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S: Stanford Mitchell: Through the Years

FC: a chapbook: through the years

1: "It doesn't matter where you are; you are nowhere compared to where you can go." | - S t a n f o r d M i t c h e l l

2: Stanford Donald Mitchell | I've enjoyed every moment of creating this book, and I value it far beyond anything that I could have to remember and cherish the years that have led me to become the adult that I am today. I dedicate this book to the following that have all taken part in making me become Stanford Mitchell: family and friends; school and the experiences and passions I've gained through it; music; influential musicians; love and beauty; wisdom; aspirations; dreams. | "What you see on the surface, is the surface."

3: my initial plan for this page was to write an essay about myself. i think that it would be silly to tell the reader about myself because for one, it would take longer than one single page to try to convey that sort of information, and second of all, the reader is holding in their hands a book that is completely all about me. so, before i begin going into greater depth about the big things in life, i decided to make use of this page by listing one hundred and one little things in life that i absolutely love. | jazz, america's funniest home videos, banana republic, vitamin water, cold water, the office, mentos, haircuts, blankets, plaid, cooking, pomegranates, lincoln navigators, candles, jeans, captain crunch, cookie dough, ties, showers, mugs, roller coasters, food network, cheese burgers, orange juice, elf, grandfather clocks, sleeping, pandora, ramen noodle soup, guacamole, singing, trumpet, grand pianos, shrimp, mango and guava juice, oreo's, laughing, olive garden, pumas, fleeces, pajamas, harry potter, cucumbers, milk, paula deen, warm fluffy towels, fridays, relaxing, salmon, itunes, cheese, les misérables, facebook, culver's, sunsets, musicals, youtube, black and white, painting, five star, cities, mustangs, green, outdoors, michael bublé, macaroni and cheese, peanut butter, smoothies, fires, chili, autumn, steve carell, tina fey, the kardashians, ella fizgerald, louis armstrong, dixieland, making extravagantly long lists, popcorn, american eagle, billy joel, the beatles, jennifer lopez, monster-in-law, bebop, christmas, peanut butter cups, dress shirts, pizza, avacados, bobby flay, smoothies, uwec, toy story, apple cider, starbucks, jelly filled doughnuts, raspberries, my cell phone, driving, music. | 101 things i love

4: Family | noun (fam-li, fa-muh-li) 1. : a group of persons of common ancestry 2. : a group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation 3. : a group of people you'll never get away from... no. matter. what.

5: If anyone in this world has a diverse family, it would be me. However, I have lived my whole entire life in the same county as my entire immediate family. My mother's side of the family is very conservative with fundamentalist close-family values, whereas my father's family is slightly more... Italian. It's defined by big personalities and everyone trying to be the funniest person in the crowd. My mom is the type of person that would do anything for me and all of my siblings are older than me by nearly ten years, so they like to think that they are much wiser than me. My father is a hardworking man who has taught me more about life than anyone has, and my step-mom cares about me as much as she does her own children. My eldest brother has a boy and a girl, and I have had the great pleasure in becoming very close with his daughter's mother; I think of her a sister. When my parents aren't there, there are never any other people more understanding and caring than my grandparents. On top of all these wonderful people, I have wonderful aunts and uncles and cousins that I thank God for every single day. My family is incredible. God has also blessed me with a couple amazing friends that have been there when nobody else was and helped me become the person I am today. The following pages are dedicated to my family members, of whom I owe a lot of gratitude and love.

6: My mom is one of the most important people in my entire life. She cares about me more than she cares about herself and she makes sure that above anything that my needs are met and that my happiness is fulfilled. She and I have gone through a lot and have had our goods times and we have had our bad times. No matter what, at the end of the day I realize that there is no one that I would want to have as a mother than my very own. She is a very beautiful and gifted person that can create just about anything out of nothing. She always has a project that needs to be worked on and her wheels are always turning in her mind to see what she can create next. Even though neither of my parents are musicians, I strongly believe that I am successful with music because of the very traits that I have inherited from my mother: creativity and ambition. My mom has gone through many bad attempts and has failed many times, but I have seen that she never lets those failures defeat herself and she perseveres with admirable ambition and delivers a creative quality of work that only she can create. I am very thankful to have her as my mother and I am fortunate to have been able to learn about ambition and creativity from her. I love you, mom! | Mom

7: instead of writing about my brother zack, i am going to talk about nachos because thats just the kind of thing that i would expect him to write about if it were him writing about me. haha, just kidding... this random, one-of-a-kind brother is one of the most down-to-earth people you'll ever meet. non-judgemental, incredibly musically gifted, and creative are only a few of his traits that make him incredible. brudder luv, zack. | nick is the brother that mom loves the most. but i think that it has a lot to do with the fact that he was a marine. that is pretty amazing. i've always looked up to him and always have enojoyed his company and have looked forward to his visits. he is an easy guy to talk to. i love this guy and i value every experience that we have shared together... especially that time i fell in the water when we were fishing... love you bro. | Zack | Nick

8: My dad and step-mom are very special people to me. They have supported me in a lot of things that I have done and have made it possible for me to enjoy some of the things that I take for granted. My dad has taught me a few things over the years. Never settle for anything less than what you can achieve. Don't take shortcuts. We're not yelling, we're Italian. Keep your friends close. Don't let the world around you stop you from reaching your goats. Do what you like, and like what you do. Do what you have to, even if you don't like it. You can't always get what you want. Stock up on toilet paper; you never know when you'll be in a pickle. Pay in cash. You are responsible for making you happy. Yeah, I guess that I have learned a lot from my father. Debbie has never treated me as if I wasn't her own son. I don't remember a time where Debbie wasn't in my life. I love these two people very much and thank God that I have them in my life. | Dad and Debbie

9: Hannah, Hailey and T4 | Hannah, Teddy the fourth (otherwise known as T4), and the newest addition, Hailey, is my brother Ted's family. Even though I barely ever see my brother, I manage to see his family as frequent as possible. Hannah and Ted dated for a long time and while he was at work, Hannah would take care of his son, T4. Hannah became pregnant with baby Hailey and had her in January 2011. She is adorable and is essentially the only reason why I even care to visit them... just kidding! Hannah is an incredible mom to Hailey and is the reason why T4 will experience any form of stability in his life. If Ted and Hannah end up not working out their relationship in the end, I will make sure to always keep in contact with her because I feel like I would consider her to be more of a sister than I would consider Ted to be a brother to me. She is the mother to my niece and there is no one in this entire world in their right mind that would be willing to raise T4 as their own, despite her personal issues with Ted. (only joking, T4 is an amazing little boy) I love to visit her and talk about anything and everything that we want to talk about. She is one of the most down to earth people that you will ever meet in a million years. No matter what, through thick and thin, I will make sure that I remain in contact with this girl. Like I said earlier, I value her as my sister and wish her all of the best of luck and that she will find happiness. There is no doubt in my mind that she will raise her baby and her "bonus child" to be well mannered young adults and I support her one hundred percent of the way. I look forward to visiting her, wherever she may end up. Before I wrap this up, I just wanted to comment on T4 and Hailey. First of all T4 is a freak! He will grow up to be a tough video gamer, and Hailey will always be an adorable little angel. I love my bonus family and can't wait to see them grow and see Hannah as much as possible! I love them and her, even though she may think I have a big head.

10: Grandma and Grandpa Brown | These are two of the most wonderful people in my entire life. I could never ask for two greater people to be in my life than Grandma and Grandpa Brown. Although their last name is Engle, we cousins have always called them Brown because when we were younger they lived in a brown house. They have a subdivision just outside of town where they have built and lived in many houses. Grandpa is one of the kindest men I have ever met. He is the type of person that knows absolutely everybody. He has seen people that he knew in airports in other states. There isn't anyone as well known and liked as Grandpa Brown. Allegedly, he spent fifteen years in fifth grade and for parent teacher conferences, his teacher had to call Grandma to come and talk because he was already married. Grandma has been such a loving and wonderful woman for my entire life. I always have loved going to Grandma and Grandpa's house when I was younger because Grandma would spend time with me the entire time I was with her. She drew, baked, gardened, and played games with me among many, many other fun times. I love to tell her that I love her because I don't think that I could ever tell her too many times. I am incredibly grateful to have these wonderful people as my grandparents. I know that they love me with their whole hearts, but I love them over a hundred times more that plus a million. I love you two, very, very much. | Madrigal Dinner, 2010

11: Grandma and Grandpa Wurtzel | My father's mother and step father are two perfect examples of people that have never failed at supporting me in every single aspect possible. I have had a wonderful relationship with both of them for as long as I can remember. I can remember staying at their house on Larsen Road in Waupaca for weeks on end, and even more recently I can remember staying with them for endless days. They bought the Crossings Bar and Grill when I was in fifth grade and it has been a big part of my life thus far. I remember my grandpa Wurtzel picking me up from preschool every day with his two dogs: Whitney and Todo. He would always share a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup with me when I was very young and still does today. I love being with my grandpa. My grandma has had many, many jobs for me to do for her around the restaurant and house and I have always tried to make myself as useful as possible for her. There is one thing that is for sure: anything that I have learned so far in my life about hard work, diligence, painting, or cooking has been taught to me by my grandmother. She always knows what to do and always knows how to do it. And if she doesn't know how to do something, she will learn how. She shares all of the things that she loves in her life with me and is never selfish. I love spending time with her and my cousins because we always have such a great time together. I am incredibly blessed to have wonderful grandparents in my life like Grandma and Grandpa Wurtzel.

12: The Walters | The Schaffers | My mom has two sisters: Jodi and Danna. Growing up, I have been very close with both of them and their families. Aunt Danna, Uncle Rod, Cade, and Logan have lived in Waupaca for the entirety of my life so I have more childhood experiences with them. Aunt Jodi and Marley and Brianna have lived in the southern half of the state for the majority of my life, but when they moved back to Waupaca, my mom and I lived with them for a year and a half. Both of these families have opened their homes to me whenever I needed them and have never failed to include me with anything that the family does. I have a lot of memories with these families; our holiday celebrations, random get-togethers, church, and the list goes on and on. I love holidays with these people; for Christmas, we have sleep-overs, and play games and laugh until the wee-dawn hours of the morning. I am very fortunate that I have been able to have a close relationship with all my cousins growing up, and I am certain that we will never fail to get together as we get older. We will never forget the times that we spent making plays for the adults to watch or building forts in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard.

13: The Litschers | Among four siblings, my dad has one sister, Pam. Unlike the rest of my dad's siblings, I have grown really close to this one in particular. I remember going to stay with Aunt Pam and Uncle Tim since as early as I can remember. From my earliest memory, Aunt Pam was always an energetic person with a lot of personality that never failed to make me laugh. When she had Erin when I was in third grade, I felt incredibly important because I was the first cousin to hold her. I have been able to see Erin grow up, and I feel as though that she is a younger sister to me. I love that little girl so much! She will be incredibly successful in her life, and I am incredibly happy that I have been able to babysit her from her diaper days and take her to Appleton for a fun day at the mall in her double-digit years. We fight like brother and sister and love like brother and sister. We like to argue about who Grandma loves more: me or her. I usually win, because Grandma after all does love me most. We also know that when Grandma dies, she'll leave the Crossings to me and not Erin, because, well... she loves me more. No matter what, I will always know this family and I will never ever fail to communicate with Erin, no matter where my road leads me. I love you, Litschers!

14: Friends | noun plural of friend (frend; frends) 1. : a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. 2. : an acquaintance 3. : one who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement 4. : a person of whom shares trust 5. : something that doesn't count unless its on Facebook

15: I have had the privilege of becoming friends with an array of many wonderful individuals. I have never belonged to a specific clique and I am very thankful for that. I have friends from all walks of life and I intend to keep it like that throughout my life. However, it seems that the majority of my friends and I share similar interests. No one knows how to socialize with a band geek like myself better than another band geek. Although I say that in a humorous manner, there is some truth behind that. I can find myself talking to another musician about music for hours. I think that that might have a lot to do with the fact that there is nothing else that interests me as much as music does... nevertheless, I have been able to make some friends simply due to being myself. I enjoy meeting new people and I certainly hope that people enjoy meeting me. The following pages are dedicated to those individuals that have significantly impacted me throughout my high school years.

16: benjamin sever olson | When I met Ben Olson, I felt like I've known him my whole life. Not only do we have many of the same interests and laugh at all the same things (and, knowing me and Ben, that's pretty much everything), we share something for each other that is fundamental in any good friendship: respect. This kid is like a brother to me there has been absolutely no instance where I have felt belittled or inferior to Ben because he portrayed himself in a disrespectful way. He has always shown me kindness and that is really incredible to me. He is an amazing Christian man and lives everyday to serve the Lord; he never cusses, he loves everyone unconditionally, and many right decisions. I am incredibly proud to call him my friend for these reasons; among many others. Ben and I both love music. In fact, one of the very first conversations I've ever had with him was about the Beatles, when he asked me if I liked them; we both discovered we were both avid fans of the Beatles, and that we both were involved in band and choir. Now, Ben and I are Madrigal buddies, the dixieland brothers, community choir partners, and we were the only guys in the pit orchestra in “Hello Dolly!”. As previously stated, Ben and I laugh at just about everything. Whenever we see each other, without missing a beat, we greet each other with a curt "Aaaarrghhh!" because we once had an inside joke about nonsense screaming and it sort of stuck. We end everything we say to each other with "dot com, bye." because evidently from some past inside joke we thought it was funny. He really is a great guy. All in all, I'm really glad I met Ben Olson in high school and value him as one of my very best friends and I'm excited to pursue our friendship and have him stand at my wedding and go golfing when we're old in nursing homes, yelling "aaarggh, look out!" the entire time. Aaaaaaarghh, dot com, bye.

17: Brayden Kendziora | Brayden Emma Cate. Braydenza. Bray Bray. Also known as one of the most talented singers I've been able to befriend. I love everything about this amazing person. She is the type of person that does not like to talk bad about people, complain when things don't go her way, dreams like there is everything at her grasp... she's amazing. Even better yet, she is a fantastic friend. It seems that whenever I have something that I want to just vent about, I can talk to Brayden and she will listen; but she is never afraid to tell me how it is, tell me when I'm wrong, or tell me when I'm simply just acting stupid. It has been my greatest pleasure being able to be in countless musicals with Brayden, including the summer musicals that Waupaca Community Theatre produces, and in Alice in Wonderland, where Brayden starred as Alice and I was the White Rabbit. We have had a lot of fun memories together and I don't think that my high school experience would have been quite the same as it has been without Brayden. Her aspirations include eventually starring on Broadway, and mine include eventually playing in Broadway pit orchestras. No matter what, we will always be great friends, but I think that it would be quite the experience to someday be playing in a pit with Brayden belting her soul out onstage. I wish her luck in all her endeavors, just as I know that she does for me as well. Thank you , Brayden, for being a great friend!

18: Rado | Rado is the guy that is everything foreign. If something is in a different language, I assume that Rado knows what it means. This is only because he is a real-life Bulgarian from Bulgaria. He is the kind of guy that can take any sort of joke. He is a very positive force that is really going to help him find success in his life (that is, if he can, because he IS Bulgarian, and all...) I was in Madrigal with him my junior year and I enjoyed every minute of sitting next to him learning music (we were both baritones). I really do believe that he will be incredibly successful in whatever he does, just because he is amazing at being friendly and likable. He's famous for making everyone laugh with his incredibly random quotes. He joined me, Ben Olson, Goke, and Jessica in an extravaganza to deliver bread to Mrs. Sporakowski's house (that may be the highlight of my life). He is a theatre techy, and so therefore we are destined to be friends. Anyone involved with theatre is an automatic friend of mine. I hope that we stay in contact, no matter what. I wish him all of the best of luck in his journey through life, with hopes that we will see each other often. | "What would you guys do if I told you I was actually a Mexican?" "Blooe'y Keh'le" "Where's my apple juice?" "Sweet." "You're White." "Maaaaadrigal" | New York, 2011 | Chicago, 2010

19: Willow | Here is Willow's story: both of her parents are diplomats, and she has lived with them all over the world. She was born in MIlwaukee and learned how to walk in London. She lived in a small country in the Mediterranean Sea called Malta before she moved back to Waupaca to go to school with me in third grade. Later, she moved back to London and I was able to visit her for a week there. She later went to school in northern Wisconsin while her mom finished up her term in London and then switched to a Vermont boarding school while her mom lived in South Africa and her dad lived in India. She lives in Wisconsin during the summers. Even though we only went to school with each other for one school year, we've managed to stay in touch and we have been great friends ever since. We both love Harry Potter and love to try new foods together. One summer while she was living with me, we attempted to make sushi, but we didn't have a sushi roller... we used tin foil to roll it up and filled the sticky rice with lunch meat, frozen shrimp, and horseradish. That same night, we made oatmeal and put food coloring and crushed up Oreo cookies in it and pretended to puke it up. You could probably say that we were nuts. Whenever we watch a movie together, we end up talking during the entire thing, with conversations ranging from elephants to pancakes. At one point in our lives we really liked Starbuck's coffee, especially the Frappucinos. We attempted making the Frappucinos and drank them every single day. Like I said previously, I went and visited her in London, and that was by far the most memorable vacation that I've ever had. We walked around a lot, and about every two hours we found ourselves walking into one of the hundreds of Starbucks café. Willow and I are still great friends to this day, even though we go many months without seeing each other and sometimes even communicating. She's the type of person that I could go a very long time without seeing and then see her and it's as if we were never even separated. We will continue to be friends for the rest of our lives, and I know that for certain. I wish her luck in whatever it is she choses to do, as I know she will always support me as well! | London, 2009

20: katie melissa cupcake | There are few people in this world that I have become as close to like I have become to this person. Never in my life have I been able to be myself around someone like I have been able to be around Katie. We met when we were in Middle School and we later were in band and choir together. We both were apart of the summer musicals together and were fortunate to be apart of the Waupaca High School's "Best Madrigal." There is no one that can make me laugh as much as Katie and there is no one that I am comfortable talking to as much as her. She's very musically gifted; I watched her get an Exemplary Soloist Award at State Solo & Ensemble a couple years ago for her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream." She's also a very talented clarinetist. One thing that I really admire about Katie is her ambition to do whatever she wants to do and her ability to do anything that she wants without being afraid what anyone will say about her. I think that those traits will propel her to achieve great things someday and I am interested in seeing where it does bring her. There is no doubt in my mind that we will always be friends no matter where we end up and I can't wait to meet up with her in years to come to see where she has gone and where she is about to go. SWEET.

21: Kiley | Alyssa | Erin | Brad | Goke | Emma | Bre | Hannah | Izzati

22: Bird

24: School | noun (skool) 1. : an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age 2. : an institution for instruction in a particular skill or field 3. : the other word for prison

25: School in Waupaca has been a great experience for me. There are people that were in my first grade class that I am still friends with today. I have loved the small town experience and atmosphere that has prepared me to move on from here to achieve whatever I want to achieve. My first exposure to music was in middle school, where I joined choir and began playing the trumpet and piano. I didn’t begin taking it seriously until I entered high school and gained the mentorship of a few incredible teachers and the comradery of being apart of ensembles that were comprised of people that shared similar interests as me. I have begun to find myself through the experiences of school at Waupaca High School, and when I finally do find out exactly who I am and figure out what I will become, I will owe the utmost gratitude to Waupaca and the people of this city that have helped me begin. These pages are dedicated to the wonderful experiences I’ve had, the wonderful mentors that have taught me, and the ensembles that I have had the pleasure of being apart of during my years at Waupaca High School.

26: JUNIOR YEAR | JUNIOR YEAR | JUNIOR | JUNIOR YEAR | JUNIOR YEAR | JUNIOR | JUNIOR YEAR | Junior | Junior | Junior | Junior | Junior | Junior | Junior | Juniors 2011 | Juniors 2011 | Junior Year | I am thoroughly convinced that the entirety of my Junior Year of high school was the very best school year I've experienced throughout all of school so far. There are a few obvious reasons why that may be and a few reasons that are "under the hood." First and foremost, I had some pretty nice classes that year; the only class that I hated was World History AP. I'm positive that everyone who knew me then knew that I hated that class. It was actually the first class that I received a B in for my semester grade. I took it very hard, because I held myself to a standard of excellence which meant that I needed to earn an A in order to consider myself successful. Well, earlier that year I read a book called The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. In that book, he said something that really stuck with me: "Experience is what you get when you don't get what you want." That thought has become the core of the philosophy that I live by today. I wanted to get an A in World History, but I didn't. Instead, I got the experience of not getting what I wanted; I was able to taste personal defeat and realize that it wasn't the end of the world. Something similar happened to me earlier that year; I didn't get a lead role in the musical that concert choir put on, "The Pajama Game." I took it very hard, but realized that I don't always have to get everything. It opened my eyes to see that failure is a crucial and very real element of life. I let the defeat take a hard hit on me, but later I realized that there is nobody standing in my way to achieve the very best that I could achieve but myself. I realized that I wasn't reaching my full potential on the trumpet because I was too self-critical. From that quotation from that wonderful book I read my Junior Year of high school, I figured out who I was as a person and as a musician. I don't need to be on the top right now, I need to fall and need to learn how to pick myself back up. "Who cares if you're phenomenal right now, anyways? In a few years you'll look back and wish you spent more of your time bettering yourself than belittling." After those very wise words of wisdom from my vocal coach, Holly Saunders, I became immediately more serious about music. We went to New York City my Junior Year for choir, and there I experienced the single most amazing musical moment of my entire life. Our chamber choir was warming up on the tenth floor of Riverside Church, and the acoustics, the atmosphere, and sound brought me to tears (and everyone else followed suit). I never have felt that passionate about music in my life until that point and it is a moment that I will remember for the rest of my life. On top of that, I was lucky enough to be apart of a wonderful jazz combo as well. I made a lot of great lifelong friends during this school year and have had some experiences that I will always remember. I loved my Junior Year, and it is definitely a year that I will remember for as long as I live. I am incredibly thankful for the experiences that I had that year that have changed my perspective on music forever and helped me figure out who Stanford Donald Mitchell is and who he wants to be.

28: Mrs. Sporakowski | It isn't too often that one is fortunate enough to be able to work with an individual that is capable of teaching others things that simply are un-teachable. For the first three years of high school, I was fortunate to work with a person with that incredible gift. Kristen Sporakowski was one of my band and choir directors at Waupaca High School, as well as being the director of Madrigal and Chamber Choir. The way she conveyed herself was incredibly inspirational and I am thankful that I was able to work with her. It was under her direction where I've felt an amazing passion for what I love and what I do. Her standard of quality was unlike any other that I've ever experienced and that is why she is so successful in what she does. She has little to no patience for rude people and never fails to have complete captivation of her audience. She really is an inspiring teacher that I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to have worked under. My gratitude is inexpressible and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for her years and dedication to influencing young individuals such as myself.

29: October 9, 2011 To whom it may concern: This is a letter of recommendation for Stanford Mitchell. I was fortunate to work with Stanford for three years while teaching at Waupaca High School. Stanford is an extraordinarily dedicated and hard-working musician and student. He has been a member of every ensemble and class offered by the vocal and instrumental music departments at Waupaca. This includes being a two year member of the most select vocal ensemble, the Madrigal/Vocal Jazz ensemble, which is the 24 best singers in a program of over 200. Stanford has also been a three year member of the top instrumental Wind Ensemble in which he has been the trumpet section leader for two years. He has taken Advanced Placement Music Theory and this year is a teaching assistant for the instrumental department. I believe that Stanford is one of the most dedicated and motivated students that I have ever worked with. He has natural talent and ability, as well as a passion for learning and self improvement. Stanford has taken it upon himself to improve his skills and hone his craft by taking private lessons, by learning conducting, by being a teaching assistant and by mentoring other students. His drive and desire to make music a career is second to none. Stanford is exactly the type of student that UW Eau-Claire is looking for. He is intelligent, responsible and dedicated to getting the most out of his education. He will be an active and contributing member of the Eau-Claire community. I give Stanford Mitchell my highest recommendation for admission to your institution. Sincerely, Kristen Sporakowski | "Thank you so very much, this means a lot to me! I really appreciate it. I have no words to effectively express my gratitude. However, I would like to try by informing you how much I've been inspired, motivated and changed through the years of working with you. I'm blessed to have had the experiences I've had and it's encouraging when I am going through rough periods of time to know that I have experienced things that most people never will. Life changes rapidly at every moment; I'm witnessing an extreme change right now (as are you), and I'm sure that it will be microscopic in comparison to the change I'll experience next year. With all events considered, I will never ever forget the times that have made me love what I do, the times that have encouraged me to do what I love, and the uncontrollable emotional feeling of passion for life that I experienced under your direction when we all were "sitting on top of the world." I thank God every day for that, and now I'm thanking you." Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Stanford.

30: mr kryshak | Kryshak

31: Wolfgram

32: Concert Choir | Some of my favorite musical moments during high school were credited to my time in choir. I particularly loved our trip to New York City my junior year where we sang some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard; my favorite was Rachmaninoff's Ave Maria. Every year, the concert choir presents a musical show for the community. My sophomore year I was lucky enough to be Friedrich in the Sound of Music. Music is a very influential force in my life and a lot of that is thanks to concert choir. I learned a lot about failure and perseverance. There is nothing more that I love than making wonderful music and I have learned through being a member of this ensemble that some of the best music can be made in a choir comprised of passionate and talented individuals. I know that if I loved the experiences here in high school, that I will love them even more as a member of the UW- Eau Claire choirs. I had a lot of fun and made a lot of friends during my years as a member of the Waupaca High School concert choir. | Performing at Riverside Church in New York City on April 8, 2011

33: w i n d en s e m b l e | By absolutely no means is it a secret that I have been a self-proclaimed band geek throughout high school. Well, I have been blessed to have been able to be enrolled at Waupaca High, where there are little to no boundaries between the music students and the rest of the student body. Actually, one in three students at the Waupaca High School are music students. I would consider myself to be in the "hierarchy" of music students, especially of the Wind Ensemble. Whenever I had extra time at the end of any of my classes, I went down to the band room to get some practicing in. Being in band taught me to be a leader, persevere, and responsibility. I enjoy being a band geek, so much even that during the summer between my junior and senior years I went into school every single day to practice for a couple of hours. Its a really good thing to be apart of and I enjoy every single minute of it. Through it I've learned a lot about failure. I like to talk about failure a lot because I strongly believe that without it there'd be no reason to try to become better than you can be. I am thoroughly thankful for the amount of times that I've failed during band throughout high school. Many of my fondest memories from high school were in band; such as the Florida trips, being in the pit orchestra, jazz band, dixieland jazz combo, being honored for solo and ensemble events, and many more memorable experiences.

34: Madrigal | During the months of December my Junior and Senior years in high school, approx. two hundred percent of my time was spent singing with this phenomenal group. We went from church to nursing home to Christmas parties to businesses, back to churches and then did it all over again. It was a joy to be able to skip classes in order to sing for residents at local nursing homes, even though sometimes they couldn't hear us. Once, when our director Kristen Sporakowski was introducing a piece entitled "Sing Noel" an elderly lady in the front row asked "What? What are they singing?" and she was answered quite loudly by a man sitting next to her, "They-They're singin', THEY'RE SINGING NOEL!" Many of us had troubles maintaining serious expressions and refrain from laughing while we tried to begin the song. One | of my fondest memories of Madrigal was during my Junior year when we managed to make our seemingly emotionless director cry. However, the very next day we almost made her want to murder every single one of us when we arrived at a gig to find we left one of our group members at a church. Jeff Servey forgot to let us know he was going to take a potty break, and so he was left behind. We never left a gig without asking ourselves "got Jeff?", and then had shirts made with that saying across the front. Madrigal also happened to be a spark to a very good friendship with Ben Olson. In New York City, we performed as a Chamber Choir and changed my life (see Riverside Church, 10th floor). I'm extremely happy and grateful that I was fortunate enough to have the wonderful experiences that I had in Madrigal. | Farmington Lutheran Church, where Kristen Sporakowski cried for the first time in her life | 2010 - 2011

35: & vocal jazz | In the New York City Heritage Festival in the early spring of 2011, this choir received a small, insignificant, yet slightly special and worth-mentioning honor, and it was called "Best Choir of the Entire Competition", an award that had never been received by any previous Waupaca High School choir. | On May 21, 2011, we sang the National Anthem at the Brewer Game. It was the first time I had ever been to Miller Park. | I think that the Vocal Jazz in Waupaca is among the best in all Wisconsin. I think that it is safe to say that one of the only reasons why I look forward to going to school at seven o'clock in the morning each and every day is to come to school and sing with this amazing group of singers. We sang the national anthem a the Brewer game my Junior year. I think that was one of the best experiences I've had in High School. I've really come to appreciate contemporary music more after having sung contemporary music in this group.

36: dixieland jazz combo | Dixie is the thing that made me want to come to school on Wednesday mornings. We rehearsed most if not all Wednesdays. The seven members of this group include myself on trumpet, Ben Olson on tuba, Claire Kiessling on trombone, Amanda Servey on clarinet, Alyssa Manteufel on tenor saxophone, Emily Bolwerk on drums, and Bailey Lick on keyboard bass. We started because we wanted to, and our director, Mr. Kryshak luckily had a few charts that we could read. We initially played essentially only two songs; Basin Street Blues and Jada. We rehearsed and rehearsed and rehearsed these songs until we got bored of the fact that it started to sound the same each and every time we played them. So, we initiated the Nasty Contests. In a Nasty Contest, two or more players compete during a run of a song to see who could play the nastiness. The nasty winner chose the next song. With the practice and master of nasty, we began improvising and understanding the style of Dixie music. Now, our repertoire includes a vast number of songs. Each member is talented and passionate about what we do. We all love making music together. Listening to jazz is one thing, but to have the opportunity to practice it in a group setting like this is truly a blessing. I'm glad I was able to be a member of this exciting and talented group of musicians.

38: The Statue of Liberty | Rado, Ben, and me on top of the Empire State Building | Me, Mrs. Sporakowski, and Mr. Wolfgram in front of Rockefeller Center | Kiley, Ben, me, and Ashley Davis on the Ferry to New York from New Jersey | Me in Times Square | Ben and me in Toys 'R Us in Times Square

39: Me, Mrs. Sporakowski and Ben walking into FAO Schwartz | The Italian pizza man and me in a pizzeria. | Sam Bertram and me on top of the Empire State Building | Ben and me on the way up to the top of the Empire State Building | Jeff, Eric, Ben, Kiley, me and Amanda on Ellis Island | Me on top of Rockefeller Center

40: Riverside Church, 10th floor Friday, April 8th, 2011 @ 10:20 AM | The single most amazing moment in my entire life happened in New York City when the choir traveled there to compete in the Heritage Festivals. I vividly remember the moment where the overwhelming feelings of joy, passion, exhilaration, and success overcame me and reduced me into a puddle of tears. We were warming up to compete in the heritage Festival in New York for Chamber Choir. The size of the room amounted to that of my bedroom and the capacity read "80 persons, any exceeding that is unlawful and dangerous." Me and my 23 fellow singers and our incredible director Kristen Sporakowski were the only people there. We were all unsure about how we would perform in the competition because we had not yet ran through our three songs completely yet. We began with "Exultate Deo." Out of the three selections, this one was the one I felt weakest on; but when we rehearsed it, we killed it. It was spectacular. Beautiful. We all grinned ear to ear, excited by what we had just accomplished. Next came my absolute favorite... "The Stars Stand Up In the Air." The second the piano rang inside that tiny room, I felt it... goosebumps up and down my spine; it hit me. I was in New York City, with an excellent choir that I was apart of. And then the girls began singing, and I lost any control to hold back my emotions and contain myself. It was so beautiful... the song ended softly with a gorgeous minor second leading into a resolved unison, and I began crying. The perfection of the sound was unlike any I've ever heard. And I was in New York City, ten stories above a gorgeous church. And nothing could upset me. I was in a euphoric state of happiness that I never have experienced in my entire life. Just when I thought that things could not have gotten better, I collected my emotions and we began singing "Carpenters of God." The men produced a wall of sound that I was certain that we would never be able to do. Everything was in tune. We were incredible. It came upon the end and we ended the song loud, echoing loudly in that immaculate intimate setting and Mrs. Sporakowski was smiling. We ended and every single person joined me in crying, including Mrs. Sporakowski. She put it into words better than I could have: we were sitting on top of the world. Never have I felt the way I did there at that moment in time and I am unsure that I ever will again, but there's one thing for sure: that is why I sing, that is why I do what I do, that is what it is all about... sitting on top of the world.

41: The stars up in the air, The sun and the moon are gone, The strand of its waters is bare. And her sway is swept from the swan. The cuckoo was calling all day, Hid in the branches above, How my stoirin is fled away, 'Tis my grief that I gave her my love. Three things through love I see-- Sorrow and sin and death-- And my mind reminding me That this doom I breathe with my breath. But sweeter than violin or lute Is my love--and she left me behind. I wish that all music were mute, And I to all beauty were blind. She's more shapely than swan by the strand, She's more radiant than grass after dew, She's more fair than the stars where they stand-- 'Tis my grief that her ever I knew. Thomas MacDonagh

42: Music | noun (myoo-zik) 1. : the art of combining sounds to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion 2. : an aesthetically pleasing or harmonious sound or combination of sounds 3. : that which can express the unexpressable 4. : love, life, and happiness

43: Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music.

44: My trumpet is the Xeno of the professional line of Yamaha trumpets. It is my pride and joy. This is the single most valuable thing I own, and it is the single most beautiful instrument I've ever seen. If I had it my way, I would quit my life and just play this trumpet all day long and never stop. I went to Appleton with my friend Sawyer one day to look at trumpets and try some out. Even though we were frazzled from almost being run over by a car full of Mexicans, I managed to notice that this trumpet was set apart from the rest. Its clarion, dark sound was impeccable. With the purchase of this instrument, and with an enormous amount of thanks to my father, I began to love music more and more, becoming more and more committed with each passing day. I was recognized at the state Solo and Ensemble festival as an exemplary soloist for trumpet. At that exact moment in time, that very second that the judge asked me to come sign that pink sheet of paper, I knew that all I wanted to do in my life is enjoy music, whether it be to play as a hobby on the side or to become a professional musician; I prefer and strive for the latter. I dream of someday living in New York City with my wife and family, working as a business man or something else, and playing with Broadway pit orchestras. I become emotional when I think about where music and my trumpet can bring me, and that's only because of a simple thing that I've discovered with my love of the trumpet: passion.

45: At State Solo and Ensemble at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point in May 2011, I received a "Exemplary Soloist Award" from the adjudicator for my performance of Alexander Goedicke's "Concert Etude"

46: 1 Best of Me - Michael Buble 2 Summertime - Ella Fitzgerald 3 In My Life - The Beatles 4 The Stars Stand Up in the Air - Eric Barnum 5 Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay - Sara Bareilles 6 All of Me - Michale Buble 7 For Good - Wicked 8 Blackbird - The Beatles 9 And So it Goes - Billy Joel 10 Someone Like You - Adele 11 Everything - Michael Buble 12 Cry Me a River - Michael Bublé 13 Nostalgia World - The Real Group 14 Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra 15 Basin Street Blues - Louis Armstrong 16 Georgia on my Mind - Ray Charles 17 Four - Miles Davis | 18 Piano Man - Billy Joel 19 Feeling Good - Michael Bublé 20 So What - Miles Davis 21 Take the "A" Train - Duke Ellington 22 Route 66 23 I've Got the World on a String - Frank Sinatra 24 Satin Doll - Duke Ellington 25 All Blues - Miles Davis 26 Summertime - Miles Davis 27 Pass Me the Jazz - The Real Group 28 Hollywood - Michael Buble 29 Straight, No Chaser - Monk 30 My Funny Valentine - Melinda Doolittle 31 I Got Rhythm 32 Dream a Little Dream of Me - Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald 33 Laura | 34 She's Always a Woman - Billy Joel 35 Jada - Count Basie 36 With Imagination - Harry Connick, Jr. 37 Danny Boy - Eva Cassidy 38 Here, There, and Everywhere - The Beatles 39 Gravity - Sara Bareilles 40 Cry Me a River - Ella Fitzgerald 41 One Day More - Les Miserables 42 It Don't Mean a Thing - Duke Ellington 44 Rolling in the Deep - Adele 45 Billie's Bounce 46 When You're Smiling - Billy Holiday 47 Time After Time - Miles Davis 48 New York, New York - Frank Sinatra 49 Stars - Les Miserables 50 Me and Mrs. Jones - Michael Bublé | t o p 50

47: louis armstrong

48: jazz

49: influential musicains, etc.

50: Louis Armstrong | My very first love of the art of jazz was initiated by its creator itself, the great Louis Armstrong. I think that it is safe to say that there is nothing else in this world that has influenced me and encouraged me to achieve great things more than this man. I've looked to him as an idol before I even began playing the trumpet and he is the reason why I began playing. I think that many jazz musicians need to pay him respect because I think that it is generally agreed that without Louis, jazz wouldn't be where it is today. He influenced many musicians after him, myself included, to achieve anything and everything that one can and wants to achieve | When I see Louis, when I think of him and his aspirations, I see a lot of myself. There was nothing that held him back from achieving what he did. There was nothing that stood in his way; nothing that made him believe that he couldn't do everything that he ended up doing. And the only reason for that was the dedication, motivation and diligence that I admire so much about Louis Armstrong. When I'm older, having achieved accomplishments of my own, I will always pay tribute to the man that made me believe I could do it.

51: Ella Fitzgerald | When I think of Ella Fitzgerald, I think of a number of things; I think about her style, clarity of her tone, flexibility of her range, fluency for her rhythm, but above all, I think of her most incredible talent that I envy: her talent for improvisation. I would give an arm and a leg and then some to be able to feel the music that that woman did. I feel that it is safe to say that my love of jazz was initiated with my love of listening to Ella. I heard her sing "It don't mean a thing" on the radio, and I immediately looked further into her music, concentrating on her incredible scatting skills. Ella is a musician who I admire for many reasons. I feel honored to listen to and own her music and share it with people so that maybe they can experience the very same feelings that I have experienced due to the lovely First Lady of Song.

52: June 5, 2011 Milwaukee, WI | michael bublé | Out of all the contemporary artists of today, my favorite is hands-down Michael Bublé. In my opinion, he is a modern day Frank Sinatra, here to enhance the music industry in ways that no other artist today is capable of. There is no one in today's culture that is as classy as this man and there is no one that comes close to compare with his music. I was incredibly fortunate to be able to see him in concert in Milwaukee. I think that it is safe to say that it was one of the better experiences of my life so far... not only was he incredible and a complete joy to watch, his band had insane chops that were second to none. I will always look forward to see what new music this incredible artist has to contribute.

53: m i l e s d a v i s | If there is anyone that ever lived on earth that knew how to play the trumpet, it was this man. I look up to him in every way when it comes to jazz and the trumpet. I enjoy listening to Miles improvise far more than any other musician that has ever taken upon themselves the art of improvisation. I would consider him to be the king of bebop, and I fell in love with bebop the very moment that I heard it. He was incredibly talented at what he did and he was so skillful at mastering his craft. I hope to someday be able to play as well as him. Phrasing is difficult to master in jazz, and Miles could do it better than anyone. His unique tone is by far one of the most distinctive of trumpet players in his time. I really look up to this musician and for that reason alone I found it completely necessary to dedicate to him this page.

54: mike, monica barden

56: musicals I've been to | One of my all-time favorite things to do is to go watch a professional musical. Every time I see one, I claim it was "the best one I've ever seen" or "my favorite one of all time". Although I've only seen a few in my life, I plan on going to see many, many more in years to come. It is one of my biggest dreams is to play in the pit orchestras for Broadway shows. It's interesting to see how creative the sets, lighting, costuming, orchestration, and characterizations are and to compare them from show to show. I love reading reviews, reviewing them myself, and finding out what shows have won Tony Awards, and which ones have not. It is very exhilarating to be able to say that I have seen a Tony Award- winning show... I hope and plan on seeing many more musicals in the future.

57: musicals I've been in | If there's anything more fun than going to see a musical, it is being apart of one. After being apart of a few productions in school and in the community, I understand how much hard work and dedication there is for each and every cast member to put forth. After being in a couple shows in Middle School, I built enough courage to audition for the Waupaca Community Theatre production of Beauty and the Beast. Later that year I auditioned for The Sound of Music and was cast as one of the children, and that was a huge milestone for me. I was very excited to be apart of more musicals in my future. I played in the pit orchestra for The Pajama Game, and that was even more fun than being on stage. I am very grateful for the experiences that I have had in the WCT and WHS musicals.

58: I've dedicated this page to my favorite musical of all time, and that is the very best and successful musical to ever be produced: Les Miserables. I have loved this musical since I first saw it when I went to London in 2009 (the top right hand photo is from my trip; its the Queen's Theater in London's West End Theater District). After I saw the musical, I purchased the soundtrack and read the book that it was based off of by Victor Hugo. The story is beautiful and the music is intricately tied to the lyrics; there aren't many musicals that are as incredible as this one. If I could see this musical again, I would in a heartbeat. For these reasons, Les Miserables is my favorite musical. | London, 2009

59: Okay, okay, so I admit it... my ultimate favorite movie of all time is Toy Story! I love it just as much as I did when I was five years old, playing with my Woody and Buzz action figures. Now, I've retired the toys but I still consider the movies to be some of the best ever made. In fact, being the Harry Potter freak that I am, I actually think that I liked the Toy Story 3 movie more than I did the last Harry Potter movie. It's insane, I know... I hope that they continue to make these movies in the future. Nothing can ever compare to the first installment of this incredible series, though. Throughout the years, seeing the amount of movies that I have, I still consider Toy Story to be my all time favorite!

60: love

61: beauty

62: where i see myself in 20 years

63: new york

64: University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

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