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S: Chanale Sings

FC: Singing for you, with you and to you

1: San Diego, California ,N'shei Chabad of the West Coast Convention

2: Contra Costa | "Sunday came all too quickly and fast forward the preparations (sushi platters, chocolate gift boxes, song sheets etc.) and I was up on the stage with a huge blinking banner behind me (see pic below) that read “Celebrating the Jewish Woman”, facing 120 expectant female faces. When I started singing the women relaxed and started to smile and laugh! After the concert, a woman commented to me “We had no idea what a Jewish singer would be like! We were expecting you to appear wearing a turban and singing Hava Nagila and here you are just so.. normal!!” "On the note of the event - You were absolutely fabulous!!! You offer such toichen and depth and embody the grace and presence of Yiddishkeit. I was so proud to have you here and show my community your talent. I am so looking forward to having agaim IYH, when you are up to it. I am seriously hoping for Lag B'omer, so keep me in mind. "....Well, I want to say thanks for making this event such a huge success. I have been getting nonstop emails since Sunday night and the continuous thread that runs through them all is how much everyone LOVED you and your songs and music. I have been singing since you left and feel very inspired by you. I had to force myself not to start crying at the concert, bc I knew if I started I wouldn't be able to stop. I loved how you sang "May you be blessed". You are such an inspiration! May Hashem bentch you and Refael with happy years, and continued success...-Shternie"

3: Lag Baomer 2007

4: "...The program was held in honor of all the volunteers who dedicate their free time to working with children with special needs. You can only imagine what kind of girls these are! They certainly deserved a big thank you and a special treat so I made sure to give them a good time and got them all up and dancing and singing. They each had little ‘clappers’ they used when they sang “If you make somebody happy clap your hands!” and they used the clappers in place of tambourines during “Vatikach Miriam” and then for applause. It sounded like there were a 1000 people in the audience! For the finale 3 girls joined me on stage to sing “Special Child”. The song took on a whole new meaning as we all sang together “Please G-d find someone who, will do this very special job for you...” | Cleveland, Ohio

5: "...Last night was the "Ezras Nashim" concert at the Millenium Theater in Brighten Beach, and let me tell you, frum women have it goooood. First of all, Kineret is awesome; so authentic and hot on stage! The show opened with Bracha Jaffe and co. a beautiful, sweet, (very pregnant) young lady from the Five Towns who sang Tefilla Le'ani by Rivkah Krinsky (one of my favorite on her album), another song I didn't know and then Anavim by Avraham Fried. Lovely girl, lovely voice.After Bracha was a comedy sketch that I missed while back stage with my baby. I heard the laughter and saw a stroller with a giant spongebob squarepants in it so I'm assuming it was entertaining in the least! Finally I was up, starting with Shabbos Queen. See the giant Shabbos Queen on the screen? Awesome no? I then rocked out on the electric guitar for the song Horaini, followed by I Daven, complete with a beautiful slideshow..." | Brookyln

6: Flatbush

7: "...Neither words nor gifts can adequately express our appreciation for your sensational performance on Tuesday night. I hope when one expresses words that flow from the heart they will subsequently enter the heart. You can not imagine the chizuk that your appearance meant to all of us, both clients and advocates. Your coming out to share your gifts with us made us all feel more special than you can imagine. From the client's perspective, the feelings were apparent. Your beautiful smile and graceful being put all the women at ease the moment you stepped up to the microphone. Your warmth and empathy came through in all that you presented, delighting the women yet teaching them an invaluable lesson simultaneously. Your melodious singing, with such passion and talent sent waves of electricity through the room. You gave them an evening to reflect upon for a long time. As advocates your appearance meant something additional to us. Yes, you helped us achieve our goal of giving the women an evening of hope and inspiration, and wow- did we accomplish that in a very great way. To us, additionally, primarily a group of outstanding volunteers, we felt that we were not alone in our endeavors. To see someone like you join us in our efforts showed as how much you value and respect our work and that gives us the strength to continue with the next day's situations. Feeling an outreach of professional talent reach back in assistance was a very wonderful feeling. The manner in which you came forth, with eagerness and joy, joining with your wonderful husband to make the evening so perfect, has us standing in awe!..." | Sister to Sister

8: Akron, Ohio | Akron, Ohio | Shaindel Fogelman's Bas Mitzvah,,Natick, Massachusetts

9: Akron, Ohio

10: Los Angeles, California

11: Chani Zalmanov's Bas Mitzvah, Queens New York

13: "...The concert was held in Beis Rivka, in their huge hall. When I arrived at 6pm there were about 650 chairs set up, and a whole lot of chaos going on. The laser lights were being set up and tested as were the smoke machines and sound system. Between me. Esther Chana Neistein and Rochie, we had some serious sound checking to do, so we got right to it. When I heard Esther's playbacks I knew we were in for a real treat. I personally had never been at any of Esther's shows and was just blown away by her talent and professionalism. Her songs are just so beautiful too. She’s a real natural on stage and I can’t wait to hear her album one day soon. OK so Esther did her thing, Rochie practiced with Mirele the keyboardist and I rushed through one or two songs, and finished just in time to feed Hadassa, get dressed and make it back on stage on time for my act... By 8pm the hall was full and when the curtains opened up for me I was amazed at how many women had come! The smoke machines blew a blast of cool steam across the stage and the laser lights starting pulsing colored lights across the stage as the music for “Seize The Day” started. “I’ll go the extra mile, seize the day!” The song sounded better than ever on the big sound system and I really got into it. I welcomed the crowd and then sang “Ani Maamin” (fast version), “Perfect By Design”, “Vatikach Miriam”-at this song, Chava F. and 3 girls came on stage to dance to some great choreography they had prepared. Equipped with tambourines and matching scarves they added some real dimension to the song. Now came my favorite part of the show- Dimmed lights, smoke and the first strains of “Eibishter”, (my favorite childhood song), began. I sang the first part and was then joined by EC who really made the song her own when singing “Oh it’s not hard..”. Then finally, Rochie joined us on the third mike for the last chorus. It was awesome to share the stage with such talented girls who really helped knock the song right out of the ballpark. Ok, fast forwarding. “My Business” was next, followed by “Don’t Ever Leave”, “Horaini” (for this fave, Chava F. joined me!), “Shabbos Queen” and then an acoustic version of “No Matter When You Roam” with EC as the finale/encore. I looked out at the audience; 2 hours after the show’s start and each and every woman has stayed from start to finish! Now that’s a success if you ask me! Crown Heights

14: Upstate, New York

15: Jerusalem | "...This was the first concert my mother-in-law was at. It was a very special performance for me..."

16: Crown Heights, Razag Ballroom

17: Stamford, Connecticut, Lag Baomer

18: "...Thank you so much for giving us a wonderful evening!! My phone hasn't stopped ringing today.. the women loved it..." | Parkland, Florida

19: "...After the concert, we headed out for some sightseeing in D.C. (space museum) and drove up to Potomac, for the second concert of the day. What a beautiful house the concert was in! The house was a magnificent log cabin, and the hosts set up a beautiful Kumzitz, with dimmed lights and a cozy fireplace. I sang mostly slow songs like Don't Ever Leave, Vatispalel Chana, and Esa Aini and the ladies seemed to really take it all in. I'm waiting anxiously for the photos from that event, cuz words cant describe how beautifully it all went down..." "...I just wanted to thank you again for a beautiful, inspiring and special evening. The concert was amazing, and everyone really enjoyed. (We are getting raving reviews about it!) May you continue to utilize the special talents that Hashem has blessed you with to inspire and bring joy to the lives of women around the world..." | Potomac, Maryland

20: Lod, Israel

21: "...There are no words for me to use to thank you with my (our) whole heart to you.One week later, we are still flying high with such simcha. You truly made Shira's Bat Mitzvah spectacular and incredible. Shira was so shocked to see you on the big screen talking and singing to her.Shira keeps asking me how this has happened and of course there is always divine intervention..."

22: "...Thursday night was the Aventura concert which was a blast for me. The crowd was a nice mix of friends, neighbors and new faces and it took me some time to get the women and girls warmed up but after a while I had all the little girls sitting on the floor by the stage singing along and all the women up and dancing through the fast songs...." | North Miami Beach, Florida

23: Shulamis High School, Brooklyn

24: New Jersey

25: San Francisco, California | "...An inspired Tea Party, in the most beautiful hall, complete with scrumptious cakes and tea sandwiches that hit the spot as perfectly as the wonderful speech Shulamis delivered on the theme (see title). Can you tell from the pictures just how stunning it all came together?..."

26: Peabody, Massachusetts | "...These pictures only ever so so slightly capture the electrifying mood. We laughed, we cried, we were touched by a personalized "Sister, Sister" slideshow Raizel's sisters emailed in, and we bonded over a night of massages, manicures and music..."

27: Ten Yad, 2009 | Chanale, Kineret and Rivkah

28: "...And what a concert we had! I don’t know if it was the drama that made it all more exciting, or the fact that it was Montreal, (a city not known for its major goings-on) but we had a blast. A lot of women and girls abandoned their place cards and pulled their seats close to the stage while I abandoned my song set and sang mostly upbeat songs that got everyone going. Towards the end, one of the sem girls joined me on stage for a special rendition of “Shabbos Queen” (as you can see in the pics) while her classmates went wild, cheering her on. It was nice to have company on stage for a change! Did I mention I had some high school classmates in the audience?...At the end, despite the technical difficulties, I managed to give one of my longest and most exciting concerts ever! Most women even bought cds on their way out sparing me the shlep of bringing them back to NY. Love you Montreal!!" | Montreal

29: Far Rockaway, New York

30: Comedance,, Boro Park and Lakewood

31: Monsey | "...Thank you for all your help putting together what turned out to be a fantastic concert! The event was a great success...and of course everybody loved Chanale , especially the kids!! May you have much hatzlachah in all things , and good luck with the new CD in particular..."

32: Yael Laytin's Bas Mitzvah, Tucson, Arizona

33: "It’s quite rare that I drop by a Bas Mitzvah party uninvited, but t’nite I made a special exception for a special fan and now friend, Chava Farkash. In the CH concert gallery, there’s a photo of us together that her cousin took a few months ago. Last week her cousin gave me a call and told me that Chava’s big day was coming up and how she was planning on performing a couple of my songs (a cappella style) for her guests. Could I stop by for a surprise, she asked me. I was eager to oblige, and tonight I dropped by. When I came up the stairs Chava was facing her guests and totally unaware of my presence. When the girls started buzzing, she turned around to see what the fuss was about and boy was she shocked!! She even shed a tear or two (or hundred!)..." | Chava Farkash's Bas Mitzvah

34: "...Neehow! Yes that is hello in Chineese and the one and only word I learned on my trip which I will now proceed to tell you all about. Ok, we land in Beijing airport Thursday evening and meet Dini Freundlach, the Shlucha of Beijing, who greets us with a warm smile and a big van with enough space for all 18 peices of luggage that her husband, 2 daughters and mother shlepped in from the states. We packed on board and headed to the Chabad house for supper, and the first of many meals we were to have there. We were pretty exhuasted after the 13 hour flight so we called an early night at the Raskin's apartment where we were so graciously hosted the 5 nights we were in Beijing. Friday morning we comtemplated travelling to the great wall of China but being Shabbos came in so early there simply wasnt enough time. Instead we hit the marketplaces for an day of bargain hunting for scarves, handbags, ties, shirts, and jusy about anything else you could imagine. At first the clever Chinese shopkeepers quoted us exorbant prices but being pre-warned we bargained like pros and got all kinds od goodies for absolute bubkes. (although we did spend alot of bubkes!). After shopping we jumped into a taxi and headed to the Forbidden City was the imperial palace during the Ming and Qing dynasties. In English? It's a Chinese Disney land of old castles that takes about 3hours to see properly. The weather was frigid so we did a quick run through to be yotzei zein and then rushed back home just in time for Shabbos. Friday night the Shluchim was incredible! After davening we sat down to a scrumptious Shabbos meal that we shared with 60 'regulars'. The singing, and Divrei Torah carried on late into the evening and I had to keep reminding myself that we were actually in China! The warmth of Yiddishkeit was burning bright and strong that cold Friday night in a little house in the Far East, that's for sure. Sunday morning came too quickly and we headed out to the Chabad house at 9 a.m. for the big event. Our taxi driver was a little confused by our misguided directions but after a few phone calls and an animated conversation in Chinese he got the directions and brought us safely to the Chabad school. The entire school was decorated in beautiful purple tule and ribbon and a yummy breakfast buffet was set up with treats imported from NY special for the 'Spa for the Soul'. The women were divided into two groups for the morning spa sessions and while one learned about skin care and facials, the second learned about the color palette and dressing accordingly. After the interesting classes we were invited to watch a fascinating slide show about the Chinese culture compared to the American culture in regard to pregnancy and childbirth. Did you know in China, the law allows only one child per family? There are 1.4 billion Chinese and I suppose there has to be some restrictions or the they will eventually take over the world!!!! The class was interesting but by 12pm we were all smelling the yummy luncheon that was being prepared in the adjoining room. After the last slide flickered across the wall, the lights were turned on and we were cordially invited to a scrumptious brunch consisting of mini vegetable quishes, onion soup, salmon and cream sauce, and vodka penne followed by hot chocolate cake and ice cream. I ate quickly and when the lights dimmed after dessert I headed on stage for the concert. I sang 'Crown of Creation', 'Perfect by Design', 'Vatispalel Chana','Sister, Sister' and 'It's all my mother' before the intermission and speaker. After Mrs. Lipsker (who came in all the way from South Africa!) spoke about the importance and beauty of the Mitzvah of Mikvah and marriage, I sang a few more fun songs and thanked everyone for being my audiance in Beijing. The women sang with me and really seemed to enjoy the songs. Although I've sung in Anchorange, Baranquilla, South Africa, and Israel. the excitement of perfoming in China and sharing my music with women who lived so many thousands of miles away from me, is and will probably always be, unparalleled. Thank you Rabbi and Mrs. Freundlach for inviting us to share in your event and for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime. It was so wonderful!!..."

35: Beijing, China

36: "...First there was the Shulamis High School concert on the 21st. They have the most amazing auditoriom that besides for seating 750! girls, is fully equipped with a top notch sound and lighting system. Once the house lights went out and the powerful spotlight was on me, I couldn't see a thing. I could however hear the girls loud and clear throughout the concert and I kid you not, there wasn't a minute of silence from beginning to end. A real leibedike group to say the least!! After the show, the girls came on stage and asked me to sign autographs, which to me is always so funny...." | Shulamis Hight School

37: Beis Rivkah, HighSchool

39: Kinus HaShluchos/Chof Beis Shvat

40: "And there I was in good ol' Emory Georgia for a Kumzitz with the college students of Emory. We sat on blankets in a cozy tent, on munched on chocolate covered marshmellows and strawberries while singing together. Throw in a chocolate fountain and well, that's my kind a sing-a-long!..." | Emory, Georgia

41: "...Shabbos was beautiful with the Allouche family and their 4 little boys. My friend Esther and her husband Pinchas are the Rabbi and Rabbanit of the Sefardic Shul in Scottsdale and they prepared a lovely Shabbaton in honor of Tu B’Shvat. Motzei Shabbos there was a concert by yours truly and I was entertained (for a change!) by Israeili dancers in the style of Miriam Hanaviya, in correlation to the Parsha of the week Bishalach...." | Pheonix, Arizona

42: Atara Concert 2008

43: Fayga Mangel's Bas Mitzvah, Cincinannati Ohio

44: Anchorage, Alaska | Esty Greenberg;'s Bas Mitzvah

45: Connecticut, Gateways Pesach

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