 2011

1: We were thrilled to find out we were having a baby! We were both ready for a new addition to the family. Mom looked at the pregnancy test first, then when dad got home she showed him and they weren't completely sure if it was positive or not. It was :)

2: 1 month | 2 months

3: 3 months | 4 months

4: 1 month | 2 months

5: 3 months | 4 months

6: 5 months | 6 months

7: 7 months | 8 months

8: 9 months | 10 months

9: 11 months | 12 months

10: 11 Weeks | 23 Weeks | 24 Weeks

11: 32 Weeks | 33 Weeks | 35 weeks

12: 37 Weeks | 38 Weeks | 39 Weeks

13: 39.5 Weeks | 40 Weeks | 41 weeks

14: OUCH! | Mom texted a lot in order to keep her mind off things. She and her coworker were both having babies at the exact same time, so they were texting back and forth too. It helped

17: It was a long night for all of us. Grandpas both fell asleep in the waiting room while mom was pushing. It took close to 3 hours, so can't really blame them. Mom had a great support group the entire time. Dad, Gma LeeAnn and Nana Lisa, Grandpa Mark and Grandpa Bob and Aunt Madi were all there cheering mom on. They all fell asleep at some point during the night.

18: Dawson Richard Balle | September 18, 2011 | 7 Pounds, 4 Ounces | 20 Inches | 4:31 am | Intermountain Medical Center Murray, UT

19: "First we had each other, then we had You, Now we have everything"

23: Our sweet new baby. We were so exhausted, yet so very happy to have you in our arms. You were perfect! And you had hair and dimples! You didn't like to be held on our shoulders, you were very alert, and you were a good eater. We named you Dawson a few hours after you were born. We almost named you Soren. Richard is after your great grandpa Murphy who loves you so much. We surprised him at the hospital and told him your middle name. He was so happy. He wants you to be called Little Richy all of the time :)


29: We had a lot of hospital visitors Sunday afternoon to see you! Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell Grandma and Grandpa Balle Aunt Hillary and Uncle Kevin, Uncle Murphy Aunt Madi, Aunt Hannah, Uncle Parker and Uncle Conner Great-Grandma Balle Great-Grandma and Grandpa Murphy Great-Grandma and Grandpa Rosevear Great-Aunt Jan and Uncle Brad and Cousin Brett Great-Aunt Tana, Great Aunt Patti and Uncle Todd Jenny, Kyle and Alexa and Kyle's brother Craig

30: Leaving the Hospital

31: We were actually pretty sad to be leaving the hospital. the nurses were so great and took such good care of us. Dad thought it was like a cruise room. Mom never had to leave the bed and could push the buttons that adjusted the bed, turned on and off the lights, worked the TV, and even had a button that called the nurse and she could ask for food or help or anything. it was great! We were there from the 17th to the 20th. the nurses would take you to the nursery at night and watch you until you were ready to eat. it was so nice! goodbye IMC. We will miss you.

32: Your first home. QuailBrook condos. 4637 Quail Vista Cove Apartment F. In Murray Utah

33: The Nursery

34: Always kiss your children goodnight - even if they're already asleep.

36: B | Four Generations of Balle's.

37: Scrub a dub dub....Dawson in his first tub | Your umbilical cord fell off when you were ten days old. So you didn't have to wait too long to have a bath with mom. You hated the sponge baths, but boy did you love that tub bath. The moment Dad put you in, you stopped crying and didn't cry again until we made you get out.

40: A new baby is like the beginning of all things-wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.

41: Newborn Baby Boy | We adore this kid!

44: Dawson 7 weeks Milli 12 Years

45: Children reinvent your world for you.

46: precious first moments | You always did these crazy eyes when you were little | Fell asleep on bathroom floor

48: First Halloween! | For Halloween we went to Great grandma Balle's, then Aunt Tana's, we also visited great grandma Murphy and family

50: We Spent A LOT of time outside when you were born. It felt good to get out of the house and get moving and you loved sleeping as we walked around. | Milli didn't want to walk and mom couldn't push two strollers, so Milli sat in the bottom of your stroller. It was heavy! :) But she was happy

51: A baby is born with a need to be loved -- and never outgrows it. | Those first few weeks we slept during the day A Lot!!! Mom and Dad would sleep almost anywhere. We weren't used to such little sleep at night!

52: Dawson's Baby Blessing November 6, 2011

53: It is the nature of babies to be in bliss. | Every baby born into the world is a finer one than the last.

55: You'll be- His first kiss......His first Love....His first friend You are His mommy and he IS your whole world. He is your little boy

61: There were 24 people in your prayer circle. It was more like a figure eight. But all the more power. Dad did a great job, and even did the "lion king" hold in the end to show you to everyone. (even though he really didn't want to because he was nervous he would drop you in front of everyone).

63: Great G&G Murphy's house

66: Daddy Love

67: Dad wouldn't let me pay to get your 3 month photos taken, so I did them myself. They turned out adorable, so I guess Dad was right | 3 months old

70: 3 Month Updates Smiles Starting to Laugh Loves music Loves Barney, Sesame Street, football, and most TV Starting to laugh Loves sucking on hands Loves Books Likes the Binky Loves to be held! Doesn't like to nap very much Gets up every 2 hours to eat each night He always grabs his ears Sleeps with his arms behind his head Likes his bouncy chair Loves baths Is starting to kick around and splash in the bath with his legs He is a sweetheart, we just love him!

73: First Christmas!

74: Christmas 2011

81: 4 months old!

84: Dawson 4.5 months old

85: Dawson and Paisley 1-29-12

86: Family pictures Feb. 2012 5 months old | You can't really stand up yet, but we pretended

88: Deer Creek

89: Midway, UT

90: Still sleep with your arms behind your head. So cute! | Love that smile! Such sweet dimples

91: Daddy time! Feb 2012

94: 6 months old! Such a big boy!

98: Dawson 6 months old Can sit up on his own and roll to his back from his tummy Loves bananas, pears, cereal, and puffs Is a big mommy's boy Doesn't like to be put down...ever Loves to be upside down and to jump Loves Music Likes to make a suck in sound Just stopped getting up in the night, with a little help Sleeps usually from 7 to 7 He squints his nose and eyes Does a fake half smile at everyone Still sleeps with his arms behind his head Smiles and giggles at cameras Loves to jump in your arms Hates the sun in his eyes Has to grab everything and then taste it Is a bundle of joy!

99: This is the Place Monument With Grandma and Mama. We had more fun than you I think

101: Dad's Graduation BYU April 2012

103: You will never have this day with your child again. Today is a gift. Breathe and notice Study his little face and feet. Relish the charms of the present Enjoy today mama, it will be gone before you know it.

104: Father's Day 2012

105: You love to swim!!! | Feeding Alexa | Funny hat | Seven Peaks!!!!

106: London and Paris May 2012

108: You got your own seat on the airplane!

110: London | Princess Diana's Park | white and nerdy ;) | Bonding with Gpa Bob | London | Spent a lot of time walking around. You were so good!

113: Summer 2012!!!! Love music, mom was in Fiddler on the Roof, sold Bubbles the bug, you learned to crawl

114: Midway Mitchell family pictures July 2012

115: Balle Family pictures June 2012

116: Big Move to Florida! Saying goodbye | July 2012

117: Long trip to our new home. So tired and no furniture!

118: First few weeks in Florida: First rainstorm-you cried because the rain was so strong and drenched us when we got out of the car-you were scared; you love to crawl around the empty aptmnt, Movers came; Grandma LeeAnn and Madi visit; you crashed after the beach; visit to dad's school LECOM; lots of exploring; Wafflehouse; swimming; We had a fun first few weeks!

119: Ana Maria Island

120: Lost Creek Apartments our new home; standing all by yourself! Cute top teeth came all the way in; wrestle time with daddy August 2012

121: Head touch

123: Dawson 11 months old Can walk all over the place. Never once used our hands to walk. Just got up one day and did it. Love baths again! Love to do upside down boy Love putting things inside other things or putting lids on and off containers A mamas boy, but not scared to explore by yourself! Not a great eater, oh well. Love to find airplanes in the sky Can sign sleep and all done Understand so much! Love to bring mom her shoes and make her put them on, then walk her to the door to take you outside. Have to carry around a ping pong paddle and ball pretty much all day. Love balls and a few select stuffed animals Love reading books. Not as into TV, but you still like to bring mom the channel changer to turn on one of your shows. You lose interest pretty fast, but if it gets turned off you notice! Love peek a boo Love to go to the pool. You have no fear of the water. Love your crib and never want to sleep in mom and dad's bed. Love cheese and pizza and red sauce. Love lolly pops. Now moved up to a big boy car seat, much happier

125: Fun time with Grandpa! August 2012

126: One Year Old Pictures on the Beach Bradenton Beach 2012

127: Dawson boy, you are almost one! You are such a sweet little boy! We love you to pieces! We bought helium balloons for your pictures, but forgot how windy the beach is, so they didn't really go very high. But still look cute.

128: You loved digging in the sand and finding sea shells. You would try to eat them, but mom would have to dig them out of your mouth! | Starting to walk all by yourself :) Such a big boy

136: Cake Smash!!!

139: One Year Old! We cannot believe you are one. You have changed so much already and are so smart! We are amazed by how much you notice and understand at such a young age. We cannot even imagine life without you. You are so much fun! You love music and to dance and spin in circles. You also love to gag yourself, which mom yells at you a lot about. You always make us laugh. You have 4 teeth and are getting one in the back. You LOVE to run around and love dogs. You are such a good boy and have such a sweet personality. You sleep 12-13 hours a night, usually take two naps a day, and go to bed without a problem. You love to wrestle and be tickled and to laugh. You have such enthusiasm for life and the world around you and bravely face it all without fear. You make our lives so much better. We are so thankful for you and couldn't ask for a better son. You are perfect in every way. We love you so much Dawson! Thanks for making the world a better place because you're in it! Love, Mom and Dad

141: Teefies! 4 teeth- 1 year old | Boys will be boys

142: Birthday boy!!!! Our little uno. You are so precious!

143: You got a new baby pool filled with 100 balls from mom and dad for your birthday. You loved it! When mom first put you in you just sat there without moving. You would grab one ball, put it in your mouth or just look at it, set it down, and grab another. Mom finally had to teach you that you could go in and out. Once you learned that, you were doing it non stop. You had to crawl out to retrieve every ball that escaped and put it back inside the pool. You played in it all day. You would just go inside and sit there silently, examining all of the balls around. You liked it when mom covered you with the balls and would laugh really hard.

145: You had such a fun birthday. You didn't want to sleep, you just wanted to play with all of your new toys. You got toys from your grandparents and cards from your great grandparents. We love them all so much!

146: Under the Sea

147: First Birthday Party!!!! | Mom accidentally hit your neck with the hat, so you started crying as we sang happy birthday. Sorry Daws | Didn't really care about the candle. | You started eating your cake and were happier | Playing in the ball pit with Eli. Best buds! | Kaitlin, Jon, and Eli Poier, | Zane and Mary Curtis, Zack Loud, and Nate Brown all came to celebrate with you.

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