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BUBBY Ad Meah V'esrim

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BC: Thank you for joining me on my life time journey of smahot, of meeting the family, of visiting me in my sewing room. Now how about a little game and lets see if you can find everything in my album. | Owls My heart is in Yesha USS Albany Statue of Liberty Flag of Israel Egged bus Spiderman Scuba diver Judah lion Sombrero Exodus | Kangaroo Talit Queen Esther Clown Bronze Star Violin Antique cars Indian Frog Kotel Submarine | Butterfly Love poem Tfellin Giraffe Starfish Pitch fork Safari hat Kojac Bouquet flowers 2 suitcases Oranges | Toda raba for all your help. Couldn't have done it without the family team encouraging me these past 6 months. J


1: o | Our Family

2: Laff Family

3: Schkloven Family

4: Schkloven

5: Kellner

6: Shantzie | shanah hannah

7: Hannah | Johanna

8: The Bris Dress | The bris dress was hand sewn by Bubby Yetta Kellner for her son Moshe Aharon z"l (Maurice)1915-1978 | Bubby Yetta passed it on to our bubby who was pregnant at the time. The dress lay idle for 35 years until it was used for Moti. Three nephews were given the honor As well. | #2 Mordecai ben Moshe Aharon 1950 | #3 David ben Isaac 1953 | #4Bruce ben Shimshon 1953 | #5Marc ben Shimshon 1953 | #1Moshe Aharon ben Mordecai Gimpel

9: #6 Efraim ben Reuven 1966 #7 Yakov ben Reuven 1969 | The first grandsons to wear the bris dress were... | #8Moshe Aharon ben Eliav 1982 | #9 Shmuel ben Eliav 1983 | #10 Avi ben Yosef 1986 | #11 Yisrael Yedidia ben Eliav 1989 | #12Malkiel Meir ben Eliav 1989 | 13 years later

10: #13Dror ben Avi 1990 | #14Shai ben Avi 1990 | #15Ziv ben Avi 1993 | #16Oriel ben Avishai 1994 | #17 Amihai ben Avishai 1997 | #19 Eliyahu ben Avraham Dov 2004 | #18Gil Golan ben Avi 2000 | #20 Elad ben Avishai 2004 | #21 Yotam ben Avraham Dov2006 | #22 Adir ben Yehoshua2009 | The tempo increased as the bris dress hugged another generation. Bubby was blessed and continued to hold babies in her arms.

11: #26Yifrah ben Yehoshua2010 | #23Elia ben Ehud 2009 | #24Oved ben AvrahamDov2010 | #25Reuven Asher ben Malkiel Meir 2010 | #27Naveh Aviv ben Avishai 2011 | #28Porat Yosef ben Yisrael Yedidia 2012 | #29Geva ben Guy 2012 | #30Tsuria ben Ehud 2013 | #31Dagan ben Guy 2014 | the family heirloom was removed from its safekeeping each time by bubby who proudly offered it to the next in line. her only request was to hand it back unwashed after the bris. she alone would wash, dry, iron, and replace it back in its casing in her closet.

12: Bubby & Zaide

13: The Kids

14: Phyllis

16: Jacki

18: Moti | GO 'OM MR. SUS

20: Judy

22: The Bergs

24: Avraham

26: Our Heroes

28: Friends

30: We met Ronnie Hurowitz on the ulpan in 1969. She always had her mahberet with her, always ready to learn. What was most unique about Ronnie was that she was able to be a personal friend to 3 generations equally. Ronnie and Bubby were best friends. She was the one to call on sleepless nights. Ronnie was always there for all of us. She was our soul-mate. | Best

31: Chana Cherlow advertised at the university for students who wanted a Shabbat meal. Moti called and said he would like to come. He showed up for dinner with flowers and a bottle of wine. Chana was so impressed she said she must meet this boy's mother to tell her what a fine job she had done raising him. And so it was. The Cherlows adopted our family when we made aliyah a year later. For the next 44 years they remained good friends. The last 15 years of her life Chana invited Bubby every week for Shabbat dinner. | Friends

32: Sylivia Lurie has been my longest friend. Since 1940 when she and Sidney moved in across the street from me on Payson St. Sylivia has been supportive of me from taking me to deliver my first baby to taking a bleeding Phyllis to emergency room for stitches. From when I drove the car into the hedges to Moti squirting Norma with the hose in mid winter.The years flew by and we moved away. We maintained our closeness by mail and by telephone. | Ronnie met Rosaly at one of Bubby's simhas. Ronnie's first words were, "I know your mother!" Ronnie explained that Rosaly's mother had come up with an entertainment crew to Ronnie's hotel in the Catskills. She was a storyteller and also did oragami. Rosaly looked just like her and also did oragami. | I arrived to Ramat Zion shul very early since my granddaughter was having a Bat Mitzvah. I sat down and was turning the pages, completely lost. One of the members came over to me and asked "can I help you?" And she did. And so I met Johanna. Before shul was over I discovered we lived near each other in French Hill. We walked home together and realized we had so many things in common. Among other things was our love for hityashvut/Yesha and Origami. I mentioned there was a tiyul to Gush Katif next week and Johanna signed on with me. Another acquaintance, Shoshana Weinstein saw us together on the bus and said we looked like sisters. From that time Johanna's entire family adopted me and I went to every holiday and stayed as long as she did, even to the Golan several times, and stayed at least a week. When I never had anywhere else to go I could always go to Johanna's. And I did - I would do my Origami, have some chocolate, make tea, and curl up on the couch for a nap. Johanna always made me feel welcome and at home.Johanna, I love you to this day! Rosaly Yvnine | Small World Department

33: savtabubby@gmail.com - savta bubby Search Gmail COMPOSE Labels Inbox (24) Starred Important Sent Mail [Imap]/Sent Junk More CollapseChat savta bubby Status menu Idle hadar Idle Liora Bar-Hai Idle Miriam Wolowik Idle (video enabled) moishe Bar-Hai Idle Sandy Kreitenberg Offline caren davis Offline mauriah kellner-metzek Offline Shelly Pliskin, Nita F zabush COLO | Happy Birthday BIG girl! This is a good opportunity to say how much I love you and put on paper some memories and anecdotes. There are things everyone knows that are identifying to you like your Sewing, your Thursday morning class, your punctuality and your crossword puzzles. Then there are the things about you we learned from very close to you. You are a strong believer in penmanship. Whatever the occasion you mark it with a card, Birthday, anniversary, wedding, birth, brit, going away, get well and thank you notes. Maybe it's so impressive in my eye because now a days everything is digital, so to take the time to choose or make a card, write something nice (and in your case something regarding the decoration on the card) is very commendable. But the truly best notes from you are the day to day ones. Written on cut re-used paper in pencil not in pen on your way out, just quick notes, to wish me a good day, luck on a test or that dinner will be waiting when I get back. I love your notes. I saved them all in a booklet. Soup.Bubby always had soup. I have friends who remember having soup when they came over. When you came to Bubby’s house the following question to "Are you hungry? There’s soup.". And Bubby’s soups are always rich with flavor, delicious, healthy, colorful, and yummy. Bubby is always surrounded with friends. Some I have only heard of ( the ones overseas) and some have been at every special occasion in my life. I felt so grown up and classy when I was invited to have lunch with you and Ronnie. Friday night dinner at Chana’s house. Even though some aren’t around anymore I remember them fondly and I know how much they loved you. I hope to be as good a friend to mine as you are to yours. You always see the best in your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. I hope my baby will also grow up surrounded with unconditional love, like I have always received from you. I love you very much Bubby, Liora

34: When Adir needed to go to the hospital often in his first and second year we would visit Bubby after the hospital. She always expected us, wasn't busy when we arrived, offered us food and toys, talked to us and was interested in what we were going through. She knew I like gvina levana and would try to have some around for me. Bubby has those bread sticks that we only eat at her house. It's classic Bubby to me, breadsticks and gvina levana. Shirahliloo | The first time I met Johanna Kellner I was just born ;) One of my fond recollections is how Mom finds a food she likes and will eat it every day for years and years. I am the same way! The particular food that comes to mind is mocha yogurt. It seems to me Mom | ate that every day of the four years I went to High School! I am probably mis-remembering, but I like the memory nonetheless. A spin on that is that this product is no longer being manufactured, and I seemed to share with Mom the unlucky odds of finding a food that is so FANTASTIC I could eat it every day, only to have it stopped being made. In this regard Mom, we are 2 peas in a pod! Love you forever ~Judy

35: Bubby who smiles like the sun shines and asks when can you visit who is origami and flowers who is an owl and a birthday card whose letters are as precious as gold is too far to hug me today who tells me in Hebrew I love you who tells me in English come back soon whose great wisdom is tangible can’t wait to see me again someday sleeps in an apartment so far away who used to make me pizza and talk all day is brilliant is all of Israel and a collection of spoons is another day older but still amazing doesn’t live a single dull day is walking in the shuk who talks to me on the bus to Jerusalem is thrift stores and black and white photographs who crochets up and down up and down up and down again is the sunshine that penetrates through every cloudy day asking when can you visit when can you visit when? Love, Sarah | BUBBY WHO | I am still in AWE of this beautiful book. I thought about the joy this book brings. The life story it tells. That something like this will be seen many years to come and be enjoyed by so many. But even more important I saw love throughout the whole book. So much of it! The love of those who know Bubby. It was so healing to look at these photos and not want a life that was but a life that continues to just bring more and more to it. I so thank you for this and for showing us the life of a special woman who has meant so much to so many. I love you Bubby. Batya | Shai has been the resident grandchild this year at Bubby's home. He has discovered "Bubby is a very funny person." | Ethan Berg said Bubby has a quality of bringing such joy to all of the people she has met. | Moishe was visiting Bubby for an afternoon and after a short while he said he was disappointed in her. "Why"she asked? He said, "I have been here for ten minutes and you haven't asked me if I'm hungry."

36: It was the summer of 1997. I deployed to the Mediterranean Sea on my submarine, the USS ALBANY (SSN-753). Before the deployment Bubby told me to call her when I got to Haifa and she would ‘come get me’. Before I got there, there were some bombings. The Navy had outright prohibited travel to Tel Aviv and restricted travel to Jerusalem for all people ranked E-6 and below. I was an E-5. My Captain, Brian O’Neil, called me to the wardroom. This can be very uncomfortable for a young Enlisted man. He asked me about my travel request I had submitted before the new rule, and I told him not to worry, that my Bubby out-ranks any E-7! He authorized my travel, so long as I followed the other rules- most importantly to avoid public transport and to avoid large concentrations of the soldiers. We pulled in late and I called Bubby. I could not figure out how to make a ‘local’ call and ended up phoning from Haifa to New York to Jerusalem. When I did, Bubby recommended I just take the bus down and she would meet me at the station. Since that was prohibited, I reminded her that she had said she would come get me. She said, she could of course- she could get on a bus, come to Haifa, find me, and we could go back the same way she had come. It was at this time that it dawned upon me, Bubby doesn’t have a car. Well, there goes one promise I made to my Captain. The next morning I boarded the duty van, and when he had completed his normal round, I gave him turn by turn directions that led us to the bus station. He questioned the destination, but I told him not to worry about it and sprung out the van with my olive drab sea bag on my shoulders. I looked the bus schedule over, up and down, right and left. It was in Hebrew, of course, but somehow I deduced which fare was for a direct route to Jerusalem, and I bought my ticket. I queued up and took my seat, finding myself to be the only unarmed person onboard. The rest were IDF. Did I mention it was Friday? Oops... there goes another promise to the Captain. We bounded down the road southward. I thought about the life insurance my family might be denied if I ended up on the wrong side of a terrorist’s depravity.

37: We reached the main station in Jerusalem, and when I got out I found myself surrounded by at least 500 soldiers headed home for Shabbatt. I called Bubby as she instructed me. She told me to take a cab- no sense in her getting one to the station. Of course I couldn’t even properly pronounce her street’s name, and had no idea how far away it was. I found a taxi driver. He already had a fare, but he told me he could take me there for $20. I questioned him and asked if he meant 20 Shekels? He quickly agreed to that, making me wonder whether I had adequately bargained. He dropped the girl off who was there first, and then took me to the address I asked. As we rounded the last corner, there she was- my Bubby. We spent the next three days together- just the two of us for most of it. She showed me the old city and the new city, but as awe inspiring as it was to approach the Western Wall, the most memorable part for me was our trip to Masada. For this trip, she recruited her fellow septuagenerian girlfriend- and her car. A car without A/C, of course, because that was a luxury. As we travelled down the road she pointed out the road to Jericho, the caves where the ‘dead sea scrolls’ were found. I saw orchards of date palms, Bubby pointed out the kitsch Bedouin with his camel that any tourist could pet for a fee. When we finally reached the mountain, we took the tram to the top and explored this very special place. Me, my Bubby, and Rosalie. The somber, historic ground we walked on gave me time to reflect on the awesome, difficult heritage I had been grafted into. We finished up with a quick dip in the Dead Sea. I knew it was a little tacky, but some things, you just have to do. When our time came to a close, she shuffled me off on yet another public transport, this time a ‘bendy-bus’ through the West Bank, and into the Golan Heights- turning my care over to my capable Doda Jacki. Of course it required me to interpret when we reached an unmarked location on the south shore of the Kinneret, but that’s another chapter. Happy Birthday Bubby! Your Grandson Michael

38: Kellner, Bar-Hai, Kellner-Matzek Kellner-Segal and Schkloven all the families together like fine oil flowing from the past generations. We the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh generation, returned to Eretz Yisrael, from which those first Cowans buried on Har Zaztim came to live between the walls of Jerusalem in their old age. The nachus ruch they must great in shamiem. Just as the rimon has many seeds we too have many mitvot and through these mizvot others flows. | Our own Sofer Sta"m Avraham Schkloven

39: I first met Johanna many years ago through our mutual friend Chana Cherlow. We lived 12 Bar Kochva. She lived 14 bar kochba right across the street. A LITTLE lady with a BIG heart. Johanna soon became our in house dressmaker. Nothing too small or too big got to Johanna. SMALL in stature but LARGE in human kindness. Johanna became a household word in our family- even our grandchildren are quoted by saying" Take it to Johanna. She can fix anything." Emergencies are prevalent in our family and Johanna always smiles and says"I'll try my best" and has always come through never to fail. May she continue to serve her clients, me especially, for many years to come in good health and have continued nachat from her family Ad 120 Sheila and Abe Zimels p.s. please keep those nimble fingers active | My memories of Johanna (revolving mostly around Shabbat): - sharing humorous stories - preparing food - telling jokes - eating food - laughing hard - cleaning up the food - doing dishes - talking late into the evening - noshing a bit - putting the food away this time, really In summary, great memories of a wonderful, kind, giving, and fun woman. Thank you, Johanna, for opening your heart to me. XOXO Jodi Rosenbloom | My most unforgettable memory of your mum was actually the first time we met, which was way back in the seventies, when she was still living at Villa Rebecca. We have met on many more occasions and in simhas, but whenever I think of her, it is together with your dear father in the family home . It was such a wonderful atmosphere and she was and still is such an amazing person. We wish you very many more happy healthy birthdays, Johanna, our love, Sue and Abie Radzinski | I can relate my Pesach at the house near Herzliya Petuach,We were a bunch of single men. Seems like there were a dozen. It didn't phase Shantzie. She opened her house and kept the food coming. The people sleeping on the floor, shul with Herman Wolk in attendance. Will always remember that year. How wonderful to reach 90 and be so young! Ad 120. Larry Price

42: The Lipson Family arrived in sunny Miami, and it seems the first name we learned was “Kellner”! It was December 11, 1955. The Kellners were to become our first real friends, along with Freda and Al Miller OBM. Our children all grew up together, and we were able to share the good life and beautiful weather. Shantzi and Maurice were two of the kindest and most honorable people we have ever met; their children had great examples to follow. I recall how Shantzi sewed; how she helped everyone; nothing was too much for her. It was always so comfortable being with the Kellners. They were ‘shule people’ and kept kosher homes. The Kellners’ love of Beth David and of Miami was strong, but their love of Israel even stronger, especially once Maurice and Moti made their first trip. Then one day, rumors started flying ~ the Kellners were ‘making Aliyah.’ Yes, it was true! Now Jacki and our younger daughter were very close. We told Jacki at that time if she ever wanted to return to Miami, come to us. Well, one day (years later), I answered the door and there was Jacki. Incorrigible and lovable—then and still now, after all these decades! The Millers and Lipsons decided to give the Kellners a farewell party prior to their big move, and it was an historical date—the night of the first moon walk (1969). It was a beautiful evening of so many wonderful friends, delicious food and drink—though bittersweet, as we wished our beloved Kellners farewell. We attempted to stay in touch, and they were so much better at it than me. We did have the honor and delight of visiting them in Herzalia one year, and Shantzi in Yerushalyim some years later. It was never the same again. Shantzi, my dear, what can I wish you on this beautiful milestone birthday? May you remain well, happy, and continue to shepp nachas from the wonderful mishpacha that surrounds you. You are blessed, my dear friend, to smell the roses, hear the voices, see the faces. You are a true matriarch, and like the Everready Battery, you just keep on running. Thank you for coming into our lives.We love you. Betty & Our Gansa Mishpacha.. Norm, Shoshi, Ilana, Todd & Zana, Aliza & Seth Shelley, Lou, Josh, Felissa, Jessica & Zach, Staci, Matt, Ryan & Olivia Denny, Gary, Leah & Alan, Becca & Andrew | I remember your home in Miami and your parents very well! Shantzy was a good friend of mom's and your folks were regulars at Beth David Shabbes morning. I most clearly remember the going away party held at Frieda and Al Miller's home for all of you in 1969 upon your forthcoming Aliyah. The TV was on and an American astronaut was in the midst of walking on the moon. We were trying to watch the TV, people were trying to make speeches about your leaving and there was total chaos and tumult, with your mom in the midst of it having a wonderful time. Shoshi reminded me of us being in your home in Herzliyah Pituach, on the beach, with the swimming pool that was too expensive to fill with water! Though Shosh and I had just met on the trip, your mom gave me the high sign that Shosh was OK! I guess so, because we have been married for almost 44 years- Norman Lipson Mazal Tov

43: 2014-5774 I think I was 7 when I first showed up at the Kellner’s. We lived on 26th Road, they on 25th, one block down. That meant that Shabbos afternoon was either at our house or theirs. Shaintze ruled the roost, though she’d never declare that to be the case. But it was. The Kellner’s had a pool—they were the Jewish Youth Group in the neighborhood. Kids congregated there all the time, swimming, Muscular Dystrophy carnivals, or just sitting at the table schmoozing. Shaintze welcomed everyone, but quietly made expectations clear: don’t make a terrible mess, be nice to the little ones, don’t aggravate Princess, and don’t pee in the pool. I remember so vividly how Shaintze could create anything with a piece of fabric and a needle. There was always something in production, whether it was a repair, a hem coming down, or the creation of a black velvet long skirt. I remember Shaintze sitting with her pins, observing, but never directing, the ever present flow of kid traffic through the house, always ready to listen, suggest, and feed. It was before Pesach one year that I remember sitting on the couch watching her do it all, and me yammering about the upcoming holiday. Shaintze shrugged, removing a half dozen pins from her mouth, and simply said, “And you think that compares with 40 years in the desert?” I’ve never forgotten that, one of the many quiet lessons so readily taught by this wise and thoughtful Mom to all. From there, the family extended their outlook and passion for Judaism and Israel when they made Aliyah. Our connection remained. We continued to seek her company and her guidance with every visit to Israel, meeting in cafes, hotel lobbies, wherever we could. And it was always valuable, memorable, and very special time spent. To Shaintze, we wish you good health, boundless joy, and continued nachas from your amazing family. Thank you for teaching us by example to live a life joyfully, deeply, and with great passion. You are the gift that keeps on giving, and your lessons are always with me. “Biz a hoondred oon tzvuntzik” and with Much love, Denny (aka ShaynaDena)

44: I believe the first and only time I was ever in your home in Miami was for one afternoon in 1960. I don’t remember how I knew to get there but I can still see the living room (really) it was big and dark and I seem to recollect there was a big (maybe L shaped) couch. Someone was telingl us all about Young Judea and taught us some song, Hyda, hyda, hydide daya, hyda, hyda, hyda! Remember? Of course, being among the first campers with Mitch at Camp Judea (remember too we took a train up with Mrs. Soltz as our chaperon) the summer of 1961, started my connection to the Kellner family, which has strengthened and continued till today and beyond. Johanna, you and your home were like a “lifeline” my first year in Israel, yours was the address I gave the “Jewish Agency” when I officially came on aliya in Dec 1970. You have always made me and my family feel as part of your family in every way and it has meant so much to us all and especially me. If I’ve never thanked you for this, then there’s no better time than now. You always have been and will continue to be appreciated and loved! May you be blessed with continued good health, happiness and much “Nachas” from all the family. We love you, Hinda, Elan and all the gang | "To those who are Saturday morning shul goers at Ramot Zion, you are accustomed to seeing Johanna at the rear of the sanctuary carefully guarding the seat next to her for me. Our Friendship goes back many years. First to Miami, where we attended to Beth David, the oldest shul in Miami. In my capacity as Young Judaea chair of Hadassah, I remember asking Johanna's son Moti to serve as a leader for the younger group at Beth David, which he willingly and became very involved and later went on to Camp Judaea. It was in 1969 that Johanna and Maurice z"l and 3 of their children made aliyah and settled in Hertzlia Pituach. I too made Aliyah with my family and settled in Hertzlia Pituach as well and we again became neighbors. Johanna is an active member of our congregation, known by all of us for her kindness and interest in many educational endeavors. She also holds the record for the MOST great grandchildren, and we are always excited to hear when another one is born (which is practically a monthly event.) We love Johanna and are proud and honored to be her friend and fellow congregent, and wish her many many more happy and healthy years with her beautiful and growing family and with all of us, her friends! Mazal tov!! Alyssa Soltz Friendland

45: I had been staying at the Kellner house in Herzalia Petuah. Was on a bus going to Eilat and met up with another Young Judean friend. After an hour into the trip I took out my bag of food to eat. My friend looked over and upon seeing I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches he said, " You wouldn't be coming from the Kellners would you?""How did you know?""Obviously Mrs. Kellner made you lunch for the long trip. She would never let you leave without taking care of you!" I first met the Kellners in Miami when they invited me for Pesah, that was in 1964. And I went by myself from New Orleans for the week. Best wishes to you on your 90th. You have always opened your home and welcomed all visitors. Hoping for many more birthdays for years to come. A kiss and hug from me. Love, Alan Gerson | I have lots of stories, way back from Beth David days and Camp Judaea days and our time together in Hertzlia Pituach and now at Ramot Zion, where you always save me a seat and a copy of torah tidbits! We are truly "girlfriends" in every sense of the word and no matter how circumstances took us apart, it seems that the universe and Hashem wanted us back together, and here they are, sitting together each Shabbat at shul, and celebrating each others simchas. Mazal tov. Love and Hugs from all of us!!! Roz Soltz

46: We have only met you on a couple of occasions and you are a warm, friendly person who makes anyone entering your door feel like part of the family. That said, your real legacy is evidenced in your offspring. You are the true to life reflection of the caring, strong, and courageous woman that your mother is. It is her unwavering loyalty and b'tochin that provided her children with the amazing ability to accept the good and unpleasant that Hashem presents us with a smile. You provided the drive and fortitude to push on regardless of the situation. Most of all you taught how to be a wife, mom, bubby (safta), and friend that you are today. So if you really want to know the accomplishments and legacy, just take a look in the mirror and kvell in the children and grandchildren and great-granchildren that surround you. Love, Sandy and Manny Kreitenberg | Zchut to be able to send this off to you. For me your mother is Johanna. My memory of her and your late dad is that of an open home to all of your friends. Your beautiful home in Herzliah Pituach provided us with real beef hotdogs and a swimming pool. Your mom had a stocked cabinet full of American products (Crest toothpaste, etc.) at a time when Israeli products were definitely not the quality that they are today. In later years, your mother continued the open home tradition - and I had fond memories staying with her when I visited my daughter who lived across the street. What a lady - independent, smart, generous, not neurotic ---love her. Ad 120. Love, Shelly Bazes-Bard | You lived across the street from us. My mom and you were best friends. I think to this day she has not had another friend as good as you. 75 years ago. I remember hearing your driving skills were less than perfect. You drove through several trees!!! I'm sure your driving has gotten better since then!! I still can't figure out why Mitch sprayed me with the hose in the freezing winter. Much love, Norma Lurie Levine

47: 36 years ago February 1976 Herzlia Pituah | Knock knock on the front door. Footsteps in the house approaching the door. Door opens wide and a little lady is standing there with a welcoming smile. “Hello, I am Jacki’s mother, Johanna, please come in”. “Thank you. My name is Eliav” “It’s a pleasure to meet you. What’s your blood type?” | No friend better than a mother and no mother quite like you. I have been blessed with relationship far greater than the mind and heart could have ever imagined. Thank you for everything Mommy. When I grow up I want to be just like you. | I remember well the first time I met Bubby. Jacki and I had just met and had gone on a couple of dates and I was coming over to the Kellner house for the first time. I was in the army and stationed near Bet Lid so it wasn’t hard to get there. I had an “after” and Jacki invited me for dinner to meet her folks. | A+B-= | J | The only thing better than having you for a MOM is my children having you for a BUBBY

48: Smahot

50: Smahot

53: The Grands | TWINS x3

55: The Greats | Adir | Yifrah | Tzaha

56: Oved | Eden | Lia | Rahel | Porat Yosef | Adi | Shir Zion | Yotam | Eliyahu | Matar Braha | Geva | Goni | Reuven Asher | Geula | Adir | Yifrach | Tzahala | Ateret | Lia | Adi | Shir Zion | Ayalah | Oriel | Noam | Amitai | Elad | Reut | Shaked | I have discovered a reason why I have been blessed with long years. Each of my great-grandchildren has added another year to my life. For which I am grateful and thank you my little greats. I love you. I love you 2. I love you 3. I love you 4. I love you more

57: Joshua | Ethan | Sarah | Yosef | Avraham | Efraim | Miles | Elijah | Amaya | Isaac | Naomi | Neriah | Naveh | Maya | Halleli | Noa | Shira | Guy | Yael | Masset | Yair | Eliah | Batzion | Tsuria | Thank you all for coming to share this wonderful simha with me. | Dagan

58: YYOU


60: Every child and grandchild who married received a hand made afghan.

61: Work of your hands | Bubby has sewed continuously for over 80 years making aprons, applica jumpers, umbrella skirts, costumes, evening gowns and assortment of knit wear. Some of the pieces have been worn by 3 generations.

62: Hats

63: Pets | SKIPPY 1 | GINGER | SKIPPY2 | COOKIE | PRINCESS | 10 PUPPIES | Did you know..... Most people take off their shoes when they come into the house. Well Bubby wants to be just as comfortable...she takes out her teeth.

64: Gingerbreadman 1947 Phyllis | FAVORITE ARTISTS

65: The fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach | Favorite Recipes | PLASTIC PICNIC PLATES | Bubby: "Are you hungry?" Grandchild: "No thank you. I just ate." Bubby: "Do you want fish or chicken?"

66: Do noble things Do not dream them all day long | Mothers hold their children's hands a while and then their hearts forever. | Bubby's fridge speaks out | Hashem, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. | It is not uncommon for people who receive a favor to turn against the benefactor. My grandfather, Bobover Rebbi z"l said " I don't know why that person is against me, I never did him any favors." | So many verbal blunders would be avoided if people did not feel obliged to speak, which they do, for fear of giving the impression that they were thinking nothing, which they are, and which fact accounts for the blunders in their speaking. Shraga Silverstein | Why can't you rebel like a normal teenager? | If I had two coins, I would buy a loaf of bread with one so that I would have something to live by. And with the other, I would by a flower so I would have something to live for. | You can give without loving but you cannot love without giving.

67: Happy moments, praise G-d Difficult moments, seek G-d Quiet moments, worship G-d Painful moments, trust G-d Every moment, thank G-d. | Avoid negative influences and people who tend to pull you down. If you must be around those who are critical, stay out of their way as much as possible. Do what you can to surround yourself with people who stimulate, inspire, and encourage you to be your best. Dale Carnegie 1936 | If I had known grandchildren were so much fun I would have had them first. | All those who mourn for Jerusalem will merit to witness her joy. | Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. Mark Twain | I expect to pass through this world but once. Any good thing therefore that I can do or any kindness that I can show to my fellow travelers, let me do it now. Let me not defer or neglect it, for I shall not pass this way again. Etienna de Grellet | I believe in the sun -even when it doesn't shine. I believe in love- even when it isn't shown. I believe in Hashem- even when he doesn't speak.

68: Bubby's library consists of a tremendous assortment from Talmud Bavli to Calvin and Dobbs. She loves reading as much as working crossword puzzles. | FAVORITE PERFUM Chantilly but after using it for many years Daddy decided he had an allergy to it. So Bubby stopped using it. Opium but then Rosaly asked her not to use it cause it gave Rosely a headache. So Bubby stopped using it. Jean Nate- have been using it for 70 years. Can never go wrong. Thank you Nita. | The best stories are when Bubby starts out telling them in English and about half way through she finishes in Yiddish. | FAVORITE ACTIVTIES Thursday morning Talmud class with Rabbi Pesah Schindler. Have been attending this class for almost 25 years. Am chief cook and bottle washer for the "Kiddush" events. Celebrating births of grand and great grand children along with anniversaries and birthdays. Wednesday morning Torah class with Rabbi Menaham Rab. Shabbat services at Ramat Zion shul | FAVORITE MUSIC | Theodore Bikel Fiddler w/ Zero Mostel John Denver Simon & Garfunkel

69: Bubby says: | Put a sweater on. I'm cold. A job worth doing is worth doing it well. You sleep in the bed you make. If you want something done, ask a busy woman. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. I wish you well, and a child just like you. (When stuck in traffic) Don't worry. Nobody sleeps here overnight. (If Bubby sees you are wearing something that needs mending) Take it off I have that color thread on the machine. If I can't sleep at night I count the names of my great grandchildren. (When asked if the tv is loud enough) I've heard enough in my life. What's the difference between nachat and machaia? Nachat is what you get from your children. Machaia is what you get when they go home. | 90 year old Bubby is still cooking, mending, ironing, and giving us advice.

70: Places I've lived | 2315 SW 5th Ave | 146 N Broadway | 5023 Chalgrove Ave | 3106 Rockwood Ave | Villa Rebecca Herzalia Petuah | 12/9 Etzel Jerusalem | 1930 Payson St | ISRAEL | miami florida | baltimore, maryland | 4120 Norfolk Ave | 14/17 Bar Kochva Jerusalem

71: California | SCOTLAND | OHIO | Cornfields not Kansas Ramat Hagolan | Adventures | Colonial Williamsburg, VA | MIAMI

72: More Adventures | JAMAICA | BIMINI | Cypress Gardens | Baltimore | Chicago | South Africa

73: 1966 | ALIYAH 1969 | Life is a journey not a destination | ISRAEL

74: Bubby is happy just sitting in the flower garden. We always thought gladiola was her favorite flower but not really. They were Daddy's favorite. "I never had a vase that fit them right. I love all flowers."

75: BUBBY Bigger than Life

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