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Chapter One

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S: Cailyn Rileigh Pragluski

BC: One Month | Two Months | Three Months | Four Months | Five Months | Six Months | Seven Months | Eight Months | Nine Months | Ten Months | Eleven Months | One Year

FC: The Beginning | Chapter One

1: Mommy's Pregnant How we found out: Mommy and Daddy had been trying to have a baby for a while and things were just not happening the way we planned. Except one day, Mommy felt a little different than usual and took the magical test. Mommy ran to Daddy and showed him exactly how was you. We finally got a Positive Test that we knew was for real this time. How we felt: We were soooo excited. We really didn't know how to act. We knew this was going to be a really great adventure in our lives. The first people we told: We waited until Mommy was three months pregnant before actually telling anyone. It was killing us to know the great news and not being able to share it. But once we knew it was safe, we told your Auntie Stephie and Uncle Bryan first. We happened to be at a wedding the weekend we got the ok to share the news, and they were the first people we saw, so we had to tell them right away. They were a little shocked but excited all at the same time. Then next in line was your grandparents. We wanted to make it an exciting thing for everyone, so we decided to send flowers to all three sets of grandparents with a card that read: "Can't wait to meet you in January Love Baby Pragluski". They were all so excited to be getting another grandchild and to have another little baby around to spoil. Your original Due Date: January 22, 2011.

2: Our Doctor's Name: Dr. Charlene Case When we first heard your heartbeat: When Mommy was 10 Weeks along, the doctor was able to get a heart beat for the first time, I had Daddy on the phone so we could hear it together and we both began to tear up. It so the best thing we could had ever heard. | Visiting the Doctor

3: When we first saw you: It was amazing, we had never expected to see you so clearly. | Boy or Girl?: Mommy and Daddy both wanted to know...and were very excited when we found out we were going to have a little princess.

4: Daddy's Full Name: Michael Ryan Pragluski Birthday: October 2, 1980 Hometown: Springfield Height: 6 feet tall Color of Hair: Brown Color of Eyes: Hazel | His Favorite Feature: Hands What he hoped to be in the future: Martial Artist Favorite Memory of his childhood: Hanging with his siblings | Likes and Dislikes: Your mom, Computer Games, Music, Fighting, Eating Spinach, Dunkin Donuts, Ignorance | All About Daddy

5: Mommy's Full Name: Danielle Dolores Drapeau Pragluski Birthday: August 20, 1983 Hometown: Springfield Height: 5' 7" Color of Hair: Brown Color of Eyes: Brown | Her Favorite Feature: Big Eyes What she hoped to be in the future: To own my own business in Interior Design Favorite Memories of her childhood: Playing School with my sister. | Likes and Dislikes: Shopping, Junk Food, Clothes, Purses, Pictures, Decorating Working out, Spaghetti, Spiders and bugs | All About Mommy

6: Your | Parents

7: How Mommy and Daddy Met: Mommy and Daddy met through your Uncle Charlie. Mommy and Uncle Charlie were inseparable friends back then and went everywhere together. So one day mommy went to a football game with Uncle Charlie and that was the beginning of it all. Your Daddy ran up to greet us and from that point on, we were inseparable. The Proposal: Mommy had been waiting for a long time for the day your daddy would ask for her hand in marriage. Then one special day it happened. Mommy and Daddy were sitting on the couch at Papa & Memere's house having a conversation about what we were going to do that day. That's when your daddy looked over and said "How about we get married?" Mommy thought he was kidding and laughed. Then She realized he wasn't kidding when she saw the gorgeous ring on Daddy's finger, and he said again "How about we get married?" Mommy was so excited, she began to tear up and jumped on daddy with a great big "YES!!!". Wedding Day: It was on October 18, 2008 at St. John The Baptist Parish in Ludlow, MA followed by the reception at Oak Ridge Country Club in Feeding Hills, MA. We had so much fun on our Wedding Day that we would do it again in a heartbeat.

8: Family Tree | Cailyn Rileigh Pragluski- Mommy's Side Baby Danielle Dolores Pragluski (Drapeau) Mommy Diana Marie Drapeau (McCurdy) Norman Armand Drapeau Grandmother Grandfather Dolores Lorriane Brown Simone Aurora Drapeau (Schmid-McCurdy) (Campbell) Great Grandmother Great Grandmother Emmitt Wells McCurdy William George Drapeau Sr. Great Grandfather Great Grandfather

9: Cailyn Rileigh Pragluski- Daddy's Side Baby Michael Ryan Pragluski Daddy Rita Louise Hurley (Pragluski) Andrew Thomas Sterchak Jr. Grandmother Grandfather Philomena Margarite Pragluski Carol Rita Arena (Motes) (Duffy -Sterchak) Great Grandmother Great Grandmother Roman Matthew Przyalgowski Andrew Thomas Sterchak Sr. Raymond Peter Pragluski Sr. Great Grandfather Great Grandfather

10: Host(s): Memere, Nana Rita, Auntie Tammy & Auntie Nikki Special Things we did to celebrate: Played Games like Baby BINGO; Guests wrote in your story books special messages to you. | Theme: "Little Pumpkin"

12: What your name means: Cailyn= Beautiful Rejoicer Rileigh=Courageous How we chose your name: Mommy & Daddy really loved the name and meaning of Rileigh. Once we knew what it meant we wanted that name to be a part of who you are. We then had to find a name that went with it and did it justice. So we searched and searched and found the perfect name, Cailyn. | Preparing For Your Arrival

13: What we did to get ready: Mommy & Daddy wanted your room to be extra special with all the best stuff. So we painted, put up a border, and put together all the wonderful stuff you got from the baby shower. We had to rearrange some stuff in the house to make room for all your things, like your swing, bouncy chair, food, & bottles,and definitely all the diapers & wipes. All so exciting! | Your Nursery Color and Theme: Green, Blue, & Pink- Butterflies

14: Birth Date: January 27, 2011 Time of Birth: 7:07am Location: Baystate Medical Center Weight: 7lbs 5.6oz Length: 20.5 inches Doctor who delivered you: Dr. Fitzgerald Mommy's Labor began at 9:00pm on January 26th and lasted 10 hours. | Cailyn Rileigh Pragluski | The Big Day

15: People in the delivery room: Daddy, Dr. Fitzgerald, and Nurse Lisa Who Cut the Umbilical Cord: Daddy Color of Eyes: Blue Color of Hair: Brown What you looked Like: You had the littlest facial features and the longest feet and hands.

17: The First People who shared in our Joy Who Held you first: Auntie Tammy, followed by your Auntie Sara and then then continued from there. Everyone was so excited to meet you that people didn't stop coming by to visit the whole time we were in the hospital, and the first couple of weeks you were home.

18: There is no place like Home Your First Address: 8 Teach Street Enfield, CT 06082 Mommy and Daddy loved this house. When you decided to come into this world we had one of the biggest snow storms we had in a long time. So when we brought you home all streets were covered in snow except the paths for driving | Abominable Daddy in over 2 feet of Snow

19: Your Temperament: Very Calm How much you slept: you adjusted very well to your new room. You slept in your crib the very first night waking up every three hours to eat. How much you ate: You loved to eat. You ate every three hours on the dot. You liked to eat so much that at 6 weeks old you were already eating oatmeal cereal by spoon.

20: The World Around You World Leaders: First Black President Ever President Obama Big News of the Day: North American Blizzard Biggest Toy Fad: Nintendo DS, Thomas & Friends Popular Movies: Twilight Series, Harry Potter Musical Groups:Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry Television Shows: Lost, American Idol, Survivor, CSI

21: Famous Actors and Actresses:Jennifer Aniston , Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Sports Figures:Tom Brady- NE Patriots, David Ortiz "Big Poppi"- Boston Red Sox Fashion Trends: Scarfs, Tall Boots over Pants , Long Shirts with Jeggings /Leggings Gasoline Prices: $3.62 -$4.30 per Gallon Milk: $3.50 a Gallon Postage Stamps: $0.44 a Stamp

22: Your Birth Announcement to all our Friends & Family | People Couldn't believe how Daddy got you to smile for your picture.

23: Your First Photo Shoot by daddy

24: Your First Cereal

25: Tubby Time

26: You loved your monkeys so much!!! | Your monkeys names were Melvin & Chip | Monkeying Around | Sometimes you were the Monkey

27: You Loved to play with all your toys. Oh and the many toys you had.

28: Things to remember: What you looked like: You were such a beautiful baby. You started with brown hair that turned into Light blonde after the first couple months. You had big bright blue eyes. The cutest little features with the longest eye lashes. You were very thin with long legs. How you liked to be held: You loved to be snuggled when you slept with the blanket right over your face. If you weren't sleeping you had to be held facing outward because you were a very nosy girl. | What kind of sounds you made: You were always babbling. You loved to make all kinds of noises like growling, yelling, and Sniffing. Nicknames after you were born: You had many nicknames. Daddy loved to call you Bee Bee C, Little Punkin, & P-Dunka. Mommy called you punker doodle, punka, and lovebug.

30: 1st Valentine's Day February 14, 2011

31: First Easter | For your first Easter we went to Saint Elizabeth's for Mass where you were talking to everyone around us. We then went to Pepere Grondin's house to see all the kids open Easter Baskets from their God Parents. We then headed out to Papa and Memere's House to have lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. Finally we ended up at Aunt Eileen's house on the Hurley side to visit Nana Rita and Papa Sam. | April 23, 2011

32: When: May 29, 2011 Where: St. Elizabeth Parish Ludlow, MA Party: At our House-We had a BBQ What you wore: You wore the gown that your Great Grandmother Drapeau made for your Cousin's when they were baptized. God Parents: Auntie Tammy, Auntie Nikki, and Uncle Tom (Dubin) | First Celebration | Christening

33: Who Attended: Lots of Family and Friends The Cake: Your Auntie Leah made your cake special for you Gifts: You got lots of Money, Bonds, and Clothes

34: Paytin | Kayla | Cailyn | Kena | Stroller Strides You and I joined a stroller exercise class in June of 2011. Here we met lots of cool friends that we exercised with and had play dates with after class. We sang songs, learned our alphabet and numbers, and shared lots of laughter with all our friends. | Mason | Grant | Elle | Carter

35: Brynn | Jack | Bella | Evan | Maura | Theya | Eric | Elle | Regan | Ariella | Mauve

36: First One Ever | July 4, 2011

37: Auntie Tammy & Uncle Todd's Wedding Day July 8, 2011 Newport RI Easton Beach

39: Beach Days with your crazy cousins Gabby, Hayden, and Julien

40: Your Six Months Pictures

41: Your Older Cousins loved to hold you. All of them were so excited you were born that most of them treated you like their baby doll, well at least the younger ones. | Gabriella | Julien | Hayden | Drew | Isabella | Joshua | Dylan

42: Apple Picking

44: First

45: First

46: Shopping for your very first Christmas Tree | Our Tree

47: You were not impressed at all by the trees. You didn't want to touch it.

48: You had lots of fun decorating the tree. | The Final Product

49: Our First Family Christmas Card

50: Christmas Eve

51: Christmas Eve was celebrated with the Grondin Family. Santa and Mrs. Claus came to spend time with us and sing songs. You were not very fond of Santa, as you can see.

52: First Christmas

53: This was the best Christmas Mommy and Daddy ever had. You were at a great age where you loved the wrapping paper and tissue paper on all the presents. The thing you loved most was the Stockings. You were amazed that every time you looked into the stocking there was something else to pull out.

54: You fell asleep half way through the party and then had a second wind. | After | Before

55: Personality First time you smiled: 2 week old First time you laughed: 9 weeks old Waved: 5 months old Played peek a boo: 4 months old; you loved to play Where's Cailyn Habits: Slept through the night- 6 weeks old Chatter Box Said your first words: You were 6 months old when you said your first word and of course it was Daddy. It came out more like Da da. But then you quickly learned MA MA and the actual first word was Baby. From there you babbled all the time.

56: First Birthday Party

57: Where: American Legion Chicopee, MA | Theme: 1st Birthday Little Angels | Date: January 28, 2012

58: What made your party special: You had Shuffles the Clown at your party. She made Balloon Animals, did a magic show, and even juggling!

59: Special things at your party: Yummy Cake Pops | What you did with the cake: You were very dainty with the cake. You barely made a mess at all.

60: Who came to your party: You had such a huge party! There was 90 adults and 27 kids. All your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends were there. | Baby Girl!

61: Birthday Traditions: Mommy wanted make something every birthday morning that smelt so good that you would wake up to and know it was your birthday. The special breakfast was French Toast Muffins. They smelt great! Then all three of us went into your bedroom and marked how tall you were on the tree on your wall. .

62: Food Held a bottle: 8 Months old Ate Baby Food: Cereal 6 weeks old Fruits and Veggies- 4 months old Ate Solid Foods: 8 months old Fed yourself: You began to pick up your puffs and yogurt melts around 8 months Around About: Danced: You began dancing as soon as began to know what music was. One of your favorite songs to dance to was the theme song from the show "Grey's Anatomy" . As soon as you heard this song come on, you would stop what you were doing and come right over to dance to it. Your First Teeth During teething you were pretty cranky, and refused to eat anything but a bottle. 1st Tooth: You got your tooth when you were 7 1/2 months old and the second tooth came in a couple days later. Then you were popping them out left and right.

63: Actions Held your head up: 4 weeks old Rolled over: 3 months old Crawled: Made first crawling movements around 6 1/2 months old and you had it completely figured out by the time you were ...7 1/2 months old Sat up on your own: You began to sit up on your own around 6 months old. Pulled yourself up to Stand: 8 Months old Stood on your own: You began to stand on your own around 10 months old, but it wasn't for a very long time. Took your first steps: We remember this very clearly because you gave us no warning, you just began walking. It was January 10, 2012. It was a couple weeks before you turned one. We were so excited and couldn't believe it was happening at that very moment. Funny stories about your first steps: The funniest part was that you clapped at yourself when you took a couple steps. You would take some steps and then stop to clap, then take a few more steps. It was great.

64: First Birthday Pictures

65: Weight Born: 7 lbs 5.6oz Two Weeks: 7 lbs 14oz One Month: 9 lbs 2oz Two Months: 10 lbs 8oz Four Months: 12 lbs 14oz Six Months: 14 lbs 8oz Nine Months: 17 lbs 8oz Twelve Months: 18 lbs 5oz | Height Born: 20.5 inches Two Weeks: 21 1/2" One Month: 22 1/2" Two Months: 23 1/4" Four Months: 25 1/4" Six Months: 27 3/4" Nine Months: 29 3/4" Twelve Months: 30 1/4"

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