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Chap Book

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S: Kaycee VanSwol

BC: Created by Kaycee VanSwol

1: Table of Contents | 1.Table of Contents 2.Family 3.Mom 4.Dad 5.Austin 6.Grandma VanSwol 7.Grandpa VanSwol 8.Grandma Lehman 9.Riley 10.Lexie 11.Macy 12.Madison 13.Laura 14.Wheelhouse 15.Grandpa Mack 16.Favorite Quotes 17.Favorite Books 18.Friends’ Picture Page 19.Wisconsin Lions Camp 20.Linda 21.The Kirby’s 22.English Page 23.Way Back When | 24.Family Picture Page 25.Random Favorites 26.The VanSwols 27.Favorite Holiday: Christmas 28.Florida Trip 29.Kelly 30.Lizzie 31.The Lehmans 32.High School 33.The Macks 34.Sam & Rosie 35.Diabetes 36.Music 37.Jim & Julie 38.Prom 39.Haley 40.Jen 41.Megan 42.Picture Page 43.Things to do before I die 44.Senior Year 45.My Future

2: Family holds a different meaning to each and every one of us. Family could mean a traditional family with a mom, a dad, and children. Family could be used to describe a close knit group of friends. To me family describes a group of people who love each other unconditionally and will have each other’s back no matter how far south the circumstances go. A family member doesn’t have to be blood related to be considered family, genes do not matter. When I am much older and have kids of my own, they too will know the importance of family. Some of the greatest people I have been lucky enough to know in my life time are my family. | Family

3: Mom | In the past few years my mom and I have gotten pretty close. During this time I have taken notice to a lot of her characteristics that I was too ignorant to see before. My mom is extremely generous, for example we have had bags and bags of clothes that don’t fit anymore, instead of just shipping them off to goodwill, she thinks of those who need them. My mom is the legs of our family, holding us up and making sure we don’t fall off the table. She takes care of my brother and me not because she feels obligated but because she loves us. My mom is compassionate towards all people and will help anyone. My mom and my dad have built a life for our family that has given us security and a fantastic childhood. I hope to be a mother like her when I have children.

4: My dad is probably one of those one of kind people that you’d have a hard time forgetting. He has a way of twisting what you say into something kind of stupid but still tends to make you laugh. My dad is a talented mechanic and my go-to guy when I have trouble with my car; I like to call him my personal mechanic. My dad is a pretty smart guy when it comes to outdoorsy hunting activities. When I was eleven he enrolled me into a hunter’s safety class, I wasn’t sure if I’d like it but my dad wanted me to try out a hobby that he loved. The instructor’s were so impressed with all the tips and information he knew that they offered him a job as class instructor. He turned them down but he would have done a great job. My dad sometimes tries to play to tough guy, like when I wanted my puppy. After I brought her home he called her a rat and didn’t really play with her, but now he plays with her every night and she loves to sit on his lap. Deep down my dad is really as softy even if he doesn’t realize it.

5: Austin and I are almost four years apart and like most siblings we don’t always see eye to eye or get along for that matter. We are opposites. He is more organized and short tempered, and me, well I can be sort of a messy person and pretty laid back. He is the typical teenage boy; he loves to hunt and atv. Austin is also very active; he’s played football ever since he was a little guy in Pop warner when he played for Manawa. Even though he and I fight A LOT, we still have our times that we get along. Austin has about a six inches on me and is stronger than me now but I will still protect him because no matter what he will always be my little bro. I remember a little punk was trying to choke him on the bus when he was younger and i chewed the kid out, nobody touches my family, ever. Haha I guess that’s the mother bear trait in me that I inherited from my mom. | AUSTIN

6: Grandma VanSwol | My Grandma VanSwol is famous, not world famous, but famous in my family for her amazing cooking. She lives in Sturtevant so we don't see her as often as we'd like but whenever we do she has either made some type of dessert or picked up kringle from O & H Bakery. My favorite cookie that she only makes at Christmas time is a Norwegian cookie called Krumkake. She knows a lot of Norwegian recipes because her mother was 100 percent Norwegian. Besides baking my grandma likes to knit and crochet, she has donated hundreds of baby hats to the hospital. Going to my grandma's to visit it always exciting because we don't see her all that often. She is one of the sweetest people I have ever met.

7: Grandpa VanSwol | My Grandpa VanSwol died on January 7, 1997 before I was even five years old. If he were still alive today my grandparents would have been married for over fifty years. He wasn’t in my life for very long but I do know quite a bit about him. He was sometimes an easy going person; he had to be after raising four kids. My Grandpa VanSwol was a butcher, a trade he became involved in when he and a buddy used to travel to a slaughter house in Chicago. He served in the army and I can tell you where the American Flag that was presented to my grandma when he died is. I will always remember the bubble gum cigars he used to buy me and the time I became frustrated with him over the meaning of a ‘pair.’ He tried to tell me that a pair was two of the same thing, and then I would argue, “No Grandpa, a pair is a fruit!” That’s one of my favorite memories of him. | Gerald VanSwol

8: Grandma Lehman | Terry Lehman isn’t afraid to tell it how it is, a trait that usually makes a person intimidating but not with my grandma, it just adds a little humor to her personality. She is a hard worker and will do anything to help out someone in need. My grandma encourages me to do my best and make sure I know that she’s proud of me. She’s a Chicago Bears fan at heart even though she lives in the beautiful state of Wisconsin. Half of her office is dedicated to the Chicago Bears and the other is a shrine of Tweety Bird stuffed animals, posters, figures, and anything she can find with the cartoon character plastered on it. My grandma is married to Eli Lehman, who I know as Grandpa. | Grandma & Grandpa Lehman

9: Riley | When I was in 8th grade, my cat, which I had had as since she was a kitten, had to be put down on my birthday. Losing a pet was one of the hardest things I went through. Two days later, we had a little get together with my whole family and the strangest thing happened. A little ball of black fur comes sprinting out of the ditch and right up to our yard, it was a kitten. With much protest, my dad let me keep her and I named her Riley. She had extra toes and couldn’t have weighed more than a pound. She had a personality of her own and we called her our ‘miracle cat’ because she was just what I needed after losing my previous pet. This past summer Riley passes away and it was difficult to deal with. We miss her and still think of her now and again.When I was in 8th grade, my cat, which I had had as since she was a kitten, had to be put down on my birthday. Losing a pet was one of the hardest things I went through. Two days later, we had a little get together with my whole family and the strangest thing happened. A little ball of black fur comes sprinting out of the ditch and right up to our yard, it was a kitten. With much protest, my dad let me keep her and I named her Riley. She had extra toes and couldn’t have weighed more than a pound. She had a personality of her own and we called her our ‘miracle cat’ because she was just what I needed after losing my previous pet. This past summer Riley passes away and it was difficult to deal with. We miss her and still think of her now and again.

10: LEXIE | We walked into the house after greeting the breeder, around the corner there was a cage with newspaper strewn across the bottom. I didn’t notice what else was inside the cage because I was too distracted by the yappy dog in the back room who continued to bark even after the breeder tried to quiet him or her down. Then I heard a whimper and looked back to the little cage. There she was, a skinny little caramel colored puppy with pointy ears. My mom was the first to hold her and from that moment she was hooked. We each took turns holding her and we knew she was ours. We decided on the name Lexie, my mom’s idea of course, but it suits her. | About a year after my family moved into our new house we finally picked out a puppy. We had to give up our other dog, Sam, when we moved because dogs were allowed in the apartment we would be staying in while our house was being built. My mom saw an ad in the paper for papillon-yorkie mix puppies and she didn’t think it was too far of a drive away. So we printed off directions from MapQuest and were on our way. As it turns out, the breeder was a long way from our house. My mom thought it was maybe thirty or thirty-five minutes away. Well much to our surprise, the breeder’s home was actually on the other side of Green Bay. My brother and I could hardly contain our excitement as we pulled into an unfamiliar driveway and my dad said, “I think we’re here.”

11: In May of 2010 I received my 18th birthday present four months early. My mom, great aunt and I were at an Amish bakery in Amherst where I saw a sign that said YORKI-POO PUPPIES FOR SALE. I immediately asked if I could see one, the lady behind the counter said that they had one left. When the Amish woman pulled a little puff ball out of the cage and placed it in my hands I knew that she was mine. She had little brown eyes and couldn’t have weighed more than a pound. The puppy cuddled right under my chin and I didn’t want to put her down. I begged my mom to get her; I knew she wanted her too. Unfortunately we left without my puppy and I was upset. After we arrived back at home I went into my room and tried to convince myself that I didn’t need her but about ten minutes later my parents come into my room with amazing news. They told me they would buy her for me. My brother and I jumped in the car and booked it to Amherst. The entire way there all I could think about was the possibility that someone else had gotten there before me, but thankfully she was still there. My dad had told me to try to talk them down on the price so I gave to girl an offer. The man that was actually selling the puppies would be back in an hour so we had to wait. Not fifteen minutes later an older couple comes up and asks if they can hold the puppy, my heart dropped. I ran up to the counter and told her I would pay full price right now if I could take her. The couple laughed and said they just wanted to see her and had no interest in buying her, what a relief! So I eventually talked the man down to a price and my brother and I were headed home with my new puppy, Macy. | Macy

12: Kelly Mays and I had been talking about going to stay in Madison with her sister and seeing a Badger Game for a while when she told me that Michelle, her sister, could get us cheap tickets. I of course was going to go and what made it even better was the tickets were for seats in the student section! For two weeks I counted down the days until the weekend of the Badger Game. In second hour the day we were supposed to leave for Madison after school, my stomach started to feel weird. I thought it was nothing until the weird feeling started to turn into nausea. After lunch I ended up going home after throwing up in the nurse’s office. I was so upset because I didn’t think I’d be ok to go. But with much disapproval from my mom I went anyways. The entire way to Madison my stomach was fine and Kelly and I were having a great time jamming to music. | That night I crashed around 10:30 in Michelle’s dorm and the next morning I was up and ready to experience my first Badger game. We were able to walk to the stadium from the dorms so there was no worrying about parking or hectic travel. The energy in the stadium was unbelievable; I was one in thousands in a sea of red and white. We all cheered when the Wisconsin Team ran out on the field. And being in the student section I chanted ‘@$#! You! Eat $%&#!’ with the rest of the crowd. It was a blast!! | Wisconsin Badgers

13: Laura | My cousin Laura and I well we’re two of a kind to put it simply. Neither of us have sisters, but that’s what she is to me, a sister. I can talk to her about anything without fear of judgment or of her running off and telling another person something I have said. When we get hyper and are hanging out together, there’s no telling what we will do, within good reason of course. Over the summer we drove around Steven’s Point singing to the radio at the top of our lungs when suddenly we realize that we just turned down a one way street! We scream as Laura puts the car in reverse and I look over to see a man on his cell phone laughing at us! We speed away laughing too of embarrassment! | Laura & Zach

14: The Wheelhouse is a well-known restaurant in Waupace. Here I had my first job as a bus kid, eventually I worked my way to cashier, hostess and waitress. I have had a great time working here, the people are friendly and we have become sort of one big happy family. We have a book in a drawer filled with funny occurances that have taken place at the Wheelhouse, like stupid questions that customers have asked or things the employees have done. On the cieling of the restaurant are hundreds of dollars, we always have atleast on customers that looks up and is amazed by this. | Wheelhouse Restaurant: | E1209 Cty Rd Q - King Best known its pizza Est. in 1979 Scoopers is right next door

15: Grandpa Mack | Ralph Glen Mack is my mom’s dad, my grandpa. He’s the type of guy that can get a little goofy sometimes and he's a very sociable person. He likes to be around people and we always have a good time when we have him over at our house. One of my favorite parts of Christmastime is Christmas Eve, the day we have a little Christmas with just him. We play all kinds of card games and make a nice dinner. We never fail to burst out into gut busting laughter over something my grandpa has said or done. My Grandpa Mack is certainly a one of a kind guy.

16: Favorite Quotes | Smile. People will wonder what you've been up to. | Simple be, rather than do for a moment. | Test your own limits and keep going. | Years can teach us more than books. | A wise man learns by the mistakes of others, a fool by his own. | You must be the change you wish to see in the world. | Character lives in a man, reputation outside of him. | Anyone who has never made a mistake had never tried anything new. | Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver. | Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. | A true friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. | If you are lucky enough to be different from everyone else, don't change. | You laugh at us because we are different, we laugh at you because you are all the same. | Learn something from everyone you meet. | The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances. | Live in the present, forgive your past. | It's not the load that breaks you down, its the way you carry it. | Go against the grain. | Our dreams come true, if we have the courage to pursue them | There are those who look at things the way they are and ask why? I dream of things that never were and ask why not? | Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be the option. | You grow up the day you have your first real yourself. | One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure its worth watching. | It's better to be an authentic loser than a false success & to die alive than to live dead. | Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

17: My Favorite Books | Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult Impossible by Nancy Werlin Scribbler of Dreams by Mary E. Pearson Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbit At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks True Believer by Nicholas Sparks Dear John by Nicholas Sparks The Choice by Nicholas Sparks Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen Amazing Grace by Megan Shull Dairy Queen by Catherine Murdock Tell No One by Harlan Coben Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich

19: Located in Rosholt, WI is a place I spent a week each summer since I was ten years old. The Wisconsin Lions camp holds two weeks each summer for kids with diabetes; I am one of those kids. I was able to spend a week away from home at camp like a normal kid without wondering how I was going to remember to check my blood sugar or estimate the number of carbs in my meals. This camp was special and gave kids like me one thing we haven’t had much of, freedom. For that one week I forgot I gad diabetes. I always had a great time at camp because there was an abundance of fun activities. Rock Wall. Mud Pit. Rope Swing. Swimming. Sailing. Zip Line. Camp Fires. Boating. The list is endless but I have to say the best part is the friends I’ve made over the years and still continue to keep in touch with. | Our Nurses | Me and Tracy (counselor) | Wisconsin Lions Camp 2009

20: Linda | My god mother, Linda, is crazy!! The super fun, pee your pants laughing, waking you up at six in the morning by jumping on your bed crazy and I absolutely love it! She is one of my favorite people on this earth. She has a huge heart and never fails to make me laugh with her cocky remarks or silly comments. I will never forget the time she came with me and my mom to the Mall of America. She wakes us up at six in the morning by jumping on our bed screaming, “Wake up! We’ve got things to do, people to see and stuff to buy!!” Talk about a wakeup call. We had a blast that weekend. Since I was little, each year we have always had some sort of shopping trip with Linda, whether it be a weekend long trip like the Mall of America weekend or just an afternoon in Appleton, it’s always a good time. Every couple of months or so my mom and I meet up with Linda for breakfast, usually at the Woods, to catch up and have a good laugh.

21: Patty Kirby is my dad’s little sister. She, my uncle Brian and Cousins Sean and Kyle live in McHenry IL. Even though they live kind of faraway we still do a lot with them. We usually spend the fourth of July at their house where we have a cook out, swim in their pool, play yard games and shoot off fireworks. When I was in 6th grade both my family and the Kirby’s went to Florida for a week. Sean and Kyle are very athletic like my brother. Kyle and my brother could be fraternal twins because they have identical personalities. My uncle Brian can be sort of a goof ball sometimes but has a lot of great stories. My Aunt Patty shares my love of shopping, something we usually do when we get together. | The Kirby's | Sean | Kyle | Aunt Patty | Uncle Brian

22: Two months ago I woke in a different time and a different place. The year is 1867, about one hundred and twenty five years before I was born. Wisconsin looks strange and unusual to me; there are no power lines or shiny automobiles to be seen. The land is infantile without concrete sidewalks or paved roads, nothing but a dirt path cutting through the abundance of trees. The closest residence is four miles from my little makeshift hut, there lives a retired farmer who spends his days whittling pine blocks and tanning dear hides. Warm sunshine glitters through the tree branches, reaching the little window next to my cot. I pull on my cotton dress, coat and wool stockings but the bitter November chill still lingers in my limbs. I open the door to let Jeb outside and he makes a mad dash towards the edge of the woods. Christopher steps out behind the giant spruce and pats Jeb on the head. The golden and crimson leaves crunched beneath his boots as he made his way toward the walk. I met Christopher my first day here when I stumbled into town with twigs and leaves intertwined in my hair and a scraped knee after a long night attempting to find a way out of the wood. He took one look at my pitiful sight and laughed. Christopher’s family, the Reynolds, took me in, they thought I must have been taken from my family by the Chippewa tribe and in my struggle to escape hit my head. Of course that’s not what really happened but the Reynolds would think I was really crazy if I had told them I had traveled through time. Christopher and his family helped me build my little hut not too far from their home when staying with his four sisters began to feel a little crowded. Everyday Chris comes over in the morning to teach me the trades he learned as a boy. He thinks young women are incapable of surviving on their own in the wilderness; I plan to prove him wrong. Today he wants to take me fishing, Chris says, “When in doubt, look for trout.” “Hey stranger, I think your missing something,” I notice he doesn’t have any fishing poles. “What? I told you we were going fishing today, didn’t I?” He replied with a sly smirk planted on his boyish face. “Yes, you did say that, but where are the fishing poles and bait?” I didn’t like the sound of this. “Fishing poles are for babies, I am going to teach you how real fishermen catch trout! Come on, we better get a move on if we’re going to make it to the pond before lunch time.” “Alright, lead the way Mr. Outdoorsman!” I replied seemingly enthused. However I was really worried about what he had planned. Who catches fish without a pole? Chris was over six feet tall and walked at a fast pace. In the first few days of our adventures I had to nearly run to keep up but today I am comfortably marching next to him. He knew a great deal about hunting, fishing, cooking, and bartering and had taken it upon himself to teach me everything he knows. I am proud to say I have mastered hunting and shot my first dear last Sunday. I was so ecstatic that I screamed and jumped up and down in our stand; Chris had to remind me to be quiet because there were other hunters still waiting for their kill. It is much different here with Christopher, everyday life is much more difficult in 1867 than it is in 2010. Hard work isn’t an options, it’s a necessity. It’s done to ensure survival. | A Different Time...

23: Way back when...

25: My Random Favorites | Black Jelly Beans | Black & White Pictures | Pink | Silver Jewelry | Ruby Red Nail Polish | Flip Flops | Tire Swings | Butterscotch | Books | Sunsets | COFFEE | Dogs | Funky Tanlines | HomeAlone Movies | Witty Quotes | Christmas Lights | Birthday Cake Icecream | Shopping | Good & Plenty Candy | Lazy Sunday Mornings | Motorcycle Rides | Orange Soda | Europe | Fancy Restaurants | Disney Movies | Writing

26: Each year for Christmas the VanSwols never fail to give us the most unique gifts. We never know where they bought them because we have never seen them before, but that’s the great thing about their gifts. They aren’t predictable. This year I received a scarf, lantern and a beautiful Indian bracelet. I’m going to have to hide my bracelet because my mom had her eye on it. The VanSwols have their own style that makes them an interesting and fun family to be around. My Aunt Wendy is into antiques and artistic things; she has loads of cool objects. My Uncle Rod is a lot like my dad, which is typical because they are after all brothers. He is into cars, motorcycles, atv’s, and hunting and plays the electric guitar. Amanda reminds me of my Grandma VanSwol in some ways; she loves to cook and knits super-fast! Natasha likes to play video games and is an outstanding artist, her drawings are pretty much amazing. The VanSwols are a family full of creativity. | The VanSwol's

27: My Favorite Holiday: Christmas | Frosty the Snowman | Jingle Bells | Christmas Trees | Ornaments | Candy Canes | Snow Flakes | Christmastime is the time of year I have the opportunity to see all of the family members I don’t usually visit on a weekly or even sometimes a monthly basis. Christmas is also a time when we put aside all tension and arguments to enjoy this one day of the year in each other’s company. On Christmas Eve, my grandpa Mack comes over and we play cards and have a good laugh at some of the things he says or does; he’s a pretty funny guy. My favorite part of Christmas morning isn’t the presents, the food or even having the day off, my favorite part is the anticipation. Even though I am 18 years old, I still look forward to Christmas like I am seven years old all over again. I have the hardest time falling asleep because the exhilaration is too much. When morning comes my family gathers in the living room to exchange gifts and around 10 am we are off to my grandma’s house for another round of gift exchange. By the time Christmas day comes to a close, we are all tuckered out, but are all a little disappointed that the day we’ve anticipated all year, has already ended.

28: Florida | Up until 6th grade I had never been on an airplane, never been outside the Midwest, never been to Disney World or had seen a palm tree up close. In May of 2006 my family and the Kirby’s set out for Florida for a week of amusement parks, humidity and relaxation. Each day we visited an amusement park, Universal Studios, Disney World, The Animal Kingdom, MGM Theaters, and Sea World. We also spent an afternoon on Cocoa Beach soaking up the sun and accidently swallowing salt water. Later that night we ate dinner at Joe’s Crab shack where the waiter insisted on putting a bib on me, which was very embarrassing for me. At the condo we stayed at there was this huge pool with a water fall and after spending a whole day walking around under the sun in the Florida heat it felt absolutely amazing! While I was at the animal kingdom I had my hair braided, it sounded like a good idea until my scalp was sun burned and peeling a day later.

29: I first met Kelly in 8th hour Pre Calc, we both needed someone to sit by so we shared a table. Throughout junior year Kelly and I became good friends both sharing the angst of pre calc homework and school in general. We’d have lots of laughs with Kolby and Nora. I feel like I can tell Kelly anything, she’s one of those people that’s easy to open up to and has become a close friend of mine. She’s a great person who is always thinking about everyone else but herself and I hope we stay friends after we all leave for college. | Kelly

30: Lizzie has been a great friend to me since the awkward years of middle school, when we were both boy crazy and in love with clothes. We’re still in love with shopping and clothes and sometimes boys but we are also still great friends. She was there for me when I was having a hard time with an ex-boyfriend and would listen to me vent for hours. Lizzie and I have accumulated so many funny stories over the years, a novel could be written about our tales. From hyper moments after we’d had too much sugar to angry fights with other friends, the list is endless. Lizzie is an awesome person and she will go on to do great things in life, I am thankful to have such an amazing person as a friend. | Lizzie

31: My Uncle Leroy and Cousins Cael and Ashton live in Waupaca WI. When I was a baby my uncle had his mother make me a beautiful baby blanket that I have kept to this day. Cael and I share the same birthday, he was born on my birthday when I was in 3rd grade. I still remember my mom waking me up and saying, “Happy Birthday Kaycee, your cousin was born this morning.” I was so excited to have a new cousin on my birthday. Ashton is just a little cutie pie, which pretty much sums him up. Both boys love my brother and look up to him. They are always wrestling with him at family get togethers. | The Lehman's

32: High School | Throughout high school all I’ve ever wanted was to get out as fast as I could. I couldn’t wait to graduate. But as graduation grew nearer I wish I could put on the brakes and look back to see where my time at Waupaca High went? What happened to all the pep rallies, tests, homework assignments? What happened to hanging out with friends after school and counting down the days until I went for my driver’s test? What happened to being the timid little freshmen walking amongst upper classmen and wondering if I’d ever be as intimidating as them? Life passes us by so quickly that by the time we’re finished wishing it’d hurry up already; we’d rather go back and slow down. High school is a learning lesson itself, a necessary step towards maturity and readiness for the next step in life. Going off to college is scary; I’ll be doing that next fall. I will be starting a new chapter in the fall of 2011 and leaving high school behind.

33: The Macks | The Macks are a family of five who love the outdoors. They known for going camping and hunting, they are also my relatives. Ralph and Kari Mack are my aunt and uncle, they have been married for___years and have three children. Nick, Kevin and Laura are my cousins. Nick graduated from the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a major in Art Education this month (December 2010) and is engaged. Kevin is a junior at the University of Minnesota. My cousin Laura is a freshman and University of Wisconsin Green Bay this year and she’s more like a sister to me. Laura is also engaged to be married to Zach Schaeffer. During our younger years, we went on a camping trip with the Macks in the Wisconsin Dells. I don’t remember this trip but apparently I had been bitten by misquitoes so many times I became ill. What a great way to spend a camping trip. My cousin Laura and me are like two peas in a pod, we even had chicken pox at the same time.

34: Sam | Rosy | Rosy Lehman is my mom’s step sister and she is extremely talented. Rosy loves to play the harmonicas and the piano but there’s something about Rosy that makes her gift for playing these instruments amazing. Rosy is blind and has autism. She cannot see the piano keys or know which harmonica she is playing but she can play them as if she could. Last Christmas a song came on during a TV commercial and rosy started dancing to, the girl loves music. I don’t know Rosy very well but she amazes me. | My Uncle Sam has always had his way of doing things. I remember one year at Christmas, he wrapped out gifts in brown paper bags instead of traditional wrapping paper. He is big in to fishing no matter the weather or what time it is. My Uncle Sam is the youngest of the three of my mom’s step siblings.

35: How my life changed forever... | I was drinking glass after glass of water and running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. My face had become hallow and I had lost a lot of weight. I became tired and fatigued. This was my life before I was diagnosed with type one diabetes. My life changed that day in the doctor’s office when Dr. Anderson turned to my mom and said, “you may want to sit down for this, your daughter has juvenile diabetes.” Suddenly I had to be careful of what I ate, poke my finger multiple times a day and take shots. At the age of seven I was not too keen on the thought of sticking a needle in my stomach every time I ate. Soon these new changes became habit and I didn’t feel any different than any of my class mates. For a while I’d become embarrassed when someone asked me a question about my diabetes, but those days are far behind me. I will answer any question anyone has about diabetes, I know a lot a great deal about the disease and all that it entails. Embracing diabetes as a part of me was not an easy task but, it is a piece of me. There are blonds and brunettes just like there are people with diabetes and people without. Diabetes changed my life but not in necessarily a bad way, it has taught me healthier habits and forced me to grow up a little bit faster. I see it as a blessing, not a burden. It’s just another one of my traits like my eye color or height.

36: Music | Everything by Michael Buble | Sway by Michael Buble | Let It Go by Cavo | Ghost by Cavo | I'll Be by Edwin McCain | You & Me by Lifehouse | She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 | Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts | Lover, Lover by Jerrod Niemann | King of Anything by Sara Bareilles

37: Uncle Jim & Aunt Julie | My Uncle Jim is my dad’s oldest brother. He and my Aunt Julie live in Black River Falls. One year my uncle dressed up as Santa Clause for me and my cousins and handed out the presents at Christmas.

38: Prom 2010 | Prom is a time we look forward to throughout our lives in high school. It wasn't as great as i hoped it would be but i had a good time with my friends. I was kind of uncomfortable in a dress so big and formal, i was actually counting down the hours until i could change out of it! I'd have to say post prom was the best part of the entire event.

39: Haley | Me and Haley Willarson have been getting into trouble together since freshmen year when we left the gym early on a fitness day and got busted by Mrs.Olson. From that point on we were on her special “watch list” and the substitute teachers were always keeping an eye on us once they matched a name with our faces. We were tempted to skip gym class all together on multiple occasions but naturally chickened out being the good two shoes we were. Haley and I have so many inside jokes it’s crazy. For example ‘aardvark’ or the French laugh. Yes many gut busting laughs came from these jokes. Haley has always been a fun person to talk to because she can turn a plain statement into a funny remark. She is also pretty much a genius! No wonder she received a full ride to Madison.

40: Jen | Jen Baker is one of the sweetest people I know and my freakin awesome buddy in art fundamentals. She saved me from insanity and listened to me vent about the freshmen in our class who hadn’t grown up yet. One of them, who we dubbed with the nick name ‘cool friend,’ really makes me want to pull my hair out some days but thankfully Jen is there to help me laugh off the frustration. Jen and me are partners in crime, we snicker at the weird girl who likes to stair and mock people, we leave class early, and love to talk about our ‘cool friend.’ She is a great friend and someone I can confide in.

41: Megan | Megan and I became friends in sixth grade when we had the same Advisor-Advisee teacher. She has always been a good person to talk to when something is bothering me, especially my sophomore year when my boyfriend would make me angry. Megan was also my Twilight buddy when the movie came out, we both loved those books. We almost ended up getting lost on the way to what we thought was Oshkosh while looking for a place to try on prom dresses, but eventually found our way. I have had a lot of great times with Megan!

43: things i want to do before i die... | 1. See 'Wicked' 2. Visit the Eiffel Tower 3. Eat pasta in Italy 4. Meet Royalty 5. Go sailing 6. FLy First Class 7. Go to a Rascal Flatts Concert 8. NYC with Lizzie Billington 9. Visit all 50 states. 10. Stay a night inside a castle. 11. Go on a sleigh ride. 12. Go on a cruise.

44: Out of all four years of high school it’s easy to say that my senior year is the most challenging by far. With CAPP and AP classes I didn’t any problems keeping busy but I’d rather be busy than a lazy, that way it’s won’t be such a shock when I take on the college work load. It’s strange to think that I am going to be graduating at the end of this year, it feels like just yesterday I was graduating from middle school. Where did the past four years go? Next fall I’ll be in a dorm, no depending on Mom and Dad for everything anymore, I will be on my own. This year has been a tough one so far but it has also been the most fun. Being a senior definitely has its perks. | Senior Year | 2010-2011

45: My Future | At this point in time my future is like a TV when the screen goes blurry. I don’t know exactly where I’m headed and it’s scary, really scary. I don’t have a clue what lies ahead of me but the beauty of it is I can sculpt my future. I could be a nurse, a veterinarian, may be even a radiologist. Next year this time I’ll be living in a dorm, all on my own and taking on new responsibilities. I will also be discovering new interests or pursuing preexisting ones. After college I will begin a career that I will hopefully love, I’ll be living an adult life I was so eager to get to. Along the way I may meet someone, get married and maybe have kids. On Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving my family and I will travel to my and my husband’s parents’ homes. The rest of my life I will spend taking care of my family and spending time with them. This is just a hopeful projection of my life to come, anything can happen and no one can know the future for sure. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

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