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Cali 2

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S: Cali Grace - October 21, 2011 - October 20, 2012

FC: Cali Grace | 2 | years old

1: A two year old is so many things. A tiny discoverer of butterfly wings. A hugger of teddies, a sweet sleepy head. And someone to dream for in bright years ahead. A special new person who right from the start, has a place in the family and of coarse in your heart. And just when you think you've learned all the things, that your dear daughter is, and the joy that she brings, a hug or a grin comes with such sweet surprise, that love finds you smiling with tears in your eyes.

2: Cali, today you are two, what more can I say, your becoming more special each and every day. So blow out your candles one by one, enjoy your birthday, and have lots of fun!

6: Fall 2011 | Oct 22 - Dec 21, 2011

7: F A L L leaves me happy!!

8: Halloween | at Auntie Deb's | You had another sleep over at Auntie Deb and Uncle Rod's... you love going there and have no problem leaving us to go to your second home!! This weekend was Auntie Deb's Halloween party for the kids, she is so great! She makes cookies to decorate and does arts and crafts, you had a lots of fun and we came home with a tray full of cookies.

10: Big girl bed | We turned your crib into a toddler bed and you are so excited to have a big girl bed!! You are growing up so fast, it's crazy!! We were worried that once we switched your bed over you would be getting out of it all the time but you don't. You are so good and even when you don't want to go to bed right away or have a nap you stay in your bed and never get out. You are still waking up once in the middle of the night for a bottle which is a bad habit that we need to break! It's usually around 4:00 a.m. or when you hear daddy getting ready for work. Sometimes you want to get up and have cereal with him in the morning so we let you and I know that it is a great start to daddy's day. You are terrified of lightning and whenever we have a storm you say that you are scared so we let you sleep with us until it is over. | Nov. 3, 2011

11: Little Girl

12: November 26, 2011 - Your little sister Aayla Eckert is born | Meeting your baby sister for the first time...

13: You are such a proud big sister. From the very first minute you saw Aayla you were infatuated with her and just wanted to hold her and kiss her. It is so amazing to watch you interact with her. You are so gentle and sweet and I am so proud of you for accepting your sister with open arms.

14: Aayla and I are spending a few days in the hospital so that I can just rest, relax and not have to worry about anything. I am going to take full advantage of being waited on by the nurses and the peace and quiet. You and daddy are on your own for a bit. It will be nice for you two to have this time together and for daddy to see how busy a day in the life of Cali is. You are very good and I know you will be just fine! | 2 days old

15: You and daddy come to the hospital twice a day to visit and hang out with us. I really look forward to seeing you everyday and love it when I hear your little voice down the hall as you make your way to my room. You always have big hugs for me and your sister and we get lots of cuddling in. I think you are tiring daddy out. Maybe he needs to stay in the hospital and get some rest!! haha | Helping mommy give Aayla her 1st bath!

16: Big Sister | I love you so much, what more can I say, and now you're a big sister, waiting to play. Soon she will grow, and you will see, just how much fun, being a big sister can be. Soon she'll follow you everyday and she'll repeat whatever you say. She will always be your friend, her love for you will never end. There's no greater bond of friendship here, than that of sisters who's love is dear. So please be patient, very soon she'll grow, there's so much she needs to know. How you came first, to lead the way, and at her side, you'll always stay. All about the right things to do, you know she will be watching you. This is the best way for you to see, how much you really mean to me. When you can see that love can grow, it's only then, that you could know.

18: A baby girl... one of the most beautiful miracles in life, one of the greatest joys we can ever know, and one of the reasons why there is a little extra sunshine, laughter and happiness in your world today. | Grandma and Grandpa Eckert meet Aayla for the first time....

19: Happiness is Having Grandchildren to Love.

20: Dec 6, 2011 - Grandma is here spending the week with us. It is so nice having her here helping out and spending time with us. In between cooking, cleaning and doing laundry, she spends a lot of quality time with you girls!! Whether it's reading books, singing ABC's or watching fun video's on the computer, both you and Aayla love having her around. Mommy loves it to because I can go to town by myself for some much needed alone time and get errands done a lot faster!! | Three Generations | Grandma Darychuk meets Aayla for the first time.

21: Grandma took you for a walk every loved it!! This was priceless! Grandma got someone to take this great picture of you two and it would have been a good one if the dog wasn't in the background pooping! We all had a good laugh!!

22: Ever since we brought Aayla home you seem like such a big girl. It feels like you have grown up overnight and even though you are still my baby, you have turned into my little girl!! You are talking so much and just seem so much older. It's kind of sad to realize how fast these years are going by! The days seem so long but the weeks and months are flying by! You're such a great big sister and so good with Aayla. You are very understanding, sweet and haven't had any jealousy issues at all. You're a great little helper and are always right there ready and willing to get me whatever I need. You are always concerned about Aayla's well being and whenever she cries you are the first to let me know "Mommy, baby crying".... "Thank you Cali". You are also a very good listener and we usually only have to ask you once to do something and you do it. We hardly ever have to give you time outs because we never get to the count of 3. On the odd time that you don't get your way you usually have a temper tantrum and I just send you to your room where you stay there until you stop crying. You always come out and say: "Mommy, I all better" or "I stop crying"

23: Waiting for daddy to come home from work... you ask me about 30 times a day "daddy home?"

24: Winter | Even when it's cold outside our memories keep us warm.

25: Dec 21, 2011 - Mar 20, 2012 | Some of the things you do and say: -Dad and I like to have our drinks and whenever we have one you say, "Beer Dad?" "Wine mommy?" -You are naturally very polite and always say please and thank you, it sounds more like " Peez" You also say sorry a lot which is very sweet. Another funny thing you say is "Oh crap!" -We were sitting at the dinner table the other night and I told dad that I needed to have a shower because my bum was gross. You picked up on that one right away and now you always ask, "Mommy/Daddy bum gross?" -You are much better at talking on the phone and love calling friends and family just to say hi.

26: C h r i s t m a s 2 0 1 1

28: Peace | Joy

29: Family | Love

30: In the bathroom | We are still potty training but you have taken steps backwards. Im not sure if it's a way to get attention since we brought Aayla home or if you are just being lazy, but you are always peeing your pants. We have to make you go on the potty and if we don't then you just go on the spot. I am doing a lot of laundry!!!

31: You now love to take showers. It all started when daddy came home from work and said "I'm hopping in the shower." and out of the blue you said, "Me, shower with daddy to" Now everyday when dad gets in the shower, you are right behind him..."mommy me shower daddy" When you get out it's...."me shower and wash bum, and back bum, and arm pits and bum and hair and back bum" lol | 30 pounds

32: This is BEAR.... he goes everywhere you go and even joins us at the dinner table once in awhile. You can't go to sleep at night unless you have bear, he is your favorite, but if can't find him, then any bear will do. You just need to be snuggling something.

33: Your first 2 year molar has broken through so you are a little cranky and have some off days. You are still on bottles and have quite a few of them throughout the day while hanging out on the couch for some quiet time. We are still wanting to get you off of them but will probably wait until you are done teething, it's just such a comfort thing for you. If it were up to daddy, the bottles would have been gone by now!! You are definitely a bit of a home body and whenever we are out you always ask me if we are going home.

34: ART'S AND CRAFTS | You love crafts, play dough and painting and have become quite the little painter staying in the lines.!

35: Every time we take a picture of you, you always say..... Cheeeeeeeese so in 90% of your pictures you have a cheesy | Jan 26, 2012

36: So many of my smiles begin with you!

37: You are 28 months old and I think I have to stop napping you during the day. For the last few weeks it has been a constant 1 - 2 hour fight to get you to go down for a nap and I can't handle it anymore. Once you're asleep you sleep for 2- 3 hours, so you do need the rest, you're just stubborn and don't want to miss out on anything. If you do have a nap during the day then come bedtime at 7:00-7:30 you aren't tired so we fight with you again for another hour or two, it's exhausting!! You come up with every excuse in the book to get out of bed: I have to poop, I'm hungry, my teeth hurt, I need water etc. If I don't nap you then by 3:00 in the afternoon you are miserable, tired and cranky, and by dinner time you are falling asleep at the table so we put you to bed at 6:00-6:30p.m. without a fight. It's hard to know what to do because as much as we love that you go to bed that early, the down side is that daddy doesn't get to see you much when he gets home from work, especially on the nights that he doesn't get home until 6:00 p.m. I'm sure not everyday will be the same and there will be days that you DO need a nap! So we will just play it by ear and take one day at a time.

38: Fun in the snow! | Feb 17, 18 - 2012

39: It's a tea party! | Sharing your cereal | Grandma's girls | Grandpa's Cougar

42: Spring 2012 | Take time to smell the flowers along the way...

43: March 21 - June 20

44: March 30, 2012 | A nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa Taaler

46: You love to be outside, rain or shine, and the minute you wake up in the morning the first words out of your mouth are "Play with Molly outside"? Then you are dressed, out the door and pretty much gone all day! You are such an independent little girl and I love that about you!

48: Love to Learn

49: You are such a smart little girl and love to learn! You know all your animal sounds as well as 26 flashcards that are for 3 and up. You can put these puzzles together by yourself and know all the pieces. Every day you surprise me more and more with the things you say and do. You are talking in full sentences and out of the blue you will say something that makes me think "Where did you learn that from'? I think you learn a lot (the good and the bad) from all the older kids you hang out with in the neighborhood. I feel so lucky to have such a smart, funny and independent daughter! You like to do everything on your own and don't want any help doing anything. You take off your own diaper in the morning and throw it in the garbage. You don't want help going to the bathroom, getting dressed, or putting on your shoes, you say "No, me do it!" | Everyone comments on how deep your voice is. Some people have said that you will be a singer! Some of the words you are saying: "No, I don't want to" - "I know mommy" "No, me do it" - "I know Aayla, it's OK" | Daddy gave you a time out because you told him to shut up. I think you hear us tell the dogs to shut up all the time so you just thought it was OK to tell daddy to shut up!!

50: 29 months | 2 ft - 9.5 inches | You dropped the "F" bomb for the first time today! I'm actually surprised it took you this long to say it.. haha. You were just copying me but I guess I need to teach you that that's only a mommy word! | Ready or not... here I grow!!

51: Just chillin... | with your favorite shows...

52: Easter

53: April 5, 6, 7, 8 - 2012

54: Happy Easter

55: The Big Hunt

56: Christina Lake | April 20, 2012

57: Auntie Sarah and Uncle Ed come for a visit

58: First Camping trip of the year!! | April, 26, 27, 28 - 2012

62: This is one of your favorite books. You call it The Horny Book... its hilarious!! | Daddy wants you off the bottle. So here we go.... the first night with no bottle was awful!! You screamed for 20 minutes and sounded like someone coming off of drugs. You kept saying... "I need the bottle, I need the bottle" it was crazy. I slept beside you the whole time and just talked you through it. You eventually passed out. For the next few days you didn't have any bottles during the day. Every time you asked for one I would just give you food instead. You did really well. I was expecting another screaming match the second night but you didn't at all!! You asked for a bottle twice and when I said that you didn't need one you just went right to sleep. I was so proud of you! Now that you are off the bottle, you actually sleep right through the night! If I would have known that was going to happen I would have gotten you off the bottle a long time ago!!

63: Visit to the doctor's office... | You had a fever of 102 for 2 days as well as sores on the roof of your mouth so I took you to the walk in clinic. The diagnoses was hand foot and mouth disease. The Dr. said that it is a viral infection so there isn't anything they can prescribe, we just have to let it run its course. Aayla also ended up getting it and we later found out that it was going around the neighbor hood so you most likely caught it from one of the others kids.

64: It's only May but you couldn't wait to go swimming in the lake!! Brrrr.... You went down to the beach with all the kids the other day, I didn't know you had gone down there and you fell in. When I told you not to go down to the lake without me, you said, " I know mommy, I know"

65: Friends & Fruit

66: f | u | n | Backyard

69: June 21- Sept 20, 2012

70: Canada Day Mirror Lake July long weekend

74: Fun in Christina Lake

75: You spent your first weekend in Christina Lake with Grandma and Grandpa. Cousin Nevaeh was also there so the two of you had lots of fun!!

77: Mom and kids camping trip.... Mirror Lake | July 14,15,16, 2012

78: August 10 2012 - I am going away for a week to Calgary to take a course that Auntie Sarah took that completely changed her life. I am still suffering from depression since Aayla was born and I just can't get out of this rut I am in,I hate it. Something has to change in my life so I am hoping that this course will make that happen. Daddy and you girls took a trip to Edgewood while I was gone and you hung out with all the family. You had lots of fun picking carrots out of the garden with Great Grandpa and going to the park with Auntie Hollis and Grandma and Grandpa.

79: Coming home a new woman!! | I was greeted at the airport with lots of hugs and smiles, it was a happy moment. I was so excited to be coming home to you all after being away for so long! I am coming home a totally different person! The course I took called "Landmark Education" has completely shifted me and given me a whole new view of my life, it is amazing! I can't even put into words how I feel... I am finally at peace. I am so calm and that voice in my head that told me every day that I was not happy, is gone!! I will forever be so grateful to your Aunt Sarah for introducing me to this course and saving my life!! I cannot wait to start a new life with my family; a life that is full of love, joy and happiness. I love you all so much!!

84: Our Family

85: Fall 2012 | Autumn is...crisp air, falling leaves, sweaters, a palette of colors, crunchy ground, school books, jackets, turkey dinner, apple cider, raking leaves, giving thanks...

86: Annual Taaler Family Reunion | October 5, 6, 7, 2012 | Cherish the ones you love...

88: This year we had our family reunion at The Walker's new home in Clancy Montana! We are so happy for them and this new chapter in their lives. We are also very grateful to them for hosting this weekend and making it possible for all of us to come together!!

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