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Bruner 2012

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BC: In your fourth year... | B R U N E R 2012 | This year really flew by and was filled with lots of memorable moments. We are eager to see the next chapter unfold. We love you crazy - Peyton & Alayna. Two thousand thirteen will be filled with new and excited memories, starting with the birth of Baby Girl in March.

FC: two thousand twelve | Bruner

1: B R U N E R | Family | Two Thousand and Twelve Eight years of marriage and 2 1/2 children Our year has been full of big smiles, big messes, big adventures. and even a few tears. Steve quit his job at Ag Co-op to pursue CurbScapes full time, and had a very profitable year. I am still a pharmacist at Red Cross Pharmacy, and enjoy the many new aspects of total patient care. Peyton turned six and started kindergarten. Alayna is now three and loves her preschool program at the ECOC. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family! It is an honor to create these memory books that document the highlights of the year. Peyton and Alayna, your big smile and bright blue eyes always melt our hearts. You are so loved. It has been quite a ride watching your personalities unfold this year, and we can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for our family! We are certain that it will be big. Mommy

2: a winter walk | It was a very cold day, but I had promised a quick trip out to the mailbox was in store for the afternoon. The snow had come overnight, one of the few fallings we had all winter. You were both extremely excited to run and jump in the fluffy, white snow. After the 15 minutes it took to get the three of us dressed, I decided we were staying out longer than just a quick walk to the mailbox. Both faces were covered with the biggest smiles I had seen in a long time! | J a n u a r y 2012

4: a very good day | a very good day

5: Peyton received a butterfly kit for her fifth birthday. We mailed off the certificate and a week later had tiny caterpillars in a food cup. After growing many times in size, they formed chrysalis which we transfered to the mesh cage. Ten days passed and beautiful butterflies emerged. It was amazing to have them land on Peyton's hand while trying to feed them. A couple weeks later we released them outside. | J a n u a r y 2012

6: daddy daughter date night | For the second year, Peyton and Daddy attended a fun filled evening at the Community Center. After getting her hair curled by cousin Breanna, Daddy surprised Peyton with a wrist corsage, which she was totally excited to wear. Mommy snapped many photos and they were off. Spaghetti was served for supper and desert was fruit with a chocolate fountain. Peyton then went to have a mini manicure, create a craft project and dance the night away. Mommy and Alayna enjoyed supper together at home and then shared a princess cupcake Melody had made for Alayna.

7: f e b r u a r y 2 0 1 2

8: CHILDREN'S MERCY | Alayna's surgery at

9: What started as a lump under Alayna's chin, ended in the removal of a lymph node over two surgical procedures. We were very lucky to have a wonderful doctor, Kim Baker, an ENT with CMH. Each surgery, Mommy and Daddy would help to dress you in the surgical gown and keep you entertained until time for the nurses to wheel you back to the OR. We would then sit nervously and wait to be reunited in recovery. You were one BRAVE little girl!

10: This year Easter was at Aunt Lori's house where there is a perfect lawn and hiding spots for an egg hunt!

12: EASTER | One of our favorite Easter traditions - THE HUNT! We invited Great Grandma, Aunt Kay, Jamie and Eli to come and enjoy the fun. | a p r i l 2 0 1 2 | In addition to the Easter egg hunt, there were lots of other fun activities. Petting bunnies, ducks and lambs, photos with the Easter Bunny, snacks, bounce house and more. | an "egg-ceptional"

13: After the last eggs had been found, we finished off our morning with pizza lunch at our house, and some much need naps. Great-Grandma was all smiles and really enjoyed seeing all of her great grandchildren together. | Unfortunately, the rain did not allow for the egg hunt to be outdoor, but relocated to rooms inside the Community Center.

14: @4th of July at MeMe and PaPa's House - Dresden, MO

15: Friends, fireworks, and four wheelers - what more could you ask for at a 4th of July celebration? The weather was great, Daddy barbequed and everyone took turns riding the 4-wheelers. Soon the time came to find our spot to watch the fireworks.

16: day of play

17: Two little blond beauties playing in the water on hot summer days. This was our first summer with a slip and slide. Peyton quickly got the hang of running and sliding down the hill. Alayna was not interested in riding on her belly but rather on her feet and/or raft. Another favorite was the spray and splash pool where you can jump on a water filled clam, hide in a rainbow or ride on the back of a dolphin. | S U M M E R 2 0 1 2 | Spray and Splash pool | slip and slide down the hill

18: f u n t i m e s a t | softball | Peyton played her first season of softball this summer. We borrowed a glove from AJ and purchased a new pink bat for practice. Daddy really enjoyed teaching you how to hold and swing the bat, field the ball and run the bases after a hit.

20: fun in the sun | fun in the sun

21: Spring and Summer are our favorite seasons. We spend lots of time outside playing. You both love to run, ride bikes, play in the water and any other activity that happens outdoors.

22: Fun at the Pool | a summer of fun with our little tadpoles...

23: You both loved going to the swimming pool this summer. We enrolled you in swimming lessons, but the cold temperatures made it difficult for Alayna to want to stay in and learn. Thankfully, temperatures increased and we made several trips to our subdivision pool. You both were pros at jumping off the side and swimming back unassisted. I am very excited to see how your swimming skills continue to grow.

24: o u r n i g h t a t t h e | hot air balloon festival | Grandma and Grandpa went with us to the Mid-West Balloon Fest. There were lots of beautiful regular balloons and many special shape balloons. The KC Kite Club had a couple kites on display, but there was not enough wind to get them airborne for long. The best part of the night was "The Glow" which occurred at dusk.

25: great mall of the great plains o l a t h e, k a n s a s s u m m e r 2 0 1 2

26: truman lake | We made a trip to the beach at Truman Lake for the first time this summer. We had bought a few sand toys, which Alayna played with lots. You girls were convinced you were at the ocean, after all where else do you find a sandy beach. CUTE! After enjoying our day in the water, we ate a snack and headed for home. Mommy and Daddy both agreed, we could not wait to take you both to a REAL beach in Virginia later in the summer. | swimming at

28: KNOB NOSTER FAIR | Our first trip to this fair made for a very FUN night. Neighbors, John, Kristy and AJ met us there to eat treats and enjoy the carnival rides. You enjoyed riding the cars, helicopters and flying elephants. Peyton really surprised us by riding the pony and smiling the whole time. We also watched the parade and collected tons of candy.

29: s u m m e r 2 0 1 2

30: ECOC CARNIVAL | As an annual fundraiser, the ECOC hosts a carnival. Each classroom staffs a couple different games. What a fun night! MeMe and Papa came along to play games because daddy was in Colorado training for a new curb style. | a u g u s t 2012

31: Come one, come all, you'll have a ball..! | Outside the ball pit was inflated and cheese puff toss onto a shaving cream covered shower cap. Once inside the building, we played bean bag toss, fishing for candy, lollipop tree, cake walk and the duck pond. Once you both realized the paint would wash off, you could hardly wait to have your face painted. The cutest part of the evening was the pie toss at Miss Liz.

32: CHOOL | is cool! | the joy of watching you enjoy all that school brings | S

33: From meet the teacher night to stuffing your backpack, you have been excited and ready to attend kindergarten. Mrs. Munsterman's Room

34: First Day of School | Peyton, you were so excited to start school. All the new stuff to buy: backpack, school supplies and tennis shoes. What a beautiful smile we captured for the first day photos. Mommy and Daddy walked you into school and quickly found your classroom meeting spot in the gym. Shortly, your teacher, Mrs. Munsterman arrived, which again produced a wonderful smile. You were super excited about your lanyard name tag and other classmates starting to arrive. We were apprehensive to leave you that morning, but you never showed any emotion except pure excitement and readiness. Watch out KINDERGARTEN - here I come!

35: A U G U S T 2 0 1 2

36: Little Gymnast | All About Fun | S E P E T E M B E R 2 0 1 2 | VIRGINIA BEACH

37: After a good portion of the day flying to Virginia, Alayna was wiped out on the ride from the airport to our hotel on the beach. Once we got checked in, everyone perked up and we quickly got changed into our swim suits and headed out to play in the ocean. The weather was wonderful our whole vacation, and this allowed lots of time playing in the sun, sand and water. We had a wonderful time! Peyton and Alayan, you completely surpassed our expectations at how well you travel.ed We look forward to more fun filled family vacations!

38: v i r g i n i a - s e p t e m b e r 2012

39: NAVY retirement

40: Virginia Beach | Enjoying the waves and sand at | Over Labor Day weekend, we flew to Virginia to celebrate Uncle Tracy's retirement from the Navy. This was our first family vacation together, and the memories we made will last a lifetime. You girls traveled better than we could have ever imagined! Our hotel was right on the beach, which allowed us to enjoy the sand and water anytime we wished. You girls were true Beach Babes!

41: s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2

42: hula birthday

43: For Alayna's third birthday we threw her a Hula themed party. It was AMAZING. Daddy filled his dump trailer with sand and pulled it into the back yard for a sand box. Alayna handed out leis to all guest when they arrived. The weather was chilly but the kids really enjoyed the pinata, "sand box", trampoline and swing set. To finish the evening, everyone ate cake and ice cream, and Alayna made quick work of opening her gifts.

44: cheerleader | Peyton attended a Saturday cheerleading clinic where she learned cheers, jumps and the WHS fight song. She had a great time and at the end of the day, received her new t-shirt. The following Friday night, all the participants cheered at halftime for the WHS football game. After the show, each girl received a cheer megaphone filled with goodies.

45: Potty Time

47: Once again, our family will be growing! You were both so excited to tell the grandparents about our surprise. Another fun surprise was the gender reveal via pink balloons escaping from our box. I have been blessed to have another healthy pregnancy, and we are all so excited to meet the newest addition. | due M A R C H 2013

48: start smart soccer

49: SOCCER 2012

50: Mommy Daddy | a n d | s n u g g l i n g

51: f a l l 2 0 1 2

52: pumpkin patch | our annual trip to the

53: One of our favorite fall traditions is our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. We know that each year when we make this trek that the holiday season has truly begun. You both had so much fun running around and enjoying the fun with grandma. We found the perfect pumpkins to take home and decorate the house with for fall. | O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2 | faulkner's ranch & pumpkin patch, kansas city, missouri

54: O C T O B E R 2 0 1 2

55: halloween happenings | There were so many fun activities this October that helped to fill our days leading up to Halloween! We made our annual trip to Faulkner's Pumpkin Patch. You each had a Halloween party at your school where you dressed up, had treats and lots of fun activities. For Halloween evening, Meme made her usual soups, which filled everyones tummies. We then headed out with friends, Ebanie & Mitchell, Isabelle and Audrey to the neighbors houses seeking candy. TRICK - OR - TREAT.

56: DOLPHINS | Peyton's Sixth Birthday Party | We rented a room at the Community Center, played dolphin games, opened presents and enjoyed cupcakes. Then everyone changed into their swimsuits and jumped into the pool.

57: n o v e m b e r 2 0 1 2

59: d e c e m b e r 2 0 1 2 | Santa-Gingerbread men-Elf on the Shelf-presents


61: For the fourth year in a row, we spent Christmas Eve at our home with family. Mid-afternoon the grandparents arrive to start getting the finger food and other goodies ready for supper. Once everyone arrived, we ate supper and started with the present opening. You were both excited to hand out the gifts you had purchased at WMMC and/or ECOC. It's always amazing to see your little minds work in choosing special gifts; so much thought goes into it for a 3 and 6 year old. Holidays are so much more special now that you two are here to share them with us! The evening concluded with a visit from the Pajama Elves, feeding Santa and the reindeer and getting the beds ready for grandparents to spend the night.

63: Opening presents was amazing this year. You are both big enough to enjoy the fun. You had each purchased presents for family members from WMMC and the ECOC, and were very proud of your selections.

64: christmas morning | You two must have made it onto Santa's "nice list" this year, because he was very good to you. Alayna received the boat, Bucky, from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Peyton was given an electronic drum pad. For you both to enjoy, Santa brought a new play kitchen. Breakfast was next on the agenda before traveling to Great Grandma's house.

65: After a delicious lunch, more presents were to be opened. Eli started the unwrapping, but quickly lost interest and needed a little coaxing. Next came the pros, Peyton and Alayna, who quickly tore into their loot. A BBQ grill, Bell puppy, camera, games and more. New baby girl even received a stocking with goodies from Aunt Kay.

66: you love to be outside | you love to be outside

73: Peyton & Alayna

76: Sister | - a n d - | Sister | Peyton and Alayna have such fun together...most of the time. Your relationship has had more highs & lows this year than last, but that is to be expected now that Alayna is on the go, in to all of Peyton's stuff, & competing for attention, toys, snacks, & the TV shows. Alayna wants to be just like big sister Peyton, and looks up to her so much. You love each other to pieces. It is a treat to watch your relationship grow & strengthen each & every day.

78: m o m m y & d a d d y L O V E Y O U | crazy

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