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Cassie Silverman- RVC

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S: River Valley Civilizations

BC: THE END!!! By: Cassie Silverman

FC: River Valley Civilizations (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Indus, and China) | By: Cassie Silverman

1: Table of Contents Mesopotamia 2-3 Egypt 4-5 Indus 6-7 China 8-9

2: ~Priests and Rulers share the control of the city, the priests did not rule during war. The Priest were thought to be representatives of God. ~Arches, ramps, and the pyramid shaped design of the Ziggurat influenced the Mesopotamia civilization. | ~Mesopotamia is located between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which is in present day Iraq. ~Like most, the Sumerian's were polytheistic. Among their gods the most powerful one is Enlil, the God of storms and air | ~Kings and Priests were on the highest social level, after that came merchants. Woman could also be high up, but not if they couldn't read or write.

3: ~Mesopotamia is called the fertile crescent. ~To make farming easier, the plow was invented. ~Even though most were the same religion, the city-states were always at war. | ~Cuneiform was one of the first known written records, it was created in Mesopotamia. ~Hammurabi is well known in Mesopotamia for Hammurabi's code, which is 282 laws. | Mesopotamia!

4: Egypt!

5: ~Pharaohs ruled as Gods, to the Egyptians, they were Gods | ~Egypt is located on the Nile River, the Nile provides most of Egypt's resources. | ~The Egyptians were polytheistic, their main God is Re, the sun God. | ~Egyptians created hieroglyphics. | ~To be in the highest position in society you had to be able to read and write. | ~Mummification was started in Egypt to preserve the Pharaohs organs for the "afterlife". | ~The only thing that surround Egypt is desert. | ~Egypt had slaves, the pyramids were built by slaves. | ~The pyramids were built, and so this helped form geometry. | ~The Nile is one of the few rivers that flows south to north.

6: ~Indus has a strong central government. ~The Indus people built and extensive and modern-looking plumbing system. ~Indus is a subcontinent, it lives off of the Indus and Ganges rivers. | ~I Indus the priests ruled,it is believed that they were Hindu. ~The Harappan language is made up of 400 symbols combined to make words. | ~Social divisions in society were not great, it was not fair. | Indus!

7: ~Indus was created on a grid system. ~The Himalaya mountains are to the north of Indus. | ~The Indus people started the Hindu religion. ~The Indus people provided transportation for trade.

8: ~Kings ruled, feudalism was a big part of life. ~China was able to control food and irrigation ~Located near China is the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. | ~The Chinese believed that spirits of family ancestors had the power to bring good fortune or disaster to the family. ~The Chinese created their own handwriting, each character stands for one syllable. | China

9: ~China was one of the first people to create wood buildings. ~The chariot is one of the major tools of was in China. ~Respect for your parents is the most important value in China. | ~The Chinese were divided between nobles and peasants. ~The Himalayas are to the south of China.

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