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Bryan Voell: Collages and Poems

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S: Bryan Voell: Collages and Poems

FC: Bryan Voell: Collages and Poems

1: Bryan Voell

2: Unbelievable Visibility -- 2013

3: Bryan Voell | Collages and Poems | Front Cover: Observers Play a Role -- 2012 Preceding: A Bug Describes a Bug -- 2012 Back Cover: Luminary (Like a Breeze Burned on a Dustpan) -- 2012

4: The Kindness Due -- 2013

5: The images I make are a reassembly of found images from books, magazines, calendars and random ephemera, all blade-cut and glued by hand. My main goal is to make something that hasn’t been made before, straddling the line between the familiar and strange. The poems connect with the images only in broad strokes. Whatever the medium, I want each piece to stand on its own, different enough from the rest to justify a title. * For Erica and Iris.

6: Fire in Sunlight -- 2013 | Predecessors (Perfect Without Rehearsal) -- 2011

7: Look What Shook the Chimes -- 2013

8: Antiphon to the Hymn of Creation 1. The Creator, nearby, 2. caught sight of the drownings around Him. 3. He unshackled the End’s mean counterbalance. 4. One twitch from a nervous finger capsized an ark, 5. and all misshapened, quelling to black whole oceans that cracked off into instant canyons around Him, 6. ruptures from which sent torsos flailing, and crusts draining. 7. Twilight churned the steaming continents into charcoal, and hemlock along the reefs of the oily succor ocean sunk like chains. 8. The other planets crossed in knots: the taut, gold bray of the spectacle, lost on those to whom death’s kindness was due, | 9. was the new antiquity— But for A Book of Ayres, now fully knowable after centuries ignorable and ripe for blazes, 10. now the only useful book: the life-giving, burnable deluge of lyrics for which Campion hit the bastard heights proved useful 11. against the din of original sin: 12. The Creator, holding fast to the loseable corners of the Earth, intoned 13. “Turn back you wanton flyer” with a whisper barely mustered, breath depleting as green descended colors, folding leaves and flowers back to gravity. 14. But Hell was bottled at the source and restored the flood to bastard force,

9: 15. guzzling newborns with each wave-full along the guttural coasts, 16. calling down from the staggering clear and wrested grace beyond all moaning— 17. The Creator unrolled a scroll across two thousand years of Hell’s accumulated crimes, unconcealed now as He displayed: 18. “Take this, Hell, and read it. This is blood we’ve given up for you, singed on clothes and uninverted, the Equatorism you perverted. Read this in memory of us.” 19. Eternal life was small solace in the face of however high Hell piled the bodies, or charred the wrack of animals drowned or shivering off the End— 20. But as comets chose their craters along a new equator | 21. The Creator invoked an ayre, 22. a beatitude in the beast ecology: The Anthro-Apology of Balladry 23. and its tablature tore through the hemorrhage of nowhere higher reason, 24. reversing two millennia of mild christs derived from nowhere higher reason; 25. and the quiet, seismic Original Innocent banished the rank and file heirloom of nowhere higher reason; 26. and the Paulian squall gave up its ghost to the opposite of nowhere higher reason: 27. Campionianity, Campionianity.

10: Rack and Pinion Sundown -- 2013

11: Hit the Clouds, Pt. 2 -- 2013

12: His Business Routine -- 2013

13: The Woman Who Stole Meryl Streep's Nose Woman in the bell-tone hat, dust parted steps onto the bus lopped out her pass and brushed by her capsular and squeezed-in companions. Her hat staved off particles and waves, wove a bell-for-brow unheard of in the din shards of the sun-sharp. Her nose straight down center, vertical, perpendicular with the brim, haled and twitched, revealing the same slope Streep lost in the white-foam lash of "The River Wild" and never recovered. The woman in the bell-tone hat sat, sank into the iPod, hand-up spread took her glasses at the outermost and lifted one notch north of her nose top. | He Decided (That Day) -- 2007 | Elephant Periodontist -- 2010

14: They Played Liked Starlings -- 2013

15: Forgiveness on the Epic Scale -- 2009

16: Homily on Saint-Exupery's Epiphany in the Desert -- 2013

17: This is a Physicist -- 2009

19: Assorted Cards 2006 - 2009

20: Koala Wracked With Calm (As Twilight Churns the Steaming Continents into Charcoal) -- 2012

21: Bee Top -- 2012

22: Chlorophyll and a Floral Sling Hugged Her Up -- 2013

23: Shelves and Cabinets (series) -- 2013

24: Triumph of... ...a Hat Triumph of a hat over wind. The brim flap UV visor was her eye's advice, the crown capped her head's incisor -- the brain inside her stayed inside the hat planted firm against the gust- ghast, triumphed over that which usually hands its hat to that witch, wind witch. * ... a Shower Shake a tower to awaken, and then the shower to be taken lops off desk-dust-for-paystub, straightens the spine, attention to toes, soap goes where towel sops for clothes, behemoth rose of little water. * | ...the Sandwich The lunch crowds rage with portable roughage, zip-lock sacs and flaps of lettuce are best evidence the sandwich takes precedence. The white encrusted is all for lunch for those on-clock on sidewalk blocks, and those whose crust-crumbs dust the blacktop – I see their scalp-tops and sombreros, faces in depths of meat-stack gyros, or snarfed subs zeroed in seconds, faces of our heroes and presidents – The sandwich takes precedence. * ...a Marigold Periodical The marigold periodical upon delivery glowed as would a quarterly, each volume’s no-ad clad and glossy stock of frameable marigold ventricles, subscription never lapsing, still appearing in petal form, bannered all in caps with close-up crops of yellow yaps and stems— *

25: ...plants-to-be Summer drops and my wife plots future garden plots on paper, her fingers knot throw loops around like cherries twisted, charts the yard heap mass of plants-to-be yet to be twisted, arrives on scene with seed to plunge the earth in upshot green: Petals in a fetal fold, broccoli in a blouses-full, and lipstick chocolate peppers are the best apocalypse. * ...a pond of whales Mowing around a pond of whales, the engine pours and pops each shot of gas, the blades gash through blades and snakes unwise enough to be around the pond of whales I mow around, and scores of bugs both dark and lit ‘cross a recently braised green tourniquet, | those blood-pluck ‘skeeters plied to mosh on squash and the homunculus around the pond of whales I mow around. * ...the water glass The greatness within his grasp, his grasp around the water glass lops off a sudswork slip and floorbound in the shine, crashing and deleting the museum peace of nearly-finished dishwashing, like fire ants in all directions before the guests arrive. * ...the cat She plots her hind on top the sill and basks in the rack and pinion sundown’s sound of just-right maracas, dons a comma for the quiet clap, her mattress crash in vaulter mode, claws the bed vestige with the wattage of a popular toddler. *

26: The Girl Speaks of Human Reverence -- 2009

27: Deliberations (on a Cabbage) -- 2013

28: Geosynchronous [in four parts] 1. Where once the white, conservative sanitation of unplowed streets blurred the cross-hairs and capillaries on the satellite maps, cows now rip grass-blades alongside disciples on bicycles, who, when I shake with blood and bullshit moaning on mouth-to-mud mornings, come to my absence. 2. Where the carbon footprint once scalped glaciers and equator’s tribes, and the suburbs’ dried- out snouts below the bloated guts of cumulous clouds, now an insect’s twitch spurs thick dissertations on bare brown soil, which, when I shake with blood and bullshit moaning on mouth-to-mud mornings, comes to my absence. | Flowers Pulled and His Hat Up-Flopped -- 2013

29: Bryan Voell lives in Shawnee, Kansas with his wife and daughter. voellbryan@gmail.com www.candlesinkites.com

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