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Chantals Pandora Book

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FC: With Love, From all those that love you....

2: Chantal, It seems like yesterday we were at our old home on Robinson Gardens, sharing a room together, playing 'dream phone', jumping on our trampoline, or riding our bikes to Russell Street Variety. How quickly our lives have changed! Through the ups and downs of our 24 years together I've always looked up to you for your guidance and direction. I couldn't have been more blessed to have grown up with such an amazing sister. I'm so proud of all you've accomplished throughout your life. My pandora charm symbolizes the 'star' you've always been and continue to be, the guidance you've bestowed on me, and the light that resonates whenever you're around. I love you sis! Lauren

4: Chantal, We may live far away from each other but we know how strong our friendship is. We have been there for each other in good times and bad. This charm is to symbolize the luck of a horseshoe because we are so lucky to have found each other. It also symbolizes Texas and what a wonderful vacation we all shared together. I love you and congrats! Kristen

6: Chantal, This charm reminds me of the clock we gave my Dad the last year we were together as the Hurricanes. You were such a huge, amazing part of my life at that time and our friendship has and always will mean so much to me. I hope the clock will remind you of all the wonderful times we spent together growing up, and that our friendship will most definitely remain strong as time goes by. You are an amazing person and friend and I am so happy for you and Kevin! Love you always! Sarah

8: "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." Author Unknown | Chantal, I think this quote says it all. Although parting was very difficult, if we had not parted “there’d be no butterflies”. Although 10 years is a long time, it never felt even close to that. I am so incredibly thankful for those 10 years and always will be; I think and lean on those times often. In those 10 years we went through so much together. Entering college, going through college, graduate school, moving in together to begin our first job, moving in on our own, moving in with our sisters. I originally was going to write out a list of memories, but I choose this charm not for the memories, but for what we have become and what we will become. When a caterpillar enters its cocoon, we don’t see the transformation process that takes place while it is in the cocoon; we only see the beautiful butterfly it becomes. However, when we see the butterfly we know that it went through a process of change, a process of patience, a process of waiting for time to elapse before it could become a butterfly. I feel our friendship is similar to this process.

9: I feel that there is so much that took place over these last 11 years that has shaped us into who we have become today. There are so many memories that we have together. To only list a few here would not do those years justice; how can I put all the years of our friendship into one paragraph, one page, one book, one charm? All the time we have spent as friends has shaped us into who we are now; the butterflies that you and I have become. You are now Kevin’s butterfly and the time we were able to spend together has shaped you into the butterfly you have become for him. I know it sounds corny, but I really feel it is so beautiful. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. He is so incredibly blessed to call you his wife. When you look at this charm I hope you think of our friendship. I hope that you will look at it at different moments in your life and think of a memory that you and me share. I hope that one day you may laugh and one day you may cry when you look at the charm; for this is the beauty of friendship and of life. I pray that this charm also be a symbol of us not dying in friendship because of the change, but us now flying together. I pray that we may continue to build memories together and one day you will look at the charm and not think of a memory of the past, but one we have had after you have received this charm. Chantal, you have been there with me through it all and have always been the true definition of a best friend. I love you so much and I know you are and will be the same for Kevin. I wish you nothing, but “butterflies” in this next step of your journey. Always remember that although, I am not flying right beside you, I am flying with you and I am always and will always be here! Congratulations! I love you! Love always, Jessica

10: Chantal - The charm I chose was the “Blue Gem Purse”. You have that rustic, Maine wilderness about you, with a flair for the grandiose. All through college you had visions of living the city life – and having “the best of the best”. You were always the first of our friends to present the idea of going into the city on one of our free it by train, bus, Jeep (pronounced Heep), Cougar, or Hyundai. Nothing got in the way of your destination, and the city was a natural fit for you. I will never forget our expeditions to Canal Street, in search of the perfect "Louis, Coach, Prada" bags. You were the veteran, and knew where to find the best purse out of all those hidden, rat infested, sex trafficking, and drug smuggling dealers. You always came away with the most posh bags and the best bang for your buck. | Louis...Coach...Prada | Louis...Coach...Prada | Louis...Coach...Prada

11: I remember one specific time when Josh went into the city with us (against his will of course) and we frequented Canal Street. Our mission was to get my mom a “Coach” purse, and we were destined to find the perfect bag. You took me in the deep dark sewers, in the little hidden back rooms, and even through a lifeless alley into a windowless, unmarked white van. Before Josh could even blink, the little oriental man ushered you and I into his van and slammed the door behind us. Josh about shit his pants while he stood outside the van, helpless and alone. Fortunately, about 10 minutes later, the door opened and we both came out unharmed, and in arm, with the most chic bags! My mother still uses that bag today. A complete success story! (With the exception of course, that I am never allowed near Canal Street again, according to Josh). JI love you Chantal, and wish you all the happiness in the world with Kevin. May he continue to provide you with “the best of the best” in your life, in your love, and in your happiness. I am so honored to share in this special day with you, and look forward to calling you Mrs. Chantal Angelis!!! Love, Mary | Louis...Coach...Prada

13: Dear Chantal, It seems like it was just yesterday that we were sophomores at Lehigh. How I miss the nights when we would sit on our couch in Brodhead and - over a tub of Ben & Jerry's - chat about love, life, and basketball (and whether it was Jessie or Mary who broke our toilet). There was always the latest boy drama to discuss, and I vividly remember listening to you talk about the man of your dreams, and question whether he was at Lehigh or whether he even existed at all. Even though I have yet to meet Kevin, I have no doubts that you have found the man you once wished for over a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. And I am so happy that such a deserving man will have the immense honor of calling you his wife. And thus, the Pandora charm I chose for your bracelet is called "Everlasting Love", because that is my wish for you and Kevin – a lifetime full of everlasting love and happiness. Congratulations! Love, Kelly | Everlasting Love

14: Chantal - Carli and I combined the letters L and U to apply to your charm bracelet. The idea behind the selection was to choose a charm that reminded us of you, but since Pandora doesn't make a charm that says "Tenacious D" (rude, I know, I sent feedback), we went with a backup selection of L and U because that's where our friendship originated. | When I think of Lehigh, I think of my basketball girls, which will always entail memories of you in some way. Whether it's revolved around the thoughts of you as my running pal in pre-season workouts my freshman year, how you always can come up with a sarcastic remark on the spot, when you almost ran over me in the Cougar because you'd drive without your glasses and contacts, how competitive you were in a discrete way, how you can steal the ball from anyone at will, and most importantly, the sincerity you exert for those you care about. I am fortunate and blessed to be a person in your life, and truly honored to be a part of your marriage celebration.

15: Because the 'U'niversities you and Kevin attended are rivals, I'm sure the competitive nature of you will continue throughout your marriage, in a healthy way (since we know Lehigh is better than Lafayette in the sport that matters). Now, as you enter this marriage, the 'L' in your lives will not be Lehigh or Lafayette, but Love. And the 'U' can symbolize the word United. So, when you wear your bracelet and look at the charms, you can remember your times at Lehigh University, and how in some way, God led your path from the small town life of Maine, to the beautiful hills of Lehigh, to the big city life of New York, and now, to Kevin. May your memories of LU trigger those who will be your fans in seeing this marriage a success and know we'll always be rooting for you! Love, Sara

16: At times it seems: what else do we have but our memories? And each other. The holder of our memories. I think maybe within the moments themselves – small worlds that fold into years – it becomes difficult to disentangle the happening from the larger lake of time and it is only later when that lens, tight and contained, is widened (pushed open because we no longer have what we once did, so that now, we have that too) | we see not simply what happened but who was there with us all the while. Is this not the bigger picture of which Coach spoke, from her other, secure side of the desk, with the bright window at her back? Looking out onto an ordered tree lined lot of cars; a typical, predictable scene and yet across this desk she tried to hand us the enduring, ephemeral, flailing picture of four years and beyond that would hold us because it was already ours. I think we struggled to bridge this strange paradox that life could be so vast and yet so present. And perhaps we were simply unable to see how one puts two hands around this thing that is continuously lost – we had not yet leaned into enough hours and years to let that knowing settle into our bones. It begins at Lehigh for you and I, because, this is where it in fact begins! And so it is very appropriate that I would share the L and the U with you. | But as I thought of what to write to you Chantal, the particular memories that immediately and persistently floated to the top, are actually not from our time at Lehigh but from some of the moments we spent together at Mary’s wedding. A weekend when we were all reunited after quite a short bit of time (but time nonetheless) was drawn out between our lockstep specific days in Bethlehem and our days as Real Women, out in the Very Real World. I remember us laying in Henry’s huge bed, exhausted, and strangely excited for the day to come; staring at nothing but the dark of that room,

17: s | piecing together the sentences that would surround our lives in that very moment. Trying to convince each other of the boat we had built with our words that would determinedly carry us through to the bright unknown, waiting to swallow us whole. And I remember when the next day came, after the solemn ceremonial morning, the wild enclosed ride to the reception, sitting up at the table with the rest of the bridal party, next to you, picking at our dinner (I have no idea what we ate that day) and looking down on two men (and forgive me Chanti for bringing them up) who would not be a part of our future. And we watched Mary dance with her father. And we cried. And we were, for a very brief time removed from our lives (and yes, alcohol helped) having slipped into a distended place hovering over a lovely navy blue table clothed table, sitting on some other side of a desk and seeing with wiser eyes the bigger picture of life even as we sat in its midst. Even though we would soon descend and dance and drink and be embraced by these men of the moment – | what I remember about that space of a half hour was that we had each other, we had our past and we had the unknown of the future. What a beautiful thing. I take for granted much but there are moments when I am thankful that no matter how our lives turn or drift or contract we still have each other – that perhaps we have become (or are becoming) the wise woman sitting on that side of the desk-the one who holds our memory of and for one another – to gently pass across the endurance of loss, of change, of love and at very rare times, the pieces of one another. We are quite obviously more than Lehigh but I feel as though Lehigh was a place where we learned big lessons in life, in love. And Kevin will be touched by the depth of those unattached moments, now that he is a part of the story of your life, just as I am. I wish you the very best and trust that the best is always yet to be. LOVE, Carli

18: Smiling Sun....

19: Dear Chantal, I chose the smiling sun to represent your positive and shining personality. You are always the friend who is picking everyone up and revealing the good in every situation. You have been such a wonderful friend to me and have helped me through so much when we were living together. Whether it is about life problems, to boys, to deciding what the best tanning lotion gives you the most natural glow; you have always been there to give great advice and a caring ear to listen. Thank you for keeping me positive and smiling! You’re an amazing person and I hope nothing but the Best for you in the future because you deserve nothing less. Love you, Bethany

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