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Brady Condra - I Love You More

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Brady Condra - I Love You More - Page Text Content

S: See How Much I Love YOU?

BC: No matter where life leads you or where you go, I will always be your Mom. I will love you forever. There is nothing you can say, do or think that would ever make me stop loving you. I love you more each day and even when I'm gone, I will take that love with me. I will be the golden ray of sun that touches your face and kisses your cheek. I will whisper in your heart forever.

FC: You Are My Sunshine

1: You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy EVERY day. You'll never know, Dear, how much I love you. Please don't take my Brady away.

2: You were born on February 14, 2003. It was on a Friday and it's Valentine's Day. Your Aunt Beth "Boo Boo" drove me to the hospital that morning very early. It was still dark outside. On the way to Iredell Memorial Hospital we saw three deer cross the road in front of us. There was hardly any traffic on the road at all. It was an adventure already. You were born at 5:37pm and weighed 5 pounds and 14 ounces. You were 19 and 1/2 inches long. You were the smallest baby in the nursery. You had jaundice so you had to stay under special lights to help you get well. You were so small that they used cut up surgical masks as your diapers. There was a huge ice storm and we were there for five whole days before you were well enough to go home.

6: Your great grandmother - Nina Elizabeth Davis Hildebrand who we call "Nana" - and your great grandfather William Howard Hildebrand who we call "Papa". You were named after Papa. He was my hero. | Both of your great grandfathers were in the Army. Papa was a Sergeant during WWII.

8: Your Papa worked at a mill in Cooleemee, NC with your Grammy and Nana after he got out of the Army. After he retired he became a full time farmer. His favorite color was blue. He would have loved to meet you. You would have been his best buddy, just like your Mom was. He had a wonderful sense of humor and many friends. People still tell stories about your Papa. | Papa raised registered Walker Hounds and loved going fox hunting with his friends. I spent many hours under the stars listening to dogs bark. Papa could tell which dog was barking no matter how many were running that night.

9: Your Nana was shy and quiet and talked very slowly. Her favorite color was pink. She didn't let many people know her well, but when she made a friend they were her friend forever. Libby reminds me a lot of Nana. She was very loyal and would do anything for anyone. She loved animals and taking care of people. She had a wicked and mischievous sense of humor. You have that from her I think. She was beautiful inside and out, but never knew it.

10: This is your other great grandfather, Jesse Lee Robert Condra. We called him "Papaw". He was in the Army, but was discharged for health reasons. He became a Church of Christ preacher. He preached his entire life. His last sermon was when he was almost 80 years old, but his hearing wasn't very good and he had to stop preaching. He was the most honest and moral man I've ever known. | When I was young, your grandparents moved to Rogersville, Tennessee. They lived there the rest of their lives. I would spend the summers with them when I was a teenager. They were always very kind to me, but very strict. He loved to read.

11: This is your Mamaw, Iva Lusk Coleman Condra. She was a school teacher before she married Papaw. She never got her driver's license. She loved jigsaw puzzles, working in the garden and canning what they grew. | Mamaw and Papaw Condra and their three sons: Paul, Tim (your Papaw) and Phillip.

12: Your Papaw, Timothy Lee Condra was born April 8, 1949. He says he doesn't have a favorite color, but I think it might be red. He loves to hunt, fish and shoot guns and bows. You get your brown eyes and long legs from your Papaw Tim.

13: Oak Island Trip - Labor Day 2010 - Your Papaw and Dan loved fishing. You and I liked watching them and playing in the waves and sand.

14: Your Grammy, Judy Carol Hildebrand, was born September 25, 1946. Her favorite color is green. She married your Papaw on December 23, 1967. They were married for twenty-five years, but divorced September 22, 1993. | Your Grammy has always had beautiful penmanship and can draw and paint. Libby gets her talent from Grammy. She could also ride very well and there are many stories of her exploits and the races she won on her horse "Flicka". Grammy was a daredevil in her youth. I believe the happiest time in her life is being a grandmother to you, Libby and Jay. She calls you her "Best Boy". You both love banana popsicles.

15: Four Generations: Beth, Grammy, Nana and Libby 2001 | Some people at work call Grammy "Hooty" and some others call her "Juicy".

17: Your mother, Carol Michelle "Mickie" Condra Peck, was born September 10, 1971. My favorite color is RED. My favorite dessert is cheesecake with strawberries. I like to ride dirtbikes and used to ride very well. I got my first motorcycle when I was 9. I was a tomboy and liked to play outside more than inside. I love reading, playing games and making scrapbooks. My favorite thing is spending time with you. My happiest times are when you are laughing. I love to hear you giggle. I love the beach and watching you play in the waves. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I will never love anyone in the entire world like I love you. You are the only person that will ever be able to call me Mom. I was in the band in high school and learned to play the clarinet and baritone horn. In elementary school I played softball and basketball. I went to college at Western Carolina University for two years and studied Computer Information Systems. I married Eric Ray Stillwell on March 11, 1995. We separated in 2001 and I met your father, David Roy Morgan in April 2002. You were born February 14, 2003. I met your step-father, Daniel William Peck, August 1, 2007. We were married May 21, 2010 and you escorted me down the aisle. No matter where you go or how far apart we are, I will always be thinking of you and loving you every minute of every day. When I'm gone, the sun will touch your face and that will be me.

18: Your great grandparents - Hattie Ann Guthrie and James Guthrie lived in Ford City, PA. We only got to meet Grandma one time before she passed away in August 2011, but we loved her. She liked you a lot! | Grandma loved gardening and planting flowers and she loved children of all ages.

19: This is their house in Ford City, PA.

20: Your grandfather, Donald Wayne Peck, Sr., and your uncle Donald Wayne Peck, Jr. We call him "J.R." | Your grandfather was in the Army during the Vietnam War. He lived in Pennsylvania. He died when he was 47 and is buried in a cemetery in Kittaning, PA. We visited his grave in Worthington, PA and put flowers there in July 2011. He loved to hunt and fish. He was a volunteer fireman and liked to spend time with his friends at the fire department. There is a plaque there in his honor. He had a lot of friends and liked to laugh. People say your dad, Dan, looks a lot like him.

22: Zoo Atlanta 2011 - Spring Break Trip

23: Your step father, Daniel William Peck, was born February 11, 1969 in McKeesrocks, PA. His favorite colors are black and dark green. He is the third of seven children. He graduated from East Brady High School and joined the US Navy. He was a Seabee and served for almost thirteen years before getting out of the Navy. Some places he lived were Puerto Rico and Sicily. | He loves to hunt, fish, read, play video games and travel. He also likes to cook and try new restaurants and foods. He is a great swimmer and likes to play sports like softball and basketball. He loves watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play football and likes watching both the Penguins and Redwings play hockey. | Brothers and Sisters: Donald Wayne Peck, Jr. "JR" Victoria Daniel William Peck James Peck Robert Peck Dawn Greg | Father: Donald Wayne "Donnie" Peck, Sr. Mother: Linda Sue Guthrie

24: This is the bridge over the Alleghany River in Kittaning, PA. It was in a movie called "The Mothman Prophecies. | This is the house where your dad and all his brothers and sisters grew up. It's on Johns Road in Adrian, PA. | This the spot where your dad and his father used to go fishing.

25: Your father went to school here for a while. His high school (East Brady Senior High) burned down after he graduated. | The Alleghany River | Pittsburgh, PA

26: Your Aunt Kimberly Ann "Kimmie" Condra was born February 20, 1970. Her favorite color is purple. Kimmie is a people person and she enjoys being around friends. She has traveled to many countries and seen a lot of wonderful things. She is very brave and doesn't let anything stop her once she sets her mind to something. | She played the trumpet in the band in high school. She takes you, Libby and Jay lots of fun places.

30: Your Aunt, Iva Elizabeth "Beth" Condra Ball, was born 7-25-78. Your uncle, James Martin Ball III (Jimmy) was born October 20, 1977. They got married April 29, 2000. | Boo Boo's favorite color is dark red or burgundy. Her second favorite color is dark green. She loves horses and likes to read and listen to music. She also sings very well. | Uncle Jimmy was very good at football. His favorite color is orange. He is 6 foot 4 inches tall. He was born and raised in Statesville, NC. | Jay plays football too! Bulldogs - 2011

31: Libby always liked to wear hats and dress up. | Jay on his 1st birthday. He likes chocolate cake! | That's your Aunt Boo Boo in the back on the left and your Mom in the back in the middle. We were going out with friends. I was pregnant with you in this picture.

32: Elizabeth Ruth Ball - "Libby" - Your 1st Cousin - was born 4-23-01 | Libby is a very good artist. She loves to draw and paint. Her favorite color at this time is dark pink. She is the sweetest most emotionally honest person I know. If Libby loves you, consider yourself lucky. She will never lead you wrong. She is quiet, shy and sensitive, but very funny once she opens up. She doesn't make friends easily, but I expect Libby to do great things in this world and she will make a difference to many people. Always look out for your cousin Libby. You will need her one day.

33: James Martin Ball III - "Jay" - Your 1st cousin - was born 6-4-03 | Jay is very good at sports and has lots of friends. His favorite color at this time is blue. Jay can sometimes be mean, but it's because he doesn't want anyone to know he gets his feelings hurt. He is very sweet, kind and loyal. Jay will always protect you. Protect him too. You will never have a better friend. He knows everything about you and loves you for who you really are and not what you try to be. Never hurt Jay and he'll stand beside you through thick and thin.

34: Two Silly Boys - Brady and Jay | Jay bounces like a Ball! | All business - Brady and Jay | Beach Trip - Myrtle Beach, SC - 2010

35: You love being outside. Brady and Jay riding Mom's horse "Emmett" while Mom leads him - Fall 2006 - We came to visit from Tennessee

36: Bulldogs 2011 | Jay making a tackle.

37: Your cousin Libby at our wedding - May 22, 2010 | Libby - July 2008

38: Kindergarten Cleveland Elementary 2008-2009 - Mrs. Currie | Your "Alien Monster Pumpkin Head" you made in school.

39: You are so handsome!

40: For your 6th birthday, we went to DISNEY WORLD in Orlando, Florida!!!

41: February 2009

42: Your 6th Birthday Cake - we had a party before we left for Disney.

43: The boat we rode when we left the park that night. It gets cold in Florida in February when the sun goes down! | This is the parade through Disney World with all the movie and cartoon characters.

46: At Animal Kingdom Safari, we saw elephants. | Giraffes | Huge Termite Mounds

47: Crocodiles | Tigers | ...and other wild animals.

48: You loved the pool at our Music Resort in Walt Disney World | But you liked St. Augustine Beach even better. We watched a surfer really surf.

49: You were so tired you fell asleep on the way home while you were eating.

51: Spring Break 2008 | You made a new friend named Echo who lives in Charlotte. - Kure Beach, NC

52: During your fall break from school, we went to Gatlinburg, TN for a long weekend. You dressed up as a cowboy sheriff and had your picture made. You are so handsome! | We stayed at the Resort at Governor's Crossing. Your favorite part of the trip was the pool and slides.

53: You wanted to ride this ride, but didn't like it very much. The dinosaurs were scary and it was very dark and spooky inside.

55: Mrs. Etter - Mocksville Elementary School - 2008-2009

56: Zoo - Asheboro, NC - 2009

62: You and your dad played in the waves. | On Labor Day break 2010, we went to Oak Island, NC with Papaw and Pat.

63: Christmas 2010 - we went to see the lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway's Festival of Lights | You loved the carnival they had there and riding the pony and the rides. | You especially liked the really cool cars they had in the garage.

64: MONSTER JAM Time Warner Cable Arena - Charlotte, NC February 2010 - We took you, Libby and Jay for your 8th birthday.

65: Mrs. Martin Mocksville Elementary 2009-2010 | You and your friend Josh had fun learning about baby chicks and how to hatch them from eggs.

66: Happy 8th Birthday! YMCA in Mocksville, NC We had a pool party!

67: February 2011

68: We got Sweet Dustbunny Zacapotamus "Zac" in February 2011. He was born December 9, 2010. He loves chew toys and playing fetch. You call him Brudder.

70: In June 2011, we went to Emerald Isle, NC for Derek's graduation. Our friend Debbie Drury went with us and you had fun being buried in the sand. The water was still chilly, but you swam anyway.

72: Mrs. Lankford Mocksville Elementary School 2010-2011 | You won a 1st place ribbon at the Halloween Howl Swim Meet. Time: 2:56.08 #2 Boys 8 and Under 100 Yard Medley Relay. | First day of 3rd grade

73: You joined the RipTYDE Swim Team at the YMCA. These pictures are from your first swim meet 10-29-11. You did your best and I was very proud! Your coach is Steven Jarvis. Team color is ORANGE.

74: <---- That's you and your Dad - look at the size of those fish! | Olympic Park - Atlanta, GA

75: Spring Break April 2011 Atlanta, GA | We went to the Georgia Aquarium. It was amazing! We saw whale sharks! It is the largest indoor aquarium in the world at this time.

76: We got to go on a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. We saw the whale sharks and they look even bigger from above. The largest one they had was 20 feet long! | You and your dad goofing around at the Olive Garden at dinner. | You danced to "The Black Eyed Peas" music in your head. Boom Boom Pow!

77: We also went to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History and Six Flags! | You kept looking back at these dinosaurs. I think you thought they were going to move. | That is you beside one of its' feet! | See those tiny people down there? That is you and your dad.

78: We went to Zoo Atlanta. You weren't quite sure whether you could trust this pig or not.

79: You climbed a rock wall and ALMOST made it to the top. You were awesome and very brave!

80: July 2011 - Pennsylvania Trip | We went to a place called Fun Fore All in Cranberry, PA. We played arcade games, rode the boats and the race cars!

82: We visited Dan's grandmother, Hattie Mae Guthrie. | We went fishing and grilled hotdogs with Aunt Sue and Uncle JR. | And you said for us to call you the "Wienie Warrior" when you used a skewer as your sword.

84: We went to Volant, PA where many Amish people live. The Amish don't believe in modern conveniences like electricity or television or cars. | The cut all their hay and stack it by hand with horse drawn wagons and NO TRACTORS. They live a very simple life and work very hard every day. | Everywhere they go, they go in horse drawn carts like this one.

85: All of their houses were painted white with no decorations. They were all very simple and very clean and neat. They all work together as a team to plant and harvest crops. | The women take care of the children and bake, cook, can vegetables and usually they make all their own clothes, quilts, and bedding. The men make the furniture and take care of the crops and harvests. | We stopped in the town and looked around. We bought a few things including some handmade soaps from one of the Amish ladies.

86: The Amazing Maize Maze Huntersville, NC October 8, 2011 Reagin, Ryan, Jake and Brady

87: Ozzy and Amos Moses 2009 | Zac Februrary 2011

88: You were a Zombie Rocker. Everyone loved your costume and thought it was really cool.

89: Halloween 2011 | Zac was a caterpillar.

90: Your report card for 1st quarter 2011. You made A/B Honor Roll! Great job!

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