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Chris turns 19!

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Chris turns 19! - Page Text Content

S: Chris turns 19!

BC: We love you! <3 - Owls

FC: Happy Birthday Chris Wang!

1: "For as woman came from man, so also man is born of woman. But everything comes from God." - 1 Corinthians 11:12

2: Happy birthday brother! It’s been my joy to have run this race with you over this past year. From starring in our praise night skit, to asking tough - and much needed - questions in Bible study, and of course bringing your charisma to hangouts, you have truly been a blessing to 300. I've mentioned this before, but whenever I look at you, I'm reminded about my own time at Penn. I'm reminded about my struggles, my times of growth, and my fellowship with friends. These next three years are going to transformational and I can't wait to see the plans that God has marked out for you. Always remember that I’ll be praying for you and that I’m here for you for anything - whether church, work, or school-related.I’m just an email (or bus ride) away, so never hesitate to contact me! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your summer and continue to fall more in love with God. Your brother in Christ, Albert It is my prayer that you take comfort in the sovereignty of our God in the years to come: But you, O LORD, area shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the LORD, and he answered me from his holy hill. (Psalm 3:3-4)

3: HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite 300 taiwanese freshmen boy!!!!! i'm so sad that we didn't get to meet up for every meal every day in the first week of may.. which means you still owe me unlimited meetups in the coming year!! haha. i was very blessed to have you in 300, to see how bold you could be, and how you challeneged our family group. i hope that with this new year you will continue to experience God's love and grace, and to cultivate a heart for people. may your sophomore year be filled with blessings and lots and lots of love!!! good providence in all that you do =D - Joy p.s. i think you could pass as an asian harry potter. can i draw a scar on your forehead when you come back? k. i miss you!!! :)

4: Chris! Happy birthday bro. Hope your internship has been going all right. Looking forward to another fun year with you back at Penn! Have an awesome day dude :) Jay | HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! Hope you're having an awesome summer with work, and aren't too lonely in Texas haha. Thank you for all the jokes, late McD runs, and deep conversations this year! I pray that as you go through you soph year God will develop your heart for Him, and use your talents (wit, boldness, intelligence, etc etc) for His glory. Take good care of the frosh - get good practice, my brother might be coming to Penn hahaha. Happy birthday again! - Matt Pan

5: Happy Birthday, Chris! Hope all is well in Texas. It was great meeting a fellow Georgian like you this past year, and I'm sure that God will use you powerfully as you go forward in your college career. Continue to grow in Him, and I pray that even while you may be physically far away from your usual fellowship at home or at GCC, God will use this time to grow you as a man of God. Remember that we are all united in one body in Christ =) Will be praying for you! And don't forget, you have not only GCC, but GCCG too haha. In Christ, Eric | Hi Chris, Happy 19th birthday! Hope you're having a great summer! Don't forget to sharpen your Smash skills and spend time with God :) Also, you better come back with a sick southern drawl, and then teach me. Your bro in Christ, Mike

6: HAPPY BIRTHDAY WANG C! It sucks that we can't cake you at midnight as we would have if your birthday fell during the school year... but wishing you a very happy birthday!!! I hope your summer is going well and that you have a great day wherever you are =] Thanks for always being a fun person to talk to (or argue with? lol) - I know we've yet to have our "serious conversation" but I'm really looking forward to it, haha. And no, starting with "let's have a serious conversation" doesn't count as an actual serious conversation. Anyway, thanks for being a part of the best freshman year family group ever HANDS DOWN. I'm really glad we were able to meet and grow together as disciples/warriors of God in 300. We probably won't end up in the same FG again in sophomore year but I know we'll still have plenty of opportunities to hang out (and argue, if you like). Thanks for being a good brother to all of us - even though you're sarcastic and argumentative 90% of the time, I know that you mean well. Haha. Really looking forward to more fun times with you and the rest of 2014! Have a great day and an even better summer (or what's left of it)! Lots of sisterly love, Shinhaeng

7: Dear Chris Wang, Happy 19th birthday!!!! You're so young!!! But you're so lucky to have the same birthday as..... EUNJIN! You thought I was gonna say Harry Potter, didn't you? Then again, maybe having the same birthday as Eunjin isn't such a good thing.... hehe ;) Anyhow, I just wanted to wish you well on this special day. To some, birthdays may not have significant meaning, but to me, birthdays remind me of the plan God has for you within His creation and His continuous faithfulness. May this year be full of blessings and growth in God's love! Let's have an awesome sophomore year! In Christ, Susie Ahn | Hi CHRIS!!!! i think its awesome your birthday is the same as harry potter. but more importantly, happy birthday! hope you're having an awesome summer, and lots of time with God so that you can be refreshed for the new year. may you always continue to be a blessing to others and to serve the lord with all your heart. Take care!!! - Celine | HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!! i've been meaning to tell you... stop copying my hai's and helloo's! ;P just kiddingg haha i'm so glad to have you as a brother, thanks for listening to my problems and stuff that one time at mcdonalds haha and thanks for just being so awesome :] WING

8: chris wang!!! happy birthday, kid! :P jk. it's been a blessing meeting you and studying with you in meyerson this year. you have been and always will be a brother you challenges (from taking on a double major to philosophical arguments), welcomes (yea, i'll count the bro comments and joke invite to the gcc freshman guys prayer meeting as a welcoming point), comforts (thanks for listening to my cis rants and such) and encourages (i will motion for many gchat and meyerson convos) me. i have thoroughly enjoyed growing with you this year and look forward to continue growing with you in the future. i wish the best of luck as you decide to move on from nursing and succumb to the seduction of wharton. :P hehe, but in all honesty, it has been ever so encouraging to see you doing Bible studies with the rest of the gcc members, making an effort to reach out and ask how other people are. it is God's gift to you. and you also have a thing for speaking and debate, one you already know (but just to emphasize the point my parents still remember who you are. it's a good impression, don't wry. lol.) though you may be a bit tactless at times, you speak the truth and through you God has grown me. as you continue into your sophomore year, i pray that you will learn to walk closer to Him and to lean on Him with everything you have. May He bless you as you continue to walk in His light. happy birthday! (and oh, btw, you'll be happy to know that i might be reconsidering a double major in comp sci. thanks for planting idea in my head. ><) -Harmo

9: Dear Chris Wang, Happy birthday!!! I hope your summer is going well, and that on your birthday you see many of God's blessings and have the time to reflect on your experiences and thank Him for just being awesome. I'm really glad that I got th chance to meet you and get to know you a little better at Penn this year. At first you totally intimidated me (lol) but as I got to know you better I saw that Christ was really working in you and I could tell that despite being a Whartonite (bahaha), you have a very warm heart. I'm excited to spend the next three years at Penn with you and study at Meyerson (even though I never really do, but when I do, we'll hang out). Again, wishing you a happy birthday, and praying that you continue to grow closer to Christ and become a true follower of Jesus with a servant's heart. Blessings, Kristine Fuuuuuuuuu

10: Hi Chriss!! Happy birthdayyy! I wish I could wish you a happy birthday in person but for now this virtual way will have to suffice..hehe anyways I hope that you've been having a restful summer and a summer that has been showing you new things about the Lord! :) I hope it hasn't been hard to be apart from community and that you're finding new community and fellowship with the Lord and other brothers and sisters during the summer~ You are such a good younger brother to me--I am so encouraged whenever you welcome me or excitedly say hi to me because i know that even though we joke around about being excited to see each other, i am always so so so happy to see you at Meyerson or anywhere haha! i know that God is starting a very good and solid work in you, and im excited to see it take more form this next year as you will no longer be a freshman but now a sophomore who can look at some younger brothers and sisters hehehe i hope that this birthday will be a time of growth and a time to learn new facets about God! :) heheehe have a blessed birthday! enjoy this new year! :DD irene | Chris! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY birthday all the way from the UK :D. You are SOOO special you were born on the same date as Harry Potter! JK. Don't worry, July 31st is more your birthday than his :). Anyway, I hope you're having a great summer. Thanks for teaching me to be more open and I guess more directly honest. You've definitely been a blessing and I can't wait to see how we'll grow next year. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!! ~Jess

11: Hey Chris! Happy Birthday! I hope summer is going well for you! With Albert leaving, we'll need you to take over ... haha, I kid. But you've been a great encouragement to so many people (me included) and I'll see you when school starts in the fall! Happy Birthday Bro! - Andrew Cie | Hey Chris!!!! Happy Birthday! I know we haven't known each other for long, but I am glad to call you my brother in Christ. I can definitely see your desire for God through your actions, and I find that to be very admirable. Keep loving others, and keep loving God. May we continue to run this race together and grow as brothers in Christ. Happy Birthday again, may it truly be one to remember for years to come. In Christ, Stephen Siu | HI CHRIS:) happy birthday from a million miles away! thanks for being a lovely welcomer and a blessing to serve with. i'll miss talking to you whilst doing random duties like outer outer door boo, but on the bright side i'll get to see who you welcome me with if/when i come back to visit haha. hope things with wharton/nursing/college etc. work out, please keep me updated and stay in touch either way. much love, trish

12: Hey Chris, Happy Birthday! I hope things are going well in Texas and that your internship is going well. But more importantly, I hope that this summer was a refreshing time to relax and dedicate more time to the Lord. It has been my pleasure to get to know you for the past year and you are always up to listen as well as argue reasonably which I believe is God's gift to you. I look forward to planning sister's appreciation with you again and hanging out with you and the rest of the brothers back in Riepe next year. God Bless and see you in a few weeks. - Ting | Dear Chris, Congratulations on turning 19! It's been great spending time with you this past year and I'm so excited for what's to come! I hope you're having an awesome time down in Texas and are eating some delicious food! Food channel makes me believe it to be so :D. I hope you've found a good church and are spending lots of time with God too! You have been such a blessing to the 2014 peeps so keep it up man. Next year we'll be sophomores and we'll have to represent GCC because the freshmen will be afraid of the upperclassmen! Can't wait to see you when you get back! In Him, Jack

13: Chris!! Happy birthday! on the same day as Harry Potter :) Thank you so much for this year! God has made you such a blessing in my life - someone to stretch and challenge me. I am looking forward to our next three years together, and hopefully many more after that! I hope you have a blessed birthday, see you in fall! Love, Christine | Hey Chris, happy birthday! It was really great meeting you this past year and getting to know you as the year went on. I know we didn't have too many opportunities to hang out (unless you count all those "study sessions" at Meyerson) I'm still really thankful for the times we got to eat, chill and even pray together. I hope God continues to bless you through everything you do and happy 19th birthday! -Chan

14: Dear Chris, Happy birthday, brother! I've heard that your whereabouts this summer is taking you to Texas. I hope that your internship has been going smoothly and at the same time you've been enjoying some quality summertime away from school and academics. Although I haven't had much chance to interact with you, I am really glad that you've become my brother in Christ through GCC. Every year, I am so blessed to see new classes coming in and growing strong together. And last year, God has given me a privilege of watching you come to this community and transform into a man of stronger faith. It is certainly hard, Chris, to live a Christian's life in this school and certainly you will understand what I mean during times to come, but I pray that during those times you can really rely on God for His mercy and plans for you. I also really pray that you will form a brotherhood with other 2014ers that can last throughout and even after college. You are a brother with warm heart and smarts, and I am really looking forward to spending more time with you during my last semester at Penn. Until then, take care and enjoy your last month before going back to school! Sol | Yo! Christopher!!!! Im so excited that its your birthday!!! Birthdays are the BEST!!!! Don't you feel so loved!?! Dude but you are such an awesome person and you deserve to be shown this love everyday! Cheezy but so true! But since we can't do that, its so comforting to know that God gives us that love all the time! Never forget it! Yo, this year was pretty awesome with you. I remember when I first met you. You asked me some question about what advice i could give you. I remember i gave you some BS answer but you ate it up! HAHA! But yeah, know that i know you, its so much easier to give you some godly and specific advice. I could go on and on about how much you are so special and so awesome, but you ought to spend the day doing some of what you love to do! Like EAT!!! Have an awesome day, Bro! Happy Birthday! I love you! <3 - Patrick

15: Happy Birthday Chris! I am so blessed to have to known you and grown together in Christ with you throughout our freshmen year. It's also been so blessing to study together at Meyerson EVERY SINGLE DAY of our fall and spring semesters, playing NERTZ and invading Edward's room and eating rice! It's been great to serve with you in the Welcoming Ministry, and of course I was so blessed through our multiple prayers we had together throughout the school during Sunday Service, FNL and even in Welcoming. You're such a serious and funny guy haha! It's been such an encouragement to see you have such a determination and passionate heart for God as you serve your fellow brothers and sisters and always working hard for the Lord. I hope had a great summer in Dallas and I pray that your 19th year of life will be full of blessing and you'll continue to have such a passion for Christ as you continue to encounter and experience God even more. I'm so excited for the upcoming semester in all the fellowships we're going to have and sharing our struggles in school even more! hahaha Enjoy the rest of you're break and I look forward to seeing you once again until then GET BIG! Harry

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