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S: Let Your Journey Begin by Mommy VOL. I

BC: Made with Love By: Mommy

FC: Let Your Journey Begin | Baby Carlson

1: Let Your Journey Begin | By: Mommy | Dedicated to you, our little baby. The plan that God has for you started long before you were born, as did our prayers for you. We love you with all of our hearts and thank God everyday for choosing us as your parents. You are a wonderful blessing that truly no words could ever explain.

2: Saturday January 22nd 6weeks | Mommy had been curious for two full weeks now, wondering if you could possibly be in my tummy. On my way home from school I told Daddy, “Today is the day we are going to find out!” So I stopped at Wal-Mart in Blaine to get a baby test and I was very excited! When Mommy got home Daddy was waiting for me, he was excited too! After Mommy took the test we had to wait three whole minutes before we could read it. While Mommy and Daddy were waiting we sat on the couch and prayed for you. We prayed that God’s Will would be done for you and if you really were here already that you would develope strong and healthy and if you weren’t here just yet, that Mommy and Daddy would understand that it's all in God’s timing. We were a little scared because we just didn’t know what the test would say, but we did know that no matter what, God’s plan was our plan, and your plan too! After three long minutes had finally gone by, Mommy and Daddy walked slowly back into the bathroom with our eyes closed. Then at the same time we opened our eyes to see that the test was POSITIVE! Daddy turned to Mommy and said, with happy tears in his eyes, “Congratulations, you’re a Mommy!” Mommy and Daddy hugged for a long time and cried tears of joy. We couldn’t believe you were actually in my tummy! We prayed for you again that you would be strong and healthy and we asked God to help Mommy eat and drink good nutritious foods for you, and most of all we prayed thanks to God for such a wonderful blessing! Today is January 22nd, 2011 the day that Mommy and Daddy found out that we have been blessed with the most wonderful gift ever, YOU!

3: Today Daddy got off work early so he could take Mommy to the clinic to get our first check up. Mommy and Daddy were a little nervous because we wanted so badly for you to be healthy. We had to keep reminding ourselves that God’s Will would be done and God’s plan is the best plan. We got to the clinic a little early so Mommy could fill out all of the paper work. When the nurse called my name, Mommy and Daddy went with her into our mid-wife’s room. Inside there were pictures of tons and tons of babies with their families, that made us very excited. The nurse, Andrea, asked Mommy and Daddy a lot of different questions and we found out that you were due on September 15th. Wow! We were still so surprised and excited we couldn’t believe that we would be seeing you so soon! Shortly our mid-wife came in, her name is Kelly Schmidt, and she is a very nice lady. She asked us a few more questions just to make sure everything was going well so far and talked to Mommy about eating healthy for you. Kelly also looked at Mommy’s vitamins to make sure we were getting enough nutrients that way as well. Andrea and Kelly did a lot of test on Mommy, they checked my heart rate, eyes, ears, throat, and lungs. They also took a lot of blood from Mommy so they could run tests to make sure everything inside Mommy was okay to have a baby. Right before it was time to leave, Kelly asked Mommy and Daddy if we’d like to see you! We were so excited we didn’t think we’d be able to see you during our first visit. We thought you’d still be too small, but Kelly said we could try anyway for fun! When we got into the ultrasound room Kelly told Mommy and Daddy that since you weren’t very far along yet we might not be able to see anything and that we probably wouldn’t see your little heart beat just yet, but that wouldn’t mean that you weren’t healthy. As soon as Kelly touched Mommy’s tummy you popped | up on the screen! Daddy touched Mommy’s arm and we both started to cry from excitement and joy. You looked very small and were surrounded by a lot of healthy fluid. As Mommy and Daddy kept watching you we noticed that we could see your little heart beat after all! Your heart was beating so strong, already you looked so healthy! Kelly printed off a picture for us to have and we headed on home. On our way home Mommy and Daddy said a prayer for you and thanked God over and over for blessing us with such a healthy baby and asked him to continue to help you grow and develop. | January 31st 6 weeks | That little dark spot is your tiny heart!

4: Today was a very interesting day. Mommy and Daddy went over to Grandma Missy’s and Grandpa Ed’s to have dinner. Mommy was very excited because she thought, just maybe, Daddy would be ready to tell Grandma and Grandpa about you. Mommy even had it all planned out. I made a little onesie that said, “I love Grandma and Grandpa” for you to wear at their house after you’re born. The little onesie was almost done except Mommy still needed to iron on one last letter. See, Daddy wanted to keep you a secret just a little longer because he knew you were so special but Mommy was having a hard time not saying anything and wanted the whole world to know that you were finally in my tummy! I tried really hard not to bug Daddy about it too much but Mommy couldn’t help and asked Daddy over and over again. I always made sure that our little onesie was in the car for whenever Daddy decided that it was time. Soon after we all ate dinner Mommy finally asked Daddy one last time if we could share our news. At first Daddy didn’t answer Mommy, until a little while latter when he said, “We’ll just tell them next weekend.” Well, Mommy was going to have to wait just a bit longer. We continued to visit with Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Brandon too. Soon Grandma asked, “Can you guys still be with Brandon next weekend?” Oh no! Mommy forgot all about next weekend and how it was Grandma and Grandpa’s anniversary and they were going to be out of town so Mommy and Daddy were going to stay with Brandon. Once we got all of the plans figured out Mommy whispered to Daddy, “Honey, they’re going to be gone next weekend, can I go get the onesie and tell them tonight?” And what do you know, Daddy turned to me and said, “Sure.” Mommy couldn’t believe it, we were actually going to tell Grandma and Grandpa finally! By this time Grandpa Ed and Uncle Brandon had already gone back outside, Grandpa had to plow the driveway and Brandon had to use the snow blower to get all the snow off of the deck. It was going to be awhile before they got back into the house, so we had to wait. Grandma went to take and shower and Mommy seized the opportunity to run out to the car and get your onesie. It was perfect timing, since Grandma was in the shower Mommy could run upstairs really quick and iron on the last letter then it would be completely finished! After Mommy got the onesie I brought it into Grandma’s scrap booking room to find something to wrap it in. Mommy had some tissue paper with but nothing to put the little surprise in. Finally I found a little box that I had made not too long before, perfect! As Mommy opened the onesie to wrap it up nicely I noticed that the last letter was completely gone! Oh no! Mommy looked all over for the little blue letter I even went back outside to the car a few times to try and find it, but it was no where to be found. In the mist of all the confusion Grandma got out of the shower and called down to Mommy, “What are you doing down there?” So then Mommy replied, “Just making you a little gift!” I didn’t know what to say but I didn't want her to come downstairs or the surprise would be ruined.

5: oops! | Monday February 21st 10 weeks | Well, Mommy decided to wrap it up anyway because this was going to be so special it didn’t even matter what it looked like. Next, Mommy went back upstairs and quickly put the little box into Mommy’s purse, then Grandma said, “Okay I’m ready now.” Again I didn’t know what to say because we wanted to wait for Grandpa and Brandon but didn’t want Grandma to get suspicious. So Mommy said as casually as I could, “Well, lets just wait for Dad and Brandon.” So we did and Grandma didn’t think anything of it. Finally they came in from outside and we all started talking again, Mommy and Daddy were both nervous and didn’t know how to bring it up. | When the conversation started to die down a bit Mommy pulled out the box and said, “We have a little gift for you two, but it’s a little dilapidated.” Then Grandma opened the box and your little onesie fell out, she looked at Grandpa and Brandon then back at Mommy and Daddy and said with tears forming in her eyes, “Are you serious?” They couldn’t believe it they were so happy for Mommy and Daddy and wanted to know every possible detail about you!

6: Today Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma Missy all went to the clinic to check on you. It was Grandma’s first visit with Mommy and Daddy she was very excited, and Grandma took a lot of pictures. Mommy and Daddy were very excited too we thought we might just be able to hear your heart beet! When Mommy’s name got called we all went back to Kelly's room and the nurse, Andrea asked Mommy a lot of questions. Then Kelly came in and told us that the tests from our last check up all came back great! Next it was time to see if we could hear you! Mommy laid down with Daddy right next to me and Grandma close by taking pictures. Kelly told us that your heart beet would be a lot faster than Mommy’s and that’s how we would be able to tell the difference. It took Kelly a while to find you in Mommy’s tummy, she heard you once for just a split second then she | Monday February 28th 11 weeks | found you again and the second time we could all hear you! Your heart beet was very fast and strong. We all listened for a long time, it was amazing to be able to | hear you and know that your heart is so healthy. Praise God for such a wonderful blessing!

7: After we were all done Mommy asked Kelly if we could get an ultrasound so that Grandma could see you. Really thought, Mommy and Daddy wanted to see you again too! When we finally got to see you for the second time, we couldn’t believe how much you had grown in just one month! Mommy and Daddy were amazed! We could see your whole body, arms, legs, and all! You were moving all over the place, kicking and moving up and down my tummy, it was magical. We all watched you in amazement, stunned at our little miracle. For a while it even looked like you were waving at us, you kept moving your arm back and forth, it was adorable! Way to soon we had to go so Kelly took a picture for Mommy and Daddy to take home and we headed out. We were all so happy to get to hear your heart beet and see how big you are getting! Grandma took more pictures of Mommy and Daddy but this time we held up our picture of you, our little family! | Once we were completely done at the clinic Grandma took Mommy and Daddy to Wal-Mart to get our pictures developed. That was al lot of fun too. We even made a little calendar with a picture of Mommy, Daddy, and you, we decided this would be a great way to tell Grandma and Grandpa Carlson in Montana. When we finally got home again Mommy took a nap and then got Grandma and Grandpa Carlson’s calendar out and drew a heart around September 15th! Mommy | and Daddy couldn’t wait to send it in the mail. Today was a glorious day to see you moving around waving at your family. We sure love you and can’t wait to see you again!

8: March 5th 12 Weeks | Today was yet another fabulous day as your Mommy. Sadie and Josh were home for the weekend from Brainerd Minnesota and we got together with them at Grandma and Grandpa Johnson’s house. A lot of our family was there, Grandma Missy, Grandpa Ed, Brandon, Joe, Hannah, and Cloie, Grandma Judi and Grandpa Jim, Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Laurence, Uncle Merlin, Jenny, Tommy, Lynea, and of course Sadie and Josh. Mommy was very excite to see so much of our family and couldn’t wait to tell them all about you! Once again Mommy had to bug Daddy quite a bit but I was trying to be patient. We all ate a lot of food, mashed potatoes, beef gravy, and corn, and we talked for a long time. However, Mommy could only think of you! Was Daddy going to let me tell them all? I couldn't possibly wait any longer! Uncle Brandon was getting excited too, he kept asking, “Are you going to tell them?” finally Mommy told Brandon, “Why don’t you go and bug Clay too then maybe he’ll let me.” so Uncle Brandon tried to bug Daddy, but he still couldn't make up his mind. Before we knew it Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Laurence were leaving. “Oh no!” we had to tell them! Finally Daddy said “Okay, okay.” By that time Grandpa Laurence was downstairs and Grandma Charlotte was upstairs, how were we going to tell them when they weren’t even in the same room? We wanted them to know so bad, we decided that we would walk out to the car with them. When we finally got outside away from everyone else Mommy told them. Grandma Charlotte was very excited. We told them you are due September 15th and Grandma said that is just perfect because we don’t have any September birthdays in the immediate family yet! And I agree with her, it is perfect!

9: On our way back into the house both Mommy and Daddy couldn’t stoop smiling. We saw Brandon inside and you could tell by the look on his face the he was wondering if we told your Great-Grandma and Grandpa. Silently Mommy knotted “yes” and Brandon’s face lit up! Mommy and Daddy talked about how well our conversation went with our grandparents and how easy it was to tell them even though we were nervous. Daddy wanted to do the tellling next and Mommy couldn’t wait! I was very excited for Daddy because I knew how wonderful it felt to tell someone about you. Well, next we went up stairs trying not to look too suspicious, and started talking to everyone again. Mommy wondered when Daddy would say something and hoped no one else would leave, by this time even Grandpa Ed was sleeping. A few times Mommy could sense that we were running out of things to say, and the conversation was dying down. Finally Daddy said, “Well, Kelli and I have some news.” Everyone made funny comments like “Oh boy!” “Ah oh!” and “Now what?” Then Daddy said, “We’re going to have a baby!” Immediately the atmosphere in the room changed, everyone was so excited! They couldn’t believe it! Mommy was trying not to cry I was so happy! A lot happened all at once. I remember Sadie saying, “You lied to me!” She had just recently asked me when Daddy and I would be having kids, and since I didn’t want to spoil the surprise I told her “I don’t know?” She couldn’t believe the news! Aunty Hannah came over and gave Mommy a big hug and said “Congratulations!” Uncle Merlin was very funny, he turned to Josh and gave him a high five and said, “We’re off the hook!” See, everyone was thinking that Sadie and Josh were going to make some kind of announce since we really were all there to see them and I think Uncle Merlin was a little nervous about what they might say. Grandma Judi made sure that Sadie and Josh new that if they would have said the same thing we would all be just as excited for them too. Which of course is true! Latter when I was standing by Uncle Joe he said, “Congrats,” gave me a hug and even a little kiss on top of my head! That was so special, I can’t remember him ever doing that before. Mommy and Daddy told everyone all the details about how big you are and how excited we are to have you! No one could believe that we waited so long to tell everyone but we liked having our own little secret for just a while. We talked a long time about you, how we told Grandma and Grandpa Johnson and what our plans were so far. Soon it was getting pretty late and it was time for everyone to go home. We all said good bye and Mommy could tell that everyone was still so excited about you. They all said, “I love you,” and gave Mommy and Daddy lots of hugs and congratulations. Today was such a special day. I thank God for such a wonderful and supporting family for you to be born into!

10: Today was our 3rd visit. Mommy and Daddy met up with Grandma and we headed to the clinic.When Mommy stepped on the scale I weighed 123 lbs! Finally we gained back the 2lbs that we lost last month. When we told Kelly this she said, "Now you're going in the right direction!" Kelly measured Mommy's tummy and we got to listen to your heart beet again, which was great as always. Everything is going so well! | Monday March 28th 15 wks

11: Friday April 15th | Four Months

12: Today was the start of a very exciting adventure. Mommy was at Grandma Missy's and Grandpa Ed's house, just relaxing on the couch when all of a sudden I felt you move inside my tummy. Now, I've been able to feel you move for some time now but today was extra special. See, every time I feel you I put my hand down on my tummy, hoping to feel you again. Until today I've never been able to feel you with my hand. So you can just imagine the excitement that came over Mommy when you kicked again just hard enough for me to feel you! I waited on the couch for a while trying to be very still so I could feel you more. After a bit I figured you were done moving around so I got up, walked into the kitchen with a huge smile on my face and said to Grandma, "You're not going to believe what just happened!" Grandma was so excited! She even wrote down the date, and the exact time on a little sticky note so we would never forget this event. Sunday April 17th at 7:17 pm, the first time Mommy felt you kick with her hand. I'm so excited because I know that from here on out, I'll be able to feel you move even more! | Sunday April 17th 18 weeks

13: Today was our 4th OB visit with Kelly Schmidt and our 1st visit with Dr. Marsha Beyer. Daddy had to work and couldn’t get away so Mommy had to go all by herself. At first Mommy was really sad and even thought about rescheduling our appointment, I wanted Daddy with me and he felt bad about not being able to be there with us, but he convinced me to go anyway. Once I got into Kelly’s room I felt much better. She asked her usual questions to make sure everything is going well. While we listened to your heart beat you were moving around so much it was hard to hear your heart, we just kept hearing kicks! That’s when Kelly said, “You’ll be chasing this one!” Next we saw Dr. Beyer, Kelly suggested that we see a Dr. just in case we need extra help to deliver you. Dr. Beyer is a very nice lady, and Mommy was just as comfortable with her as I am with Kelly. By the time we were all done I was very happy that I kept our appointment for today and couldn’t wait to tell Daddy all about our morning! | Monday April 18th 18 weeks

14: Tuesday April 19th | Daddy feels you move with his hand for the first time!

15: Mommy 4.5 months pregnant | Uncle Joe 5 months layed off | ..... | Mommy, Daddy, Joe, and Hannah all went up to Chetek to visit Grandma Judi and Grandpa Jim, Granny was there visiting too. We stayed up really late playing pictionary, we stared to get a little silly from the lack of sleep, that's when we decided to take this picture.

16: Easter Sunday April 24th 19 weeks

17: Today uncle Steve took Mommy and Daddy up for a plane ride! We got to see the water tower, the river, and the bridge, we even saw River Wood all from the sky!!

18: Today we got to have our 20 week ultrasound. Mommy and Daddy have been waiting for a long time for this day because today the doctor took all of you measurements and we were able to watch you for a long time! Grandma Missy met us at the clinic with Brandon and your big cousin Cloie. Everyone was so excited, even Cloie was saying, “We going to see your baby now?” She didn’t really understand what was going on but she knew she would love you, her little baby cousin! Soon, Cloie had to go potty, this made Grandma a little nervous because she didn’t want the nurse to call us back while she was gone with Cloie. So we decided that if that happened we would just have to tell the nurse to wait a bit longer. Luckily Cloie was quick and we were soon all on our way to the ultrasound room. | Thursday April 28th 20 Weeks

19: It was a small room and a bit of a tight squeeze but we were too excited to notice really. Mommy showed Brandon how to work the video camera as we waited for Dr. Karan. In no time she came into the room and introduced herself, Mommy and Daddy were getting very anxious! Before the Doctor even started she asked us if we wanted to know if you’re a boy or a girl. Mommy and Daddy had already decided that we wanted you to be a surprise. So the Doctor made us all look away while she put the ultrasound probe on Mommy’s tummy just in case. Once it was safe and clear to look at the screen, Brandon turned on the video camera and Dr. Karen started showing us all your little body parts while taking your measurements.

20: It was wonderfully peaceful to just lay there and watch you. Daddy was standing by Mommy the whole time which made it extra special. We watched for quite a while and the doctor even printed out a few pictures for Mommy and Daddy to bring home!

21: Once the ultrasound was completely done we went back to see Kelly. She told us that after viewing your measurements it looked like you might not really be 20 weeks along. You were a little small and we had to make sure that our due date was correct. Kelly suggested setting up an appointment in the cities for a Level 2 Ultrasound. We got all the information and set one up right away. | Mommy and Daddy tried not to worry too much about your size, we knew that God had created you exactly how He wanted you to be. We prayed that you were healthy and no matter what your size is we wanted you to know and love God above all things. Today was exceptionally wonderful because we got to see you again, our little gift from heaven.

22: FRIDAY MAY 6TH 21 WEEKS | Today Mommy, Daddy. And Grandma Missy went all the way to Woodbury to have our first Level 2 Ultrasound. We planned to get there a little early so we could eat lunch together, we decided on Famous Dave’s. The food took longer than we had expected so we got it to go and headed to the clinic. Mommy and Daddy were pretty nervous because we were about to find out if you are still healthy. We didn’t have to wait long before we were taken back to the ultrasound room. The technician was very nice, Mommy could sense the compassion in her voice which made me feel a bit more relaxed. She kept talking to you while she was talking all of your measurements. Your head was down by Mommy’s hip the whole time so the technician made Mommy turn over and cough a lot to try and get you to move. You must have been very comfy because you didn’t move much. It took quit a long time for the technician to get everything she needed and we were all loving every minute of it!

23: still nervous by the time we got out of there. Grandma Missy reminded us that this is all part of God’s plan, and she’s right of course. We decided to go to the park to finish eating our lunch. The weather was nice and refreshing, which aloud us all to relax a bit. Today was a stressful day, however, it was a reminder that you are in God’s hands and there are no better hands to be in! | After the technician was done she gave the results to the Dr. who was very direct and a bit load actually. Being that we were already so nervous, Mommy was kind of intimidated by her personality. She showed us a graph that explained that you are in the tenth percentile. Meaning, only ten percent of other babies at twenty-one weeks are smaller than you. Mommy and Daddy were overwhelmed we wanted nothing more than for you to be healthy! The Dr. said all we could do is keep an eye on you and just because you’re small now doesn’t mean you can’t catch up. She also pointed out that someone had to be smaller, just like someone has to be bigger, otherwise we wouldn’t have a percentile at all. We tried to find some comfort in that. Mommy and Daddy were

24: May 15th

25: 5 | Months

26: Thursday June 2nd | Grandma Missy painted a tree on your wall to match your crib set.

27: Cousin Cloie comes over to help Mommy finish your bedroom! | 25 weeks

28: Today Daddy drove Mommy and Grandma Missy to Woodbury again to have out 2nd Level 2 Ultrasound. It had been five weeks since our last ultrasound and we were all very excited to see how much you have grown. On the way there our GPS stopped working so Mommy was a little stressed but Daddy and Grandma got us there just in time. We didn’t have to wait long after Mommy checked in. We had a different technician and doctor today but they were both very nice. The technician went through all of your little body parts measuring every little detail making sure not to accidentally tell Mommy and Daddy if you’re a boy or a girl. | Friday June 10th 26 Weeks | During the ultrasound you had the hiccups so we all got to watch as your little body would suddenly move. Mommy could feel your hiccups too. Now I can tell the difference between little kicks and little hiccups.

29: Once again your little feet were crossed just like Mommy does! Also, you were looking right at us today. We could see your entire face and you had one of your hands up by your head, your fingers were making the “peace” sign. We all thought that was just the cutest thing! The technician even wrote “peace” right on the ultrasound picture.

30: After the lady was all done taking your measurements she gave them to the doctor, it took him a while to read all of your information and Mommy and Daddy were starting to get a bit worried again. But we tried hard to remember that God knows what is best for you and whatever happens it is in His plan.

31: Finally the doctor came in Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma were all overjoyed when the doctor told us that you were back on track! You had moved up from the 10th percentile to the 23rd percentile, way to go baby! The doctor said that he was so confident in your growth rate that we didn’t need to go back again. This was biter sweet news because we were so happy that you were growing so well, but we sure enjoyed seeing you so often.

32: Mommy and Daddy are getting a little anxious to see you. One night while daddy was watching Mommy’s tummy (you) move around he said, And he’s right! It’s so hard to wait for you but we know the best thing for you right now is to be in Mommy’s safe tummy while you continue to grow and develop, we love you so much! Mommy and Daddy are trying very hard to be patient! | June 15th 6 months | “It’s like watching paint dry!”

33: June 25th 28 weeks | Today Aunty Mary gave us our first shower! Mommy got a lot of wonderful gifts including your crib set! Aunty Mary made really delicious food, an egg bake and a french toast bake that was to die for! It was so wonderful to see everyone again!

34: Thursday June 23rd | 28 weeks

35: Today Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, and Cloie all went to the clinic again for another check up. This check up was a bit different though, Mommy had to take a blood sugar test. To prepare for the test I couldn’t eat or drink anything since the night before a I was ready to get the test over with so I could eat again. After getting all checked in we went back to the lab, first they took a small sample of Mommy’s blood, then they had me drink a very sugary drink, it tasted exactly like orange soda! After waiting a while for the orange drink to go through my system, they took a little more blood to test. By this time Grandma and Cloie had to head back home, Mommy and Daddy waited three more hours before all the testing was done. Mommy’s blood sugar is very good and all the test came back wonderful so we could finally go home! Today was yet another blessing from God, everything seems to be going so well! We love you baby and can’t wait to see you!

36: 29 Weeks...

37: 4th of July! | Today Mommy and Daddy went down the St. Croix River in a canoe! We spent all day on the river with Grandma Missy, Grandpa Ed, Brandon, Hannah and Cloie, and our friends Jim, Kathy, and Devin. We all had a lot of fun. Mommy’s tummy got sun burnt but not as bad as Daddy’s back. He got so sun burnt he looks like a bright red lobster!

38: Mommy's Weight: 141.6 LBs Mommy's Tummy: 29 CM Your Heart Rate: 156 | Thursday July 7th | 30 Weeks...

39: Thursday July 14th 31wks | Today Mommy and Daddy had our first parenting class. We were a little nervous but mostly just excited to learn all about having a baby! We met a lot of fun parents and had a wonderful time getting to know everyone. One of the first things we did at the class was receive a goody bag of information and free samples, it was really fun to go through everything, then someone pointed out that it was all outdated, we laughed! Later we watched a few birthing videos which were very informative and made Mommy and Daddy even more excited to have you! We also watched videos about different birthing options, Mommy and Daddy really want to have a natural birth and pray that everything goes well so we can do just that. Then we got a tour of the birthing center which was way fun! They showed us all around the waiting area and we saw the different rooms to choose from, we also saw the nursery, and even the recovering rooms for when Mommies have to have a c-section. Mommy and Daddy decided that we like Room 3 the best, it has the most space and the layout is nice. Actually your uncle Brandon and cousin Cloie were both born in Room 3 maybe you will be too! Today was really fun and I can’t wait until our next class!

40: You get the hiccups all the time now. It’s so fun all of a sudden I feel your whole body move over and over. Your hiccups are fast and strong, this is great because it means that your little lungs are maturing! Good job baby! | Friday July 15th | 7 Months

41: Today we had another successful checkup. Mommy's Weight: 124 lbs Mommy's Tummy: 31 cm Your Heart Rate: 148 beats/min. Mommy and Daddy also had our 2nd parenting class. We learned all about baby safely, including what to look for in a car seat and the safest way for you to sleep! We had a lot of fun and learned so much! | Thursday July 21st 32 Weeks

42: Sunday July 24th | 32 Weeks

43: Today Mommy had a baby shower for the Carlson side of the family. It was wonderful to see everyone again. Grandma Burnie, Marcia, Hannah, Katie and Alice, Becky, Jan, Renee and Audrey, Rachel and Lucy, and even Grandma Missy all came to celebrate at Mrs. I's Yarn Parlor. Katie had the unique idea to have Mommy "register" at the baby depot in Mrs. I's. This turned out to be a lot of fun, Marcia and Katie both bought Mommy patterns and yarn to make fun projects for you! It was a fabulous day! | Since Daddy's sisters couldn't be at the shower, Marcia decided to bring a picture of Daddy's whole family so they could be there with us.

44: Thursday July 28th | Today was our third and final parenting class. Mommy had been the most excited for this class because we learned how to breastfeed and different techniques for dealing with the pain of labor. We had to bring a lot of pillows so we could practice being in labor. First we had a funny breastfeeding demonstration were the teacher used a daddy to show how a mommy should breastfeed properly. Mommy learned a lot and I took notes so I can try and remember as much as possible. I think Daddy was a little surprised at how intricate feeding a baby can be!

45: Then we learned different breathing techniques for labor. We all laid down on the floor (on our pillows of course) and pretended that we were in the delivery room. Mommy practiced how to relax and Daddy practiced helping Mommy get through hard contractions. We also learned different positions for birthing. There is one technique called “dancing” that Mommy really likes were I lean on Daddy and we sway back and forth just like we’re dancing! We both had a lot of fun and will continue to practice the different techniques at home. | 33 weeks

46: July 31st 33 weeks | Today Aunty Hannah and Cousin Sadie hosted a baby shower for Mommy. It was a wonderful shower, a lot of ladies came to show their support and talk to Mommy about how excited they are to meet you. We played a few fun games, ate a lot of great food, and got a ton of wonderful gifts!

48: Today Mommy and Daddy met Grandma Missy at the clinic for our 34 Week check up. We saw Dr. Marsha Beyer and she told us that everything is just PERFECT! | Thursday August 4th 34 weeks

49: 13 pounds 33 centimeters 156 beats/minute

50: Today Mommy had a baby shower at the park! My friends Molly and Alli hosted the shower for all my friends from school. It was a lot of fun. We all decorated bibs for you and they turned out soo cute! We also played a very funny game Molly and Alli melted different types of chocolate inside diapers, we had to smell each diaper and try to guess what candy was in it. The diapers all looked really gross but they didn’t smell bad! Everyone wanted to know every detail about you! It was wonderful to see all my friends again. Thanks Molly and Alli! | Sunday August 7th

51: 34 weeks | baby Bumps!

52: Thursday August 11th 35 weeks | Today Mommy, Grandma Missy, and Cloie all went to Target to get your car seat and stroller. Mommy saved up all of our Target gift certificates for this special occasion. When we got there we still weren’t 100% sure which one we would be getting, so we had to take down a couple and give them a try. After much thought and consideration we decided on a wonderful green and gray car seat and stroller. Mommy was so excited I even opened it up in the parking lot just so I could look at it. As soon as Mommy got it home I set it all up so it's ready for you!

53: Friday August 19th 36 weeks | 145 pounds 35 centimeters 144 beats/minute | Today Mommy and Daddy went to the clinic for our 36 weeks check up. We saw Dr. Marsha Byer again because Kelly S. is out of town for a while. After Dr. Byer checked Mommy she told us that I’m not dilated quite yet but my cervix is thin and you are supper low. That means you could come out anytime now!

54: 146 lbs 34 cm 136 beats/min. | Today Mommy, Daddy, Grandma Missy, and your cousin Cloie went to the clinic for our 37 week check up. We saw Kelly Schmidt again, Mommy was really looking forward to this because we hadn’t seen her in a while. She said Mommy was looking great and I am dilated to one centimeter, plus your pushing down with lots of pressure getting ready to come out! Everything is on track but Mommy’s tummy was measuring slightly smaller than what Marsha Beyer had written down from the week before. Kelly reassured us that everything was more than likely fine and that her and Dr. Beyer measure a little different, but she wanted us to get an ultrasound just to be sure. Mommy and Daddy of course were perfectly fine with that, we love seeing you! | Thursday August 25th 37 Weeks

55: Once we were done with the checkup we tried to scheduled an ultrasound for later today and it just so happened that they could squeeze us in. We had Dr. Karen as a technician again, and she went through and measured all your little parts. When she was done the computer calculated that you are about 5 lbs and 13 oz. just slightly small but still in a healthy range. Mommy and Daddy were very happy to hear that! It has been a while since we got to see you and it is amazing how much you have grown. We could see everything on your cute little face, your lips were all puckered and sticking out like you were just sucking on something. You are the cutest baby ever! I can’t wait to meet you!

56: 148.4 Pounds 1.5 Centimeters | Today Mommy and Daddy went to the clinic for our 38 weeks check up. Everything is progressing very well. We can't wait to meet you! | Thursday September 1st

57: 38 Weeks | As of today I am officially on maternity leave and won't be back to work for a while because I'll be with you! I can't wait! I was so convinced that you would be here by now that I think I might even be a bit in denial that you'll ever come out!

58: Today Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma Missy went to the clinic for our 39 week check up. Everything went smoothly as always. Mommy and Daddy thought you would be out by now, but I guess you’re just not ready, and that’s okay. Our due date is exactly one week from today. Kelly Schmidt says that judging by Mommy’s body we probably won't have to wait that long! | Thursday September 8th (39 Weeks)

59: Also, today Mommy and Daddy both had to get flue shots so that when you do come out you don’t get the flue, everyone else will have to get the shot eventually too. Before it was time to leave Grandma realized that she locked her keys in the car, so we had to have Auntie Hannah come and get us and then bring us to our car. On our way over to Grandma Missy’s Mommy started to feel really sick and my tummy hurt worse then ever, finally some harder contractions! We all got pretty excited but it eventually went away and I didn’t get another painful contraction for a while.

60: September 15th 40 Weeks

61: Today is your DUE DATE! Mommy can't believe it's finally here! We went to the clinic for a check up and Kelly S. did a few things to help you come out she also decided that if you don't come out by next Tuesday Mommy will have to be induced. We are all so excited to see you, It seems like we have been waiting forever! Mommy has to keep reminding herself that it is all in God's hands and in His timing we will meet!

62: Belly Pictures! week by week | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 15 | 18

63: 19 | 21 | 22 | 25 | 26 | 28 | 30 | 32 | 29

64: 34 | 35 | 37 | 39 | 40 | 33

65: The End

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