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Children's Book

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FC: Children's Book | By: David Weeks

1: Table Of Content | Pg 1-4 Ancient River Valley Civilization Pg 5-7 Renaissance/Reformation Pg 8-10 Cold War Pg 11-13 World War 1 Pg 14-16 World War 2

2: Ancient River Valley Civilization

3: The ancient river valley civilizations played a very important role in history. It was the starting point for lots of things we couldn't live without today. Such as farming and creating a system of laws for their people to follow which is very important in todays world. These people made the basic stepping stone that we need to survive and thrive today.

4: If the people of the ancient river civilizations did not learn how to farm. It would have effected the way we live today and how we get our food. We probably wouldn't be growing our food or making it in factories. We would probably be hunting or gathering it. And we would not be as modern as we are today and we would probably be living in a small village next to a river.

5: Renaissance/reformation

6: If Gutenburg hadn't invented the printing press we would be alot less advanced. ideas in the renaissance and the reformation would not have been spread to the other places creating the things we have today. If the printing press was not invented we would still probably be in the dark ages. And other countries would to because they would have no other way of spreading ideas to one another.and without the spreading of ideas countries would not develop properly.

7: The Renaissance was a time of rebirth, When people became interested again in classical Greek and Roman knowledge. This was also when we made great scientific and artistic accomplishments. Also during the Renaissance we started to have centralized governments ran by monarchs. The Renaissance was a great time because we started to trade with other countries and receive and share our ideas with the world.

8: Cold War

9: The Cold War started when the U.S. dropped Atomic bombs on japan in 1945. The soviet Union saw what we were capable of and didn't want to mess with us, And risk nuclear war so it turned into a stand off. The U.S. and the Soviet Union were complete opposite and did not like each other, But both were trying to expand their powers. This is what resulted in a stand off. But at the end the Soviet Union surrendered and split into 15 countries.

10: What would happen if the U.S. did not adopt the theory of containment? If the U.S. didn't adopt containment their would be alot of countries in dept. The containment theory is were the U.S. goes to a country in debt and contains that and keeps it from spreading to other countries. And they do this by helping that country out and giving them money. And if the U.S. did not do that alot of countries would be in bad condition with bad economies and possible in war.

11: World War 1

12: World War 1 was a major conflict in Europe and around the world. Between July 28 1914 and November 11th 1918. Nations from across the world were involved in the war, and over 8 million people died. Even though Russia, Britian, France, Germany and Austria - Hungary dominated. Most of the war was trench warfare. And lots of people died in failed attacks also.

13: In WW1 if Germany had not been solely blamed for the war, their probably would not have been a WW2. Because other countries would have also taken the blame and payed for it equally. And that would have not triggered events that lead up to WW2. And also lots of lives would have been saved, and we would be more advanced. Because we would not have wasted time on war.

14: World War 2

15: The destruction created in Europe by the First World War made it very possible for another World War or World War 2 which did happen two decades later and was even more destructive than the first. Coming to power in a shaky and unstable Germany, Adolf Hitler and his followers rearmed the nation and signed treaties with Italy and Japan to get closer to his plan of world domination. Hitler's invasion of Poland in September 1939 drove Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany, and World War II had begun. Over the next six years, the fight would take more lives and destroy more places around the world than any war. Around 45 to 60 million people died and more than 6 million Jews murdered in Nazi concentration camps as part of Hitler's "Final Solution," aka the Holocaust.

16: If the U.S. had not dropped bombs on Japan the Japanese would have never given up. They would have kept attacking until their were no more of them left to attack. And also if we did not drop the atomic bomb their would have not been a cold war. And if their was no cold war we would not have a lot of the stuff and technology that we have today. Because we would not be competing with the Soviet Union to be better.

17: Classical Greece/Rome

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