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BYU JERUSALEM - Page Text Content

S: BYU Jerusalem Fall 2010

FC: BYU Jerusalem Fall 2010

1: I had the opportunity to go to Brigham Young University's study abroad program in Jerusalem, Israel. I left after an orientation from Salt lake City on August 31, 2010 for Israel. I spent the next 16 weeks studying the Scriptures and touring the Middle East. It has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. My testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ and the scriptures has grown so much.

2: Getting to Jersualem was a Journey in itself, I have never flown so far before. The meals on the airplane were pretty good and as you can see on the right the airplane was colorful! I tried to sleep on the long flights, but I was so anxious to get there. The pictures to the right showed the city and countryside as we made our way to our home for the next four months!

4: My home located on the Mt. Of Olives !

5: The Jerusalem Center was absolutely beautiful. We often called it the JC.

6: View from the 8th Level looking south east | View from 8th level looking south west | The very first day,it was so surreal. | View looking West

7: Outside the Auditorium | Learning Center | Auditorium | Gym

8: Lower Auditorium | Lower Auditorium Where we had classes and movie nights! | The Bomb Shelter, which was used for nursery and games. | We didn't use this bathroom. I prefer normal toilets... although we did use this kind once in Egypt!

9: Old Testament classroom | The games in the Shelter | The Oasis where we ate, standing with our head Chef | My New Testament Classroom

10: Conference Room.... where we had some deep conversations | Snack Shop! | Lounge area | We would watch movies, do homework and hang out here | The Foyer area that I would study in, and we also had FHE here!

11: Computer Lab | The bathroom where I spent a lot of time... Katie Bacus and I had some good conversation there! | The foyer where we would hang out between classes, get our mail and my group had FHE here!! | Our Mailbox!

12: Looking up to level six from level four. | Looking down to where all the apartments are | The little lounge on each level... this is where I would usually call home from. | We were on level three

13: My Apartment, 307! | Roommates! Lexie Goates and Aly Sypherd | Looking down the hall that led to our apartment.... you can see our door on the left at the end of the hall. | Looking down from our balcony at the level below. The laundry room was on that level, so I would often drop my laundry bag down so I didn't have to carry it as far.

14: Views from my Balcony!

16: Lindsay, Me, Frias, and Lisa | Mohannad Quaraeen | Don't mess with us! | Lisa, Me, Frias, Aly and Lexie | In the security office..... | My Favorite Security Guards They were awesome... they were all so kind and willing to help! they took good care of us! One time I wanted chocolate when we were allowed to go out and they brought me some back!

17: Augusta Victoria | On September 6th, we went around to different parts of Jerusalem to have a better understand of where things happened. The first place we went was in to the tower so we could see all around Jerusalem. We went into the church, there were beautiful mosaics and paintings. There is also a hospital there, where I did a couple of clinicals. It was beautiful and the view was great!

18: Views from the Seven Arches Overlook You can see the graves of the Jews on the east side and the Muslims on the west side. The Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock is located is beautiful and there is so much history there!

19: ~Nambi Samwil~ It is located on top of a hill 5 miles north of Jerusalem, It is a mosque and synagogue combine. There is a Jewish lady who is worshiping in the basement. From here you look north and you see Gibeon and beyond that Bethel is in the distance, see Jacob 9 & 10 for related stories. There was a fig tree there, we picked some and ate them, they are pretty good! | Me and Jake

20: Views from The Haas Promenade Views of the Old City looking north. It was a perfect view of The City of David located at the bottom of the Temple Mount.

21: Views from Deir Elyas This is a mosque that has views of some Jewish Settlements to the east and to the southwest was Bethlehem, the separation wall can be seen right in front of Bethlehem.

22: The Garden of Gethsemane

23: Andrew, Me, Aly, Josh

24: This is a very special place, I would come here as often I could. I would usually come after church on Saturdays, read scriptures or ponder about the Savior and what happened here or not far from here. There was a private Garden that the Church of All Nations owns and they would let us into it, it was very kind of them. It was not busy with tours or other people which made for very peaceful and spiritual experiences . I am so grateful for what my Savior did for me here in this Garden,

25: This is where the Savior left the Apostles when he went and prayed to the Father.

27: These are pictures on our way to the Garden of Gethsemane. We would go by the Kidron Valley, we would go through the Orson Hyde Park, which we had to have ten people in a group to go through because of robbers. | Jocelyn, Lexie, Aly, Me, and Lisa

28: The Garden Tomb

29: The Garden Tomb is another place that I would go as often as I could. I would come here on Saturday after Church. Just outside the gates there was trash, chaos, noise, and vendors. But when you walked through the gates it was quiet and very peaceful. This is symbolic of the Savior. He is a place of refugee in the tumultuous world. I love to come here and reflect upon my Savior and the significance of the empty tomb. It was such a special place.

31: The Garden Tomb is a very sacred place. But I did have one funny experience worth mentioning. I was inside the tomb just thinking and taking pictures, When I got stuck in there for about ten minutes while this Indian group was outside the door. Their preacher was giving a sermon. I got my roommates attention and I had her take the above picture! I did have some very special experiences here. | Me and Catie "Bus Buddy"

33: I love Jerusalem and the views were incredible. I love to reflect on my Savior and all that happened in this Holy City!

34: The walk to and from the Old City | Kidron Valley | True Dumpster diving

35: These are some of the things that we would see as we were walking. Sometimes we took the Palestinian buses home because it was getting close to darkness... or we were just to lazy. It was up hill both ways. | Jocelyn and I

36: The Old City

38: Jaffa Gate | Damascus Gate | Herod's Gate- we weren't allowed to go through this gate, It was a Muslim neighborhood. | Christian Quarter Road | Broad Wall... old wall of the Old City | Dung Gate

39: Burnt House- Jewish Quarter | Christ most likely walked on these stones | Dress up at Shabban's | Best Falafel-- Sadly David's closed while we were there. | Megan and Austin | Aly, Lexie and I at the burnt house! | Me, Jocelyn and Aly

40: Where I got my Pictures I love them! | Abraham's brother's shop! I got my pearl from him!! | Shaban's Shop! He was great! he would give us juice and would let us dress up! He catered to LDS people! He was awesome!! | Eliza's Photography

41: Jimmy's Shop, he was so kind. He sells olive wood! He caters to LDS people!! | The street where the money exchanger, Jimmy's,and post office are located.

42: Aladdin's Money Exchanger... They were so kind and funny! | Candy anyone?? There were candy shops everywhere!!!

43: The Western Wall We went to the Western Wall several times. It was really neat to be there and apart of their worshiping. We were able to write prayers and place them in the Wall like a lot of the Jewish People do.

45: The ramp to get up to the temple mount. | Some random guys that I offered to take a picture of and they wanted a picture with me.

48: Al Makassed Hospital | Lisa and I | Cherysh and I with the Two OBGYNs

49: Makassed was like a real hospital in the US they had different areas. I was able to work in pediatrics and the Labor and Delivery. It was such an incredible experience. the lady in the black outfit was a mother of a child I was taking care of. Her daughter was so happy, but she had failure to thrive. The mother spoke perfect English. A lot of the patients thought I was an American doctor and asked for help. I saw some of the saddest things ever at this hospital. A lot of the patients were from the Gaza Strip with permits that took a lot to get to be able to come into Jerusalem. | Kim and I with the L&D nurses

50: Red Crescent Womens Hospital | Aly, L&D Nurse and I | Me,L&D Nurses, and Aly | Cherysh and I

51: I was able to be apart of many deliveries and C-sections. It was a lot of fun.. All the Doctors and Nurses were awesome to work with. They were so welcoming and taught us so much about their Islamic culture. | Me, The Doctor, and Ally | Aly, L&D Nurse and I | The Nursing Gang | Women's Hospital

52: My day as a paramedic | Me, Aly, cherysh and Muhammad

53: We got to go with the Ambulance service in Jerusalem. It as the Palestinian department The guy that worked there were so nice! We were able to go on on call. It was at the Dome of the Rock on Friday during the Muslim sabbath. We normally not allowed out of the JC because it is so crazy busy. But we went this time and now I know why they keep up in. It was so much fun though! I'm so glad I go to do that!

54: Nursing

56: We were able to donate blood at the JC. In Israel there is a waiting list. But because we donate, we have priority to get some if there were an emergency. | Lisa | Jackie | Stephanie, Megan, Megan and I

57: This door was found in a catholic dry cleaner. It's 400 Years old and people came and stayed here, they would put there name on the door. Orson Hyde came here when he and prophesied on the Mount of Olives. | Often referred to as the Onion Church | Random Churches

58: Church of the Holy Sepulcher | Me and Megan

59: Eye of the Needle | Russian Orthodox Church | Megan, Heather, Brindy, Melia

60: Walk to the Temple Mount | The Dome of the Rock and Temple Mount

61: Lexie, Aly, Me and Chris

62: We came to the Dome of the Rock several times. It was really neat. we were not allowed inside the dome, but we walked all around the temple mount. | Aly, Lexie and Miriam

63: The Eastern Gates that Christ would have gone through to get the the Garden of Gethsemane | Aly, Jocelyn, Amy, and Melia | Miriam, Aly, Lexie, Me, Jordan, Chris

64: This was one of the most interesting places that we find on our random journeys through the city. we rang the door bell and handed ten sheckles over and went exploring we didn't know where to go until we heard some noise coming from the hole you see me going through. We went down there were a ton of tombs, it was pitch black and we had no flash lights. It was a so much fun. There was another group from the JC and we were scarring each other.

65: Tomb Of the Kings | Aly, Lexie, Morgan, Miriam, Meredith, Me, Lisa and Tahna

66: Mt. of Temptation | 8,000 BC, the worlds oldest structure.

67: The Fallen Walls of Jericho! | Elisha's Spring. He healed the water! 2 Kings 2

68: Christ walked the road below to go between Jericho and Jerusalem. | Herod's Winter Palace | Jericho is the Hill in the Back of the picture. | Brother Judd! I love him, he was such a great teacher!

69: Zacchaeus Tree see Luke 19 | This man said let me put this on you... it was his way of wanting me to buy it! | Me and Kim

70: We stopped at the Inn of the Good Samaritan and read the parable. The other pictures are views on our way to Jericho.

72: Neot Kedumim This was a nature reserve. there was so much to do and see there. Most of the things there were symbolic of the Bible. It was very interactive. We made pita and crush some hyssop. We learn who to sew fig leaves and to create running water. We also had to herd the sheep.

76: Tel Aviv

77: Jocelyn, Aly, Me, Lexie, Caitlin | Hans... We were dared to go take a picture with him. He was from Germany! | The Guys in the back ground asked why I was wearing a one piece, they said that I was so Beautiful and I shouldn't hide it. I told them that I didn't think they wanted to whiteness. We all laughed.

78: I'm Watching you! | I had to go..... | Jocelyn and I, Help Us!! | I guess Aly did too... | Central Prison Jerusalem | Jocelyn and I

79: One day we went for a little adventure through West Jerusalem. We saw this church and we wanted to go inside so we walked to the front and it was closed, but we found this sign that said "Underground Prisoners". So we went and took a tour of this old Prison. It was kind of creepy but it was a lot of fun. There were stories about how people had escaped and some who were hung. As we were walking over to the jail, there was a modern jail and there was a bus full of prisoners. We couldn't see them, but they were calling out at us.... It was very creepy! | Isolation Cell | Church | They really did hang people here... I couldn't stay in there long it was creepy!!

80: City of David | Royal Toilet

81: Hezekiah's Tunnel and the Pool of Siloam | Hezekiah's tunnel/ Gihon Spring is found in 2 Kings 20:20 | Dan and I in the Tunnel

83: I was Terrified to go into the tunnel! The water was cold and it was dark and so narrow. I wasn't going to go, but my teacher said that it would be ok. Daniel stayed with me the whole time.. The tunnel runs underneath the whole City of David. The men who made the tunnel stared on two different ends and some how meet in the middle. the sign on the left is where they met in the middle. It was really short and narrow at some parts and tall and a little wider at others. The Pool pf Siloam is where the Savior healed the Blind man. The story can be found in John 9 | Ally and I in the Pool of Siloam | They were being crazy, alligators and such. It was pretty entertaining. | Standing in the Pool of Siloam

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