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Cell Project

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S: Jared LeBrun and Udgam Goyal


FC: Organelles of cells through sports! | GO Team! | Cellebrate!

1: Cells are the basic unit of life as players are the basic units of a team | Play Ball!

2: Cell Theory is the foundation of a cell, as the rulebook is for baseball. The three principles imminent in Cell theory are:

3: GO Theory | Principle 2: I am the basic unit of life. | BASEBALL | Principle 3: Cells arise from pre-existing cells | Principle 1: All living organisms are composed of cells.

4: These four Scientists were as important to Cells as alexander cartwright, the founder of baseball, was to baseball. | Matthias Schleiden founded plant cells. | Theodore Schwann founded animal cells. | Rudolph Virchow discovered that all cells come from pre-existing cells

5: I, Robert Hooke, discovered the idea of a cell.

6: The two teams playing today are: The Prokaryotes and the Eukaryotes!! Let's see today's matchup! | GO PRO! | The Prokaryotes may be lacking a nucleus, but they have a secret weapon in their flagella. | The Prokaryotes have a strong DNA, but they will stick with a "simple" gameplan

7: However, both teams have good DNA, cytoplasm, and ribosomes, so this will be a close game. | The Eukaryotes hold a slight upperhand in this matchup, with a strong nucleus and a very extensive, complex gameplan.

8: Our next matchup is between the animals cells and the plant cells! The animal cells have a very good offense, with all the necessary organelles. However...

9: GO Plants! | The plant cells are coming in with the same organelle offense and more with the addition of chloroplast, and have an extended defense, with a massive cell wall!

10: Organelles make up cells as players and staff make up a team. So let's meet the organelles! | Ribosomes are the ball on the field. They look like small dots, make proteins, and are found everywhere from the rough ER to the cytoplasm | The golgi apparatus is the offense of the team. It consists of flattened, membrane-bound sacs which serves as the distribution center of the cell.

11: Futbol Schools! | I am the captain of the team. I am a big sphere in the middle of a cell. I hold DNA and make ribosomes and head the cell's operations

12: I am the water and ball boy for the team. I am small and elongated, and I create energy for cells and hold their DNA and ribosomes. | The Smooth ER is the wing/ forwards, as it moves proteins and other substances through the cell. It is called smooth because it does not hold ribosomes as the inner midfield does. | The Rough ER is the midfield of the team, as it moves proteins through the cells and holds ribosomes. It looks like flattened sheets of membranes.

13: The cell wall is the goalie of the cell team. It supports the cell and provides shape to the cell.. It is located on the outside of the cell and protects the cell from adjacent cell damage. The cell wall is made up of proteins and carbohydrates. However, the cell wall only plays for the plant cells.

14: The central vacuole is the lineman of the team, for it holds the water and food of the cell and makes up the majority of the mass of the cell. It is only found in plants. | The chloroplast is the wide receiver of the team. It has a green, bean shape and turns sunlight in to energy for the plant, as the wide receiver turns normal passes to big plays.

15: The cytoplasm is like the football field. It is a liquid substance which flows all across the cell, transporting materials from organelle to organelle. | The lysosome is the medical staff of the cell team, as it disposes of waste and many other compunds. It's shaped as a simple sphere.

16: The Cell Membrane is like the out-of-bounds line in a football game. It is a flexible lipid bilayer which encloses the cell, and protects it from the outside

17: Homeostasis is the momentum in a basketball game. Good momentum helps the cell to function at its best | When a cell is in homeostasis, it is functioning in ideal conditions. | Many organelles work together in order to achieve homeostasis.

18: The END! | GOOD JOB!

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