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Brandon's Bar Mitzvah

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FC: Brandon Noah Davis May 21, 2011

22: First I want to say you did a terrific job today. Your father and I couldn't be any prouder. You worked hard and your effort really paid off. From the day you were born I knew you were going to be different from your brother. I always find it funny that 2 children from the same parents can be so opposite. I guess we each got a clone! You were late to speak, and we always joked that once you started you would never stop. That turned out to be so true since once you found your words, they have been constant. I am so glad that all those who love you can be here today and listen to all the wonderful things I have to say about you. You are an outgoing, independent and caring individual who knows what he likes and is not afraid to go after it. If you want something, you will find a way to get it. You like to see where life takes you, and we know that this positive attitude will give you a wealth of experience. You are a great student, a terrific teammate and an awesome friend. One of your most admirable qualities is your adventurous nature. Whether it is to try a new sport or a new food, you are always open minded. Your sophistication and taste started at an early age. When you were only four or five, your speech therapist showed you a picture of a green bottle expecting you to say green or bottle. Your response Pelligrino! As you have grown from a toddler to a child, to a young man of Bar Mitzvah age, you have each step of the way shown us you continue to embrace life. You always question life's challenges and opportunities, but act in a caring and self confident manner full of love. You like to be involved in everything. You never want to sit back on the sidelines to let others make decisions that affect you. And even when it doesn't affect you, you are happy to give your opinion! You were actively involved in planning this entire day and you should be proud of your accomplishments. You always want to be doing something. Whether it is cross country, volleyball, roller hockey or lacrosse, hanging out or chatting on-line with friends, you are never idle and you never want to stay home and chill. If need be, you will call up your Aunt Sil for a ride! You love police shows, food shows and of course the Amazing Race. When we decided to send you to sleep away camp, we never worried that you wouldn't adjust; however, we weren't prepared when you started to get on the bus without so much as a wave. You had people to meet and places to go and didn't want to be slowed down. When we went up for visiting day, with enough goodies to fill an entire Costco warehouse, I was having a hard time saying goodbye. Your response to me was can we hurry up and get to the I love yous so I can eat!

23: As with your brother, you also like to spend time in the kitchen. I love that food is a passion of yours and always enjoy our time together. I hope this continues to be a bond that we share. I think you will agree that some of our best memories are the vacations we have spent together with family and friends. We have been fortunate enough to travel to many exciting places. To be able to share these experiences with people who mean so much to us is an unbelievable experience. I hope that you will always cherish these memories. I would like to thank Jon for all his help in planning today and supporting me in everything I do. I want Jeff to know that even though he won't admit it, he loves you and would do anything to protect you. I hope you both have the same lifelong bond that I do with my sister. I am so happy that all our family can be here today. Some of you have come from very far, and I can't express how happy it makes me to have you all here. Finally, thanks to all my girlfriends for all your advice and input because without you, this day would never be as wonderful as it is. Brandon, our promise to you today is to always be there for you both in good times and bad. To wipe away your tears, to support you, teach you (even when you don't want to listen to our opinions) and guide you through life's challenges and prospects. Our prayer for you today is for a long life filled with peace, health and happiness surrounded by family and friends. Your Torah portion discusses a strong belief of mine which is to cherish life and make each day full of purpose by enriching the lives of others with a smile, a kind word or a good deed. You will forever be my muffin. Remember yesterday, Dream about tomorrow, But live for today Congratulations on a job well done. We love you.

26: First I would like to thank my family and friends for joining us in celebrating Brandon’s Bar Mitzvah. Brandon we're very proud of you today, and you did a great job. You strive in everything you do whether its school, hockey, lacrosse, camp etc. In the Jewish religion today you became a man. In our eyes you are already a man, because being a man is defined as boy with attitude, and you definitely fit that bill. Planning for today was very hard, and I would like to give a great big thanks to my wife for everything she planned, directed and executed. Sandra, a job well done! Dad, we know you're looking over us today and we miss you. Mom, I know it's hard being by yourself, but you're not. Thank you and we love you. I would like to wish Silvia and Alan a very Happy Birthday and a real big Mazel Tov to Brandon.

30: Remembering my Grandpa Walter is a very good place to start because he'll always hold a special place within my heart. Spending the afternoons after pre-k and lots of family dinners together were always special. I know he's with us here today. This candle will honor him in a very special way.

31: I’m a really lucky guy that you live so close by. When I spend time with you it is what I enjoy the most. Going on our family vacations is always so much fun. Especially when it involves sitting in the sun. One thing I can always count on – you really do love me. Grandma Elaine please come and light candle 2.

32: I'll always remember the times when you've stayed. And how we had fun with the games that we played. Monopoly is my favorite and I really like to win. And when the game is over, I can't wait for the next one to begin. Grandpa's so funny, the laughs never stop and Grandma's pea soup makes my heart go pop. Having you both here makes everything just right. Grandma Betty and Grandpa Arnie come make candle three shine bright.

33: Aunt Ray is a lady who has a special style. She's bubbly and friendly and she always wears a smile. You know I think you're special, but now I'll say it once more. When you come up to stand beside me to light candle number four. | I love when we vacation together. We always have great laughs. Chanukah at your house is always yummy with tons of latkes to fill my tummy. Cruising on the Epic with you guys was awesome. Aunt Jen, Uncle Michael, Jake and Matthew, Please come up and help me celebrate this day, and light your candle in your own special way.

34: The Davis family has lots of boys, and I love to hang with my cousins. Seeing you is always fun and we always have good meals. I would travel anywhere as long as you guys are there. I hear there is a good Mexican place in Island Park. Maybe we can try it next time. I heard they serve good enchiladas primo. Aunt Ellen, Uncle Ken, Jack, Eric and Alex come on up to light the next candle. | I like to call you when I need a ride. And if you're lucky, I’ll even say hi. When we hang out we shoot hoops and play the Wii. Some of you even took care of me when I was tiny. My cousins come from near and far, and they all mean a lot to me. I’m glad to have them here today and be part of my family. Will all the Levy and Tawil cousins come up to light candle 7.

35: You have taken care of me since I’m really small and I hope you will be with us until I am tall. You pick up my stuff and make my room neat and I can say that’s no easy feat. Violet you are really great. Please come up and light candle number eight. | Although I don’t see you that often, I’m calling upon you to share my delight. Come on up and help me shed some candle light. All you special relatives, Billy, Judy, Debbie, Rochelle, Scott and Suzanne , you guys are really fine. Let's do it now, it's time, to light up candle number nine.

36: Since I was small, I have vacationed with a great group of friends. Whether it's cruising in the Caribbean or eating Thrashers in Maryland, the memories are ones I will have forever. I know you feel the same as I do. Will the Daubers, and Ocean City table please come up to light candle number 11. | I think of you as my second family. You are always there when I need you. Whether it's a ride, or a meal or just a place to hang I know you'll always care for me so I’m a lucky guy. Grammy Carolyn, Joanne, and Dan you guys are great. Please come up and light candle number 10.

37: These are my friends. They make my summer. They're from Lakota. There is no other. From Olympics to Color War and whatever Tribal War was, the memories are endless. We always have fun after canteen or on the volleyball court. I can't wait till June to begin our summer. Will my camp friends come light candle 12.

38: I have a lot of friends, and I'm a really lucky guy. I don't have time to name them all so I won't even try. Some of you I have known forever. Others I just met this year. My life isn't complete without you guys. When we hang out we always have a blast. You all know just who you are, and how I feel about all of you. This special group please come up now. Good friends are hard to find. This candle is for these friends that truly are one of a kind.

40: Sometimes I'm rude and I get on his case, but no-one could ever take my brother's place. He sticks up for me and cheers me up when I'm down, That's only one of the reasons, I like having him around.. He just got his license and will be cruising real soon. I can't wait for rides but not to the moon! Will my big brother Jeff light candle number 14.

41: There are two people more special than all the rest And just who they are, I am sure you can guess How can I tell them, what words can I say To let them know how much I love them today For all through my life, they have been there for me And have shown me the kind of person to be I thank you so for all you've done, and all you always do. That's why candle 15 is meant just for you two.


49: Party rock is in the house tonight Everybody just have a good time!


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