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Cameron Sellers

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FC: Cameron Sellers 5th hour

1: This is a picture of the French revolution. We fight for our freedom. We(the 3rd estate) make up the most of the 3 estates and off France.

2: As i said, there are three estates. We are the 3rd estates and most of us are Sans-culotte, or people who want a say in government.

3: The storming of the Bastille marked a large change for the French revolution. we, the 3rd estate, stormed it out of anger. We wanted a say in government and we were frustrated at France's economic crisis. We were frustrated because we, the peasants, were suffering the most from it.

4: Robespierre came to power in 5 September 1793 – 28 July 1794. He believed he needed to execute everyone who spoke out against the French revolution, thus became the period of The reign of Terror. The Terror was a time of death and horror. Robespierre was the cause of it, he executed 16,594 people, 2,639 in Paris, and another 25,000 after that all while useing the guillotine .

5: the national assembly met then to develop laws and create the declaration of rights of men. This document displays that all men are created equal.

6: Maria Antoinette, also called Madame deficit, was the queen of France. She was nicknamed Madame Deficit because of how much she spent on elegant gowns, jewelery, and gambling. We didnt like her becuase she would spend all this money, putting our lives and France's economic crisis further down the holeof bankruptcy, while there were people starving in her country.

7: Louis XVI was the king of France. We liked him because he tryed to improve upon the common people,us. But Louis was not fit for king His lack of effort, or care, for being king showed and so he was not a good leader.

8: Napoleon Bonaparte came to power in 1804. Napoleon called coup-d'etat, and put himself as First Consul. Five years later, the French senate made him Emperor of France. Napoleon fought many wars called the napoleon wars. Napolean had a grade army of over 400,000 soilders, but he went into the peninsula war and sent his army into Russia. Both of these events crushed his army, he never recovered.

9: Napolean was crowned emporer and we were all happy! He is a brilliant commander and leader.

10: we all felt safe because of his large and vast army!

11: He made some mistakes though. One of Napoleon's worst mistakes was creating a blockade around the British port. He attempted to isolate Britain and prevent trade. But it backfired and Britain blockaded France. Because Britain had a much larger navy and much more efficient at isolating.

12: Napoleon's biggest mistake was the battle of Waterloo. This was his last battle for courage and was called the hundred days Napoleon fought all day to Wellington, But when the Prussian army showed up and flanked him. Wellington then went to France and put King Louis XVIII back in charge.

13: sans culotte were people who wanted a say in government. there strategy for fighting was effective because they would seek out solders from a vast army, and kill them. They eventually were given the right to vote because of it.

14: Guerrilla warfare was used with french citizen's to show how they disliked the french government.

15: The French national assembly was called to enact laws and reforms of the government, we all wanted a new/better government.

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20: As long as I live, I'll hear waterfalls and birds and winds sing. I'll interpret the rocks, learn the language of flood, storm, and the avalanche. I'll acquaint myself with the glaciers and wild gardens, and get as near the heart of the world as I can. -John Muir

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