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Brianna Rubin

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FC: The Reformation | BY: Brianna Rubin Social Studies: C

1: So how did the reformation begin? In the 1500's many forces weakened the church including the Black Death and the 100 years war.. Scientists often questioned the churches theories because of the advances is science and math. Also people were being bought into the church which caused a lot of corruption within the church.

2: The Catholic Church had many different beliefs from the other reformers. They believed that you could only achieve faith through good deeds and work. The masses were held and Latin and the Bible was also in Latin. Selling of indulgences were accepted and encouraged in the Church even when the bible never said anything about it. The Catholic Church also had complete power over the kings and emperors of the land.

3: There were three major reformers during the time of the reformation, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and Henry VIII. And each of them had their own successes. | Martin Luther was most famous for the 95 Theses that were nailed to the doors of the Church. John Calvin believed in a life of purity and Henry VIII was know for his six marriages.

4: But before these disagreements were made, he studied the bible and the church and saw that what the clergy was letting people do wasn't on the church. Johann Tetzel was someone who was selling indulgences. Indulgences were basically a ticket to heaven, shortening your time in purgatory. Luther read in the Bible that none of this was allowed. He also believed that you could only get salvation through good faith alone. He also found that the pope was very corrupt. He would let outsiders buy their way into the church. The more money they would offer the higher position. | Martin Luther | Martin Luther was most famous for the 95 Theses that were boarded up on the Church doors. These 95 Theses were all the things that he disagreed with the Church.

5: The 95 Theses | The 95 Theses were a cluster of formal statements. Martin Luther was the one to post them on the doors of the church for all to see. The statements were all based on his three main teachings: 1.) To win salvation only by faith in God's gift of forgiveness 2.) The Church teachings were based on the Bible not the pope's false sayings 3.) People had equal faith and they didn't need priests to interpret Bible. | Martin Luther was excommunicated but made a speech which attracted more followers. Those followers became known as Lutherans.

6: John Calvin was the second reformer and he was an anti-catholic. However he was influenced by Martin Luther, a devout Catholic, which raised concern to Calvin. He disagreed with everything, the church and even Luther and created his own religion, Calvanism. | John Calvin | t

7: Calvanism spread rapidly and far. It began in Switzerland and then spread to England. There they were called Puritans. Then Calvanism moved to Scotland and were called Presbyterians. It soon spread to Holland and France. In Holland they were called Dutch Reform and in France, Huguenots. And Finally it went to Germany were they called it Reform Church. | Calvin's beliefs were very different from Luther's. he believed that salvation could only be decided at birth whether you will go to heaven or hell. Also God would know what will happen in your life otherwise known as predestination. And he wanted a purified approach to life; no drinking, swearing, or gambling.

8: Henry VIII is the last reformer and he was a devout Catholic. Early on he married Katherine of Aragon and had a daughter named Mary. But Henry was worried that if there was no male heir then civil war would erupt. He knew that Catherine would have no more kids and that means no male heir. Since Henry was a catholic he couldn't divorce his wife. The Pope could annul but the pope refused. So henry called in the --> | Parliament to pass a law to end the pope's power. 1533 the divorce was official and he married Anne Boleyn. And in 1534 the break with the pope was complete with the Act of Supremacy. This act made the English King the official head of England's Church. | Some of the consequences of Henry's changes were Henry closed all of the English monasteries and seized their wealth and land.. Henry didn't get a male heir. So Henry kept trying to get a male heir with six other wives. And all didn't go to well. King Henry VIII died after marrying his sixth wife. Henry had three kids, Edward, Mary, and Elizabeth. | Henry VIII

9: Henry VIII and his six wives

10: Edward ruled England when he was just nine years old. Under his reign England became the official religion of Protestantism. Edward died six years later after becoming king. | Mary, nicknamed "Mary, Bloody Mary" was famous for massacring thousands of Protestants. Raised as a devout Catholic she tried to make England Catholic again. After she died, her sister Elizabeth took over the throne. | Elizabeth turned England back to Protestantism. He She made a national church called the Anglican CHurch. Everyone was supposed to attend or they had to pay a fine. She was made head of the New Church - The Anglican Church.

11: The Anglican is now the current main church of England today. A book of common prayer is used so both Catholic and Protestant is represented. Priests held their services in English not Latin. And the priests could marry.

12: Christianity | Protestant | Catholic | (REFORMATION) | Lutheran | Calvanism | Puritans | Presbyterians | Reform Church | Huguenots | Dutch Reform

13: East and West Schism | Western Church -Church of Rome -Roman Catholic -Pope -Masses spoken in Latin -Worshiping of icons -Priests cannot marry | Eastern Church -Church of Constantinople -Eastern Orthodox Church -Patriarch -Masses spoken in Greek -No worship of icons -Priests can marry

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