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Castle Saumur's Battle

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BC: Cassidy is a swimmer and a runner who loves bacon, reading, mud running, and sleeping. She wanted to write a book like this because she loves Vikings, while her partner loves castles. | This book is not responsible for any nightmares or scary thoughts you get while reading this book or after reading this book. We are also not responsible if readers start attacking their siblings out of annoyance. Please enjoy the rest of your day... or not. | Katie Xue loves to read and travel. She is a math nerd and pianist. She decided to write this book because she was going to France and she wanted to do a project about a French castle, but her partner was obsessed with Vikings.

FC: Castle Saumur's Battle | By: Katie Xue and Cassidy Leight | This is a magical story -Damaris Caballery | I can't wait to read it again and again -Maddy Jones | This book is not the worst thing in the world -Miss Torpey | I liked this book a lot -Tom Schlechter | This book is the opposite of terrible. -Sameer Lal | This is a classic work of art -Mrs.Brosky | Praise for Castle Saumur's Battle

1: Pierre is a bold prince who lives in Saumur, a castle in France. He believes that his sister, Princess Eleanor, has a life much better than his, so he enlists some Vikings for help and starts a war against the castle, Saumur. Later, Eleanor finds out that he has an illness that makes him go crazy.

2: Prologue Saumur is a castle in Medieval France located in Saumur Town. This castle was built before 1479, which is when this story takes places. Eleanor and Pierre never actually lived in the castle, and Vikings never actually attacked, but the Vikings did enjoy attacking monasteries and temples.

3: Authors' Notes The story told did not happen in real life. The pictures of people we used are not actually Pierre and Eleanor. If you see a picture of a random man, that is Pierre. Do not be alarmed if you see a random squirrel, he is just the product of the Squirrelizer!

4: Prince Pierre was always jealous of his older sister, Princess Eleanor. They both lived in the castle of Saumur , but she always got what she wanted through her charm and intelligence. Her breakfast was far better than his. She got the cook to give her 3 slices of cold meat and wheaten bread while all that Pierre got was a tiny sliver of ham and occasionally a moldy roll. They were Eleanor's leftovers. Her view of the castle was better too. All that Pierre could see was the horse stable, but Eleanor, she could see the whole country. That wasn't all either. Eleanor somehow got the fierce military general, Francis, to name his horse after her.

5: Pierre decided to approach his situation by starting a war against Eleanor so he could get the best treatment and become heir to the throne. For many days, Pierre thought over his war plot. He realized he would need help from a particular group in Sweden. Two days later, Pierre was ready for war. "My dearest father," he said, "I will be in Sweden for a few months. Do not worry about me father, for I will be back soon enough." Pierre's father, Stephen, agreed. "You should go to Sweden. Maybe you could get an apprenticeship. After all, you will not be gaining control of this castle," he said.

6: King Stephen's words hurt Pierre's feelings. Because of this, Pierre was more motivated to leave, and so, just three hours later, Pierre was seen riding down the castle road on horseback. The people of the castle were celebrating the fact that he was finally gone, knowing nothing of his plan. He headed to Sweden, the land of the Vikings. As soon as Pierre reached the Viking's village, he was surrounded by a sea of men wearing brown clothing and helmets. They wanted to know what Pierre was doing in their village, so Pierre had to explain himself. He told them about how he needed their help.

7: The lead Viking, Blorge, decided that Pierre was trustworthy. "Yes, men, this boy is innocent and needs our help." he proclaimed. Pierre laid down his plan. "We must lure the castle's army into the field two miles from the castle. We will have a few men distract them. Then we can run toward the castle and attack it while no one can stop us! At this point in the battle, the only person in the castle will be Eleanor. All we have to do then is behead her, then the war will be over."

8: The Vikings agreed with Pierre's plot. "I say we should leave tomorrow" the Viking, Glorge, said."All you need to do is announce the war, right..." Pierre and another Viking, Romad, agreed with Glorge and so Pierre declared war on the Castle Saumur. He did it this way so that by the time Eleanor's army heard about it, Pierre would already be there. "Eleanor stands no chance!" he thought.

9: When Eleanor heard about the war from her military general, Francis, Eleanor was worried. "How could he do this to me," she cried,"I was always there for him and now he attacks me! This is cruel!" "Princess," said Francis,"We have plenty of strong castle defenses. We have high stone walls, turrets, a moat, two dungeons, murder holes and a large army. Also, even though I'm old, I can still fight to protect you. We'll be fine." The princess was slightly reassured, so she decided to eat her breakfast, three slices of meat.

10: Pierre managed to get over 3,000 Vikings to come along and fight the war. Blorge had many Viking allies that came to help them."Eleanor only has 2,000 men in her army," Pierre told the Vikings. "We outnumber them by over a thousand." And so Pierre set off with his Viking army. They traveled through thick fields of snow and a few gray, bleak forests until finally, they reached Eleanor's castle, Saumur.

11: Francis brought his army to a field, a field he knew well enough to fight a war in, and there he waited for Pierre. He should've known Pierre would have help and a plan. | I'm worried!

12: "Here we are," Pierre shouted to the Vikings, "This was my old home, before I came to you." Glorge and Romad's jaws dropped in envy. "You used to live here?!?" They asked. When Pierre didn't respond, they looked at him and realized he was crying. "Pierre," they wondered,"Are you alright?"

13: "I'm fine my friends," he said. "I'm just forgetting the goal here. This is no time for memories." "Good," said Blorge,"There is no time for sappy emotions. We have a war to fight. Start setting up the siege towers." Eleanor's army was lured to the field. "We got them now," Romad said,"Let's head to the castle!" Leaving about 1,000 Vikings behind to give them time, the remainder of Pierre's army then headed to the castle, and since the Vikings couldn't swim, Pierre let down the bridge across the moat. There they encountered another problem.

14: "We can't climb such high walls!" cried Romad, "We'll all fall into the moat and drown!" For the first time in this entire castle siege, Pierre was worried. He didn't know how they would get inside, but then Glorge saw a portion of wood on the corner of the castle. "Let's set the castle on fire!" he proclaimed. While the Vikings attempted to light the castle on fire, Pierre spotted Eleanor's army marching toward them. He didn't see any of the Vikings that he had sent to fight Eleanor's army. He warned the Vikings and they got ready for a fight. | OH NO!

15: Inside the castle, Eleanor was worried. She was the only one in the castle. All the lords and ladies had already left, and everyone else is fighting in the field. Her army was taking too long to defeat the Vikings, so she decided to go out and fight herself. She got up her courage and ran to the hallway. She found a sharp iron sword and slowly opened the door of the castle "Creak..." the door moaned.

16: Pierre never expected Eleanor to open the door. He was in combat with her army and when the door opened, he and his Vikings toppled into the castle. Eleanor's army followed them. Pierre's life flashed before his eyes and he realized he had lost and would be beheaded. | AHHH!!!

17: The Vikings who helped Pierre were beheaded, but Eleanor felt some sympathy for her brother and refused to behead him, so she sent him to the dungeon with a medieval doctor to diagnose any illnesses Pierre might have that would make him hate Eleanor. She wasn't surprised when she found out that Pierre had rabies. The rabies made Pierre go crazy and he decided, out of rabid rage, to attack. Eleanor got the doctor to fix Pierre, and now her castle is back to normal. She and Pierre are now equals too. They would rule together and the castle won't be attacked by Pierre any longer.

18: Works Cited De, Lescazes Carlos Paluzie. "France." Castles of Europe. New York: Crescent, 1982. Print. Gravett, Christopher, and Geoff Dann. Castle. New York: Dorling Kindersley, 2000. Print. Lee, Saly. Life in the Castle. 1994. Print.

19: Question Answered... What are structures or defenses used to protect the castle?

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