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Charles Bday Party - 21 July 2012 - share

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Charles Bday Party - 21 July 2012 - share - Page Text Content

S: Charles’ Birthday Party -- 21 July 2012

FC: Charles' Birthday Party 21 July 2012

1: CONTENTS (I) The Invitation ----------------------------------------------------- 3 (II) The Place ----------------------------------------------------------- 4 (III) The People ---------------------------------------------------------- 6 1. Family ----------------------------------------------------------- 7 2. Charles' Long-Term Professional and Social Friends ------------ 8 3. Iara's Professional Friends --------------------------------------- 14 4. Some Special Friends --------------------------------------------- 18 5. Friends from Blessed Sacrament School ------------------------- 20 6. Friends from Georgetown Visitation School --------------------- 22 7. Neighbors --------------------------------------------------------- 27 8. Some of Melissa's Friends ---------------------------------------- 30

2: CONTENTS (CONT.) (IV) The Presentation ---------------------------------------------------- 32 1. Setting the Stage ------------------------------------------------- 32 2. Ed Novak Presents Birthday Gift Ideas for Charles ------------ 33 3. Dan Kerns Receives the Novak's Donation --------------------- 40 4, People in the Audience ------------------------------------------ 41 5. Charles' Speech -------------------------------------------------- 44 6. Dan Kerns Gives Charles a Present ----------------------------- 46 (V) The Food ------------------------------------------------------------ 47 (VI) Eating and Having Fun -------------------------------------------- 48 (VII) The Cake ------------------------------------------------------------ 52 (VIII) Maureen giving Charles a Painting -------------------------------- 54 (IX) Ending with Assorted Pictures --------------------------------------- 55

3: You are invited to join family, friends, and neighbors to celebrate Charles’ birthday! | The party will be held at Guapo's Restaurant, on Saturday, July 21st from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm | (I) The Invitation | Picture from 2007 CAA Dinner Dance | Pictures at this birthday party (2012)

4: (II) The Place (Guapo's Restaurant)

5: Our Special Decoration

6: (III) The People | The people that came to the party will be introduced as: 1. Family 2. Charles' Long-Term Professional and Social Friends 3. Iara's Professional Friends 4. Some Special Friends 5. Friends from Blessed Sacrament Elementary School 6. Friends from Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School 7. Neighbors 8. Some of Melissa's Friends

7: 1. Family | Dolores Bourke (Charles' Sister) | Cathy (Charles' Cousin) and Rayna (Dolores & Tom's Daughter) | Tom Bourke (Dolores' Husband)

8: 2. Charles' Long-Term Professional and Social Friends | Selected by President Regan to be the first Director of SDIO (Star Wars) | Lt Gen (Ret.) Abrahamson

9: LTG (Ret.) Malcolm O'Neill and Wife Judy | Fourth Director of SDIO. Former Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology.

10: Dr. Alan Pike | Long-term colleague of Charles (39 years). Laser expert from MIT / Lincoln laboratory. Picture includes Judy O'Neill.

11: Dr. John Dyer and Wife Patty | Another long-term colleague of Charles. Senior Analyst at Sparta Corporation.

12: Tom & Sally Buckler | Charles' friends for 51 years. Tom was an electrical engineer at NASA. Many singles parties together...

13: Charles' friend for over 40 years. Nuclear physicist in the private sector. After Tom Buckler got married, Darrell replaced him as Charles' companion in the singles world. | Mr. Darrell Eisenhut

14: 3. Iara's Professional Friends | Former Chief of the RTD Division, National Institute of Justyice (NIJ). Iara's supervisor when she joined NIJ in 2005. | Dr. Stanley Erickson and Wife Olga

15: Col Bruce Johnson and Wife Sarah | Deputy Director, Resources Analyses, HQ Air Force A9R. Iara is currently Chief of the A9RP Resource Analysis Branch. | Sarah was voted the most outgoing and fun person at the party!

16: Mr, David and Dr. Patti Hickman | Dave was the Deputy Chief of the Force Balance Assessment Division A9RP. Currently on detail at the House Committee on Appropriations. Patti is the Deputy Director, Analyses, Assessments and Development Division, HQ AF/A9A

17: Mike Lewis and Eileen Buttler | Dr. Joseph Tama | Joe is one of Iara's colleagues at A9RP | Mike and Eileen are other colleagues from the Air Force A9. Mike from A9AA, Eileen from A9IC. Eileen currently works at Enterprise Information Services, Inc. as Software Tester/Developer.

18: 4. Some Special Friends | Bob and Anne Strahota | Anne became a friend of Charles at the chemotherapy facility. | Sherry Watkins | Sherry is Iara's friend from her singles days...

19: Other Friends from Iara's Singles Days | Ann Cook | Al and Betty Zara | Ann and Iara have been good friends since 1990. | Al and Iara have been good friends since 1992. Later he met and married his soul mate Betty.

20: 5. Friends from Blessed Sacrament School | Colleen and Martin are the parents of Mackenzie, one of Melissa's close friends. They always have the best Halloween Parties in the neighborhood. | Maureen and Jim are very close friends of our family.. Their daughter Katie is a superb artist that one day will be famous! | Colleen and Martin Hahn | Maureen and Jim Mongoven

21: Madelaine and Tom Shedlick | The Shedlicks hosted many enjoyable picnics and girl scout camping trips on their farm on Gibson Island. | MaryGay Hassler & Grace Novak For many years, Mary Gay was the Blessed Sacrament Scout Leader and Grace was her assistant.

22: 6. Friends from Georgetown Visitation School | Ed made a special surprise to Charles by bringing to the party Mr. Dan Kerns, Jr., the Head of Visitation School. The even bigger surprise is described in this album in the section "The Presentation" | Ed and Grace Novak | Their daughters Nikki and Julia have been Melissa's friends since kindergarten. Ed over the past years became one of Charles' best friends and supporter. | Mr. Dan Kerns, Jr.

23: Gino Vissicchio | Melissa Goldblatt | Gino is a dedicated and caring person that is always there when needed. He is also a great photographer, and I have to thank him for many precious pictures he gave us over the years. Melissa is always smiling and, despite her busy life, does not miss any school function. | These are Emma's parents: Gino with "our Melissa" and Melissa Goldblatt with Charles.

24: Diane & Daughter Cate Dillon | John Dillon (with Gino) | Diane and her beautiful daughter Cate, who won the title "Miss DC's Outstanding Teen." | John Dillon hosts many last-minute parties at his home for Cate's friends. We don't know how he can manage to stay calm all the time.!

25: John Monahan & Annie Burns | Dr. Michael Joly | This is the only party in the past year where the Monahans have not worn their Chicago Cubs T-Shirts. Their daughter Maggie is the big star in all Visitation Theater Plays and Musicals. | Michael has four daughters that attended Visitation School. Jeanette, Melissa's friend, is the youngest.

26: Margaret with Doc and Tara Rangat If you want some delicious Indian cuisine and great company accept a dinner invitation to their home. | Joseph Hynds with Margaret, Gino and Doc Joe's daughter, also named Margaret, is a fabulous writer. Joe is the only man in a home with four daughters and a wife!

27: 7. Neighbors | Lionel and Stephanie Collins | Jim and Leanne Bolands | These are our next right door neighbors. We are missing here BW, their lovely cat. | These are our next left door neighbors that built in their rec room the best movie theater in the neighborhood.

28: Brian and Cathleen Banner | Kyle & Maria Claudia Holstine | They are active members of the Chatsworth Homeowners Association. Kyle is a formal president, and Maria Claudia is the computer guru that keeps the neighborhood up-to-date and informed. | This is the delightful couple that took interest in Melissa's growth over the years. Melissa has been walking Casey (their gentle Golden Retriever) for over six years.

29: Bill Nack & Carolyne Starek | Phil Christenson | Bill Nack is our famous neighbor that for many years wrote for Sports Illustrated, and is author of many books, including "Secretariat". He was an important critic during adaptation of the book to a movie, and even had an acting role in the movie. | Phil is the caring neighbor that, with Bob Carr came to our home during the night with a ladder to surprise us in the morning with beautiful flowers in our kitchen and dinning room windows.

30: 8. Melissa's Friends | Jeannette Joly and Cate Dillon | Margaret Hynds | Tara Rangat

31: Grace Hassler | Julia and Nikki Novak | Mollie & Tommy Shedlick | Maggie Monahan

32: (IV) The Presentation | Ed Novak asks people to get together in the main room for a special presentation. | 1. Setting the Stage

33: 2. Ed Novak Presents 5 Birthday Gift Ideas for Charles, gifts guaranteed to please a "Theoretical Physicist"!

34: Idea 1: Large Hadron Collider | For a "Smashing" good time, get your favorite Physicist one of these beauties and watch his eyes light up as he flips the switch. At $6.4 billion, it may seem a bit expensive, but the opportunity to be the first to observe and document the actual existence of the elusive Higgs boson is "Priceless". Please note that the price quoted does not include batteries or a built in power source. We recommend locating your collider near a low carbon footprint hydroelectric or nuclear power plant, as it will otherwise require 1.5 trillion batteries to operate.

35: Idea 2: Hubble Space Telescope | As Albert Einstein had to learn from Edwin Hubble the hard way, sometimes it's not just good enough to fill a blackboard with mathematical formulas. So consider getting your favorite Physicist his own space telescope and give him a leg up in this highly competitive, rapidly expanding Universe. At only $2.5 billion, it's one of the best investments you can make.. Please note that the price quoted is for the telescope only and does not include installation in space. Please contact Elon Musk of Space X for a commercial quote or apply to NASA for a grant and hold your breath.

36: Idea 3: His / Her's Observatories | For the Physicist that happens to be married to another Ph.D., we offer this unique opportunity to simultaneously enjoy deep space research without having to argues over which way to point the telescope. One of our best bargains, the pair is priced at mere $250 million and for a limited time you can order them painted pink and blue for no extra charge. Please note that the picture is for illustrative purposes only. We will install the observatories on your site, and recommend elevations above 8,000 feet for best viewing.

37: Idea 4: Catered Party with Big Finale | Even the Physicist that seems to have everything appreciates getting together with good friends for good food, a few drinks, and to talk a little string theory. And after a few martinis, what better way to end the celebration than with a Manhattan. Or, rather, a nostalgic throwback to the Manhattan Project. This catered birthday party will be a "Blast" not soon forgotten. Prices start at roughly $1 billion but varies by megaton and market price of Plutonium. Please note that detonating thermonuclear devices can pose a very slight risk for participants and spectators and, as such, all party attendees will be asked to sign personal liability waivers.

38: Idea 5: Birthday on a Budget | Love your Physicist but don't have a billion to spend? Not to worry, we have just the gift idea that will do the trick...

39: Ed Novak Donates a Telescope | July 21, 2012 Mr. Daniel M. Kerns, Jr. Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School 1534 Thirty-Fifth Street, NW Washington, DC 20007-2785 Dear Mr. Kerns, It is with great pleasure that we ask you to accept the enclosed donation to Georgetown Visitation to be used for the purchase of an astronomical telescope and the establishment of an Astronomy Club within the department of physics, to be named and dedicated in honor of Dr. Charles Infosino, father of Melissa Infosino (2013). Charles is a great personal and intellectual inspiration to everyone that knows him. In making this donation, we hope it will provide current and future students of Georgetown Visitation - Women of Faith, Vision and Purpose - the opportunity to follow Charles' example, cast their Vision to the havens, explore the beauty and mysteries of our Universe and, in the process, strengthen both their Faith and sense of Purpose. Sincerely Yours, The Novak Family Grace, Ed, Nikki (2013) and Julia (2016)

40: 3. Dan Kerns Receives the Novak's Donation | Dan Kerns reads the letter | Charles says Thank You...

41: 4. People in the Audience | Of course, Iara is there taking pictures...

44: 5. Charles' Speech

46: 6. Dan Kerns Gives Charles a Present | Mr. Kerns gives Charles a "NunTie" for him to wear at Melissa's Graduation Ceremony on June 2013

47: V. The Food | Fine Mexican Cuisine EL RANCHERO FIESTA: Chicken & Beef Fajitas, and Cheese Enchiladas served with: Mexican Rice, White Rice, Black Beans, Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Sour Cream, Vegetables and Fresh Flour Tortillas, Chips and Salsa NO BUTTER

48: VI. Eating and Having Fun

49: Only Grace will be able to explain why Iara is soooo happy!

52: VII. The Cake

54: VIII. Maureen giving Charles a painting | Maureen giving Charles a very special and gorgeous picture that was painted by her daughter Katie. We proudly hung the picture in our foyer.

55: IX. Ending with Assorted Pictures

65: Till Next Year!

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