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Brianna correa

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FC: The life of a teenage girl named Brianna Correa

1: Table of contacts | 1............The endless hair 2......The way we live 3.......People in cities 4............Fears 5............The beautiful moments 6..........The brave day speak Spanish 8........The grandfather 9.........The no show 10........fortune tellers

2: Every person in my family has different hair. my mothers hair scrunches up when she puts it in a ponytail. her hair is ruff and hard like a tumble weed. my little sister, Adrianna has thin black hair but i know when she gets to be my age her hair will turn think and very hard to care for. but for now i envy her perfect hair so smooth and beautiful. she is 6 now but before her hair used to fall all the way past her mid thigh but my mother thought it was to much and cut it to her shoulders. i have a twin sister. you would think are hair would be exactly the same but your wrong. my twin, Christina has wavy, frizzy hair. both our hairs are jet black like the night. my father has no hair. his head has little stubbles and rough when you touch it. finally my hair falls to my shoulders and it curls into ringlets but i do not like my natural hair it is hard to comb and tangles like earbuds cords. | The endless hair

4: Boys and girls are different socially because boys have their friends. boys are different when they hang out with their friends. Boys wanna be cool around their friends. therefor, boys are nicer when not with their friends. when they hang out they act like jerks to girls that come next to them. girls on the other hand live in their own world. girls deal with drama , shopping, boys, and other things. boys go through the same things but a girl makes it more drastic and over emotional. boys are expected to be tuff and reckless. but girls are expected to be girly girl and woman like. on a girls point of view we are expected to wear dresses and skirts also to play with dolls and not get dirty because that is known as unlady like. boys and girls live in two different worlds. i think boys and girls can be best friends and hang out together. | The way we live

5: i am personally afraid of cities and people who live in them. i don't want to be afraid of them but i am. i feel that the people that live there are different from us. for example i feel that they are dangerous and reckless and do not care for outsiders. when in this new place. i behave rather shy and become cautious of the surroundings around me.I stay close to my family when walking on the streets because i am scared that someone will take me away. i feel bad for treating these people this way but this is the way i was brought up. all those times my mother would say "don't ever talk to strangers." i turn away from strangers. i am shy when i meet new people. i tend to close up and be afraid of them. i wish i wasn't that way. i wish that i was more outgoing and open. i think i should stop judging people and actually get to know people before i turn them away. | People in cities

6: heights are scary. i am terrible afraid of heights. high roller coasters drops are the worst thing ever. i am so afraid of them that i begin to shake uncontrollable, all over my body. my hands shake and my knees begin to buckle. if you were to see me you would think that i have seen a ghost. i wish i could overcome this horrible fear. everyone has their fears here and there. my mother has a fear of mice and rats or any small rodents. she screams if she sees ones and she is so scared that she freezes up and sometimes begins to cry. when we watch movies together and a rat comes up on one of the scenes she squirms around and closes her eyes. every one has fears. some are the same fear and some are different. many people i know are somewhat afraid of heights and i,m pretty sure every mother is afraid of mice. i hope me and my mother will get over these nonsense fears. | FEARS

7: their are no deaths in my family but just recently there was a death in a very close friend of my father. his father died of cancer. we have known this family since me and my sister were babies. this death was traumatic because no one saw it coming. everyone was shocked by the news. when i heard the news i was horribly shocked. i have seen his father multiple times on different occasions. finding out that he was gone was life changing. i grew up with his grandchildren. i could not imagine what they were going through. to lose your grandfather, to a horrible disease. everyone helped each other through this time and stuck together. it showed me that even though something horrible can happen, people can stick together | The beautiful moments

8: i am not a very brave girl from the start. but on the first day of highschool i had to learn to be brave. highschool is overwhelming by itself. but imagine walking in and not knowing a single person. knowing absolutely no teachers. this is what i got myself into when i walked in to chicopee comp. me and my sister went to springfield schools. our parents wanted us to come to chicopee for highschool. it was heart stopping to meet and get to know knew people and new surroundings. it didn't help that i was naturally shy my whole life. i tried to play it cool on the outside but on the inside i was scared and nervous. i had no friends. i had no one to talk to except for my sister. i just kept a smile on my face and powered through it. it was a big change to get used to. a whole new school, brand new at that. i was lucky to be able to go to this amazing school. | The brave day

10: i do not speak Spanish, even though my entire family does. me and my sister understand some words but she understands more than me. not speaking Spanish sucks. your whole family speaking Spanish at gatherings and not knowing what they are saying. people assume i speak Spanish because of the ways i look. i wish i could Speak it but i cant. i wasn't taught at a young age to speak it. i feel ashamed that i do not know how. when my relatives talk in Spanish i only wish i could talk to them. my friends are shocked when i tell them that i do not know how. i take Spanish 1. i pay attention in class and try my best in order to actually learn Spanish. learning how to speak it would be an amazing success. also it could change my life forever and open many doors for me. | No speak

11: Dear grandfather, i have see you in countless photos and videos but i have never met you. you call all the time and talk to my mother, who is your only daughter. but when you call you never ask for me or my sisters. do you not want to know us. we are your grandchildren and yet you still do not now our names. why?...why do you never visit or send letters. should i call you family at all? I ask myself these questions grandfather. when i lay in bed i think of what you might be doing and if i will ever meet you. My little sister,who is 6 always ask about you. What do we tell her. we have a grandfather that never writes or visits. My mother tells me that you to Puerto Rico when i was a baby. but i do not remember anything. i wonder did you hold me and sing Spanish lullabies. but for now you are known as the grandfather that i do not know. | The grandfather

12: The no show | In the monkey garden chapter i strongly disliked Tito's mother more then sally because in my option sally is meant to make mistakes and learn from them but Tito's mother is an adult and should know what to do.but when Esperanza went to seek help she didn't care. this showed me what kind of person she was. she simply did not care for the sake or well being of sally at all. she didn't care what the boys did to her. in his chapter she was as useless as a child. this untimely reaction overall shocked me. she shrugged it off like nothing bad could happen to sally.

13: Fortune tellers | I think Esperanza wished to leave mango street because she seemed ashamed to live in that ugly house. during the scene in which he wishes in her head i infer that she wished to leave because one of the sister she was talking to said that she must remember to come back. this set off a flag in my head that she wished to leave mango street for good. I think this is a half and half wish because it is somewhat selfish. Esperanza just wanted to leave and never look back. but some people are stuck

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