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Chap Book

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BC: 2011 | Made with lots of love by Haley

FC: Haley Madeline Guyer

1: I dedicate my chap book to the family and friends who have helped me complete this chapter of my life.

2: I was given the name | on January 17, 1993 | in St. Paul, MN | by Heidy and Timothy. | Haley Madeline | My family means the world to me. | I have the best friends in the whole wide world. | God is whom I live my life for. | I don't want to grow up. | My life is lived with no regrets. | The world is at my feet. | Smiling comes naturally. | Angle kisses cover my face. | Things happen for a reason.

3: I realize life is too short. | I have been told to remember who I am. | Chocolate is a girls best friend or at least mine. | Hockey is my sport and always will be. | Turquoise is my favorite color. | Summer is the best. | Making things happen is my specialty. | I am cold blooded. | Constantly wondering what comes next. | Fireworks and the middle of a lake are some favorites. | Shopping is a weakness of mine. | Funding the good in people is what I do. | Incredibly thankful for what I have.

4: Mother | Heidy Jo, The Man, my go to person, better half, hero, inspiration, Dove chocolate wrapper, best friend, mommy dear, mother, mom. I am the proud, second born daughter to Heidy Jo Jenson. My mother is one those people you just can not help but like. From what I have heard, my mom got along with most everyone growing up and knew how to have a good time. She was well respected and a deserving prom queen. My mother is the least most judging person I have ever met. Her ability to find the good in someone and except them for who they are is a quality of hers I greatly admire. My mom constantly goes out of her way for others and finds it her duty to make someone’s day a little bit better. In doing so, she sometimes embarrasses me, for I do not have the confidence like she does. My mom loves to embarrass her three daughters by honking the horn at unnecessary times, making friends with complete strangers, rolling down the window when a hot guy pulls up next to our car at a stop light, or turning on “Forever and Ever Amen” too loud so she can sing at the top of her lungs and dance her signature move. I am totally my mother child though. We are both cry babies and always feel obligated to help others. The relationship I have with my mom is unique in many ways. We share a passion and love for God. The two of us love adventures and exploring the world. My mom has always encouraged me to set my goals high and not to quit until I reach them. During which she cheers me on every step of the way. She is truly my greatest fan. My mom is always giving us little reminders of what she has taught us. My person favorite was when she would drop a little lime green piece of paper with a saying on it into our lunch boxes. It has always been her duty to provide her daughters with whatever they need and has allowed us to do so many amazing things. The two of us have a strong trust for one and other. Her open mind allows me to tell her just about everything. However, she has caught me in a few lies, for a mother always knows. My mom does not punish though, but teaches lessons through our mistakes. She has taught me that good things come from hard things. Her perseverance and ability to keep going forward when things are difficult have encouraged me to do the same. I want to be the mother my mom has been for me to my children. Not every daughter can say that either. I have no idea where I would be without my mommy dear and do not know what I am going to do without her next year. As much as I do not want to grow up, I know my she has prepared me for what lies ahead. I truly appreciate everything my mom has done for me during these first eighteen years of my life. She is a true blessing from God. I love my mommy with all of my heart!

6: Father | I have greatly admired my dad growing up and wanted to be just like him. I was his BooBoo Buttsky. My dad brought the tomboy side out of me at a young age. I can not blame him, for he was blessed with three daughters and no sons. The ironic part is, he has three brothers and no sisters. My dad was born and raised in Minnesota. With that being said he is a die heart Viking and Twins fan. Consequently so am I. My father also has a passion for fishing. He has included me on many fishing trips and is always asking to go out on the lake for a couple of hours. Sixth grade year I was to refer to my dad as Mr. Guyer. He was my Social Studies teacher. He did not favor me and gave me deserving grades. To this day I consider Mr. Guyer to be one of the best teachers I have ever had. He has a way of making learning fun and gives deserving respect towards students. My dad has always had a way with kids, probably because he constantly acts like one. He has a great sense of humor and is always cracking jokes. I not only have had my dad as a teacher, but as a coach as well. His passion, dedication, and love for hockey showed through when my dad coached me. Not only did he know the techniques behind hockey, he had the ability to teach players. My dad is well respected man for this, for not everyone has these skills. I feel so lucky to have had a coach like Mr. Guyer. My dad has also stressed the importance of God growing up. Last summer we traveled to San Antonio for a mission trip. He chaperoned my group as we worked in a Mexican part of the city. It is fair to say my dad is the worst Spanish bingo caller ever! My dad and I were close growing up. We shared a secret hand shake no one knew and set time aside each day for a quick “bug.” I thank my father for providing me with such a special childhood. The past couple of years have been difficult. Things have happened that can not be changed. I can only look forward now, and let go of the past. I firmly believe good things come from hard things. No matter what he is always going to be my Mr. Guyer, coach, and dad.

10: Marina | Marina Viola has been my role model, go to person, my best friend since I have entered this world. Looking at her, it is hard to deny she is absolutely beautiful. The truth is, her beauty really lies inside. Her compassion for others and ability to make an individual feel good about themselves is a gift God has given her. Marina is a leader and does not mess around. If something is not her way or she is unhappy for whatever reason, the whole world will know. Mur is protective of her sisters. I remember her making an ex-boyfriend of mine feel so bad, he cried. Do not mess with Marina. On contrast to that, Marina can be freaking weird, odd, and perverted. She tends to cross the line. I can remember dinner conversations Marina would start. Totally inappropriate! My family has learned to cope with Marina’s sense of humor, but tries to not encourage her. Growing up, my every move was following in her foot steps. I was constantly copying her and obeyed whatever she insisted on me doing. The Guyer sister’s are famous for our infamous homemade videos. Marina, being the oldest, was always put in charge. She would pick out our outfits, style our hair, and put way too much makeup on our face. Each of us would pick a song from the latest NOW CD and turn the spot light in the living room on. I blame Marina for the risqué dance moves. Marina has always included me in her plans growing up. We would spend many weekends with our hockey buddies. Whether the two of us would dress Andy, Nick, and Brad up as girls or play CKY with Feez, Mitch, and Mingoo. Going to Greenway with Marina was an absolute blast. We had all the same friends and sure lived it up together. Not to mention we were teammates. Marina has grown up way too fast. She currently lives in Hawaii, is married to her best friend, Tyler, and is expecting! I am so excited to be an aunty! Marina is going to make a wonderful mommy. A fine looking one I must add. I look back at the childhood Mur and I lived, and would not have traded it for anything. I thank her for always having my back and giving me advice when I need it. I love my big sis with all my heart!

15: Molly | Molly Mary Rose is my little sister and a proud sister I am. Molly has breathtaking red hair. At times I make fun of her, calling her a ginger, big red, and fire crotch, but the truth is I am very jealous of her locks. Moll Doll used to be a little chunkster, but by looking at her today you would never know that. She has grown to be a beautiful young women. Molly’s beauty is not just on the outside though, she has such a loving kind heart. She does not take herself too seriously and can be quite crazy at times. Molly does not care what people think of her and it has been that way since she has been a little girl. She use to sit at the top of the step and sing opera at the top of her lungs while the sound would echo in the staircase. Molly was and still is a putz. She’s known to trip over the cracks on the sidewalk and break just about anything. Meals would not be complete unless Molly spilled. She was also my student. The two of us would spend hours after school playing school. I would bring home materials I learned that day and pass them onto Moll. I take credit for Molly phenomenal grades she gets today. Poor Moll Doll is the youngest and as been the target of Marina and I. We would refer to her as a nun and bribe her with the threat that mom was going to send her to nun school if she didn’t do something. Moll has always held her ground with us though. She would jump on top of Marina and I and plant sloppy kisses on our cheek. I am sad to say, Molly has since outgrown both her older sisters by several inches. Growing up with Moll has been one of the best part of my life. Being able to play hockey, attend school, and come home to her beautiful face is something I have taken for granted. Through the tick and thin we have survived together. Always being there and having each others’ back. I appreciate Molly not only as a sister, but as a best friend. I love my little sis with all my heart!

16: Nanny | I would like to start off by saying I have the absolute coolest grandma in the whole wide world. I mean, who else’s grandma drives a beamer and wears Buckle jeans? My mom’s mom, does not go by the “G” word however. She despises the word, for she thinks it makes her seem old, which she is far from. Since her grandchildren have been born, she has picked the name Nanny and it has stuck ever since. Her grandchildren are not the only kids referring to her as Nanny, but all of our friends do too. Nanny is everyone’s Nanny. Her house on the Chain has been a hang out spot for years. Nanny has always wanted the best for her grandchildren, and she has given it to us. Growing up she would encourage us to imagine and be creative. When my sisters and I were little we would make four hour trips from Minnesota to see Nanny and Papa. I vividly remember running down the steps only to find the two of them waiting at the door, new Beanie Babies in hand. Nanny would take us in her arms and give us a bunch of kisses. As she tucked the three of us in bed, she would sprinkle pixy dust on our little heads and tell us the story of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and Captain Hook. Nanny and Papa loved Disney World. They made a play room with every single Disney movie and had everything Disney in it. The Jenson family took a couple of trips to visit Mickey and Minnie, one in particular was over Christmas. To this day, my trips to Disney is still my favorite childhood memory. Nanny has given me and the rest of my family so much. None of those material things compare to what she has really given me though. Nanny has taught me how to be a lady, not to give up, deal with boys, what a camel toe is, the importance of family, what not to eat, mow the lawn, work diligently, vitamins to take, how to play hard to get and so on. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for this lady. The two of us share a unique relationship and trust each other very much. I am able to be honest and open with Nanny. We turn to each other when we need support and are constantly encouraging one and other. I could not have asked for a better/cooler grandma. I am truly blessed to have someone so special in my life. I thank her for all she has done for me and love her with all my heart!

17: Nona | “Nona” translates to grandma is Italian and that is exactly what Maryclare was to me. She was my Italian grandma. Born and raised in the small town of Taconite in northern Minnesota, Nona and her family did not have much to show for. Nona never needed much though. She was a simple women. As long as she had God, family and friends by her side, she was satisfied. Nona was a fineable cook. No one can whip up a dish of pasta like she could. Nona’s family meant the absolute world to her. She stressed the importance and has set a standard for my family to live by. Nona was so proud of her family and spoiled us with her unconditional love. I wish everyone could have met my Nona. She was truly a remarkable women. Her strength and perseverance to keep going after all the deaths and hardships she encountered has been an inspiration to me. Her relationship with God was extremely strong and she completely devoted her life to Him. With that, Nona planted the seed of Christ in me at a young age. She was constantly encouraging me to pray, pray, pray! I give her credit for the relationship I have with God today. Nona fought cancer for several years and a fighter she was. Her life was given a time limit, and as a young granddaughter, this was hard to face. I was given the opportunity to spend these last few months with her, getting to know her as much as I could. On day, I asked to stay the day with her at the hospital. At that point Nona was weak and tired from the medications she was taking. We would engage in conversations until she fell asleep, only to wake back up a few minutes later. She called me over to lay next to her and held me in her arms. The two of us talked about life and she informed me what to expect in the coming years. She stressed the importance of faith and family. Nona told me to always remember who I was. I live by that quote today. She ended the day by telling me when she was ready to go, I would be too. I did not like to hear this. Nona’s condition only got worse though. As I held her hand for the last time, I knew she was ready to be with God. I was ready too. I miss her dearly and can not wait for the day I get to see her again. Nona may be in heaven, but her legacy still lives on. I love her with all of my heart.

18: The Jenson's

19: The Guyer's

22: Russell | I am proud to say that I have the best best cousin in the whole wide world, and many could agree with this. Russell and I are only a couple months apart. We have been the best of buds since the first time our mothers introduced us to one and other. Russell lives in Colorado. Consequently, we only see each other three or fours times a year if we are lucking. I think this makes the time we have together more valuable, and we try not to take it for granted. Russell and I have held many conversations about life. We count on each other for moral support and are always accepting of each other. I am so incredibly proud of where Russell has come in his life and the challenges he has conquered. He is unique and not afraid to be himself. I admire that quality most about him. He has a distinct taste in music, clothes, and art. This sets him apart from your average Joe. He has the ability to interact with anyone or anything. Russell is the life of every party. Summer is not complete until Russell gets into town. The fact Russell comes here to not only to see me but to see my friends too, is so awesome. Everyone knows who him and loves him just as much as I do. I am so incredibly lucky to have a cousin like Russell, and I can not wait until our children are best friends!

25: Emily | Emmerrzzzzzz! Where to start with this girl.. Well the two of us met in Mrs. Hurt’s fourth grade class, but it was not prefect right away. I do not know why, but I was so mean to my poor Emily for the first two years of our friendship. I blame my hormones. Emily stuck by my side though, and was always there for me. Like the time at Skate City when I desperately needed her help in the bathroom. Middle school was the next challenge the two of us faced. Lucky for us, we were in EVERY single class together. I have to admit, middle school was not our proudest days though. We were little Rec Rats and dated some real winners. Not mention, horsed around in Mrs. Hammon’s class. When eighth grade came, my family decided to move to Minnesota. Parting from my best friend was incredibly hard. Many nights were spent on the phone with each other reminiscing about the day we had. Emily also made a trip or two with Kate to come visit me. I vividly remember over dousing on HoHos and Mt. Dew to the point Emily passed out on the floor. Kate, Emily and I had a real problem with sugar. Mt. Dew and slushy drinks, Melon Os, ice cream, and anything else high in sugar, made up the majority of our diets. I moved back to Waupaca and the two of us left off like I never left. We would spend every single day of our summers together and not even get sick of one and other. We have tried to pull all nighters, but Em has an issue of always falling asleep first. I think she has successfully accomplished two all nighters. We have been each others # 1 fan over the years. Whether she cheered me on at hockey games or I tagged along to her skating shows. Like the time in Milwaukee when even the dogs were black. Em and I are total girls and do total girl things together. Shopping at Buckle, tanning on the chain, getting our nails done by Asians, drinking Starbucks coffee, eating Chain Bar wraps, spending too much money on designer purses, and listening to our music way too loud. There never seems to be a dull moment when the two of us are together. I think that is because we can be ourselves when we’re together. Emmy has this chuckle, laughing thing she does, which automatically makes me laugh. The chuckle is usually her reaction to a natural bodily function or something complete stupid she did. Emily does not take herself too seriously and is able to laugh at herself. This is one of my favorite qualities about Em. She may come across as a blonde sometimes, but truthfully Emily is soo intelligent. This is due to her driven work ethic and ability not to procrastinate. I honestly do not know what I am going to do without my best friend next year. I have counted on our friendship and would not trade the times we have spent together for anything. I am so proud of the person Emily has grown to be, and know she is going to do great things with her life. Words can not express how blessed I feel to have had someone like Emily in my life for the past nine years. I cherish the memories we have made and look forward to making more!

26: Kate | Katlyn McCormick. Aka Kate the Great. She is beautiful both inside and out. To be completely honest, Kate is one of the loudest individuals I have ever met. Her voice has this way of carrying and standing far above everyone else’s. I admire Kate for her ability to stand up for what she believes in. Our friendship began during middle school in FCE class. Em, Kate and I than became best friends. Every single weekend was spent together. We pulled numerous all nighters in Heart Steps and saw the sunrise several times. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with boys on MSN, taking pictures, prank calling and being very immature. The three of us also did this thing where we would intake a ridiculous amount of sugar. To the point we would pass out. If I get diagnosed with diabetes anytime soon, I blame it on all the HoHos, Mt. Dew, Melonos and cookies we inhaled. Kate and I were straight up Gs or at least we thought. We had our very own ghetto dictionary and lived for rap music. My family than made the decision to move to Minnesota forcing the three amigos to separate, but I am proud to say we remained best friends. Katlyn called me EVERY single night. We would tell each other EVERY single part of our day and rehearse our ghetto dictionary. Towards the end of the year, I made the executive decision to return back to Waupaca, and the three of us were reunited. Kate and I have shared countless memories together; Jonas Brothers and Jack Johnson concerts, kayaking, Germany;), all nighters, the Dells, Minnesota, driving until we get lost, our jam sessions and so on. High school caused us to find out who we were. The three of us went our own ways and hung with new groups, yet we still considered each other as best friends. I have always been able to count on Kate to be there for me, no matter what. We have lived in different states and hung with different friends, yet when we hang out it is like we have never stopped being best friends. We have played both volleyball and softball together growing up. She has a passion for softball and has dedicated much of her life to the sport. Hockey has always been my sport and I am proud to say, Kate was a biggest fan. Katlyn has been a true friend to me. We have gone through similar experiences in our lives like moving and finding God. Kate has always accepted me for who I was no matter what. I know for an absolute fact we will be friends forever. We count on each other. I love her sooo much!

28: Max | Max Lane defined the definition of swagger and is a straight up baller. Not to mention, he is my best friend. Now we can not quite agree on when we became best friends, but it happened sometime between eighth grade and freshman year. I mean I have known Max growing up, though we started to really get to know each other when he joined hockey. The two of us spent a lot of quality time in the penalty box together. I had an issue with checking players from behind, and Max felt it was necessary to two hand players across the head. Max and I also spent a lot of time at Jim’s house snow boarding, making snow forts, and throwing snowballs at cars. We were really mature. Max also included me in trips to Gravity Park when the guys would dirt bike or dinners at Buffalo Wild Wings. With that, Max and I spent almost everyday of summer together. The truth is, Max and I dated one summer. We just did not feel the need to tell people, but my mother knew what was up. That summer we gained this incredible trust for each other. Trust I have not had with anyone else. Max and I told each other everything. I will never forget the night of July 14, 2009 when something unexplainable happened to us. After a night of laying under the stars and pouring our hearts out, we witnessed some kind of supernova perhaps. Some may think we are crazy, but the both of us know what we saw. I believe this was a sign of what our friendship really is, unbelievable. That summer ended better than it began. However, the school year brought new things for me. I had to do some soul searching. With that, Max technically broke up with me and totally broke my heart. After a few months he realized he couldn’t live without me. We became best friends again. Max used to be this crazy, fist pumping, party animal. Many memories were made in his basement, out at the backwoods and at Justin’s house. Max grew up though. He has found a beautiful, loving girlfriend since then and has gained a level head. Max is a leader and people look up to him. His personality and sense of humor compliment him greatly. He is extremely intelligent and is going to do great things with his life. I hate to think of the day when Max and I have to go our separate ways, though we have pinky promised each other we will always be besties. I am going to hold him to that, for he means too much to me to not keep in touch. I thank Max for being my best friend and cherish these incredible times we have shared together. I love Max Lane to death! BFPT(:

30: Shellady | Crazy enough, Shell and I have known each other longer than we have been alive. The two of us met at a very young age, and we have been the best of girlfriends since. Shell and I began our schooling at Westwood, only the best elementary school at the time. No question, the two of us owned the school with our camo bandanas. I vividly remember having play dates at Shell’s house, our two younger sisters included. The four of us would fight over what spice girl we wanted to be and then rate her mother’s closet, only to perform “Wannabe“. We were young, creative girls, with endless imaginations. Shellady and I stuck close together through the years and always had each others’ back. We are the party planners, for we held an annual Christmas gala for a number of years. Oh and you can not forget about eighth grade formal party as well. Shell and I have done it all. Jo Bros, Dave, prom, Park Central, chain, homecoming, boys, fought, cried, laughed, loved, shopped, ate, grew, and now graduated together. I admire the women Shellady has become. She has gained confidence in herself, an outgoing personality, and knows better than to take herself too seriously. With that, I know for a fact she is going places in life and I am so excited for her. We have always been there for each other to encourage and give moral support. I appreciate the friendship Shell and I share. There is not a doubt in my mind that Shell and I will remain good friends for the rest of our lives. We began this journey together and we‘re going to finish it together! I love her dearly and always will!

31: Sidney | Every time Sidney and I are together, a memory is made. It all started the night we left the football game to cry in the dugout. The two of us were emotionally overwhelmed with life and poured our hearts out to each other. That night we decided we had more in common than we had thought. We were to be best friends. When I moved to Minnesota my Sophomore year, we remained besties. She made a couple of visits for Crystal Ball and homecoming. I will never forget jamming in the Jeep to Lil Wayne in the middle of Bumfrick. That same year Sid and I went to Ft. Myers, Florida for spring break and had the absolute time of our lives. Boys, driving around, frat party, parasailing, tanning on the beach and lemonade by the pool were the various activities we partook in on this trip. Neither of us ever wanted to leave. Before we knew it though, summer was here, and I was back in Waupaca. Oh did we ever live it up that summer! Everyday was spent swimming on the chain or planning our next activity. Meeting people, driving to our secret spot or sitting around a fire were very common that summer. The two of use also share the obsession with concerts. We have seen the Jo Bros, 311, KISS and Dave Matthews together. Sid has such an artistic side to her. Whether it is in the music she listens to, dances she partakes in, or drawings she produces. I admire this ability, for not everyone can do these things like she can. She is wise and knows how to have a good time. I know Sid and I will keep in touch. I count on her and cherish all these times we have spent together. I love her dearly!

32: Clifford | Clifford, Cliff, RD. I love this kid as if he was my brother. It was not love at first sight though. Cliff and I played on the same hockey team when we were PeeWees. Cliff was easily influenced by our dear friend Bjorn and listened to him when he said to bother me. Cliff did just that and pushed me right over the limit. Just before a game while I was out of the locker room, Bjorn convinced Cliff to put my stick down his pants. Upon my return to the locker room, I heard what had happened and was irate. I threw Cliff up against the wall and made it clear that he should never mess with me again. Since that day, Cliff did not listen to Bjorn. He became close with my cousin Russell and began riding his bike to my house on a daily basis a few summers ago. He instantly won the heart of my family. I still consider him a suck up. Cliff is extremely clever and loves to mess with me. Like hiding in the closet at Jim’s house, but I have gotten him back so bad, that to this day I have never seen him so irate in my life. I was filming Justin, Max, and him dirt biking one afternoon and thought I would be funny and threw a helmet in his face. I regretted it right away. I literally saw my life flash before my eyes, for Cliff picked his go-kart up, flipped it, and proceeded in my direction. Thank God Max was there to save me. We try not to talk about this occurrence because he is still somewhat bitter. Cliff and I flew back to Colorado with Russell one summer. That trip Cliff was introduced to Chipotle and the suburbs. I will never forget him listening to me and sleeping in a bike helmet. Summers have consisted of Cliff living either in my backyard or in my basement. Our days are spent on his Kayot, Fing Bs on McCrossen, trying to get the wave runners to work or laying at Nanny’s. School has always been a treat to have with Clifford as well. We are technically locker and homeroom buddies. Bullying freshman and teachers or cracking jokes in entrepreneurship class are our specialties. I was also fortunate enough to go to prom with Cliff. Best prom date ever I must say! Cliff claims he’s LD, but the truth is, he is the smartest person when it comes to anything other than school. He can fix just about anything and diagnose anything mechanical. Not to mention he is freaking hilarious. I am so incredibly blessed to have someone like Clifford Golke in my life, and I know he will be apart of it for as long as I live.

33: Justin | Justin and I met in sixth grade when we went out. To be honest, I thought his black and white Adios were hot and dated him for them, only to break up with him a week later at a middle school dance. He was heart broken. Towards the end of eighth grade I began hanging with Justin and his friends. These guys were crazy, but I felt the need to keep up with them. Whether it was snowboarding, dirt biking or four wheeling. Justin’s house has always been the “party house”. Many memories have been made in his field and shed. From the first party with you know who hooking up in the tent, to the night it rained forcing us to cram in the camper, forth of July or Halloween and all the times in-between. I thank Justin for being such a great host for all these years. During the summers we have spent a majority of it on the lakes or around a campfire. JB means so much to me. He has such a loving heart and a smile that makes me smile. I can not wait to have the best summer ever with him and make a million more memories together.

34: Alex | Al Pal! I believe we first met in CCD class and the two of us have been giggling ever since. Al and I have relied one and other growing up. Many nights have consisted of a box of Kleenex, chocolate, and a good movie. We are not afraid to pour our hearts out to each other. With that Al and I have also shared many happy times together. For instance, Young Neighbor trips, harbor days, tanning on the chain, shopping, and so on. Alex has a very outgoing personality and rarely seen without a smile. She has a excellent work ethic and is well organized. I thank her for always being there for me and constantly encouraging me. I am going to miss her dearly next year, but know we will keep in good contact. I love my Al Pal very much!

35: Taylor | Tay Tay the Jet Plane! Our friendship began sometime at the Waupaca Learning Center. Middle school brought the two of us closer, and many immature memories were made. For instances, all the prank calls we made and stuffing our swim suits with sand pretending we were on Baywatch. Taylor and I then became neighbors, which has come in handy a few times. Our friendship grew strong through Christ, however. Just the two of us traveled to the National Catholic Youth Conference in Kansas City. These were some of the best four days of my life, and she knows why. We have also attended three YNIA trips, during which we revealed different sides to each other. Our friendship is based around the heart-to-heart conversations we have shared, like the time sitting on the hill at the Arch in St. Louis or on the flight back from San Antonio. Taylor has a gift of interacting with others, and I believe it is because she is so genuine and true. She is extremely not shy and has helped me come out of my comfort zone when it comes to meeting people. I thank her for that. Tay also has a way with children and is going to make a wonderful mother someday. Just like her mother is. I have cherished our friendship we have shared and will never forget our times together. I love my Tay Tay and hope to keep in good contact no matter where we end up.

36: Bjorn | Jorn is literally my brother from another mother. Our friendship began Mite year of hockey. We were both on the Golden Gophers. At the time he had a bowl cut and I was missing my two front teeth. We were just the best of bender buds. Hockey meant the absolute world to the both of us. We would be on the ice every opportunity we had, and when we weren't, we would be shooting around off the ice. Bjorn and I played on the same team for nine years. In those nine years, we won numerous games, suffered tough loses, attended two state tournaments, jammed to Chingy and Nelly, lost our cool a few too many times, were line mates and always had each other’s back. As we grew older and life got tougher, we became more reliant on one and other for moral support. No one quite understands the relationship Bjorn and I have except us. We are protective over each other like siblings would be. I am not able to date a guy unless Bjorn approves, and Bjorn's girlfriends have not been allowed to be intimidated by me. Everything has always been a competition between us. Sure Bjorn can shoot harder, rap faster and drive better than me, but I am still older and have authority over him. Bjorn has made some memorable trips to Minnesota with me. He came to Taconite and played legit Minnesota outdoor hockey at the rink. We also went to St. Paul to watch my sister in the State Hockey Tournament. Not to mention enjoyed a mostacolli at Cosetta's, attended church at the St. Paul Cathedral, and skated on the breathtaking Oval in Roseville. In the more recent years I have remained Jorns #1 fan. I cheered him on at all his football and hockey games. I am not only proud of the athlete Bjorn has become, but better yet the young man he has grown to be. He has a way of accepting people for who they are and making anyone special. Bjorn has always been well respected at school, and he has maintained a level head, which not everyone can do. I am going to miss him so much next year, and I know he'll miss his grocery shopper gal as well. I am not too worried though, for we already plan on being neighbors in the suburbs of St. Paul when we get older. He will be a wealthy orthodontist with a hoochie wife, and I will be married to an NHL hockey player. Therefore, Bjorn and I will always be the best of buds!

37: Aaron | Aaron Gooch and I have been friends for a hand full of years now. I have counted on his friendship and appreciate him being there for me, even when no one else was. Aaron and I have tried the whole dating ordeal twice now, but things did not seem to work out. I have no regrets when it comes to him and cherish the times we have spent together. Jack Johnson, Wild and Brewer games, Chain days, a few trips to Minnesota, our sick dance moves and so on. Aaron has helped me set a standard in what I am looking for in a relationship. I have learned so much, and I thank him for that. This last year has given me the opportunity to get to know Aaron on a whole new level. He is one of the most determined individuals I have ever met. He has the ability to set goals and will not quit until he accomplishes them. I admire this about him. Aaron has a great personality and is not sarcastic at all. He is easygoing and knows how to have a good time. Aaron has so much potential, and I know he is going to go far in life. I wish him the absolute best, for he truly deserves it.

38: Marisa | Me and Marisa's friendship dates back to first grade at Westwood. My mother dressed me that morning, and I absolutely hated my dress. Marisa was kind enough to ask me to sit at her table that morning and made me feel better about my dress. Mar has been a great friend of mine ever since that day. The two of us can talk for hours on end about everything and anything. I thoroughly enjoy hearingTrevor stories or about the bizarre dream she has the night before. Senior year the two of us met up in St. Paul with our boyfriends before a Wild game and had a wonderful time. Marisa and I have determined we are the exact same person. We like and dislike the same foods, have to pee at the exact same moment, share the same opinions and the list goes on. Marisa is beautiful, innocent, and kindhearted. My friendship with Marisa means so much to me, and I know we will continue to be friends. I love her dearly!

39: Melissa | Melissa, Melissa, I really wanna kiss ya! I absolutely admire this women. She is strong willed, sexy, and knows how to have a good time. Mel and I sure have had some gooood times together. The unforgettable summer night, where one too many bad decisions were made, bumping and grinding at Park Central and the dirty secrets revealed in Business Communications Class. Not to mentions all the times in between. Mel is so easy going and not judgmental what so ever. Junior year, the two of us really depended on each other for moral support. We shared many heart to heart conservations and spent an entire day crying. I don’t know what I would have done without her. I am going to miss her dearly next year, but know we'll be friends for a very long time. I will make sure of it!

40: Grayson | Gray Babyy has been my pimp daddy since sixth grade. He gave me the nickname of Cinnamon and expected me to live up to his expectations. We tried the whole dating ordeal in sixth grade but realized we made better friends. Gray and I attended the eighth grade dance together and had an absolute blast. Pretty much every time I am with Grayson we have a great time. He is just a fun person to be around. Gray is very political, and I keep encouraging him to run for president. He has the hands down best smile and gives pretty awesome hugs. He is friends with everyone and does not judge. With that, senior year, I asked him to be one homecoming court with me. I know Grayson and I will continue being friends and can not wait to spend the summer making more memories together!

41: Jim | Jjjiiimmmmmm! The two of us met during CCD class in third grade. He would make me so mad because he would never shut up! Jim decided to join hockey, and we played with each other for five or so years. During those years we spent many weekend in hotels goofing off. I will never forget snowboarding and making snow forts with Max and Jim. Immature freshmen we were and proud of it. I than set Jim and my best friend, Emily, up, and I am proud to say they are still dating. Jim has a loving and caring heart. I am happy we have gotten to know each other and shared these great times together.

42: Maggie | Maggie my dear! My day seems to improve when I see Maggie’s face. She has this tendency to cross the line and I love it! Maggie is confident in herself and doesn’t care what people think, which is a great quality. The two of us have shared some wonderful times together for the past nine years of our lives. A Young Neighbors trip, getting buck wild, Jack Johnson, racing to English class, attempting to dance, chilling on the chain, cheering on our football team, and so on. I have been able to count on Maggie’s friendship. Maggie’s sense of humor and driven work ethic is going to take her far in life. I look forward to making more memories in the summers to come.

43: Kooey | Kooey has been a true friend since elementary school. Through these years we have made many memories together. Soccer, YNIA trips, the Chain, parties, and all the times in between. Koosters has a beautiful and loving heart. She does not judge, but accepts people for who they are. I can count of her to always be there. Kooey is going to do great next year and during the years to come. I will miss her dearly! | Meg-D | Megan and I became close through soccer. We made the executive decision to be bus buddies. In doing so, we have shared a number of stories, jammed to ghetto music, and laughed a little to much. Meg D and I also became workout buddies. Snap Fitness was our second home for awhile. The two of us actually did work too. We have been there for each other when needed and I have counted on her friendship. Megan is an awesome person and a strong individual. I am so very proud of her. We share many inside jokes and I am planning to make more this summer!

44: Marcus | Coen | Marcus and I have known each other since we’ve been born. Our parents have been good family friends for years. I recall Marcus and his family visiting my family when we lived in West St. Paul. Both Marcus and I were awkward but were forced to hang out. I vividly remember when we went to the Mall of America and road the balloons together. When I moved to Waupaca, it was nice already knowing Marcus. We were both in Mrs. Fenton’s third grade class. At that point in my life, I was a total tomboy and considered Marcus my best friend, even though him and Brad wrote me a horrible note and made me cry. I don’t hold it against him because I kicked his butt the same night. Right Marcus? I was stuck having Marcus in the same class for the next six years. Mrs. Hurt’s class he confessed his love for Aubrey’s “boots”. Mrs. Hammon’s class (enough said). Senior year, good old entrepreneurship class and our intense races to English class. The two of us have shared memories on the ice as well. We have played hockey together for many years and gained respect for each other. I’ve enjoyed growing up with Marcus and watch him become the well rounded person he is today. He has a loving heart and a spontaneous personality. Sadly Marcus will not be attending St. Cloud with me, but I hope to keep in contact with him. I have counted on his friendship and enjoy the times we spent together. Love ya Marc! | Eli Coenen is a dear friend of mine and has been for quite sometime now. He has transformed into a remarkable young man over the years. Coen use to be a little chunkster, but has since thinned out, and according to many ladies around school, “he’s hott!” I will never forget when the two of us shared a slow dance at a middle school dance. He must have been uncomfortable because he stood a foot away from me and pinched my shirt near my hips. I have taught him a few things since than. I was also fortunate enough to play hockey with Coen for several years. The two of us started the NTL (National Tailgating League), have spent countless days on the Chain, and attended a Jack Johnson concert together. More memories are yet to be made. Eli has a kind and loving heart. I am going to dearly miss his hand shakes in the halls next year.

45: Eli | Brad | Darb (Brad spelt backwards) and I go way back to the diaper days, for our parents are good friends. At get togethers, my sister and I would beat up Marcus and Brad, though they don’t seem to recall this. Marina and I also dressed Andy and Brad up as girls. Probably not one of Brad’s fondest moments, but I enjoyed it! Brad and I were in the same third grade class with Mrs. Fenton and fourth and fifth grade class with Mrs. Hurt. Through these years we were really close friends. Middle school and high school we also shared a few classes. Brad and I played on the same hockey team. He has always been the stud of the team. His hard work and dedication has earned him an opportunity to play for the Wisconsin Badgers, and he is expected to be drafted. I am proud to say I am a fellow line-mate of him and taught him a few things. | Eli Eli Eli Oh! We have been good friends for quite some time now. We were in Mrs. Hurt’s fourth and fifth grade class together. At that young age, Eli introduced me to the real world by teaching me everything bad I needed to know. I thank him for that. Someone had to inform me. E gave me the glorious nickname “GG” or “Gothic Guyer“ because I wore all black to school one day. Many found this funny and the name stuck through most of middle school. Eli, however, till this day still refers to me as GG. Eli has also been my goalie for hockey growing up. Therefore we have spent many weekends making memories on the ice. I have always been able to count on E. I know he has my back no matter what. I have never given up on this kid, for I know his potential. Eli has made mistakes in his life, but everyone does. It is how you respond to these mistakes. Eli has an awesome personality and a loving heart. I wish him the absolute best in the future because he deserves it.

46: Megan | Taylor | Oh Meg! I can not ever say how happy I am that I have gotten to know this girl. Sure we have known each other for quite sometime now, but within the last year we have become great friends. I have my best friend, Max Lane, to thank for this. We shared an amazing summer together and made unforgettable memories. All the days on the Chain and Jack Johnson. I’ve taken a couple of trips to both Minnesota and Lacrosse to visit her at college and had an absolute blast. Megan is real and true. Not to mention the most sarcastic person I have ever met. I am so excited to have the best summer ever with her! | Taylor and I go way to the Westwood days. I remember attending several of the Grenlie Girls’ Birthday parties and going to Disney On Ice with them. The two of them even played hockey with me for a couple of years. Taylor and I never stopped being friends, we just found new ones to hang out with. Our senior year, we had a number of classes together, including Yearbook. This class allowed us to catch up on everything we’ve missed out on for the past few years. Tay and I told each other our deepest and darkest secrets. We share a lot in common, for we both love boys and Disney movies. We made a recent trip to Madison for a Badger hockey game and had a memorable dinner at the Hilltop. With the work ethic Taylor has, she is going to be very successful, and I wish her the absolute best in whatever she decides to do with her life. I hope we keep in good contact her.

47: Megan | Katie | Growing up, Megan and I use to have play dates together. She would come to my house to play office in the closet and when I went to her house we would draw on our chins and play in her tree fort. We have made some great memories since then. For instance, the Jack Johnson concert, crazy nights at the backwoods, T-Stop till 3 A.M., talking about belts, and all the days of tying up our boats on the Chain. Meg is not afraid to say what she thinks or express her feelings. I truly admire this about her. The two of us have always been there for each other, and I hope we continue to be. | I just love Katie Gooch. I have known Katie for a number of years now. Katie and I have a lot in common. More than I ever thought. Whether it’s the weird movies we enjoy, the odd subjects we discuss, or the elegant foods the two of us whip up. Katie is very particular in everything she does, and that is a wonderful quality to have. We thoroughly enjoy picking on each other. I’m going to really miss her smiling face and not being able to kick her butt in the hall next year!

48: Taconite Girls | My home away from home is Taconite Minnesota. Growing up I would spend many summers there and two school years as well. Tawny, Hailey, Maria, Shelby, and Kailey made up the Taconite girls. When I moved to town, they immediately excepted me in. The six of us only lived a couple blocks apart and spent many days together. Taconite Days, swimming at the pit, Bertha’s grave, weekly trips to town, climbing snow covered mountains, skating at the rink, T Ping, night games, movies, or just talking were a few of our hobbies. These girls are like sisters to me. No matter what we stick together and always have each others backs. I am blessed to have made friends like these girls and look forward to making more memories with them. I love them all!

49: Emmy | Emalicious, EmDawg, Emmy, Emerald. I really got to know Emmy Foss when I moved to Minnesota my sophomore year. She was a senior at the time. The two of us shared countless conversations with each other. We were constantly gossiping about boys, sharing stories from our childhood, or making up inside jokes. We took many drives together, stayed up way too late, jammed to “You Got It”, and had a little too much fun. Emmy and I sat in her car the last day of school. She cried to me claiming she was not ready to grow up. Today I understand what her emotions were. This girl was loved by everyone and was a deserving homecoming Queen. Emmy loved to dance and was the life of every party. October of my Junior year, an accident happened that has changed my life forever. Emerald was killed in a car accident. Now growing up, I have encountered many deaths in my family, but nothing hit me quite like this did. I lost one of my best friends. Someone I shared my deepest, darkest secrets with. Someone I talked about life with. Someone I looked up to. Emmy has taught me not to take my life for granted and live each day to its’ fullest potential. I will forever hold the image of Emmy standing on the graduation stage with her green cap and gowned, tilting her head to the side, with the biggest smile on her face, and blew me a kiss. I grabbed the kiss and put it in my pocket. I will hold on to that kiss for the rest of my life. I know Emmy is a beautiful angle today and I can not wait till the day we reunite. Until then, rest in peace Emalicious.

52: God | God is my everything. He is the very reason I am here today. I have been brought up in the Catholic church receiving baptism, first communion, reconciliation and now confirmation. As I grow older, my faith continues to grow deeper. God has set standards for me to live by and I encourage others to do the same. The future is uncertain, but I put all my trust in the Lord. He has a plan for everything, you just have to believe. I love Him dearly and always will.

53: Betty | Miss Betty has truly been an inspiration in my life. I met Betty in first grade. She came into my class as a storyteller. She chose students to act out the parts of Jack and the Bean Stalk. Immediately my hand was in the air for I wanted to be Jack. Betty gave me the part, and I have loved her ever since. Our relationship continued to grow over the years. She is in charge of the youth program at St. Mary Magdalene. Every Wednesday I would enter CCD and was greeted by Miss Betty's beautiful smile and a big loving hug. Betty encouraged me to partake in Young Neighbors in Action. She has a way with people and makes an individual feel good about themselves. She has given me experiences that truly changed my life and gave me the opportunity to grow in my faith. I credit Betty for the strong faith I have. She has always encouraged and supported me. I admire her and consider her my hero. She has been a true gift from God. With that, I asked her to be my sponsor for Conformation and I am honored. God has great things in store for Betty Manion, and she is more than deserving.

54: YNIA | For my past three summers of my life, I’ve completed missionary trips. The organization was through my church called Young Neighbors in Action. YNIA is an exciting, integrated service-learning experience for young adults and chaperones. Young Neighbors is a week of service and provides the experiences, skills, and learning needed to make change possible. My first trip was to Chicago, IL. There I worked with the elderly. We gave manicures, played board games, listened to their stories, and help with any projects needed to be done around the facility, The following summer I went to St. Louis, MO. My assignment that week was at a day camp called Griffin on the east side of town. This side of town was rough. The day camp was located in the projects. At first I was uncomfortable being there, with the thought of being shot, but the loving children made that feeling go away. I met six year old Dorkus the first day there, and we became the best of buddies. He trusted me and opened up about his life. Parting from him was one of the hardest moments I’ve ever experienced, with the thought of having to leave him in such a neighborhood and never seeing him again. As he hugged me for the last time he told me he loved and never would forget me. My third trip was to San Antonio, TX. The weather was beautiful, but the people were more beautiful. Our work site was in a Mexican based community. We were put in charge of a day camp at a local church. Our presence there was greatly appreciated by the children and the parish members. Everyday they would bring us gifts, food, and anything else they could offer. These trips have opened my eyes to the world. I have discovered through YNIA that my calling is to help others in need. I will never forget the people I have encountered over these three years. Though I helped them, they have helped me be more gracious and appreciative of the life God has given me. God bless them all.

56: NCYC | My junior year of high school I was blessed with the opportunity to attend the National Catholic Youth Conference in Kansas City, MO. Going into this trip I had no idea what to expect. Betty Manion chose Taylor Martin and I out of the parish to represent St. Mary Magdalene. Thursday night, Taylor, our mothers, and I traveled to Appleton to meet up with other youth members from our diocese. I do not think this trip could have come at a better point in my life. At the time, I was experiencing hardships at school and lost sight of myself. Tay and I boarded the bus that night. Though it was uncomfortable, we managed to sleep for the first few hours. We awoke and began to socialize with others on the bus. We arrived in Kansas City around noon and went to the Hallmark Museum which was neat. The same night, the conference began. I have never seen so many people in one place. Musicians sang and speakers spoke. I learned so much about God, for I saw him through over 25,000 Catholics. For the next two days, we were free to walk around the city and listen to different speakers. The evenings consisted of a mass and concerts. Tay and I met a number of friends, that to this day we keep in contact with. I am so happy I got to experience this with Taylor. The trip brought us closer, and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else.

58: Minnesota | As most people may know, I am a total Minnesota girl at heart. I was born in St. Paul in 1993. I lived in West St. Paul until 1999. Since then I have made a handful of trips back to the great state. The majority of my father’s family lives in Northern Minnesota on the Iron Range. Growing up the fam and I would hop in the car and take the six hour trip to Taconite. This small town is where my father’s mother, Nona, resided. Taconite brought the child out in me. Evenings would consist of night games with kids from the town. During the day my sisters and I would explore the bike trails and would wind up at the pit. The pit was an old mining site that has since filled with water. There we would swim, fish, and jump off 30 foot cliffs. I am also proud to say I have remained a Twins and Vikings fan since I have moved to Wisconsin. I am looking forward to calling Minnesota home again next year.

59: Fishing | Being from Minnesota, I have learned to love fishing. As a little girl, we would take annual trips to “the bridge.” Located in northern Minnesota, this secret fishing spot has been a tradition for the Guyer family opening fishing weekend for many years. My father as a child fished there, as did his father. A good night at the bridge would be 10+ fish. I also have fond memories of fishing on Leech Lake. My sisters and I would load up in my fathers fishing boat and catch a number of bass. I have learned to be able to tie hooks, put worms and leeches on, and take fish off. Fishing has such a peaceful and beautiful affect on me. I enjoy just sitting and taking in what is around me. It is just the lake and I. When line tugs, there is an excitement that comes over me. As I reel in, the anxiety kicks in. Once the fish is in, I feel accomplished. Fishing is my way of getting away and I thoroughly enjoy it.


64: Waupaca

65: Greenway

66: Hockey

67: By the time I could walk, my father had hockey skates on my feet. Hockey has played a major role in my life. My father’s side of the family is hockey crazy, being from northern Minnesota where hockey is a lifestyle. My uncles, cousins, and than some have all partaken in the sport. Many have played college hockey, and some have even played in the NHL. So I guess you can say I was born into it. I began playing when I lived West St. Paul where hockey was popular, but later moved to Waupaca where hockey was a progressing program. Girls hockey was not presented to me, and I was to play with the boys. I would not have wanted it any other way. At times I faced struggles having to deal with these boys, but I learned to keep them in line. I was a member of the team and gained respect from each of them. My first year of Peewees, we were the best we’ve ever been. Our goal from the first day of practice was to make it to Lacrosse or the state tournament. Before I knew it, we were in the game to go to state. I ended up scoring the tying goal which sent the game in overtime. In overtime, I fed the puck to Brad Navin, and he scored the winning goal. The first game in state was unforgettable. We were up against Waupun. The game remained tied, though we out shot them. Five overtimes later, as we began losing feeling in our legs, Waupun had scored. There was controversy about the goal, but nothing could be done. I fell to my knees and tears began to fall. To this day, it remains the greatest defeat I’ve ever experienced. We ended up placing fifth that year. The next year, my team made it to the state tournament in Beaver Damn. We settled for third place. Throughout the seasons, I also played for the Madison Capitals which was a AAA girls team out of Madison. The commitment required a lot of traveling to Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota, but the competition was good for me. I was presented with the opportunity to play girls’ high school hockey in Minnesota. I played for the Grand Rapids/Greenway Lightning as an eighth grader. We were the team to beat, and it felt awesome. The whole state was talking about us. The Lightning made their first state appearance that year. Now state hockey is considered a holiday in Minnesota, and this was a once in a life time experience. We played in the Excel Energy Center in downtown St. Paul, where the Minnesota Wild play. Thousands of spectators filled the arena, and thousands more were watching on television. The moment my skates hit the ice butterflies filled my stomach, and I could not help but smile. This was every girl hockey players’ dream. We finished sixth that year only to take second the next year. I was asked to play for the Minnesota Selects, which was made up the top girls my age in the state of Minnesota. This was a huge honor. I also was asked to play for the Minnesota Crunch. This was a AAA team that participated in tournaments in the cities and Manitoba, Canada. My freshman year I was back playing with the boys and had the time of my life with them. Rand Flesch and Steve Martens were my coaches that year. I tried out for WAHA too, which consisted of the top girls in Wisconsin. I made the camp and was one of eight in the state asked to try out for the national camp. I did not have a good tryout and was cut. The same year, I tried out for the AAA Flyyers, a team out of Stevens Point. This was a all boys team and very competitive. After playing that summer, I realized I could no longer play with the boys. My size and strength did not compare, though I knew I was good enough. I had to make a decision. I ended moving back to Minnesota and played for the Lightening once again. The cool part was my two sisters and I were able to play on the same team that year. While at holiday tournament in the cities, I got tangled up with a girl and went into the boards wrong. I knew right away it was broken. My radius was in half and my ulna was chipped. The break required two surgeries and to this day my wrist hasn’t been the same. I was able to get a playing cast and partook in the section final game. That would be the last game of hockey I ever played. I made the decision to move back to Waupaca. I had every chance to play for Waupaca’s high school team or travel to Milwaukee or Madison to play, but I did not take advantage of that. I do not usually regret things, but I regret giving up hockey. My dream was to play Division I hockey, and I know I could be doing that next year. I try not to dwell on it though. Instead I look back at what hockey gave me. I have met life long friends from all over the world and have made numerous memories over the years of playing. Nothing compares to the sport of hockey.

68: Soccer | I consider soccer my second favorite sport. My fall and winter was devoted to hockey and I needed something to keep me active during the spring and summer seasons. I began playing when I lived in West Saint Paul, MN and joined the Rec league when I moved to Waupaca in 1999. In the early years of soccer, the games consisted of everyone running after the ball and no positions were enforced. Since then, I have learned the positions and strategy of the game. When I was of age, I joined the Waupaca Kickers and played for three summers. This team allowed us to play against other teams throughout Wisconsin. My commitment to hockey than became more time consuming, and I gave up playing soccer in middle school. When high school came and my friends talked me into playing again, and I am very glad I listened to them. I have played my Freshman, Junior and Senior year and have thoroughly enjoyed it!

70: English | Wisconsin Wisconsin Rivers and lakes Swimming, boating, sun tanning Badgers, Packers, Gophers, Vikings Swimming, boating, sun tanning Lakes and rivers Minnesota Haley Guyer 5th grade Published in A Celebration of Young Poets | Willows Whispering willows Whirling in the wild wind Above the water Haley Guyer 5th grade Published by Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans | Haley is my first name You may think it’s pretty lame Which isn’t fair But I don’t care Maybe one day it will give me fame. Haley Guyer 8th grade

71: St. Cloud | I am very excited to continue my education at St. Cloud State University. I have made this decision based on what I believe SCSU has to offer. After taking my tour I knew this was the place for me. | As I look to the future, I am considering social work as my major. I have a strong connection to helping people, and I feel this would be a way to apply this quality. I feel it takes a special person to be able to be successful in this field, and I believe I can be that person.

72: Prom

73: "So denied so I lied are you the now or never kind In a day and a day love I'm gonna be gone for good again Are you willing to be had are you cool with just tonight Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well Here's to the nights we felt alive Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry Here's to goodbye Tomorrow's gonna come too soon Put your name on the line along with place and time Wanna stay not to go I wanna ditch the logical Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well Here's to the nights we felt alive Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry Here's to goodbye Tomorrow's gonna come too soon All my time is froze in motion Can't I stay an hour or two or more Don't let me let you go Here's a toast to all those who hear me all too well Here's to the nights we felt alive Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry Here's to goodbye Tomorrow's gonna come too soon." -Eve 6

74: Homecoming | One of my favorite times of the school year is homecoming week. The week is kicked off with the powderpuff game on Sunday afternoon. Girls from each class participated in a flag football game, and the guys played volleyball. Each day of the week had a different dress up day. My personal favorite was a toss up between blast from the past or spirit day. Throughout this week, I was always in charge of float decorating. Each year homecoming got a little more fun with the experienced gained from the previous year. The best part of the week was the football game. There was so much excitement in the air. I am proud to say that our football team did not lose a single homecoming game in my four years of high school. Senior year was hands down the best. Our float was a success and was a blast to work on. With that, this was the first year we had a legit skit. I was honored to be a member of the homecoming court escorted by Grayson. I think I am going to miss homecoming most about high school.

76: Concerts

77: Music has always been an obsession of mine. Since a young age I have been attending concerts. Before I could walk, my parents took me to my first concert, Barney. Now I do not recall this for I’ve been told I slept through the entire thing. Growing up I have had a fetish for boy bands. The Backstreet Boys were my sisters and my absolute favorite. In first grade my mom bought us tickets to their concert at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. I will never forget the moment they entered the stadium. Each member of the band was on some kind of snowboard coming down from the ceiling singing “Backstreets Back“. My heart skipped a beat. As I grew a little older, Aaron Carter than became my favorite. I flew to Denver, CO during the summer of third grade, and my aunt had tickets to Aaron‘s Party. Extremely good tickets they were. We were on the floor seventeen rows away from the stage. At one point of the show, my aunt told me to push my way to the front. I became within three feet from the stage and looked Aaron Carter in the eyes. The Jonas Brothers came next. A friend of mine invited me to their concert. At that point I had been a fan of the brothers, but after the concert I was a Jo Bros freak. Sidney, Mariah, Melissa, and I were determined to get to the stage even though we had nosebleed seats. The four of us ended up sneaking past security and made our way to the front row on the side of the stage. The Jonas Brothers came over and sang right to us. I do not think I have ever screamed so much in my life. Miley Cyrus also preformed that night but did not phase me one bit. Now that my obsession for the Jo Bro was official, I had to see them again. Another group of girls and I caught wind that they would be playing at Summerfest in Milwaukee and purchased tickets at once. We did not get near as close as we did the first time, but that concert was still amazing. That same night at Summerfest, 311 was playing. After the Jonas Brothers concert we went to check them out. Now it was a totally different atmosphere, but I thoroughly enjoyed them. I attended Summerfest again in 2009 where I saw KISS. I considered this concert more of a mother daughter experience. Sidney and I attended the concert with our mothers, for they are both huge fans. I have to say, KISS puts on a great show! For the past two summers I have seen Dave Matthews at Alpine Valley. The Zac Brown band opened for them last year! I also saw Jack Johnson last summer, and it was my absolute favorite. I am planning on attending Country USA this summer as well. I love concerts and am going to continue this hobby of attending them!

78: Dave Matthews | Crazy how it feels tonight. Crazy how you make it all alright love. Crush me with the things you do. And I'll do for you anything too. Sitting smoking feeling high. And in this moment it feels so right. Lovely lady. I am at your feet. God I want you so badly. And I wonder this. Could tomorrow be. So wondrous as you there sleeping. Let's go drive 'till morning comes. And watch the sunrise to fill our souls up. Drink some wine 'till we get drunk. It's crazy I'm thinking. Just knowing that the world is round. And here I'm dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down. And is this real or am I dreaming. Lovely lady. Let me drink you please. I won't spill a drop, no, I promise you. Lying under this spell you cast on me. With each moment. The more I want you. Come on you know you crush me. Baby. It's crazy I'm thinking. Just knowing that the world is round. And here I'm dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down. Is this real or am I dreaming. Lovely lady. I will treat you sweetly. I adore you. I mean you crush me. And it's times like these. When my faith I feel. And I know just how I love you. Come on, go ahead and crush me. Baby. It's crazy I'm thinking. just as long as you're around. And here I'll be dancing on the ground. Am I right side up or upside down. To each other we'll be facing. By love, by love. We'll beat back the pain we've found. You know. I mean to tell you all the things I've been thinking deep inside. My head with each moment the more I love you. Come on go ahead and crush me. Baby. So much you have given oh. That I would give you back again and again. Oh you know that I. Mean when I hold you. But please please just let me. Always..

79: Jack Johnson | It's as simple as something that nobody knows. That her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes. On the feet of a queen of the hearts of the cards and her feet are all covered with tar balls and scars. It's as common as something that nobody knows. That her beauty will follow wherever she goes. Up the hill in the back of her house in the would she love me forever, I know she could. I remember when you and me mmm how we used to be just good friends. Wouldn't give me none. But all I wanted was some. She's got a whole lot of reasons. She cant think of a single one. That can justify leaving and he got none but he thinks he got so many problems. Man he got, too much time to waste. His dreams are like commercials. But her dreams are picture perfect and our dreams are so related. Though they're often underestimated. It's as simple as something that nobody knows. That her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes. On the feet of the queen of the hearts of the cards and her feet are infested with tar balls and la da da da da da. Well I was eating lunch at the D. L. G. When this little girl came and she sat next to me. I never seen nobody move the way she did. Well she did and she does and she'll do it again. When you move like a jellyfish. Rhythm don't mean nothing. You go with the flow. You don't stop. Move like a jellyfish. Rhythm is nothing. You go with the flow. You don't stop. It's as common as something that nobody knows it. Her beauty will follow wherever she goes. Up the hill in the back of her house in the wood. She'll love me forever, I know she la da da da da da. If you would only listen you might just realize what you're missing. You're missing me. If you would only listen you might just realize what you're missing. You're missing me. It's as simple as something that nobody knows that her eyes are as big as her bubbly toes. On the feet of the queen of the hearts of the cards and her feet are infested with tar balls and la da da da da da.

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