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chamira washington

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FC: The unknown stories about rock layers | by chamira washington

3: One day when we Mrs.Keith needed a writing sample from all they kids in her classes. Since she was there science teacher there stories had to be over one of the sections they went over in class. There stories had to be four pages long and it was worth 150 point. If they didn't do it they would fail the class. They could work with partners so, Chamira, Montie and lay'keya got in to they group to work together. They were best friends they would try to get every chance they could to work with eachother. They never did they work when they is together but, the teacher let them work together anyway. She always told them it not her grade it theres they have to work hard for what they wont. Mrs.Keith told them they had a week to get the story done.

4: It been four days and they have not even thought about working on there paper. Friday when they went to school Mrs.Keith asked them how they were doing on there papers but they didn't have anything done. She talked to the class and found out that none of the kids had there papers done or even started on them. Once again she told them she didn't care because it wasn't her grade they was working for. Everyone knew Mrs.Keith was upset. They knew they had to work on her paper. Chamira told Montie and Lay'keya that she couldn't get a bad grade so, they had to get to working on there paper. When the school bell rang Mrs.Keith told everyone they had to stay after because they kept talking all day. They kept talking then Mrs.Keith tried to snap on them. That didn't scare them so, she just told them to get out.

5: Over the weekend Chamira called Montie and Lay'keya but, they didn't answer. She already knew some of the questions and they answers to them. She just went to the library and started on the essay herself. The first question she had to answer was, How old is the earth? She wasn't sure if it was 4.6 or 5.6 billion years old. She looked on the computer and made sure and it said that the earth is estimated to be 4.6 billion years old. She told herself that she was only was going to do two questions but, she didn't believe that Lay'keya and Montie was going to help her and she knew that they wasn't going to come and meet her at the library. She only did the first question when Jeremih came in they library. He was a boy from her class that she thought was cute.

7: He came and seat by her. He had asked her what she was doing but she couldn't answer him before his girlfriend came over. she just kept doing her work. Her and his girlfriend Ciara don't get a long. They don't like each other. Chamira just kept to herself even though Ciara kept messing with her. When she startted the second question Jeremih asked her what it was. She told him the question was, What is uniformitarianism and how scientist use this to explain the shaping of earth? Before he could say anything else Ciara jumped in the conversation and told her to shut up. Chamira got up put her chair and told Ciara if she say one more thing to her she was going to beat her up. Jeremih just sat there acting like he didn't hear them.

8: Ciara at first had a smart mouth but, when Chamira got in her face she didn't say anything. Then Jeremih got up out sit and told Ciara to sit down. She didn't listen to him. she thought for some reason that Jeremih liked Chamira and told him it was over that she didn't wont to be with him anymore. She left out the library and went home. Jeremih didn't know what to do so he just got back on the computer and started doing his work. Chamira felt bad for him. She asked him if he was okey? He said he was fine because he know when he go back home that she would call him. She always do when they break up. He wasn't worried about her but Chamira could see on his face that he was mad he just don't have a way of expressing his feelings.

9: He had asked Chamira what the question for the second one again and she told him. He told her the answer to the question was uniformitarianism is a principle that geologic processes that ocurred in the past and can be explained by current processes. The way scientist use this to explain the shaping of earth is they see how the earth was back then and how it is now and compare them. Chamira told him he was smart all he need to do is start coming to school everyday. He didn't listen to her so, they stated to talk about they teacher. Then they both started to laugh but they just stop working on there papers and started talking. The librarian came over to them and told them it was time for the library to close. They both call there mom to come get them.

10: when Chamira went home she tried to call Montie and Lay'keya again but, Montie was the only person that answered her phone. They stayed on the phone talking about how they day went. Then Chamira asked her why she didn't answer her phone when she called the first time. All Montie said is she was sleep so, Chamira just changed the subject. They made the plan to meet at the park tomarrow. They was asking eachother have they talked to Lay'keya but no body heard from her. They would just meet at the park and if they hear from her they would tell her. They can't wait to the last minute to do the papers like they did the last time they to do an essay on animals. That's why half of her classes is not passing the class now.

11: The next day they went to they park to work on there essay. They still haven't heard from Lay'keya. | They started on there paper and Montie said she got the answers to two of the question.They had to make sure they didn't do the same questions but, they didn't do the same ones. They shared there questions. They didn't realize they had more to do before school.

12: Montie told Chamira that she had the answers to three and four. Chamira didn't know what the questions was for them. Montie told her that the question for three is what rocks do scientist study to determine the age of rocks? Why? Montie told her that the answer to that question was that scientist commonly study layers in sedimentary rocks because they say sedimentary is the most oldest rocks that's why they study them. Then she told Chamira that she don't think that she have question four right but, the question was explain the law of superposition. How does this law affect the ability to determine the age of rack? They both don't think they have an answer for that one but, They had to get it because it was starting to get late and they had to get home.

13: Montie said that she think that the answear to the question is law of superposition state that an undeformed sedimentary rock layer is older then the layers above it and younger then the one under it. It affects the way they determine the age of the rock because it's tricky. They didn't know what the last question to the last one they had to do because Lay'keya had it but Chamira had copied all the questions they had to do. Chamira mom had called her and told her she was coming to pick her up. She told Montie she would just get it done before she went to sleep. Her mom came and got her and Montie went home. When chamira got home she did the question and wrote the paper.

14: The last question she had to answer was what is a unconformity and how does this affect the ability to determine the age of rocks? The answer to that is a unconformity is a break in the geologic record. It effect the way they tell the age of the rocks because it show deposition stopped for a period of time and the rock may have been removed by erosion before deposition resumed. The next day they went to school they learned that Lay'keya didn't come because she had the flu. Then Mrs.Kieth tells them that they were the only group to turn in there papers. That's the time when we found out how lazy that class was.

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