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Carly Seeland

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FC: Flipped | By: Wendelin Van Draanen

1: Bryce loski and Juli Baker

2: Bryce | ' I'm trying to break free, but the girl's go me in a death grip.'' | "There i was holding the mud monkey's hand!" | "She didn't just barge into my life. She barged and shoved and wedged her way into my life." | The First | Bryce meets Juli before second grade ad already doesn't like her. He locks himself in the bathroom the day he moves in his house because Juli was following him everywhere.

3: Meeting | "I almost got my first kiss that day. I'm sure of it." | "The first day i met Bryce Loski, i flipped. Honestly,one look at him and I became a lunatic. | The first time Juli heard a boy her age was moving across the street she went crazy. She helped them unpacked and already had a crush on him. | Juli

4: Mr. Mertins puts Bryce and Juli next to each other | Bryce | "That maniac started leaning forward and sniffing my hair." | The good thing about them sitting by each other is that Juli whispers the spelling words to Bryce so he gets a good grad, but she keeps on smelling his hair. | " Juli'd always been sly about sniffing, which really bugged me because no one ever notices her doing it, but she was just as sly about giving me answers, which was okay with me.

5: "I spent the year whispering spelling words and sniffing watermelon." | Juli | Juli liked sitting next to Bryce. "Sitting next to Bryce was nice. He was nice." | "His hair smelt like watermelon..." Juli liked to smell his hair because t smelt like watermelons. | "...once in a while I'd catch him looking my way." She thinks he looking at him because he like her.

6: "So this tree, the sycamore tree, was up on the hill on a vacant lot on Collier Street, and it was massive. Massive and ugly." | Bryce | "I thought about calling Juli to tell her I was sorry they'd cut it down, but i didn't. | Bryce doesn't know why Juli likes the sycamore tree so much, but after it got cut down he felt bad, but not enough for him to talk to her | "For a second I considered it. But it wasn't my tree, and it wasn't Juli's either." | The Sycamore tree

7: " My heart was crazy with panic. I didn't know what to do! I couldn't leave and let them cut down the tree! i cried, "you cant cut it down! You just can't!" | "How was that possible? How could i be so full of peace and full of wonder? How could this simple tress make me feel so complex? So alive." | Juli | Juli was so happy when we climbed the tree and played in it, and when they tried to cut it down she wouldn't come down but eventually they cut it down and she was heart broken.

8: Eggs | Bryce | "I went down to my room to pack my stuff for school, feeling like a the biggest jerk to ever hit the planet." | "This went on for two years.. two years! And it got to a point where it was just part of my routine. I'd be on the lookout for Juli so I could whip the door open before she had the chance to knock or ring the bell, and then I'd bury the eggs in the trash before my dad showed up." | " So i told her we were afraid of salmonella poisoning because her yard was a mess and that we were just trying to spare her feelings.

9: Juli | "My chickens are laying eggs!" | Juli raised chicken in a school project. Later on they laid eggs. She brought them over to Bryce all the time. After two ears of doing the same thing Juli found out that he was throwing out his eggs because their family was afraid of salmonella. She got so upset and started ignoring him. | "I was fighting back tears, but it was hard. I chocked out, " I was trying to be neighborly...!" | " I stumbled home, embarrassed and confessed, my heart completely cracked open

10: Juli Fixes up her yard because the Loski's said it was a "mess". | Bryce | "Did i feel good about this? No, my friend, I did not. Yeah, their yard was a mess, and it was about time someone did something about it, but c'mon- where's the dad? What about Matt and mike? Why Juli?" | "My grandfather was doing my good deed." | "I hate to see you swim out so far you cant swim back." | "Yeah, whatever. Well, good luck with the grass. I'm sure it;ll come up great." Then i totally surprised myself by saying, knowing you , you'll get 'em all to hatch." I didn't say it mean or anything, I really meant it. I laughed, and then she laughed, and that's how i left her - sprinkling her soon-to-be sod, smiling.

11: Juli | "...I was thinking, you know, that it wouldn't be hard to fix up the front yard if I could get some nails and a hammer ans maybe some paint?" | " Chat taught me how to plumb a line for the pickets, how to hold a hammer down on the end of the handle instead of chocking up on it, how to calculate an adjusted spacing for the pickets, and how to use a level to get the wood exactly vertical. | "I shook my head. "why are you over hear, Mr. Duncan? If you don't think i need the help and you're not feeling bad about the eggs then why would you do this?' "honestly?" ...Because you remind me of my wife." | "We worked on the fence for days, and the whole time we worked we talked."

12: The backers go over the Loski's for dinner | "She wasn't looking at me. She seemed to be looking at everything but me. And i felt like an idiot, standing there in my geeky button-down shirt with pinched cheeks and to say that my heart started going wacko on me, hammering like it does right before a race or a game or something." | Bryce | "We probably only stood there for five seconds, but it felt like a year. Finally i said, "Hi Juli." | "I was completely lost. And even though I was pretending to follow along with what they were saying, what i was really doing was trying not to star at Juli." | "Juli touched my arm. And for the first time that night she was looking at me. It was that look, too, channeled directly and solely at me. She says, "I'm sorry i was so angry when we first came in. everyone had a good time, and i think your mom's really nice for inviting us." | "An know i was seeing that there was something really cool about that family. They were just... real.

13: Juli | " He said hi to me and i lost it. I spun on him, snapping, "Don't speak to me!. I overheard you and Garret in the library, and I don't want to talk to you now or ever!" | "After we'd had dessert and it was time to go, I went up to Bryce and told him i was sorry for having been so fierce when we'd first come in. "I should've let you apologize, and really, it was very nice of your family to have us over. I know it was a lot of work and,, well, I think my mom had a really good time and that's what matters to me." | " Obviously she was looking forward to dinner- not that i really understood that, but i didn't want to ruin everything by telling her about my newfound hatred of Bryce." | Juli is now really mad at Bryce because she overheard him and Garret talking bad about uncleDavid. She says shes not going to talk to him for the whole dinner.

14: Basket boys | "I was basket boy number nine. It felt like walking the plank." | "I didn't care where i was. I just had to kiss her." | "And when it was all over, all the guys told me, "Dude! You are, like, the man... Score!" but i didn't feel like the man. I felt wiped out." | " Than I saw Juli. She was two tables away from me, facing my direction. Only she wasn't looking at me. She was looking at Jon, her eyes all sparkly and laughing." | " I didn't care where I was, I didn't care who saw. I wanted, just to kiss her. I leaned i, closed my eye, and then... She broke away from me." | "Whatever happens, I know that my grandfather's right about one thing. I'll never be the same again."

15: Juli | "I was not going to bid on Bryce Loski. No way! | "To me, there ad only been Bryce. I didn't let myself get sentimental. I had liked him for all the wrong reasons, and I certainly wasn't going to vote for him now." | "That's when I realized what I had to do. My hand shot into the air and i called, "Ten!" | "I cant remember what I said. He was looking into my eyes, holding my hands tight, and then he began pulling me toward him. My heart was racing and his eyes were closing and his face was coming toward mine... Right there, in front of all the other basket boys and their dates and the adults, he was going to kiss me." | " I have lived across the street from him for six years and he's never once called me!" | "Maybe my mother's right. Maybe there is more to Bryce Loski than I know."

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