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BC: Coordination Hair Bows Energy Enthusiasm Remarkable

FC: Cheer Vouge | By: Megan Price and jasmine Dickey | CHEER vOUGE | bY: MEGAN PRICE AND JASMINE DICKEY

1: Adriana Lima By: Jasmine

2: Most people don’t know Adrianna Lima as “The Goddess”, but the name suits her perfectly! She is perfect size and has a very define face. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She doesn’t act snotty like regular models and doesn’t carry herself as though she is “the best there is”. Adrianna Francesca Lima is a 5-foot 10-inch Brazilian Victoria Secret Angel model and actress. She was born on June 12th, 1981, who was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She has blue eyes, brown hair, and is measured in at (34-24-35). She married to Marko Jaric in 2009, and in the same year, she had a baby named “Valentina Lima Jaric”. Being pregnant, modeling, and staying fit was a bit of a challenge for her. The Victoria Secret Angel’s needed her to be on the spot for magazines, commercials, and the 2009 Victoria Secret Angels’ Fashion Show!

3: She never had to deal with fitting into an outfit or looking slim in a bikini before, so she struggled throughout this unforgettable time of her life. Before Adriana Lima got pregnant, she was weighed in at about 112 pounds. During her pregnancy, she weighed in at about 157 pounds. She didn’t show off her baby-bump for 3 months. She stayed on a tight diet of raw veggies and little portions of meat. While pregnant, she quoted “As the day goes on, I keep going smaller with my portions.”

4: After going public about baby Valentina, Victoria Secret was shocked. They didn’t know what to do with a pregnant Lima. They constantly talked about the downfall of this situation. The Angels loved Adriana too much to make her leave, so everyone decided to let her go paid on “bed rest”. This short period of time gave Adriana and Marko lots of time to plan, buy, and prepare themselves for the most wonderful day of their lives. On November 15th, 2009, baby Valentina was born. Within 6 months, she lost 35 pounds. She was accepted back into the position of the “top angel” and fulfilled her life as a model, actress, goddess, and best of all mother.

5: By: Megan Price | Dying To Be Perfect

6: When you see a team like Top Gun or Maryland Twisters, they look amazing in their short skirts and half tops. But you don`t see the struggles they face to look so amazing in those uniforms. Did you know that nearly 1/3 of girls feel pressure to look perfect in their cheerleading uniforms? So you would think that having uniforms as revealing as Top Gun`s or Maryland Twister`s, that it would motivate you to get in shape. But some girls take the totally wrong approach to look perfect in their cheerleading uniforms. A girl who I cheer with used to cheer for another team. This girl is ten years old and her other team told her that she needed to loose weight or get cut off of the team. Luckily this girl didn`t turn to an eating dissorder. She decided to join another team where she thought she would be happier. But unfortunately, a lot of other girls do turn to eating disorders. Cheerleading is supposed to be your passion, something that you love to do, and something that you are happy doing. If you cannot maintain your body in a healthy way, cheerleading is not the sport for you! Personally, I think that a muscular body looks a lot better in a cheerleading uniform. It shows off how hard you work at practice. As opposed to a super skinny body which obviously shows that you are not happy with the way your body looks so you maintain your body in unhealthy ways to have your body look the way you think that other people should see it. If you ever feel too much perfect body pressure on a team, there are other alternatives! Cheerleading has the reputation of super skinny blonde girls but there are many talented cheerleaders with curves. The main eating disorder that cheerleaders face is Anorexia Nervosa. The official definition of anorexia is, "loss of apetite or inability to eat. But it is so much more than that. The risks of anorexia cannot be explained enough. You can have mental health issues, heart failures, and even death. So are all of these side effects really worth having a "perfect" body?

7: Top ten NFL cheerleading teams! | By: Jasmine Dickey

8: Cheerleading in the NFL seems to be so cool. And everybody seems to have different opinions about what cheerleading squads are the best. This is the article you need to know who the best.or worst really is! These squads are rated on looks, expenses, websites, fans, and more! 1.Indianapolis Colts: You probably expected to find the Dallas Cowgirls on top of this list, but the Indianapolis Colts have the largest library of cheerleading photographs on their website. There are a couple thousand shots of the cheerleaders, their activities, and lives. These photos can be bought, but they only allow their fans to do this. 2.Houston Texans: The Texans were a lot better than the Cowgirls on the field this past football season and they have always been better at exploiting their cheerleaders, online, than the Cowgirls are. The team has big pictures, including biographies, of the squad and is one of the few squads that offer screensaver/ wallpaper of every girl. The Texans are also the only team that offers their fans the chance to see the girls in the gym as they give out their workout advice. 3.Dallas Cowboys: There's not a doubt that this incredible group, with 50 years of experience, made the top three! The Cowgirls have their own Web page, the largest list of all of their off-the-field appearances, and roster (which is clickable) with pictures of all the past cheerleaders and football players. The Cowgirls also make the most money and have the most publicity against any other squad! This doesn’t only come from appearance fees, but also from their many sponsorships, including their hair products and styles from Tigi Bed Head®, their boots from Lucchese®, and tanning from Palm Beach Tan®. Sadly, Dallas’ online marketing is horrible, so they’re only 3!

9: 4.Miami Dolphins: NFL teams should have a requirement of a 53-man roster throughout the entire season. The Miami Dolphins have hit a high of 41 cheerleaders, which is tremendously high. They also upload plenty of 'Cheerleader of the Week' videos, photos, and calendar pics. 5.Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagle’s website has the most adult content in all of the NFL websites. Their website has so much inappropriate content, the website makes you push “continue” to view further content. Eagles’ roster is very organized and each girl gets an individual photo gallery and videos. 6.Tennessee Titans: The Titans have the best cheerleading videos in the NFL. They have a photo gallery for each of the 24 girls, which include their swimsuit calendar photos. These girls come with a large price, charging $300 per hour for each girl who performs or $200 just for a meet- and – greet special. 7.Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs also understand that static pictures of cheerleaders aren't going to create buzz in 2011. The site features great videos of the cheerleaders, sponsored by Sprint, where fans can get to know the girls. But if you want to meet these cheerleaders in person, it’ll cost you $250 per hour, per cheerleader for their appearance fee. 8.Oakland Raiders: After the Cowboys, the Raiderettes get the most press in the league. Given the team's performance in recent years, it's one of the few redeeming aspects of going to their games. The Raiderettes have among the most sponsors including Euphoria Nail and Body Bar, MAC makeup, Betsey Johnson swimwear and 365 Teeth Whitening. As for appearance fees at events, Raiders cheerleaders cost a planner $400 each, per hour, to show up, with a minimum of two cheerleaders required at an event.

10: 9.New England Patriots: Video is the major theme. The Patriots were smart in that they have video pre-rolled, so once you click on a cheerleader's bio, you'll automatically see video of them. They also have an extensive gallery of photos sorted by cheerleader and are one of the few teams to keep previous squad galleries up on their site -- why delete them? 10.Denver Broncos: While it's not the greatest cheerleader site, the sponsorship revenue the Broncos cheerleaders bring in is pretty impressive. There's a company sponsoring tanning, yoga and spa services. The Broncos are also the only cheerleading squad that has a breast augmentation sponsor, Dr. Ben Lee. They’re also one of the only teams, if not the only team, to sell cheerleader packages for events. Do you believe this? Were you’re expecting this to be the list? Were you’re favorite teams in the top 10? Now, you can talk about the real deal, because these are the REAL top 10 NFL cheerleading squads!

11: Cheerleading Tryout Tips | By: Megan Price

12: Cheerleading tryouts are fast approaching and whether you are a returning cheerleader or a first time cheerleader, tryouts are extremely stressful! So here are some tips to help relieve some of your stress and better prepare you for tryouts. First, you must come to tryouts in the appropriate attire. Your shorts should be short and tight fitting ( I recommend Soffes!) You should also have a tight fitting t shirt or tank top on. Come with all of your hair pulled off of your face in a tight ponytail or bun. You should also wear a big bow to show your pride and spirit. Be prepared with a pair of cheer sneakers that you are able to stunt and tumble in. Next, if you have an all day tryout, be prepared with a healthy snack and a water bottle. You want to feel hydrated and energized to do your best. Also, when you are out on the floor doing your tryout routine, you should keep eye contact with the judges at all times. This shows that you are confident in your routine. Along with keeping eye contact, you should have a friendly spirited smile on your face to show that you enjoy what you are doing. Another thing to keep in mind during tryouts is lots and lots of spirit! The coaches want somebody on their team that can get people`s attention and get the audience excited. Now that you`ve covered the "look", it`s time for the actual tryout..

13: If there are videos (that are available to watch) of the team you are trying out for in a previous year, I definetly recomend watching a couple of those. It can be very helpful to you to see some girls who have already made the team in previous years. You can see what kind of things that you will be doing for the season and you can work to get those skills if you do not have them yet. Also, if the team you are trying out for requires a certain tumbling skill, i recomend taking a tumbling class or a private lesson with somebody that can spot the skill you are working on. In addition to having tumbling, you need exceptional jumps. The most common jumps are toe touches, multiple toe touches, pikes, right hurdler, left hurdler, right herkeys, and left herkeys. You should be stretching every single day including splits, straddles, and pikes. The next skill you will need to have for cheerleading is stunting. If you are joining a team where you are one of the smallest girls, you will probably be a flyer or a top girl as some people call

14: it. In this case, you should be doing flying drills like balancing on a can or stepping up on a stair and pulling your positions. The most common positions for a flyer are heel stretches, bow and arrows, scorpions, scales, and arabesques. This will require a very flexible back. You should be doing bridge kick overs every single day to stretch and strengthen your back. If you are not small enough to be a flyer or if you are really strong, you will probably be a base. You should be doing exercises every day to strengthen you biceps and quadriceps. These muscles will be used very often when tossing a girl up in the air or holding a girl up in the air. If you are a front spot or a back spot, you should also be doing these exercises. You must also get over any fears you have of a 125 lb. girl falling onto your head. You will most likely also have some sort of dance in your routine. I recomend taking a dance class or working on a new dance skill every day. You must break out of your comfort zone to be able to dance in front of hundreds of people. So remember, when going to tryouts be prepared with a pair of tight fitting shorts, a tight fitting tank or t shirt, a pair of cheer sneakers, hair off your face, and a spirited smile. Keep eye contact with your judges and be prepared with all of the skills the team needs you to have. Doing these things should get you a garunteed spot on the team. But don`t let it get you down if you don`t make the team. Thank the judges for your tryouts and promise them that you will be back next year with more advanced skills. You must keep this promise with the judges and do everything and anything to better and advance you skills and hope for the best tryout the next year.

15: Amazingly flexible and lightweight for some serious competition! | Nfinity cheer sneakers

16: Gossip Girl You`re the One That I Want. By: Megan Price

17: When you are on your way to nationals this year, this is the book to read! It is drama filled and action packed! it shows the lives of many different teens from preppy rich girls, to an emo artist. It shares the lives of teens facing many problems and having lots of fun. We finally find out what colleges the teens get into and who ends up together... and apart. Blaire finally gets Nate back and gets a second interview for Yale. Can life get any better for her? Actually yes, her father has left the family to go live with his "partner" in France, her mother has remarried to the fat and ugly Cyrus Rose, she has a new step brother who is really into all this herbal stuff, and on top of all that, she has to give up her room for her new baby sister on the way! Serena has her heart broken by Aaron and now she is on the search for her one true love. She is also getting recognized for her beautiful looks (as usual) and becoming a greatly know model. She decides to try to get into Yale in hope that Nate, Blaire and her will become best friends again. Nate decides to quit smoking and focus on his new girlfriend Blaire now that him and his druggie girlfriend, Georgie have split. He must decide what college he wants to go to to persue his LAX playing. Nate also applies to Yale in hopes of reuniting with Serena and Blaire.

18: Vanessa gets accepted into NYU and is doing a documentary on the pressures of getting into college. She gets back together with Dan because of a random but romantic surprise kiss. Now that Ruby has moved out, Dan has moved in with her. Along with another girl named Tiphany who claims to be friends with Vanessa. But Dan is not sold on Tiphany`s story. Will Tiphany`s story prove to be true? Or will Tiphany`s real story come out and surprise everybody? Jenny wants to know what the deal is with her new boyfriend Leo. He has never invited her to his house, he has never introduced her to his parents, and he never wants to talk about himself. But will Jenny be dissapointed when she finds out about Leo`s life? Jenny also wants to be more like Serena. Serena manages to get Jenny a photo shoot. But will this photo shoot start Jenny`s modeling career or ruin her reputation for good? Dan finally gets his dream job working at the Red Letter. He soon realizes that he is just another assistant, getting coffee and lunch for other employees. He quits his job and soon realizes his nothing to do. Now that his one and only friend has broken up with him and he doesn’t have a job, there is nothing to do. He decides to surprise Vanessa and kiss her randomly. Vanessa loves Dan`s surprise and decides to get back together with

19: him. But soon after Dan arrives, a girl named Tiphany also moves in. Dan is not happy about this and he is extremely suspicious about what Tiphany`s real story is. Cecily Von Zeigasor did a wonerful job writing this novel. She knows how to keep a crowd on their toes and make them never want to stop reading her books. This is a five star book because it is full of action and drama and it always keeps you guessing.

20: Josie Loren cheerleader, student and actor

21: Josie Loren, a former Top Gun cheerleader, tumbled her way onto ABC Family`s, “Make It Or Break It”. She plays Kaylie Cruze, a dedicated and hardworking gymnast training at The Rock with her teammates, Payson Keeler, Emily Kmetko, and Lauren Tanner. Just imagine a job requiring you to wear a leotard every day and you`ll begin to understand the life of Josie Loren. On top of this crazy job, Josie attends UCLA. She is studying Mass Media Communications and her minor is in Spanish. This UCLA student and former cheerleader understands the many similarities between being a cheerleader and a gymnast. Josie actually began as a gymnast! She was a great tumbler but not so great on bars, beam, and vault. So, when her coach left the gym, she decided to do the same and become a cheerleader for the Top Gun Bullets in Miami, FL. Josie says cheering for Top Gun was one of the most nerve wracking experiences for her! She said being at Nationals was way more scary than being on national TV! Josie says that one time her team was undefeated so the pressure was on, and she had to throw twelve passages! All she threw was a round off handspring rebound and she choked on her full! She felt terrible and thought that if her team were to lose, it would be all her fault! Luckily, Josie`s team won first place and all of the weight was lifted off of her shoulders!

22: But the feeling of letting her team down felt awful to Josie and that shows how loyal she is. Josie has faced mental blocks in cheerleading just as I have! Mental blocks can be so debilitating for athletes! Josie and I both went through a period where we couldn`t throw a back tuck because of a mental block in our heads. Even though we could physically do the pass, our minds were telling us we couldn`t do it! Josie says the best thing to do when these things happen is to take a break from it. You need to separate yourself from it so that you don`t become to frustrated and end up hurting yourself. She says it`s very important not to let one thing run your whole life. When Josie first got the script for Kaylie on Make It Or Break It she thought, “This is perfect!”. She knew exactly what it was like to be standing at the corner of a mat before a routine thinking “Can I do this?”, “Am I going to hurt myself?”.

23: When she shoots for Make It Or Break It, she just goes back to her cheerleading and gymnastics days. When I think of cheerleading , I think of the performance aspect of it. That is most definitely my favorite part of cheerleading and according to Josie, it`s her favorite part too! She says cheerleading has everything she likes to do combined into one sport. She loves dancing and tumbling and that is cheerleading all of the way! Josie is an amazing cheerleader and actor and I really admire her dedication on Make It Or Break It. Josie and I are similar in many ways from doing gymnastics and then cheerleading to having mental blocks about our back tucks. I loved learning new things about Josie Loren and I admire every aspect about her.

27: Cheerleading: Sport.....Hobby? By: Jasmine Dickey

28: There is an argument about if cheerleading is a sport or hobby. The definition of a cheerleader is “a person who leads spectators in traditional or formal cheering, especially at a pep rally or athletic event”, but there is no definition for “cheerleading” in the dictionary. The definition of a sport is “an athletic activity requiring skill or physical ability and bravery that often is in a competitive nature.” The definition of a hobby is “an activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation.” Listening to the definition of these words, I would say that cheerleading fits right into the definition of a sport. It requires many skills, including high jumps, tight muscles, and exceptional tumbling. You also need to have courage, because if something would go wrong, you could end up having a girl fall onto your head and cause you pain and suffering. If you aren’t brave, this activity isn’t for you! If someone would ask me what the definition of cheerleading is, I say “A sport that can be performed to cheer on others or to compete for show, which usually consists of stunting, tumbling, dancing, and jumping.” I say that it is a sport, because it requires practice, skill, and strength training. All other sports require practice, have skill, and do strength training. There is no way that you can be a good athlete, if you don’t practice, practice, practice!!!!

29: Another reason I think it is a sport is because there are many physical dangers that come with cheerleading. Most activities you do can’t result in brain damage, fractured and broken bones, sprained or torn muscles, or even death if you get injured! This activity is highly dangerous, and should be taken very seriously. Other people that play activities that have dangers of getting injuries that intensely, such as football, basketball, soccer, baseball, and etc, are required to wear padding. It protects the body parts that are hit most often. Cheerleading is just as intense, but we wear no padding. Just skimpy, sparkly little costumes, with a hair accessory, and white pair of sneakers! My last reason is that colleges give out scholarships for cheerleading, so if cheerleading was not a sport, what would be the reason to give out a scholarship for it?! Colleges take cheerleading to very intense levels, as sports do, and only want the best on their teams. They would never pay for US to go to THEM if they didn’t take it seriously. Scholarships are given out to tell you “Hey, you have great skills and we like you, so we want you to make us look good too!” The money they dish out isn’t a $20 amount; it’s a $20,000 amount! In college, they put cheerleading under the sports category and take it just as serious. Cheerleading is a great activity that builds up your agility, endurance, and strength. These and many other characteristics give me the mindset that cheerleading is indeed a sport. So in conclusion to my article, I personally will say CHEELEADING IS A SPORT!

30: Help the cheerleader get home from practice!

31: Gatorade... Is it in you?

32: Three Little Words By: Jasmine Dickey

33: When Ashley was three-and-a-half years old, her and her brother witnessed her mother being shoved into the back of a police car in handcuffs. This traumatized and devastated her deeply. Ashley’s dad ran out on the family, and so now Ashley has no mother or father. This made her an “orphan”. In the memoir, “Three Little Words”, it explains Ashley Rhodes-Carter’s life as a child in the foster care systems and adoption agencies. It tells about her many struggles between her foster care families and mother. This novel is amazing for older children, adults, parents, and especially teens. It shows that you are the only person who struggles. If you may think you have it bad, someone else always has it worse. The title, “Three Little Words”, speaks for itself. The book revolves around the many selections of three special words she uses. It allows you to see that even three tiny words can make a humongous difference in your life. This book is one-of-a-kind, divine book that will warm anyone’s heart. Ashley Rhodes-Carter is a great author, and makes you feel like you are watching her events happen right before your eyes. She explains her childhood life in a gentle, kind way that doesn’t show cruelty in a strong way. I give this amazing New-York Bestseller five stars in my opinion. This book is a must read for anybody who has a warm, beating heart.

34: Is your Cheerleading Coach Certified? | Do you ever think about if your coach is registered in cheerleading safety? You will no longer have to hope they are, because the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators have created a database where you can check to see if your coach is up to date on their safety certification. This website represents more than 20,000 cheerleading coaches in the nation. The AACCA did their annual sports injury study for last year and found many results for their study, and came to this result.

35: "When factoring in participation and the extended season for cheerleading, an analysis of the NCCSI data shows that there are ten high school sports – including girl’s ice hockey, gymnastics and soccer - with a higher risk of catastrophic injury than for cheerleading and seventeen high school sports with a lower risk of catastrophic injury. The data clearly demonstrates that football is the leading cause of catastrophic injury in high school and college sports, with 63.5% of all catastrophic injuries. Participation figures from American Sports Data suggest that the increase in emergency room visits by cheerleaders corresponds with a rise in cheerleading participation attributable to the development and growth of non-school affiliated cheerleading commonly referred to as “all-star” cheerleading. In addition, the incidence of cheerleading emergency room visits is lower than that of girls’ soccer, basketball and softball." Having a coach that is non-certified may be very dangerous to your health, any other cheerleader on the team's health, and may end up demolishing the whole team! So before falling head over heals for a team, check to make sure they are safe enough for you!

36: The ELITE cheerleading and gymnastics wear....

37: Cheerleading... Behind The Smiles

38: On the floor and on the sidelines, its pretty hard to catch a cheerleader that isn`t smiling! But behind the short skirts and pom poms, lies hard work, pain and frustration.There is no doubt that cheerleading is a rough sport. But lately, modern day cheerleading seems to be the most dangerous hobby! Did you know that cheerleadng causes 65 percent of all injuries in highs school and college? The number of cheerleading injuries has more that quadrupled in the past 25 years! Also, 26,708 cheerleaders had visited the emergency room in 2007! Pushing yourself to the limit in competitive dancing, stunting, jumping and tumbling can really take a toll on your body. It can effect your knees, ankles, hips and wrists.There are many guards and braces to help these injuries but this can still effect your body for the rest of your life. . Most people just shake their heads when the idea of cheerleading being a sport comes up. So maybe there are some serious doubts about cheerleading being a sport or not. But there is just no denying that cheerleading is extremely dangerous! When you see the flipping and twirling and jumping around, all you see is the glamorous side of the sport. You don`t get to see the truth behind cheerleading. There are many falls and accidents in cheerleading but it`s not like many other sports where you can fall over and get right back up and continue playing in the game. When you fall in cheerleading, you are either falling from 15 feet in the air or having a 120 lb. girl falling from fifteen feet into the air straight onto your head. So, the controversy of cheerleading being a sport may never be settled, but the highflying tumbling passes and death defying stunts, are

39: obviously extremely dangerous. So now that you`ve heard all about the dangers of cheerleading...Can you handle it?

40: editor`s page

42: My name is Jasmine. I live in Harrisburg, PA with my mom, Jackie. I am now in the seventh grade, attending Susquehanna Township Middle School. I am in all honors classes and want to be an NFL cheerleader when I get older. After the younger, fun years of my life, I want to become a pediatrician. I want to attend The University of North Carolina for college, for my degree in pediatric medical care and business. | I was a gymnast for five years, but after so many years of the same concepts, I wanted to be a cheerleader. I started my first year on my school based squad, but it was'nt good enough for me. When the season ended, I tried out for an all-star cheerleading squad called "Viper Allstars." I wanted to write my magazine about cheerleading so people can see the life I live and understand the pressure I endure. I enjoy the activity I do, and want people to understand that it is a sport. | My article, "Cheerleading: Sport....Hobby?, was written to explain why cheerleading is a sport in my opinion. "The Top 10 NFL Cheerleading squads" has tons of interesting facts and information. Three Little Words was a phenomenal book to read, so writing my book review on this New York Times Bestseller was easy to write. Learning about Adriana Lima was fun and I learned tons of information on her. After learning so many facts on Adriana's life, it was simple to compose a biography on her. Making a news article was difficult, because you don't ever hear much news about cheerleading, but after searching long and hard, I found news about safety certification for coaches and composed my article. So, to conclude my life story, I hope this magazine influences you to be the greatest you can be.

43: My name is Megan Price. I live in Harrisburg, PA with my mom, dad, and sister, Kelsey. I am in seventh grade at Susquehanna Middle School. I do competitive cheerleding and I do tumbling. My cheering inspired me to make this magazine so that i could express my opinions about cheerleading and show people what cheerleading is really about. The idea for my opinion article, "Dying for Perfection", came to me through a real life experience with a girl I cheer with. My feature article is to show just how hard it is to make some teams and to help anyone who wants to try out for cheerleading. My biography was about Josie Loren because she really inspires me and I think it`s really cool that she cheered for Top Gun. My book review was about Gossip Girl because I think that it is an amazing book and I want to persuade other people to read it so that they can see how great the book is too. I chose the topic of my news article to show the dangers of cheerleading. So, as you can see, cheerleading is a major part of my life and it really inspired the idea for my magazine and all of the articles in my magazine.

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