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Brad's First Fifty Years

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Brad's First Fifty Years - Page Text Content

S: Brad's Life Before Fifty

BC: An incredible son, brother, uncle, husband, father and friend! Happy 50th Birthday Brad! 3-22-2011 You are loved by many! | Made with much love by your adoring wife

FC: In Celebration of Brad's First 50 Years

1: Bradford Stewart This is your life, just about your ENTIRE life from birth till today and we celebrate the man you are!!! 3-22-2011

3: Dear Brad, Many, many, many, many, many years ago, God blessed us with a 7 1/2 pound baby boy with blue eyes and blond hair. Oh, how excited we were. The excitement continued as we watched you grow and mature into a wonderful individual. Many happy memories come to mind as I remember your journey in life. I remember you: - Surviving meningitis - Playing in the sandbox with your cars and trucks - Climbing around the tree house with your sisters and friends - Teasing your sisters and getting them in trouble - Being involved in sports--Little League to high school football, baseball and golf - Learning to pitch by throwing a ball against the house - Playing golf with Dad - Stealing a delicious cupcake then denying it to Dad - Riding your bike with your sisters - Going off to college - Being baptized - Your first job - Marriage to sweet Theresa - Experiencing Judd's birth Brad, with the ups and downs of life, you always remain true to yourself and your core values. Your expressions of kindness and unselfish compassion for others have not gone unnoticed. May God continue to bless you and your family as you continue making happy memories. I'm so proud to call you Son. Happy 50th Birthday "Favorite Son" Much love, Mom

5: Hey Big Brother! It is so hard to get my head around the fact that you are 50. I know, I know... I'll be there soon. It seems like we should still be in our 20's! Where does time go? How about a trip down memory lane? I remember a little boy throwing a ball against the house over and over until he had perfected it. I remember a boy, a tree house and a swing. I remember games of "Kick the Can" and "Hide and Go Seek". I remember Little League baseball and Pee Wee football games. I remember hours playing in the snow and Mom's chili and hot chocolate to warm us up. I remember trips to Dairy Queen. I remember Chip Chastain with a busted mouth--he deserved it! I remember waking up to a midnight sleepwalking football game. (I can't remember if Buddy caught that pass or not...) I remember a dog who adored you; a boy's best friend. I remember hours and hours slaving away at Waffle House. We were a great team! I remember getting on your last nerve and pushing all the right buttons. I remember high school football games and dances. I remember proving you CAN iron---that was my duty as your sister. I remember proving I CAN beat you in basketball---that felt really good! I remember watching you play great golf and your first par round. I remember you saving me from the red ants! I remember getting a speeding ticket because I was following you---Yes, I have forgiven you! Most of all, I remember a brother who always loved me and had my back. When I think of you and our childhood, I smile. While life marches on with many twists and turns, ups and downs, family remains through it all. Brad, I am so proud of you. You are a great success in business and in life. You are a great success as a brother and son, as a father and husband. You care much and you love deeply. I thank God for giving me you. I cannot imagine a better big brother. Thank you for taking care of your little sister, for all of your encouraging words, for picking me up when I was down, and for cheering me on year after year. Today, I celebrate YOU. I celebrate the man you are , your heart, and your courage. I celebrate your first fifty and pray for the most incredible blessings for the next fifty. I LOVE YOU!! Your grateful little sister, Rhonda

6: Happy Birthday Brad, Welcome to 'Club 50'! It takes a few years to completely feel comfortable with all the rules, and I am sure you'll get the hang of it. So as a gift, let me share a few of the rules, just to get you started. And hey man; don't thank me, what else are big sisters for? Please work on the following the first few years of the decade and somehow (they say anyway) the rules help us enter 'Club 60' with some measure of dignity, integrity and grace. 1. Reflect on all the bonehead moves you've made; and forgive yourself. As a bonus, this skill will come in handy for coping with future bonehead moves. (If this process seems to take too much time, be patient, you've probably got enough time left...) 2. Do not reflect on all the things you haven't accomplished; instead concentrate on all of the beautiful memories you can make with those that you love; that's the truest and most lasting inheritance. Meaningful accomplishments are born out of love... 3. Be open to new experiences; suspend judgment; search for a deeper understanding of just 'being': hey, new tricks are indeed around the 'ole dawg! (Psst...[wink] if you're already out of tricks, I suggest purchasing the 'Kama Sutra'.) 4. Focus on what others do well, more often than what they do wrong. After all of these years, I find this is the simplest solution for playing well with others. By the way, this is the first rule you will find that prepares you for the rigorous agenda of 'Club 60'...I'm told it has something to do with 'a second childhood'...????? Hmmm, guess we'll have to wait and see on this one...Un momento!!! I have an idea...let's ask Mom! Brad, I honor both the serious approach you take to life and your gift of quick wit and humor that helps make sense of and lighten the moment! Thanks for teaching me this!!!! We have decades yet to share and learn from each other. I look forward to making those memories Brad...I love you so very much my brother, my friend! 'pj'

9: To my loving brother Brad (More affectionately known as "Bubba"): Baseball games in the front yard. Playing in the tree house with all the kids in the neighborhood. Putting a firecracker in a blue jay's mouth (that bird woke me up every morning so even though everyone thought it was gross, I was eternally thankful). Riding bicycles all the way across town to swim at the pool all day and then play ball at night. Long talks with Dad after every football game (yes, we were listening, too). Waffle House, and all the many long days (and nights), and all the many people we met. These are just a few of the many memories I have of us growing up. You have many memories still ahead! Therefore, my wish for you: Is that life becomes all that you want it too, That your dreams stay big, While your burdens stay small, That you never have to carry more than you can hold. I am extremely proud of you Bubba. You are a great brother, husband and father. Love ya bunches, Myra

11: Graduation Riverdale Senior High School Murfreesboro, TN 1979 Voted Friendliest by class & Best All Around by faculty

12: Middle Tennessee State University Class of 1984

13: Mid to late 1980's

14: 1990's (ish)

16: Dear Brad: I thank God for computers (just becoming to be popular household items), and a daughter who at the age of 12 shouldn't have known about chat rooms on AOL, but while showing me what they were she showed me how to click onto people's profiles. I clicked on yours by chance... and I liked what it said. After "talking" on line for 4 long days I remember meeting you on May 22, 1997 after a tennis luncheon. I wouldn't say that driving over to your house was the smartest thing I should have done, but it was the smartest thing I did do. Interrupting your work day (easily since you worked from home) at 3:00 we talked for 3 hours. It was easy and natural being there that day, well, it was after the initial shock of going in the first place. I must not have said anything too stupid or too scary (yes, I did tell you I had a 14 year old son and a 12 year old daughter that day) because before I left you had already made reservations at Vinny's for our first real date. But, then again, I don't think you planned on marrying me so whatever I said had probably not really mattered. Right away I felt the chemistry. You had a great sense of humor, was very intelligent, yet down to earth, and made me think about things from other people's points of view, not just my own....not to mention the fact that you were a hottie with an incredible golf swing! (My dad had said, jokingly, "Do not date anyone who doesn't golf, I want your next husband to be a golfer so when we get together we can golf"), we started dating and dating and dating..... for six and a half years (hee hee). You were always fun to be around and we had a great time practicing golf... yes, you started to teach me and then you would even take me out on the course with your buddies at times if THEY didn't mind. You were also good with Chris and Haley when you finally did meet them. Not having kids of your own at that point, you were intuitive and very good at pointing out a few things I could do a little differently that could help when an issue or such came up with one of the kids. You had a way, not my way, a different way and sometimes that way was better! I was so proud to become your wife on December 27th, 2003. I admire you! And I appreciate all you do for us, including Chris and Haley! You have a flawless work ethic! You are incredible and I am so proud of all you've accomplished! And after having our sweet little boy Judson, I am amazed and ecstatic at how good of a father you are, even when he was a newborn and infant. Now that he's a little man (all of 4 years old) you can make me cry simply by the way you talk to him, teach him and love him. You are also the most fantastic step dad to Haley and Chris. You're making me a better person and a better mother. Not perfect, but better. You inspire me every day to do something a little better or a little different than the day before. You are very generous and giving. You provide ways to make some of the most incredible family memories such as fishing at the trout farm, rafting down the Ocoee, golfing 9 holes with little "J-man" after work during summer months, Christmas in our own home and inviting all who wish to and are able to come. On your 50th birthday I honor you! I honor the son, the brother, the man, the husband and father you have become during your first 50 years here on this earth. I am excited to live the next 50 years by your side and continue our journey, first as husband and wife, and second as mom and dad to Judd, Haley, and Chris. You've made an exponential difference in our lives as well as the lives of others you touch! I love you so much--Happy Birthday Bradford!

18: July 2000 Scotland Trip with Dad

20: Pinehurst November 2000 This was an impromptu little trip we took right before going to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. We played #2, and had a fabulous experience with an incredible caddy. Relaxed with a tranquil couple's massage, fabulous meals, more golf, and fun in the little village.

21: Brad turns 40

22: Spending time with Mom in Hawaii 2001

23: Christmas is family time! | Stewart bunch in Atlanta, then Charlotte with the Lorimers

24: Brad TRULY surprised Theresa with a 40th Birthday party with friends and Chris and Haley meeting at his house, then Mexico City Gourmet for dinner and fun! And FUN it was!

25: 2002 Cruise with golf at one of our favorite courses, Caye Chapel. Tender from ship to Belize, taxi to airport, fly to Caye Chapel Island. Incredible experience! Dinner at "David's" on the ship was the best meal we've ever had ANYWHERE!

26: T | & | B | We may feel loved. We may show love. But love is not a feeling. Love is a verb, an action. Ultimately, love is a commitment. E.B

29: At last

30: """Memphis in May and Golf Tournament for Autism with the Bartley's 2004 Special Mother's Day with Mom and Pop in Atlanta

31: April 2004 Business trip to Vancouver and side trip to Whistler. Beautiful drive | August overnight stay in a cabin and rafting the Ocoee River with the kids. Oh my Gosh!

32: Christmas 2004 in Charlotte | What Bradford remembers MOST about this trip was that he and Theresa slept in a deep freeze. We slept in sweatshirts and still froze our batooties off

33: On our first anniversary we went aboard Carnival Valor, a brand new ship.

34: Magnificent trip to Utah (where it's IMPOSSIBLE to be "over-served", Vegas (where we "hit the jackpot"), and Pebble Beach (where Theresa will play one round and be just as thrilled to ride the second round just to enjoy the scenery! Oh.... and yes, to enjoy Brad's game, as well.

35: March 2005

36: Dear Brad-Dad... 14 years ago you came into my life After MANY years you made my mother your wife I couldn't be happier to call you my step dad Look at all the smiles and laughter we've had There are many things about you I'm thankful for A role model, friend, and cheerleader, I could not ask for more You give me confidence with you reassuring ways To you I can always look for praise I always feel comfort and care when you are near Your advice and stories are always welcome to hear A round of golf, and a game of Gin Our family playing together, who cares who wins!? Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being the person you are When it comes to fatherhood, you raise the bar So on your birthday we celebrate you, Brad 'Cause after are the most RAD! HAPPY 50TH BIRTHDAY! Love, Haley Anne

37: Priceless day at Atlanta Athletic Club May 22, 2005

38: Brad, the original PF'er. We first met on a golf outing in Pinehurst where he donated many dollars to my golf game, something he has continued to do since then. Along with the rest of the lunatics on that trip, we had a great time and that eventually turned into Brads' founding the Mason-Dixon Cup. Since he was Founder, Chairman and Grand Poobah he was finally able to choose players he could beat. Brad also contributed to the success of Waffle House by resigning his Chief Cook and Bottle Washer position early on. He continues to tout his "Brad's Waffle" which no one ever ordered except Brad himself and has yet to make the Waffle House Wall of Fame. I guess he was also responsible for changing the light bulbs since this eventually made him an expert in lighting. I never have figured out that transition. We do share an appreciation for young vodka and old scotch and as he gets older he will discover that the scotch gets younger as well. But, it's time for celebration in honor of his 50 years, so let's toast with some of that young vodka or aged scotch and wish him a Happy Birthday. Sir Lawrence of Suwanee | Mason Dixon October 2005

39: On this anniversary of your half century existence, let me say first of all, what a wonderful honor and gift it has been to have you in my life. There is probably nothing more important in a father's life than the happiness of his children. You are a prayer come true. You have come into our life by falling in love with our precious daughter Theresa. Once more, you are not just are The Brad! Father of The Great Judson Holiday. Some day there will be a book and follow up movie written and produced about you and your Queen Theresa, Prince Judd and life with Princess Haley together with her talented brother Christopher. Your true treasure and greatest asset, as you well know, is not about what you have accumulated or accomplished, it is about your spirit. It is the ability to give and give. This becomes our greatest gift...and that's YOU! Happy Birthday Love, Steven | Happy "50th" Birthday Brad-- One thing I love about you Brad, is that you are a wonderful husband to our daughter and a great dad to our grandchildren. You have made Theresa very happy and make our grandchildren feel special in many ways. Even though you are away a lot of the time working you make up for it when you are home with them. I know that you have touched lives that you are not aware of and that is "special" too. I love this quote "Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year. The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again". Menachem Mendel Schneerson Much love, Fancita | Lorimer Visit October 2005

40: On this Thanksgiving it appears that Brad and Steven are thankful for the trees on the golf course! | I wonder what Brad's special lucky number is?

41: 2005 Christmas Party at Hera and Christmas in Murfreesboro

42: What we don't have pictures of is the incredible couple's massage on the beach, or the fabulous anniversary dinner on the beach, under the stars. Romantic? Uh, YES!

43: The last sunset of 2005 | Golf at Palmilla, whale watching, and snorkeling! | Cabo San Lucas to celebrate 2nd Anniversary

44: On Feb 8th, 2006, after having blood work done at the Fertility clinic, Dr. Straub called and said, "Well, do you feel pregnant?" Theresa said, "No, not at all". He then said, "Well, you are VERY pregnant". Theresa called Brad and told him that they were definitely going to have a baby and to get ready for the joy of his life.

45: Paco, Happy Birthday Bro! Sorry that Marie, Julius and I couldn't make the celebration but we will see you soon for sure. I'm so glad God put you into our lives. It has been special to see how you and Theresa have grown as a couple and now parents. Marie and I learn a lot from you guys and always cherish our time together. I have so many fond memories of you but always enjoy our times together on the golf course when we can cut up and act silly. Thanks for being the best bro-in-law I've ever known and hope you enjoy your 70th birthday! Love you, Hector | Happy 50th Birthday Brad! I am so thankful for your birthday. I love you very much and Steven and I are so proud to see you not only as a great husband to Theresa but a loving supportive dad to Judson. We always enjoy coming to visit you guys in Atlanta and catching up with each other. One of my favorite memories with you is going to Las Vegas together as a family and flying over the Grand Canyon! I don't think that was a great trip for Steven because he got sick on the small plane...but we had a great time! I look forward to many more memories and trips together in the future! Love Marie

46: Steven and Marie visit Atlanta in April Mother's Day in Atlanta with the kids A visit to see Mom and Dad in Murfreesboro to find a neat sign of welcome on the door for their future grandson.

47: Pebble Beach with Joe Santoro May 2006 | One of my most memorable trips I have ever had was the week Brad and I spent in California. We started with a tour of the vineyards in San Francisco and ended up playing golf at Pebble Beach. We had a great time and swore we would do this again with both of our sons as a Father and Son golf outing. Knowing both of us, we WILL make that happen one day. --Joe

48: May 2006 Ultrasound at Dr. Lewis's office Theresa played golf through the end of July.

49: Relaxing vacation in an incredible condo at The Village at Baytowne Wharf in Destin with Rhonda in June 2006 Visit from the Bartley's in July with the Buchwald's over for dinner while they were here.

50: Big Belly Pictures

51: Judson Holiday Stewart 10-10-2006, 8:38am, 8 lbs 11oz, 21.5 in. | The most exciting day of our lives!

52: October-December 2006 Halloween Giraffe Atlanta & Murfreesboro Christmas 3rd Anniversary Dinner and Quiet New Years Eve

53: January-April 2007 Murfreesboro for Dad's surgery, Visit from Lorimer's end of January Judd's baptism February 4 Easter Weekend April 6-8

54: May-July 2007 Visit to Vegas with Lorimers Murfreesboro for visit | Destin and July Fourth

55: "Missing someone gets easier every day because even though it's one day further from the last time you saw each other, it's one day closer to the next time you will." ~Author Unknown | Freddie Orville Stewart December 26th, 1932- July 19th, 2007

56: What can I say about Brad? He is one of those special people that comes into your life and you know they will be there forever. I remember the first time we met. We had mutual friends and shook hands on the first tee at Holiday Golf Course in 1990. He was this cocky sewing machine salesman with a beautiful golf swing and a million funny stories. And of course doing all the SNAPS games and all the ether BS! I loved being around him because he had so many qualities I admired; confident, brutally honest, introspective, engaging, loyal, caring, outgoing, fearless, and never taking himself too seriously. He was also lousy at golf betting and a terrible driver. It was always exciting being with EB! I was so sad when he moved to Atlanta, but I knew we would always be in each others lives. And I was so excited when he got the opportunity with Hera. I always believed that when someone gave him the chance in business that he would shine. And boy has he ever! I am very proud of my Buckaroo! But I am most proud of the man he has become. He's a Man of God, loving husband, and a very proud father. Happy 50th birthday to the best friend a person could ever have. Love, Wayne PS - I double ya!

57: July-October 2007

58: Thanksgiving in Murfreesboro Brunch with Santa at St Ives CC Christmas in Charlotte New Years Eve with Mi Mi visiting | 2007

59: February 2008 Cruise out of San Diego to Cabo San Lucas on Holland America Oosterdam Rhonda, Mom, Theresa, Judd, and Brad went Judson was a blast and so good

60: March, April, May, June 2008

61: Visit from Theresa's Mom and Dad in July | July 4th at St Ives CC | Visit from Brad's mom in July

62: September 2008 Visit to the local driving range which we did quite often, just as much after Judd was born as before. Visit from Mom Visit from Steven and Marie Labor Day weekend

63: October 2008 Myra's surprise 50th Birthday day (a year early) Judd's birthday party at the park and Halloween in Ashworth

64: Thanksgiving 2008 in Charlotte Some of us ran in a race...even little Judd Great Turkey Dinner Traditional PF Changs dinner after shopping on Black Friday

65: Christmas in Murfreesboro | Christmas in Atlanta | Anniversary dinner with Wayne & Carla | New Years Eve

66: January-April 2009 Steven and Marie visit in January Fun at the Park Easter Weekend

67: Mothers Day 2009 | Brad fixes Theresa breakfast in bed every Mother's Day (and usually on her birthday, too). What a special way to start the day off!

68: May 2009

69: June 2009

70: Father's Day and Fourth of July 2009

71: July-October 2009

72: Thanksgiving 2009 Charlotte for Thanksgiving. An added gift to give thanks baby Julius, born the week before.

73: Just a couple weeks in the "new" house and there is yard work to be done.....after, of course, the St. Ives Charity Guild Santa Parade goes through the entire neighborhood collecting toys for those less fortunate.

74: A Mom and her boys...........with a husband that is a most remarkable father!! | Dear Brad, Thanks for always being there for me no matter what, and for being the best step dad anyone could ever ask for. I think you are an all around great person. Memory: I loved hanging out, having a beer, and playing pool at Dunwoody Tavern. Love, Chris | Dear Brad, Thanks for always being there for me no matter what, and for being the best step dad anyone could ever ask for. I think you are an all around great person. Memory: I loved hanging out, having a beer, and playing pool at Dunwoody Tavern. Love, Chris

75: Happy 24th Birthday Haley Anne | Brad loves being around Chris and Haley and is very big on including them in whatever they wish to be a part of!

76: First Christmas in our "new" house. Best of all, first Christmas with both families all together (which made it a home)! What a fun, fun time December 2009

78: January-March 2010

80: Brad and Hera sponsor a day for "Boys Who Dare" 4-10-2010 | It was the summer of 1995 when we first met. Me, a young German who just moved to Atlanta. You, an educated hillbilly who was dating a girl who organized her spices in alphabetical order. What a culture shock! No, this is not the beginning of a love story but the beginning of a great friendship. For the next two years you tried to teach me to play and get me interested in golf. What a miserable failure. During this time we also contemplated to work together. We finally decided to give it a try and I believe that was the best decision we both ever made. The rest is history. Brad, today is your 50th birthday. Thinking about it, you are an old fart. Nevertheless, I'm very glad to call you my friend. On this special day I would like to wish you all the best, especially lots of health so that you will be able to see your son graduate from college. But please do us all a favor and don't teach him to drive. You know, your eyesight is not getting any better. Happy Birthday my friend! Christian

81: May, June 2010 We are always having some sort of fun! Really.....the little guy keeps us all in stitches! We've always said that Judd will keep us young. Don't know when we're going to look it or feel it, but really, he's keeping us young.

83: July 4th, 2010 Neighborhood Parade Golf and Swimming Barbecue and Fireworks at St. Ives with Steven, Marie and Julius to share it with!

84: Costa Rica July 2010

86: August- October 2010

87: Judson is 4 years old on 10-10-10 We celebrate with friends and family at his favorite place-- Monkey Joes!

89: Phipps to see Santa, Lunch at Tavern, and The Pink Pig with our friends, The Drury's | I have a hard time limiting what I want to write about special memories or thoughts of Brad but I will do my best. Brad and I have only known each other for a few years now and I can't specifically remember exactly how or where we met or who introduced us but I feel like we have been lifelong friends ever since it happened. Brad has become someone I genuinely respect, admire and love like an older brother I never had. His love for God, his family, friends and the game of golf are common threads he and I share. We also seem to share a sensitive side that causes us to cry easily which probably came from us both having sisters we were close to. Special memories that will always have a place in my heart was how Brad told me to experience playing Augusta with my father. Brad wrote the greatest e-mail that suggested I play only thinking of my father and not caring how I played. This is not exactly how he put it but he basically said I should walk those fairways created by my heavenly Father with my earthly father. As I played there Brad was also in my thoughts! Brad and I also share in that we are both relatively new fathers ourselves and another great memory I have with Brad was when he invited me to play in his Mason Dixon cup in 2010 where we flew up to NY to take on the Yankees. The best part of that experience was that Brad and I got paired up to play the alternate shot format and when we teed up the first shot I threw him a ball that had Judd and Wynn's initials on the ball. I think it both made us smile and there was no way anyone would beat us with that combination. Needless to say there are many more memories I could mention but these are two of my favorites. I look forward to many more with my great friend, Brad. ---Spencer

90: Christmas traditions of Mickey the elf, dinner with the Buchwalds and decorating the tree

91: Wonderful Christmas with Mom, Pam, Rhonda, Chris, Haley, and Anthony and his parents & brother, Stephanie, Stan & Phillip

92: January 9, 2011 Snowstorm in Atlanta Of course schools closed all week! Haley snowed in with us--fun playing with Judson

93: It is so often said that one can learn so much about another person by spending just one day on the golf course with them. With that said, I write this to Theresa and Judson. What a wonderful, loving, devoted, Husband and Father you have! I have been very fortunate to spend time on the golf course with Brad watching the smile on his face as he talks about his family. A birdie is routine to him and presents no emotion, but let him tell a story about the two of you and he beams with delight. The love that he has for you is immense and boundless. Brad also extends that same love to his friends. I am so honored that he has included the Watkins family in that friendship. Happy Birthday my friend, Jeffrey "JL" Watkins

94: March 2009 on our birthday trip to Vegas we were in Hard Rock Casino. I was being a girl and wouldn't get on the $25.00 Blackjack table with Brad. After watching him for about 15 minutes he tossed me a chip and said "Give this a try". To make a long story short I played on that lucky chip for 3 or 4 hours and we kicked the Hard Rock's butt (even though they tried their best to distract us with those scantily clad Go-Go dancers)! --Donnie Stewart | And you know that little one who is looking up to you every day...he loves you, and he loves you a TON!!!

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