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Calvin's Book

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S: Calvin's Marvelous Adventure Aboard the Titanic

BC: May 2011 Jose Ortega Elementary School

FC: Calvin's Marvelous Adventure Aboard the Titanic By Calvin Van Turner, Jr.

1: Calvin's Marvelous Adventure Aboard the Titanic (A Short Story) By Calvin Van Turner, Jr.

2: Mr. Turner went to sleep one night, and when he awoke he remembered he was on the grandest ship in the world. It was the RMS Titanic!

3: In Mr. Turner's cabin he had a PS3 with 5 games, and a 60' plasma TV. He had a high quality leather chair to rest comfortably in as he played his PS3 and watched movies. Mr. Turner also had a book shelf with things that he loves. The top shelf was filled with movies and games. The rest of the shelves were packed with all of Mr. Turner's favorite books. Finally, there was a king sized bed with one extraordinarily fluffy pillow!

4: Mr. Turner decided to leave his room, and go to breakfast. At breakfast, in the fanciest dining hall on the ship, Mr. Turner met with a friend, Andrew Astor. Over the meal, they begin to discuss life on the Titanic. Both men are very wealthy and feel very happy to be aboard such a tremendously cool ship - but they are a little worried as well.

5: After breakfast, the two men took a stroll on the ship's deck with their dogs. Mr. Turner had a huge German Shepherd, and Mr. Astor had a tiny little wiener dog. | As they strolled along in the frigid cold air, they began to discuss why they felt uneasy. Neither one knew for sure, but it was as if they had a feeling that by day's end, something bad was going to happen.

6: Mr. Turner returned to his extraordinary cabin for a short snooze before joining friends later for a snack and mint tea. However when he woke up, he decided to go to the office where the captain steers the ship, to speak to Captain Edward J. Smith. | Mr. Turner shared his uneasy premonition with the captain. The captain reassured Mr. Turner that all was well, and that the ship was in top shape for its journey. Feeling slightly better, Mr. Turner headed for the Grand Staircase to ascend to the level on which his dear friends were waiting to share a cup of hot mint tea and a chat.

7: When Mr. Turner approached the table he spotted his good friends, Mr. Colocho, Ms. Brit, and Ms. Lindsay. All were dressed in their finest attire, and so happy to see Mr. Turner. | Mr. Turner was one of their favorite people. He always entertained them with his brilliant life stories of travel and adventure. After a long chat and consuming hot tea and chocolate chip cookies, the group went their separate ways.

8: As the night began to fall, and the icy arctic air blew, Mr. Turner thought about turning in for the night. However, something kept him from doing so. Some feeling deep in his gut, told him that even though Captain Smith had reassured him that all was was not. Mr. Turner was in his cabin and was about to go to sleep when suddenly he heard a screeching sound, followed by knocking at his door. The ship jolted hard, and he fell to his knees. Mr. Turner quickly stood up and answered the door. It was a first class steward. The first class steward exclaimed, "The captain has told me to ask everyone to come to the top deck immediately. It appears the ship has hit a large iceberg, and we need you to oblige immediately for your own safety!"

9: Mr. Turner grabbed his life jacket, and rushed up to the first class deck. When he got there he saw his friends, Mr. Astor, Mr. Colocho, Ms. Brit, and Ms. Lindsay. They were all headed toward the life boats. "Women and children first," shouted the deck crew. This meant that Mr. Turner, Mr. Astor and Mr. Colocho could not get on the first life boat with the women. Ms. Brit and Ms. Lindsay refused to get into a life boat without their friends Eventually Mr. Turner, Mr. Astor, and Mr. Colocho were able to join the women on the very last lifeboat.

10: They saw many people falling from the decks, and hanging on for their life, from the ship's mast, and other various parts of the giant ship that was sinking into the ice cold ocean.

11: As their life boat began to drift away, and they had survived, they were to be picked up by a larger rescue ship.

12: While they sat warming in the rescue boat they realized that they had narrowly escaped one of the most tragic disasters the world would ever see, and thy were full of gratitude for their lives and sorrow for those who did not survive.

13: When they arrived in New York they saw the news. In every paper, the front page showed the story.

14: When the whole ordeal came to an end, Mr. Turner understood that he had just experienced something most never would. He knew that it was a huge tragedy and that many were lost, but some how he had survived. He also knew he would travel again, and though there may be other challenges or danger ahead, he would be brave. Mr. Turner is a survivor, and an adventurer!

15: The End (for now!)

17: For Calvin The author of this story is Calvin Turner. He was born May 23, 2001. He is no less than extraordinary, and the next section of this book contains letters written to Calvin, by folks that know and love him at Jose Ortega Elementary School.

18: Calvin, I am so glad that you came to Jose Ortega! You have been a wonderful addition to our school. I love seeing you walk down the hall with your nose in a book. I loved to read when I was your age too. Actually, I still love to read. I always enjoy listening to your ideas. You have a wonderful mind! Lots of Love, Ms. Ramos

19: Dear Calvin, I just wanted to let you know that you are a very special boy. In all my years working with kids you are definitely one of the most unique boys I have ever met. Your imagination is superb and the way that you let it go is awesome! I remember when all you wanted to do was learn about the Titanic and other huge ships. You knew exactly what to do to gather information. This is a very important skill – don’t ever forget it! One of my favorite things about you is the way you communicate with adults – you are always respectful and are able to have conversations about almost anything. Please don’t stop being yourself – people will love you just for being you. No matter what happens please always remember to let your imagination be free – there will always be adults that tell you to stop but don’t! Your imagination is yours and can always be your escape when you need it. I’m so glad that you came to Jose Ortega and I hope that you stay because we love you here! Love, Mr. G (Michael Gomez but shhhhhh. Don’t tell anyone) Your friendly school PE teacher

20: Hi Calvin, I just wanted you to know that it has been a pleasure as well as a joy to have had you as a part of my class this year. I loved your smile and your sense of humor. I am going to miss seeing you bopping up the hall with both hands in your pocket, holding up your pants as you are off to get another book. How in the world do you read so many books in one day. Talking about a little brain that is a sponge for knowledge. I just loved listening to you talk about the things that you had read, especially about the “Titanic.” Hey, would you like to come back and be a quest speaker when we read the story next year? All jokes aside, Calvin you are a very bright and intelligent little boy and someday I pray that all you knowledge will pay off. Calvin below is a quote that I love and I would like to share it with you: If you can imagine it, You can achieve it. If you can dream it, You can become it. By: William Arthur Ward. I’m really going to miss you next year. I wish you the best. You can always come by and visit me! With Great Fondness, Mrs. Verna Washington Your 4th Grade Teacher 2010-2011

21: Calvin, As this year ends, I am getting ready to retire, and wanted to say goodbye. It has been such a pleasure knowing you! You know more about “The Titanic” than anyone I ever met. I will never hear the word Titanic again, without thinking of you. Which is a really good thing! Love, Ms. K | Calvin, You are a very special kid! Ms. Ginny | Dear Calvin, It has been great getting to know you this year. I enjoyed having you as a student in the nutrition classes and I remember how much you love carrots! Thank you for being kind and humorous. It is fun to be around you! All my best, Ms. Blanton

22: Calvin “Van Turnah” I am so happy that you were in my class this year. You have such a big heart and a wonderful character. I have enjoyed my time getting to know what an outstanding kid you are. I know in the future your name will light up in the sky with all the great accomplishments you have done. Courageous, brave, funny, and extremely smart are all the qualities that make you bound for greatness. Keep striving Calvin. I’m so proud of you. I will miss you during the summer. I hope to see you in the future. With love and much care, Ms. Louise

23: Hey My Friend Calvin, I have been working at Jose Ortega for four years now. During all this time, I have never met a fourth grader that knows so much about so many things. You are a very smart boy with great manners! I appreciate how you listen and how you are with all the adults around you. Every adult that I have talked to has expressed how impressed they are with you and how smart you are. One quality that I most admire about you is how passionate you are about books. I gather that is why you have great knowledge about things. You Rock! I am very happy and glad that you are an essential member of our school and hope that you will be back next school year. Be well. I wish you all the best in life. You’ll go far. You are a star. Mr. Colocho

24: Calvin, Each day when I walk into the after school program, I can count on you to share an interesting fact or funny joke with me. Thank you, for always putting a smile on my face as soon as I enter the class. You are always polite to me and respectful, which I truly appreciate. -Mr. Ryan

25: Dear Calvin a.k.a. Calvinator, It has been so fun getting to know you this year! You are such a smart kid and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the information and knowledge you have shared with me. I think it is great when you find things that you are interested in and actively research and try to find more information on those things. You have a very inquisitive mind! This certainly will help you get thought school and prepare you for college. I know that college is a long ways away, but it is never too early to start thinking about it. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the after school program even though recess time was always way too cold! I hope you have a fantastic summer break and keep reading! Sincerely, Mr. Nate

26: Dear Calvin, I just want you to know that I think you are a great student and person! I love that you really enjoy reading books. Books allow you to live out fantasies and they take you to places you have never imagined. Whenever you want to change your mood and feel happy, just pick up a good book and read! Calvin, I want you to know that you are a very important person and I think great things are going to come to you in the future. You can make your future great by setting goals, working towards your goals, and achieving you goals. I know that you are going to be able to go to college because you love reading so much. The gift of reading will also help you accomplish your goals. Stay positive and make the right decisions in life! Love, Mrs. JoLynn Washington Principal, Jose Ortega School

27: Cal, I don’t even know where to begin telling you how important and special you are. Thank you so much for spending time hanging out, playing games, and talking with me (especially on rough days). I have so many memories from this school year with you that bring me a smile right when they pop into my mind. Just now, I thought about the walk-a-thon day at our school. In the morning, you didn’t seem sure that you’d even participate, and by the end of the day you were being awarded for being one of the top runners! You did so many more laps than most people could do! I think of that day often, and I am reminded that if we are brave and try, even though some thing seems hard, we can exceed even your own expectations. You are brave. You are smart. You are kind. You are gentle. You are mighty. You are friendly. You are funny. You one of the good guys. No matter where you are as you continue to grow up, thinking of you will always put a smile on my face. I’m so glad I know you. Love, Ms. Lindsay

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