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Busabout Bedlam 1999-2011

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Busabout Bedlam 1999-2011 - Page Text Content

S: BUSABOUT BEDLAM Vol. 1 1999-2011

BC: Featuring: Neil "Scrooge" Cole (13 pub crawls) Chris "Edgy" Edge (13) Richard "Burbs" Burbedge (13) Darren "Darren" Miller (7) Ryan "Muslim" Maslen (7) Kevin "Kes" Taylor (5) Steve "Hugo" Dore (5) Clive "Clive" Butler (5) Dave "Pollock" Bird (5) John "Muzza" Murray (4) Matt "Aggro" Cook (3) Ben "Cash" Cashley (3) Josh "Geoffrey" Gibbison (3) Ray "Ray-Lo" Lo (3) Chris "Beppe" Prior (2) Kevin "Kev Hull" Williamson (2) Dean "Unknown" Alexander (2) James "Buncey" Bunce (1) Richard "Piner" Piner (1) Mark "Gregs" Gregory (1) Adam "Scal" Scallon (1) "Magician" (1) "Wokkers Rich" (1) "Taff" (1)

FC: BUSABOUT BEDLAM! VOL. 1 1999-2011 | Thirteen Years of the 17 Bus Route Pub Crawl

1: Busabout Bedlam I | 1999 | "Scrooge having to walk home to change into shoes in order to get into Broadwalk" | "Darren refusing to drink halves - pints or bottles only!" | Busabout Bedlam II | 2000 | Busabout Bedlam III | 2001 | "Nobody finishing!" | "Scrooge losing everyone in The Red Lion, being sent in the wrong direction by randoms, and only realising about two miles away from the next pub" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Darren | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Darren | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Darren | "26 pubs and a pizza hut" | "It's the same price!" - Pizza Hut Man | The Early Years

2: Busabout Bedlam IV | "Darren being sick after one pub" | "I am the pub crawl man..."

3: 2002 | "5 double vodkas and lemonade, seventeen seventy-five" | "Gatecrashing a private party in the 3B's, and Scrooge telling everyone he was invited by Barry" | "Burbs building a fire in the middle of the road, using the matches stolen by Edgy from Pitcher & Piano" | "Darren 'driving' an empty bus carelessly left unlocked" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Darren, Kes

4: Busabout Bedlam V | "Sammy the Dog" | "Rugby scrums in O'Neills" | "You can't throw that, it's a war crime" - the first KFC food fight

5: 2003 | "Burbs 'pulling' in The Honeypot" | "Kes ordering Baileys & Lucozade, Baileys & Cherryade, and Baileys & First Aid in Yates'" | "Scrooge standing on a chair in The 3 Tuns and reading out the list of pubs we had been to, and refusing to acknowledge the angry landlady until he had finished" | "Beppe setting the pace early on, leaving early, and then being questioned over a 'breach of the peace' at Reading Station" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Darren, Kes, Beppe

6: Busabout Bedlam VI | "HAPPY 40TH WAYNE" | "Magician getting at least 5 people to sign Wayne's banner in each pub" | "Being thrown off the bus on Oxford Road for persistently ringing the bell, only to try and get back on at the next stop"

7: 2004 | "MY NAME IS NOT JOHN" - female bus driver in response to the traditional thank you | "Edgy ripping out the plants outside Hogshead, resulting in the Manager refusing to serve everyone bar Hugo, and telling Edgy he was barred" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Darren, Kes, Beppe, Hugo, Magician

8: Busabout Bedlam VII | "Oasis singalong in The Blagrave, and getting most of the pub to join in, including an old bloke playing pool who then started swinging the cue around his head" | "Scrooge going on a town hall mission and finding nothing of interest until a stack of 'Happiness of Ken Dodd' flyers..." | "Kev Hull staying sober to film the pub crawl, and claiming he was a Polish tourist if anyone asked about the camera" | "Cook and Wokkers Rich 'happy slapping'"

9: 2005 | "Scrooge and Aggro getting grief for allegedly walking over some bloke's van on the Wokingham Road..." | "Scrooge hitting a random right between the eyes with a chicken nugget" | "HE'S ENGLISH! HE'S ENGLISH" - Scrooge | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Kes, Muslim, Aggro, Wokkers Rich, Kev Hull

10: Busabout Bedlam VIII | "Taff launching glasses at us in Back Of Beyond, disappearing, then apparently getting run over" | "MY NAME IS NOT JOHN" - getting the same bus driver as two years ago and her saying the same thing | "Edgy giving the barmaid 2 quid for a double vodka lemonade and telling her 'it's more than enough for the drink'!"

11: 2006 | "Scrooge and Burbs jibbing two trophies from The Renaissance and taking them to Scrooge's hotel room" | "Champagne spraying in The 3 Tuns with Burbs' Dad and Mad Auntie Susan" | "Edgy using about 100 packs of matches to set fire to a bin outside the Granby... must have been something flammable in there as the flames got to 2 metres high" | "Kidnapping Compo" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Clive, Muslim, Aggro, Taff

12: Busabout Bedlam IX | "Hugo starting the day with lardy cake from the bakery" | "Gregs launching his chicken at a table of Polish in KFC" | "Jibbing the inflatable 'John Salako' from The Victoria and taking him as far as Q Bar before losing him"

13: 2007 | "Race war in The College Arms" | "Cook jibbing a bottle of champagne from the town hall wedding" | "Kevin "Cock and Balls" Taylor drawing a Cock and Balls on Edgy's back" | "Ryan being refused service in Back of Beyond, and telling the barman he was diabetic and he wasn't allowed to discriminate against disabled people" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Kes, Clive, Hugo, Muslim, Pollock, Aggro, Ray-Lo, Unknown, Gregs, Scal

14: Busabout Bedlam X | "Muzza climbing the sofas outside the furniture shop on Oxford Road" | "Hope Tap barmaid refusing to serve us - the earliest ever - until Scrooge persuaded her to pour out 11 sambucas so we'd leave" | "Clive catching up by ordering 2 pints, a double JD and a double southern comfort in his first pub"

15: 2008 | "Randoms getting involved in the KFC food fight, which culminated with Scrooge throwing a 'little yellow John' at them as we left" | "Burbs spiking one of the 11 sambucas in Chronicles with tabasco... Geoffrey being the unlucky recipient" | "The sing-along in The Bugle which turned into 'Angry Angry Angry Manager' when we were told to shut up" | "Clive standing in the middle of Wokingham Road doing bear/lion impressions" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Clive, Hugo, Muslim, Muzza, Cash, Geoffrey, Pollock, Ray-Lo, Unknown, Darren

16: Busabout Bedlam XI | "We are the pub crawl prophets" | "Scrooge in the DJ booth in Risa" | "Realising that having someone in your group wearing oxygen lets you get away with murder" | "Ray Lo getting thrown out of O'Neills, only to climb back in through the window" | "The birth of the 'sock on your shoulder' game"

17: 2009 | "Muzza balancing precariously on the red sofa outside the furniture shop... again" | "Everyone sitting on the floor and 'rowing' for the Hotel Novotel song" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Clive, Hugo, Muslim, Muzza, Cash, Geoffrey, Pollock, Ray-Lo

18: Busabout Bedlam XII | "Buncey's blue morph suit" | "Buncey buying a round of drinks because we all went into Games Workshop and posed for a photo" | "Excuse me mate, got any orcs?"

19: 2010 | "Clive's 720 quid window bill from Risa" | "Buncey going head first through the (open) Bugle window" | "Gatecrashing a private party in the 3 Tuns. The DJ loving us for dancing to MGMT - the people whose private party it was NOT loving us!" | "Every year I refuse to serve you lot, and every year you call me a c*** for doing it" - Barman, Back of Beyond | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Clive, Hugo, Muslim, Buncey, Muzza, Cash, Geoffrey, Pollock, Piner

20: Busabout Bedlam XIII | "Overtaking the rival group of pub crawlers in Cape" | "Pollock being sent into Back of Beyond to get served first, then everyone else steaming through the doors anyway!" | "Scrooge getting caught trying to lift a bottle of Moet from the fridge in The George" | "The surprise appearance of Kev Hull"

21: 2011 | "Muzza going white as a sheet and retiring at 5.30pm... only to re-appear six hours later (the same colour)" | "Jagerbombs and prawn crackers in the Chinese place" | "Spinning Scrooge off his chair in Pitcher & Piano, straight into the cigarette machine" | Attendance: Scrooge, Edgy, Burbs, Pollock, Muzza, Muslim, Kev Hull

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